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January 28, 1923 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-01-28

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win .Highway Boosters
Meet In Chicago

Ruhr Occupation By France EAIS Sen lect Dil
Only Way To Produce Results I PUBLICATION Ready For Duties
-HOBBS With this issue The Daily sus-
pends publication until after the
"The right of France and Belgium to dustrial plants within an area of less examination period.
occupy the Ruhr industrial district is than 200 square miles close to her Publication will he resumed
conceded, but I regard it also as wise. border and easily invaded," he de Tuesday morning, Feb. 13. Until
that time no re gular issues will
In fact, I have long looked forward clared. "French and Belgian military
to it as the one course likely to lead occupation of this territory calls Ger- be published. The only papers
to gGOo results," said Prof. W. H. many's bluff and forces her to face appearing will be the J-Hop ex-
1-obbs, of the geology department, facts and pay what she is well able to tras issued the night of the Hop
yesterday. "Many ghosts will now be do or starve./ If by a 'moral' strike and the morning following.
laid---an early German-French war, the output of the plants is reduced to
the evil effects of German bankruptcy a fraction of what it has been, that
_-)ath of thrn bogies raised by inter- fraction will go toFrance and Belgium
-ster paraies. until their quota has been met.
"Heretofore British and American "Much camouflage will soon disap
modd'ing has encouraged Germany to pear. Behind this screen Germany
weleh on the indemnities. They are has been doing the business of Con-flRESERVITION5
now likely to keep hands off," he con- tinental Europe and the Far East, her i VERLLWUI
tinned. "Mr. Hughes' New -Haven plants running day and night with de-
spech was especially unfortunate in liveries still delayed," he said. "Such TICKETS TO UNION DANCE fA' F
denying any connection between Ger- is the advantage of external contracts SECURED UI'TO DATE OF -
many's payments to France and in an industrial state having a depre- PARTY
France's payments to us. A larger ciated currency. Many fail to realize
statesmanship would even have ac- that at present costs the labor item in Applications for the Union Hop oe
knowledged that France's money in- manufacture far outweighs that ofIflow dance to be held the evening o" -
debtedness to us had been paid in her ran mate ial " I - -.. ,.,--.


As a result the situation is again
strained between Greutzner and -the
French authorities. Friday's total
out-turn of coal in the Ruhr wasI
about two-thirds of normal, it was
learned today. Ten ton cars to the
number of, 14,534 -were loaded, as
-against the normal number of 22,-1
000 The French permitted the ship-
ment into unoccupied Germany of 13,-
005 loaded cars.-
The minens, hesitating between their
desire to continue at work so -as to
earn a living or to obey Berlin's strike
orders, are represented as placing lit-
tle credence in the magnate's promise
to continue their salaries in the
event of cessation of work. The rail-
road strika is fully effeztive anct
passenger service is absolutely at a
standstill, except for j:ains mannedI
by French crews, one of which left
for Paris and another for Mayencel
Young' ermans Revolt
It is reported here that 1,000
young men who recently left the
Ruhr for. the purpose of enlisting in
the Reichswehr were rejected by th
German comnaander at Muenster; and
that they thereupon became so unruly
that the Muenster authorities placed
them on special trains and started
them in the direction of Berlin.
The French authorities have heard
that many of these young men have
enlisted in a brigade proceeding to
the vicinity of Memel, while othersI
went to Hamburg and joined Er;-
hardt's Iron brigade, which the
French say is in the process of re-
organizing there.
The French econom'ic mission is
making litle headway in its work ofj

Mayor Emma .. Harm-t, Iowa City, a
And T. J. '9W'assevr, at ood Roads
' Congess,
Mayor Emma J. larvat, Iowa City,
Ia., and members of her cabinet are
attending the sessions of the annual
good roads congress in Chicago. T. J.
Wasser is president of the congress.
More than 20,000 are attending.


terrible sacrifices made while we were
still finding specious excuses for notI
taking our inevitable part in the war.
Oerman Resources Concentral'ed
"Fortunately the Achilles' heel of
Germany is. her concentration of in-
Ontario Teaim of Small Players Gains
Victory Before
Detroit, Jan 27--(By A. P.)-As-
sumjtion college hockey team prov-
ed too fact for the University of Mich-
igan at Belle Isle today and won a'
game featured by spectacular play-

ing, 4 to 1.
The southern Ontario .bovs are a


small, fast team, with a finished style
of play, while the Michigan sextette
is handicapped by having only two
SA crowd of several thousand watch-
e(_the gan e, braving the 'cold wids i


-mew MmfxfA a 5

Include Minnesota
Tiwo Towns in

City and

Plans are now being completed for
the annual spring concert tour of the
Varsity band during spring vacation.
Arrangements made are as yet only
tentative, but the itinerary of the trip
as propo -"ed thus far is to include
eight cities, four of them in Michigan.
The cities in MichigaQ where thej
band will play are Lansing, GrandI
Rapids, Muskegon, and Kalamazoo.
The plans for the trip outside the!
state are not fixed as yet, but it is ex-j
pected that concerts, will be given in
St. Paul and probably one or two ci-I
tie, in Indiana. The city of St. Paul
has asked that two concerts be given

and a fine rain that fell late in the
The summary:
Assumption, F. Lourey, goal; Latch-
an, night defense; Tolomsky left de-
fense; Stratt, center; Durand, right
1 wing; R. Lourey, left wing.
Michigan, Comb, goal; MacDuff,
right defense; Kahn, left defenre;
Lindstrom, center; Anderson, right
wing; Beresford, left wing.
Goals, F. Lourey, Durand 2 Stratt,
Stops, F. Lourey 14, Durand 20.
Henderson for Beresford; Hosking
for Lindstrom..
British Offi¬Ęcers Captured
belhi, Jan. 27-(By A.P.)-A Brit-
ish plane, operating against natives
on the Indian Northwest frontier, was
forced to land at the village of Jan-
dola and two officers were made pris-
oners by Jala Kehls tribesmen.


, 3
, i

r cm, aLeiais. the J-Hop, Feb. 9, may be made up to t'. , Dill, Washinglon successor to nasium.
French Action Justified the time of the dance through Denni Senator Miles Poiindexterhe
Regarding German prosperity, Pro- Donovan, house manager of the Union Senator-elect C. C. Dill, Washington,
fessor Hobbs stated "In the Far Special decorations of palms will dec-I successor to Senator Miles Poindexter, superiority over the Buckeyes, drop-
East I found the new German freight orate the ball room, while the danci is "all-set" to take no his duties in ping the ball through the hoop from
steamers almost the only ones with programs will be specially designed" the senate March 4, should a special every angle of the floor. The Scarlet
business, those of other countries tied Kennedy's orchestra will furnish thc session -of the new congress be called.
up in harbors and rusting at the music of the evening. i and Gray displayed signsfghti
music of the evening. This is one of the first pictures of Dill thirse iue o iy u l~
docks. Tickets for the dance will cost $4 taken since his election. e frt fw inusrof play butt
In jstifcatin o F~rnce' actonpace proved too strong, and, it Bu-
each, and will be limited to 225 ins - cnb t teosagtfMte'
he said: "We need to recall that when number. They will include the dinne C umben. to the onslaught of Mthers
in 1870-71 Germany struck down which will be served in the main din nen. The short pass which Ohio ead
Frneadimposed a punitive in- 1 bg room at 12:30 o'clock. Dancing wilbUtieen beaing a thruhleat w a ec
1demnity of a billion dollars, apparent- begin at 9 o'clock and end at 2:30 o'- -b n tha
ly for allowing her territory to be ray- clock and Blue defense, while on the con-
aged with large provinces wrestedMa Regular Union dances will be held thame systn made frequent musewno
Regular,,UBifactdtateitwwasltbe held
from her, Prussian troops occupied the same system, whichnlcln nsideo-
France until the last franc had been Smith's saons extet orestra nation of the fact that it was templrst
paid. This is perhaps the- only ef- from Kentucky, will furnish the musir - tismethod oanr e a employwa
fective. way of collecting a war in-i fo a d ewhich the Union will give Declaring for Government Ownership this method to any great extentwas
demnity, but a pseudo-ideallsm, which Saturday afternoon, Feb. 10. of Railroads, Detroiter Denies Ohio Scesy.
had learned nothing from the war cone -ardi 's Statement Ohio Scores by Free Throws
trolled from Paris the method pres- S Ohio scored mostly fromthe tel
cribed. France is strong at the mo- -~~~~line, Minor contributing 13 poInts to
ment in a military sense and we are othe AIRS VIEWS BEFORE REALTY his team's total, out of 19 attetis.
soon to facefacts to our great advant- BOARD OF PRILADELPHIA Miller was the outstanding playet ot
age." Ail-A mne r i C an PidhiI-the game, ringing up 11 out of .
Philadelphia,Jan. 27--(By A. P.)-- free throws and caging the all
SentorJams Cuzes; f Mchian times from the floor, which made him
.. Fourth down and four yards to go! Senator James Couzens of Michigan, high scorer of the contest. His couit-
The Michigan team of 1943 is hard who, before he went to the senate, ers alone were more than the final
pressed. "Give it to Maulbetsch" tIhe attracted wide attention as admiis- count of the Buckete ag regat'on. ;
crowd yells, "he'll take it over". They trator of Detroit municipal controlled Haggerty and Ely, the lattei sent In
do and,. according to his usual cus- street car system, told the Philadel- for a short time during the first' per
1 .-tom, he saves the day, tearing through.tdt iod, also maintained their reputatio
*NNUAL CONTES'I WITH -ILLINOIs the opposing line for a touchdown- p pia real estate board tonight that al-as strong factrs in the
AN WIitONSIN PLANNE not a myth but a prophecy. The all- though he had "an open mind"onthe ing machine. ly gard b
FOR MARCH 1 American of the future, Charles, br railroad problem it appeared to him kets in the brief space-of live inute,
name, has been born to Mr. and Mrs. that government ownership -of the in spite of the handicap of an injury
Debating teams to contend in the John Mau1betsch. roads furnished "the only soltion ed shoulder.
-Maulbetsch, senior, '17, was a ste- ;Micfhigan Guards WeI
Mid-West debate with Illinois and a lar player on Michigan's teams durinI Mr. Couzens declared that certainly Paper and Cappon kept the Wovr-
Wisconsin universities March 16, were I the years '14, '15, '16. - In 1914 he was ! the nation's transportation under ine goal safe from Ohio attack, Pa-
selected yesterday morning from the placed on Walter. Camp's All-Ameri- government ownership would not be per's speedy play and Cappon's .rush-
12 remaining members of the squad can, he being one of the eleven Mich- "any more expensive to the public img tactics time after time upsetting
Gerrit Demnihnk, '23,.- Lyman J. Glas- igan men who have achieved this hon- than it now is." Scarlet and Gray attempts at scor-
or. He coached the Oklahoma Aggio Takes -ssuermaitB .Jrd,51ing. Kipke and Birks, who substtu-
gakes '25,uad Normn B. Jhnsonin5 ,
werechosenteam 'tfall. Tkesfirsuei'eiigted for the former two, were equally
were chosen for the affirmative team Another relative of Charle's smhg Although a Republican, he said, he effective in stopping O.S.U. flashes to-
and Melvin H. Specter, '25, was pick- Ihas httaincd great fame on the grid- could, not agree that government op- ward the end of the fray.
ed as alternate. C. -J. Cole, '23, Jul--I ir'oni is+ his uncle;- Franklyn D. Cap- eration during the war wvc,' a mis- Matusoff, Buckeye forward, claimed
ius -B. Glasgow,. 23, an4 .William po, '23, fullback on the Michigan 1922 take, nor had he feund any prof of stellar honor for the Scarlet and Gray.
Schrier, '24, were chosen to defend:them championship team. President Harding's recent state- His lgng shots from mid-court and
negative side of the question. Hor-- nent that government control had ability to penetrate the net at- close
ace W. Glasgow, '24, was chosen as brought about the present unsatisfac- range were the redeeming features of
alternate. .Members of the faculty of Itory situation. the loose play of his team-mates.
the public speaking deparSiEent' acted "I thave an entirey open mind as Rough play was in evidence
as judges and chose the two teams. ! to the solution of the railroad prob- throughout the game giving both
The affirmative team will debate Names of Guests- Must Be Sent in lem," said Senator Couzens, "because teams many opportunities to score on
with the University of Wisconsin and This'Week I have not heard anyone say that the free throws.
the negative team will meet the;de railroads are not a problem. It is the Michigan's court men will have a
baters from the University of Illiois. -First accounts of the J-Hop, the Un- duty of congress to endeavor to solve vacation for two weeks, the next don-
The question which will be debated is, I iversity's great social function, will it, because there is no other agency test scheduled fort the Wolverines be-
Resolved: That whatever statutory or appear in print at midnight in the firs to do it." ing the encounter here with the pow-
constitutional changes that may be Daily I Extra which will be distribute Finds Ownership Necessary erful Wisconsin five on Feb. 10.
necessary to prevent the use of in- ed to guests at Waterman gymnasium. "Personally, I should prefer that Sumary of the game:
junctions in labor disputes in the Un- I Full .details of the dance, togethetj the government did not have to take Michigain Ohi State
ited States should immediately be with a picture of the block "M" forms over the railroads, but we have not Miller .........H. R. ... I aid
made. ed- by the dancers after the granl found any effective solution," he ?Haggerty .......LF.......Matusoff
march, will appear in the morning edi- pointed out. "It, therefore, looks to Rice ...........C..........:Wilson
LACK OF STUIDENT SUPPORT tion which will be delivered uI pon or- me as if government ownership were Paper...........RG....... Robinson
SUSPENDS INNESOTA DAILY den and sold on the streets. the only solution. Cappon..........RG..... .Miner
Guest lists, Which will appear in both "I would like to point out, how- Field goals: Michigan, Miller 8
Te- ithe extras, are already more than hal ever, that there are many worse in- Haggerty 4, Rice 2, Ely 4, CappoI 1
Thme Minnesota Daily, for more than compiled. Special articles have been terferences than those of politicians," I Ohio State, Matusoff 4, Miner 1. Free
-0 years the official student publica- assigned and arrangements have been ! Senator Couzens declared "There is throws; Miller 11 out of 15; 'Minor 13
tion at the University of Minnesota, made with photographers, engravers, the interference of bankers who must' out of 19.
suspended publication Friday. Lack I and cartoonists for special work. get their rake off regardless of pub- Substitutions: VIichigan, Ely -for
of student support was given as the The extras will be of smaller size lic service or the treatment of men Rice, Rice for El, Ktpke for Papers
reason for the failure. The daily has than the regular Daily editions and who operate the roads. Paper for Kipke, Kipke for Paper,
Sbeen running at a finanial loss, less will serve as souvenirs of the dance, "Then you know every manufac- Birks for Cappon, McWood for Rice,
than 1,000 students".being listed as All groups having booths at the Hop turer's organization or organization Henderson for Haggerty; Ohio State,
subscribers, are urged to send their guest lists to of other groups immediately jumps Klein for Haid, Haid for Klein, Klein
the J-Hop Editor, The Daily, within into fight any raise in rates or the for Robinson. Officials: Referee,
esa 'week in order that they may bq adoption of any rule or regulation Young, Umpire, Rae.
re atto s run in the extra editions. which affects their business. Every-
y To iioes Play SCIIO 3AK , '25, (HOSEN ne wants the' railroad to succeedaonB
O EI 2, CHso neeA iAF 1i


organization ,evidently awaxtiln the there, but it is not known yet whether Italy Fai'ors Naval Treaty 1
decision to be made in Paris after the this offer will be accepted. London, Jan. 27-(By A.P.)-Cen-1
accepted default of the Germans in The entire band of about 75 men tral News says the Italian Foreign!
the payment of $500,000,000 gold will make the trip, and will be ac- Affairs Commnittee has acted favorab-
marks due on Jan. 31. 'companied by several feature and ly oil the Washington Naval Treaty.
novelty acts, notably saxaphone -
: sextette and marin-baphone. A special
FUNERAL RVICES FRtrain will be engaged for the tour. BIG TEN STANDING
The contest which has been con-}
nTf fD lA ducted during the past few weeks for w L , Pet.I
5MITH TOUMOBUHOW U the best poster deotiign to be used in Wisconsin ........ 4 0 1.000
dvrsngthe trip will close Feb. Iowa.......4 0 '1.000 1
17, and.it is desired that more pos- | Michigan...... 4 1 .800
Funeral services for Judge Clement ters be submitted than have been up I Purdue .2 1 666
Smith, father of Sec. Shirley W. to the resent time The accepted 2 2 500
Smith, will be held at the Methodist -pcter will be used for window signs Northwestern:....2 3 .400
Episcopal church of Hastings, Mich., and for tme cover on the concert pro- Chicago.t....... 1 3 .20
at 1:30 o'clock Monday afternoon. Rev. aggra.ms. A two color design is pre- Mnnesota.........0 2 .000
Brady of Pontiac, former Hastings ferred. although this rule will not be Indiana.........0 2 .00
Methodist minister, will officiate strictly adhered to. All designs for Ohio State........0 5 .000
Judge Smith attended the Univer- posters should be sent to William
sity Law school for a year, after Gsrs hould be sen to Wilia
which he was admitted to the bar. -J115A-Je
Later he recevied an L.L.D. from the ____________________
University and was made a member of Excellent Interp
lived in Hastings since he first began rn r O 111LL LERYE Lends Quali
his practice of law. Thirty years ago
he' was appointed to fill a vacancy i1
in the circuit court bench and was re- I UTlE tPRESE TL1The surprising thing about the'
elected for five consecutive terms. It ; Mimes' production of "The Cloister"
had been the Judge's desire to retire Prof. Filibert Roth, head of the de- last night was the quality of tie en-
in the spring on account ot the grow- partment of forestry, whose resigna- tire production. It is no feat of tho
ing duties of his circuit. tion from the faculty was accepted d
Judge Smith ;died Thursday night with regret by the Regents at their theater for professional actors to stago
at Charlotte, Michigan. He had just meeting last Friday, will remain with a drama finely, even though there are
passed his seventy-eight birthday. the University until the close of the nanv failures, but it is a different mate

tent monk.. Dom Militien, the sin- Carl Schoonmaker, '25, has been ap-
cerely pious monki, was sympatheti- pointed chairman of the Union Sunday
cally played by Charles D. Living- Afternoon Services committee. The
stone, '25m,-while Thomas Underwood, conumittee will hereafter carry out
'23L, as Father Thomas, and Edward a new policy in its work. It will have
Parnell, '25, as the prior did splendid fewer speakers to deliver talls for{
bits of interpretation. the students but speakers of more na-
The play itself was both fortunatq tional prominence than before.

- Chicago, Jan. 27-(By A.P.)-Pur
AMERICAN LEGION defeated the University of Chicago
basketball tonight, 32 to 22. Robb
ADDS TO HOSPITAL right guard for Purdue, was the s
of the game with five baskets, two
Detroit, Jan. 27-(By A.P.)-Addil which were made from the centei
tions to the American Legion Roose- the floor. Purdue led at the end of
velt Memorial hospital at Camp Cus- first half, 22 to 29.
ter, near Battle Creek, were formally
opened with appropriate exercises at Iowa City, Jan. 27--(By A.P.)-I
the hospital today. The exercises University defeated Northwestern 1
were brief, but impressive. versity here tonight in a western c
The additions are in the form of ference basketball game by the se
wings, made by placing cottages face: of 29 to 22. Funk of Iowa was the
to face in rows, and enclosing each fensive star and was responsible
double row within a corridor. victory, scoring four goals and ele
The wings will provide for an ad- free throws for a total of 19 poi


present academic year. He desires to ter for a group of students, not vitally and unfortunate for Mimes' presenta-
DETROIT EASTERN HIGH rItion. In its cloister setting, it per- Penn Takes Mat Match
ALUMNI TO HOLD DANCE his attention for nearly a score of - interested in the art, to be so success- mitted an entirely male cast, but thq Philadelphia, Jan. 27-(By A.P.)-
years and to recuperate a strength ful. blank verse at times was difficult fo The University of Pennsylvania de-
Alumni of the Detroit Eastern high which her, been overtaxed. There were few-flaws in the acting the actors to handle.,-s feated Princeton at wrestling here to-
school are invited to attend the annua Professor Roth has been with the The emotional possibilities in the main The drama is not a great one, bu day by the score of 15 points to 10.
dance to be given at the Statler ho- University since 1903 ,and is recog- were realized with no dissonent notes it was of sufficie-t quality to b-in
tel, Saturday, Feb. 10. The Parisian, nized as one of the best knowna- at- throughm overacting. Of course, somq ' - II

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