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December 02, 1922 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1922-12-02

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rYr MVr wr rrrir r n

igaigi, Prillcet~u, tuoriell, Nebras. last period trailing the MVaroons 18

Even though the
has been the mnost
history of the gam
be even more succe
t he west where
:\iinnesota and Nor
prospects of wond(
also exp~ects' to de(
500,000 stadium~.

eseason just closed rli f i~ I for one of the forward berths on the men are all-around athletes and come victory, as Rockwell --howed unex-
t prosperous in the withs knowedHe o askebtll All-Conference team of last year and wt some knweg fbsebl. pe cdBusts of speed in the closing
ne 1923 promises to flu liii I W UL I ;I Ely received honor as center on the Under Mather's tutelage they should innings.,_
,essful, especially in I, second All-Conference team, his only be heard from repeatedly. In the other match of the dlay, Heil,
MVichigan, Illinois,' rI ll~ j~ t~ iva~l getting the berth on the first, brun n had little trouble with his op-
al aeauI f IEII~~ ggrcgation by a greater number of ?I;ponent MNechaud, as hie walked away
iclr teams. Illinois ,.~ out s scared to his credlit. Miller's nd al with all three games in an easy fash-
dicate her new $1,-i work was the most consistent that wast ion. Heilbrunn -displayed a. style of
'4 ll rij-f Proaspeets for Successfi l ever seen at Waterman gymnasium l Two interesting gamIes were payed !play that will-make him a stron~g mal


k*~ and Iowa LiStld Among Conni-
try's Best
probably the greatest season collge!
oo6tball has kono~r closed T~hursdayl
when a few big teamis throughout the
ountry ended their 1922 schedules.
It s, a great season from several
tandpoints, Probably at no previou
t Ige 61f the development of the great
.all sport have, so many people jam-!
nett their way'into the enormous sta-
"uns'that now are the common thing
t all the larger institutions of "learn-
Ing throughout° the country. Cer-
;ainly, never have so moany people'
inattached to either of the competing]
;earns watched the various grid
. , reat Interest Showi
In-the past college football has nen1
;eperally considered of interest only
,o the undergraduates and alumni o
he competing-institutions but for the
cast few seasons the tendency has
een Snore and more to' make the big
ames a .socil event, sattended by all.
!.. a result the games have been at-
tended by countless thousands who
aiew'little about the game but helped
p,,swell the numbers of spectators and
nerease the glamor that surrounds
the ,Amer ican college sport.
Another feature of the year has
een the number of outstanding teams
,hroughout the country. It may be
xafely said for most sections that all
f the teams were evenly matched
,vth afew notable exceptions on each
Ixtremity. It is a comparatively
;imple mnatter to choose the stron-i
s teams in the country and with the
Mception of a few~ positions there is
ot much question about the mhen who
hbuld be awarded the palm as all-
kmerican choice.
CorneII, Princeton Outstandig
In 'the Last there is litte dispute
hat Cornell and Princeton stand out
s the' most powerful machines or
he basis of thie season's record. Ar-
sy would have received some consid,
gration but for the fact that it waj
eld to scoreless ties b Notre Dame,
m.; eleven ilefeated decisively by a
?estern opponent in its last game, and
Yale who bowedj, to .Iowa, Princeton
tn'd Harvard in, tu'rn.
CornelVs prestige is dimmied by the
'act that it played a schedule dotte
iberally with setups but the defeat
of Pennsylvaia in an impressive
nanner Turkey Day has helped re-
;torte the I1thacans in the good graiey1
f the public. The big Red eleven is
he only one in eastern circles thal
ani "boast of being undefeated for tw
ampaigns. It is hoped that Dobo
wil see fit to schedule at least three
ard 'trials for his charges net
Princeton, generally 5 conceded tc
'a weaker than some of the teams it
as downed, passed through the
,,reatest season an Orange and Black
1en has known in years, larger~
'ecsuuso it was a well drilled machine"
.hat never knew",when it was beaten
l that took advantage of every
ireak. Every man in the Tiger frod
'ollowed the ball like a hound on the
rail and as a result several seem-
nig defeats were turned into glorious
lctories. The last minute rally
.gainst. Chicago will go down in his-.
ory as one of the greatest feats in
;hqe annals of footbal. lintering the

Ito 7, Roper's men snatched the gide 3sltblSesnA eaanherkdscoditeCnfr n
from the fire in the last few seconds n4rri~nnUnuisually Bright ence rating of the pilayers who soor- 'in<
of play, 21-18. OOWEDA L II1TRIUO CACe'd the most poinits. R
fichigan and Iowa ill )et ct . I hA~nLS FIVE LETTER f1 E'N 7t lke N ow R{eaty fry
lInI the Micddle' West Michigan and in Th!P lBAit TO U.SE A \ L' CLEI'S Kipke, now that his football work is
Iowa stand out head and shoulders !Ii I iI U~I!~ILIJovei' for the year, is readly ior the hi
above any rival with Nebraska just! With the close of the 192; football court and shld (1 rove, even a:lbette~r ni
nosed out of the top) notch ccass by il o " san eves of the athletic world are forward than he did last season. Pa- 4fir
deet tte adsr now turning to the basketball pro- per will be back at his guard berth st
one of the eastern weakc sisters. Ntre -N( l:° i'( 1 'i~ '" spects for the coming winter. Inth where he showed so much class in his li
Dame, until Thursday looked uspon as (GIING 1) AY Big Ten a few changes have taken first term of competition in 1.921-29 and ti
a sure sitter in the seats of the inighty, - place and Michigan's chances appear w~ill have as his running; mate Birksro
Iwas dropped from the charmned <circle Nei~raska ,-.1-,nds today si~preme in lbrighter than ever before. With five a 'econd string guard last year who
bly the 14-6 Nebraskat debacle. Chit-a- lrsc o itecur , o m !~lgletter men back, all stars, a number proved a find in the last games of the
go cnobecsieebeas "f z ' , ixjost~ cur.To~wn of excellent second string men with schedule when Bud Rlea. was out with
h2er defeat by Princeton and the tic'e i deat of thxe unbeaten Notre3afwoftersh nsasoflt jue.4
with Wisconsin. I )-squad iii a 'P Laak4sgiviiig Day aI w onhorehersaso ls n~uia
fioyear on the floor in nightly practices, It does 4ot seem likely that such a ' MI
Facts such as comparative scores ji t~te, 14-6. Th'le greatest crowd that Coach Mather will be assured of an.lnu'ol neroaycag u
would indicate that Micigan was the v:i:,eseafotalgminhe xcdngyp eru
eve w~neseda fotbllgam inth exeedngy pwerulsquad of' cagers. with a. wealth of good material sever-I "I
most powerful team in the country. oil <.:ri Valleyr says' the H-oosier out- Michigan's basketball record has'un- Ilmnhaesow spossin3 o
al men hadownhottersfailinssito workt'the
She lead the other big; t(enis in (dei ilg onatrfaln;-owrbh dergone a marvelous improvement of promise. Among these are Jack? ll
tensive strength' by holding her oip- passe-; ancf dazzling opten work which i ever since the coming of Coach Math- Keferad ulav hoaealoN
ponents to two touchdowns, and- one were able to tie the Army several1 er three years ago. Since that time ready for work with the tosisers afternm
tyfrpoint,.atalo Notrye elsaoNbrkuin the same !the Maize and Blue basketeers have their year at Varsi~ty football. Bothj=
Dame,-her only disputant for this hon- I strazight tactics which have always always finished near the top in the Ulm_____________________
or_ until Thursday IIUS lost all c!On- I featured her ?rlaying, took, advantage Conference race. It is a characteristic Z,
serto.of a uowcrf.ul forwtard ,wall and crush-I of the team that they have always = IN
Alhuhohrbgtassoe d{rough the ,scattered1Irish lines!'broken into a whirlwind finish every!" ='
more points than the Yost mnachnine.-'time and time a,_ vn;.. year that they have been coached bry' P CA -
none of the high scorers had as stiff Til first haf featured by the hardj Mather and it is this-spurt at the,=
competition all, the way through the , 1lunging of Captain H artle', NobleI critical time, that means so much.-
schedule as did the Wolverines. It and Russell, was all for, the Western-i Stress Fundamenta ls k
is a physical impossibility for any ers. During this period both of theI Although the squad has been po'o'cI It
team to run up top, heavy _scores Cornhuskers' touch downs camne. Har't- hieIl
against ~ticing for a month so far the work has! -I r
aantsuch op position as illrie- ley and Noble each taking the baill consisted mo 'ty in fundamentals with Ih
State. The only blot on the XWoivme r twe3ighedf Notre Dame wvall was torn towr n asn aigu h
me rcor fo theyea isthescor- Iof he1 major portion of the instruction. Ev- C
inereordfo th yaris 12 scax ;I toslircN by the husky line o h cry mian will have a thorough under-
less tie with Vanderbilt, one of01 he Farrs wh.len it was on the defense sadn of the rudiments before any E -
undefeated teams of the south. s andl when the Irish tried to gain Iattempt at scrimmages will be made. w EACH
Altraslaur~t:ate high 1 brcugh tackle andl center they were Of the letter men who 'will be seen = ,y,.______________ E
ercosidamutioneogaccnetrofighe rope ihertracks for big losses,! in action this season,: Miller, forward, r
imestosivedeeatnofnacot of er, hen the teams camne out for the: and Captain Ely, center, have perhaps
impessvedefatof ote Dme onIlsecond~ half thinigs seemed to change. the lbest records. Miller was chxosenr431 . ofa us
of the most resIpected1 teams of the = Getting thxe ball on the kickot' Notre -1
country. Critics are busy now trying Da me st'arted her celebrated aerial at- ' 224 S. State St. -
to explain how the p~owerful Corn-I tack!. VWorkling from trick formations ! A symposium review of Henry L. -
huskers could have been defeated by CaptaiGrlberly and Miller threw " Menoken's "Prejudices: Third Series" =flilt,-
such a team, as Syracuse. The Dax-- I 'ass toall orners of the field. Most i n The Sunday Magazine for Decem in fIhHIIhl-III~lVIIUIIJt
son coached eleven hind a powerful,! of them we-e cc. pleted and. when the h ier 3.--cAdv._________________
varied offensive ,and a dlefense that spieile hoed -leaned from 'the third per-'PO L~iCOE
was- ef'fe(4tive enough to hold Note ' jod the)(,Ir3islih hadl :ttouchdown. The * L* ~ V , I~T
t1,Dame to one touchdown. It ran uI fctrtl 1),-rio(l nrovcd to be a repitition'a®63li" 4 ~mil" a V IH
top heavy scores on every oppoanent of the , eaond tlexcept for a lack of
met with the exception of Syrac[uOsie iarsuie, :-.in conletirig the pas-'M
and Notre Dam e and was clearly the e. ITwice(,-in the lass, interval the!sr n st ea in he M sdii 11 ~C r h s o s w rep h d co nt w rd{
ston ge estc'e a m n n the bsso t inValley C orn n ik gr alereo p shedt o nt e toard I UY
country. :anil to block. nother on the' l
On the west coast 'the Califorilia ftoith down. 0
Golden bears won their third title in1' *\tre Dame though really defeated ® a !a EE pUMf"
as many years, showing a team 22ltite'+iy after team, shwdteefcs3~lIIDLU f1
lei~s powerful 'than its immediate 1):- l hr long journey and if Ne'braska Eighteen abshowod the efet
cdecessors. It wil I e inter esting to 1had been;I the visiting squad the final I pro3und floor for reerea-
watch the result of a gamie scheduiled, I , subts i-lit have been a great deal Io, Yo r I~~n
with 'any one of the eastern devor :I ;:"-i'ei'enioii re -Iising
for 'the annual Tournafnent of Rose, --______--
thsyar. j;tegistrai' hal Reportedi Improving ,d o iae zeo lc
Two StogSouthernTS un e'stlrArhuG(ilws im-1* rtllr
Vanderbilt andl Wes;Virginia stand I prco e dyesterday, thraccording t e-_ o'l egadtaasltle ri~
out as the leading eleven. of th!e 1port- of tho University hosip tal author- I t--t___ _ I ht iss"h Sln ml
south, both team~s passing through an jites, where lie is recuperating from - TE"
undefeated year with hard teamsi on the operation undergone last week.'W - r ,n 1 "BRAWN OF NORTH"
their schedules. For thie latter team -D"2E iI :rae etWensa
this is the first team in 33 years of ('Pnesye Studenits to Fleet i rad --
football history that the feat has been I MebrLt h hns tdns
accomplished. Auburn, another south-',1clubi will elect officers for the coming 1'I;
emn eleven that lookeds unusually iyear at the meeting of the club in I -'
strong in her games with the Armny Lane hall this, evening. CWr *
and Penn State, was downed by *ceor- I ____- - 1i3RSC1G~iS Ivi E
PPSgia Tec~h in the aninual Tphan1sklivinq Jitninez l~teelines Presidency 11 e"etr.y to etre at you riy'.t"
game and passed out of sight. Centre San Jose, Costa Rtica, Dec. 1,--Ri- t 2I
0VVF1LC31is also out of the lielighit in Dixie , cardo J11iminez h,,.5 declined the pei) ' '' 111 c1
for the first time in five years. cdency. ri,--

rthe All-campus liandball tour na- j i te inal~s,
rent yesterday, Carrett defeating M
Rockwell 3-2 and Heilbrurnn winrninr Ten Then have entered in the All.
ro Mechaud 3-4. campus doubles tourney that will
Carrett had a hard timge defeating start immediately afters examinations,
is o~pponent Rockwell in the first next February. Some of the winners
il~nh Tiro 1 - - - - --. :rs~ t+. , +i- of +r...r f +annn, an 4-c l-invc Qra A




EaI. ~chI player won two of the
:-st four gaines and a fifth was neces-
Iry in oirder to determine the win-
er. The victor had more stamina,
an his opponent when 'the fifthi
und opened and won a hard earned

up and the field as a wvhole is good.
The winners of the affair will each b(I
given a silver lovingi cup.
Michigan Daily and Chimesc for $4.50. -


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