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November 05, 1922 - Image 16

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The Michigan Daily, 1922-11-05

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CA$- great impetus to Japan's shippin . seatrial candidate to succeed him- tWrco ighrot the countr in regard to a bonus to frmer soldiers and nursedolar ac
L F otb llPsy hoogy .P iicic l? a trade w11l be still in the memory of selr, hs declared for law enforcementsldier bonu sentiment, which will be while the voters of Kansas will pas' ronte
MYe :l wSeters id nt elp 9"--Il & S all. Another important factor has lind the upholding of the Vlstead Act. icx :~sed cyrferendumn vote in five onth question of raisintg by means ta la the
__________been the plentiul supply of cheap la- 111 stated in a, re cnt campaign ,p 'e states--Califarnia, Illinois, Iuwa Kan of bonds sufficient money to pay one fthobrie $9
I.. {fobl scooypatcl tebl eti datg. I h bor in the shape of seamen. and. of ,tha t if the contituiton proh ibit I h .sas and 'Monta na
Yes? -if you think so, talk to 'Coach frtpaei sa elkonpyh ue1. The course of eveits in recen'. aufacture and sale of inloxcit; 1 California the voters will dter- I__________________________
Z Ip f ptheeIllino a footballwnsquad.o years, however, has shown that fac- ev ova ges, any mloificatiol that iewehrteydsr naed
NolTen the prinisoprapersnuad. logical fact that bright colors act as tors in favor of Japan have been dis- would ermit beerSfand wines isnul !inet to the tatecnttto hc
No h n t e p o e es n fo .stim li. The effect of the bright or- a p arn a d Ja ans}ii pi g tr d
ongosour, emenomortouldoesbe1 to aingommndwithpany therpin rd dad uz t~ iIon.:tstlitiol, andJ wivlidatea bond isue of $,000,
hmt.se ofr sPoe s' ae erseysonormn oudbtoicomnwtmayohrzl.,,c.: as lng as thae 1oth amendment 0C.,0 arady voted to asist former ser-
Hlenry F. Adams of the psychologystmle them and make them work tries is confronted with a serious remains a patoahiosiutom notinn am rhms
department.jand fight harder. 'In the second place crisis," be: and light uie: cannot bevillein o inivt nansret
A week ago ysterday in the Mich-='orange is more readily discernable to brought back. Trhose who advcate ooie h umo 5,0000 hog WE Cll For and D .C,
gan-Illinols football battle Coach the eye than the blub of the oriinalP?)llIO M 'USthem, hade,!ak f9heseperovideissu and"b, drect0taxetougpay
Zuppke's men appeared on lthe grid- jerseys worn by the Illinois men. If iPRHIBITIONBON US Y IhIVaddednuiifiationisheseves. nissresand bPricip axeasoldai23 -F
iron inr flaming orange Jerseys. Thosel it was Zuppke's idea to gain and ad-In4NwYok stae th isseph snotAonDS
same jerseys could be seen-from any vantage by means) of a pyhoo iIaNwior CASe h isu CARDSbous
anlroftestdutpotso-ycatIthn e aea hg ictake Continued from Page Nine.) jbeen attracting particular atten~ion 11ilions ini ponds i Bonus NVIns e
spcuous objects on the field. "Where ° canigcoo, " ~"dap as tiee onlO 1 hch IEd ads u h uentrilrcatogh lihe itc~eo oawl eemn E ~ ~ Iu~
are the customary blure sweaters of. All of which discussion brings to! was^. elected governor thzrceeayers ago. fo a the ar le of conressional c an-' by retereridnma proposal to raise{
the Illini'? asks the crowd in amaze- minid'Coach Fielding H. Yost's famous At th at time hle was qutd as saying d~dates a su,4anti Al majority are said $22,000,000____for__the__purpose___ofpaying_
11ent. And then someone refieting statement in regard to the brilliant that he would make New jTersey as to be lined up on the wvet side. d.2,0,0 o h ups fpyn
the cunning :of the Illinois mentor (colors worn by one of his former op- wet as the Atlntic Ocean." Bonus 3vI'e 1,,i, Up
whispers In a hoarse voice, "Its an- ponets, "Jrust because they wear red "i'Ftesi ,u ssr' siri hsav~a^ s In aibfiot heI1prohi~ition issue,V
oter of Zuppke's tricks." ~ sweaters doesn't man. that they eat Senator Frelinghuyscn, republican xzxnsidernbe ineest has developedn
Wados"thlitefoblwi-rwma.Jutard" -mean by this strange move? When questioned about the black- __________________________________
Merely that te thflmbeytat oaneis elnigof their faces by some ofthe I .A., O EXECSE~
more pleasing toth eye, that orange Illinois players Professor Adams said, R i 1 . )£
jerseys-are Cheaper than blue, or is it "It is asrd to think that any 'effect iL oSie
reallya trick? cug fright could be conveyed to their There is, no bettr exercise than riding. If you are physically
Professor Adams says: "The wear- opponents by such means. This is
ing ,o bright orange sweaters by themelyash eadpdbyaeal tired or mentally bored, 'a brisk trot around2t the bolevardC will NWTL 9$ 0 8 ih l ct
llinois eleven 'last Saturday may or players to keep the sun' from. reflect- work wonders. In one short hour you will have gained a
mtay not have been one of Coach Iupp- ing- off their cheekbones into their nwlaeo ie
ne es nlf.e's trcicksbut in any ase I do not eyes.".
think that it could give his team an -
ana ge. u e, by i g wouldhprduceROTARY PRESIDE NT THE M ULLISON "STABLES 04
alotclilso ymknhimnIPhone 87
aper lghla butshan,- II)EALIZES' TRADE 326 East AnnFW
lusion would be dispelled after th e _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
frst scrimmage, There are two things, Champaign, "I1., Nov. 4--"Men may ! __________________________________
which Mould offset and entirely coun-!fail, but business must succeed, or
te fabric of modern civilizationi
Ch i m nof Rail Mails, declared Raymond M. Havens, CLEANING P ESN
ofKansas City, Mo., president of the
Executives M~esIRotary International, speaking before ~
Wvyr linois Rotary Clubs here today. Looking your best is of
Su Cdden2l In 0.C r "Art, science, education, research, 9i a 7tJIt~iCi iC '1
,.rligion itself, the humanities, flour-!gea4ilotacena u4
' sy c y ishby the generous hand of modern: cessfid career. It is notwo k-p is4d I Q U -an 'f: [ r '
>y awe'business," he declared.,"But every idifficult dIrhen your Clothessu pyt e ro r aer l C lcv th t Q
. f. F $.q. fine thing in life xhi~!h i s sustained
s isby money, is hypcracy, if the so~vrce tare m a st er C Iea4n ead. ppyahtpop r aer i¢ al to ha e th itr
e ~:ua r.'fir a... of the money is corrupt.. and harmonious atv r little cost.
Ibu t "~yr , A demand for a code of honor in TH-N A B RSEA-Y W R Srllfo-
siness was characteristic of men THWal-PaeNsper.........................
F a ~~~who felt a natural craving to nmake 204llPaEastpe Wlla.sh..i.ng..cro
Phonene62h" EVarnishe, pergalond......................from $.
xo s , f r ie n d s , ch r c h e n ,b f a t e s . T o C l e a n e rs__ _ _f or_ _e v e ry_ _p u r p o se__ _f r o th__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _u p
W sedhrss'business isf
bu inswant offense and u il- I RtEMEMBER - IT'S EVERYTHING INfTHEL, AR
."There is honorable profit and thereb
s dshonorable profit, just as every l 0.
F> . sits.. Worship~ may become fanati- e
cism; refinement may be twisted into '20 E.W S IG O ST
snobbery; loyalty may be perverted Nov.}1 2
into intolerance. "1
' "~~~Every human phase runs to ex-'.
tremes and the so-caled succssful M
l ~man of great wealth, who does not"
T. l)KWtt Cuyler know wvhat to do with it, has yielded ( { T
'T. De Wlitt Cutyler, chairman of the rich material to playwrights anid noy- tt~ AGUSUSP/ x
association of 'Railro ad Executivbs, elss ~ti smsrnig to call" f,' ers
who led the rail. operators dluing a man successful simply because- he;
the recent ral strike, was found hla sgreat wealth. He is successful in (L
dead lastvweek in the private car ofi getting rich, that is ' ." <--
.fArI71P, RRY. nag~an n'-th Pu n < nn i- II flflflflfl-

day to ex-soldiers ~who hailed
Sunflower State. In Mon-
voters will be asked to au
1,500,000 for a soldier bonus.
liver Y
204 N. 'MAIN
Larred wood-
Now-we 'Can
Om1 pleasant
10, to $2.00
.50 to- $6.00
.55 to $_ .75

sylvania railroad.
More than forty members of the Po-
lofla Literary Circle were present at]
a general get-together meeting and'
smoker in the UnIion Friday. Refresh-
ments were served and after a short
musical progrlam talks were given by,
several cam~pus men, including Prof.
L. C. Karpirnski of the Mathematies
dlepartment, Mr. L. A. Makielski of the'
Architectural school; and Mr, . FE
Jagodzllxski of the college 'of Engin- 1
eerig. Mr. Jogodzinski, speaking on'
"The- Poland of Today," described the
political social and educational con-
ditiona. existing in that country sinceI

Wolfsoni W his Second Opera Poster
Alvin Wolfs on, '25L, winner of the.
poster contest for the Opera also won
the contest in 1920. Wolfson 'gradu-
ated from the literary college with the
class of '22, and entered the Law,
school this fall.

This society is an organization oflw"T
I Polish studlents of the University. "'nese
hagi for its purhose the study of' oz Jal
Idish literature, history and art. new 1i
om time to time prominent Polish ' in Ch
eakers are. secured to address the isia.
ub at their smokers. "'h

(Cont nued from Page Nrine.)
ie shipping trade of the country
5as far back "as 1872," says the,
r."In 1875, the original company
dissolved and a new 'one estab-
d. The Kyodo Unyu Kaisha were
gamasted and the present 1Nippon
n Kaisha came into existence.
arrangmnent. was later changed
the grant of a fixed amount' of
al subsidy.
he termination of the Russ-JTap-
war saw further developnont
san's shipping trade and various
iners were opened to many ports
miia, Korea and in Eastern Rus- '
at t he, European war gave a,
b"erg Company '
New Haven, Conn.
es and materials

l j C , , L
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