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October 21, 1922 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1922-10-21

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all is re-

ously, the prime danger which
in the wake of over speciali-
is lack of general knowledge,
in most cases spells ignorance.!
an who is indifferent to knowl-
f any sort which does not con-
his own particular profession
ver be a powerful constructive
ce in any oommunity and the
ages he has derived from his
on will be of use only as a
of personal aggrandizement.
igan needs specialists, but pref-
of the variety of students who'
part of their time through out-
eading and through their as-
ons with faculty students to
.up -general knowledge.
w theory of the use of the obe-
nd pyramids of Egypt was ad-
not long ago. A recent in-
.tbr -in Egyptology claims that
ancient monuments universally
ed to have been built solely as
rial places for the Pharoahs,
n reality erected for purposes
writer claims that the original
the pyramids was by, the
who used them as gigantic
Is by measuring their -shadows,
u computing the rtime of the
xes. So enact were some:of
measurements, that they were
compute the number of days
year; carrying the operation
third decimal place. The prod-
construction continued, each
d ,made. more acciurate than its

BEAUG TE!(Daily Cardinal)
Read the Gumps this morning? Have
ALL, NIGHT autos have been hur- you been following Andy and Mn and
tling through the brittle Autumn dusk
and far into the night. Nationally ad- their Chester and Uncle Bin and the.
verised motor horns blare defiance to rest of the relatives through all their
the moon which may or may not have tribulations? Do -you know Tom Duff
been out last night. and Helen and do you laugh at Wil-
Vivid autos. Multi-colored autos. bur's attempts to support a wife? Do
Blatant yellow and blue autos. Au- Jerry's antics around the New Monia
t o s exhaling t h e railroad station furnish you with
smell of burned gas- amusement? Yes-All right, they're
o ii n e, lubricating pretty good comics and it doesn't hurt:
oil, and the doubt- anyone to laugh a bit. No-Well, you-'
ful, fruity odor of 're not missing the biggest thing in
the vine. Traffic life. Maybe you haven't the time to
flowing form Ann- read the comics.
arbor to Columbus, Do you know anything about the
from aV the states strike of half a million coal miners
in the Union to Columbus bearing at the present time? Have you any
Michigan men. Chariots of fire from notion as- to the responsibility ork the
Veil and Syracuse to Rome. On to probable outcome of the strike? Are
Rome! Hail the arena and its thirsty you for or against the four power
sands! Viva el Plaza del Toro!, treaty, or don't you know anything
Viva! Viva! Gladiators-Ave,. Ave! about it?
* * * In othe'r words, do you read any
OH news in the newspapers? Yes-All
The proof reader let the Bulletin go right, it's a good thing to know some-
to press yesterday with the story- thing about what is going on in the
telling class announcement headed world. No-Well, there's the rub.
"PUBLIC PEAKING 6." Spelling is A big majority of the students at the
not his long suit,,eh? It should be university read the Cardinal, so thatt
"Public Peeking 6." But if there's to campus news is pretty well circulated,
be any story-telling about let's hope it but how many read other newspapers
is kept dark. ICHABOD. to get a knowledge of the affairs of
* . * the country and world, hot off the
:WHO'S .THIS lad "Lefax" whosepress and do not wait until it is di-
namewe see so frequent on notebooke gested into some history, political, or
covers? economic course on the hill?
* * With capitalistic presses, socialis-
tic presses, with definite policies un-I
derlying what goes into print we may
Students 7 doubt, and not without foundation,
"Campus Trees Receive Trimming." that the newspapers do not alwaysI
-Our Own Daily. give up the news as-it occurs, but
* rather that some of it is garbled to
Dennishawn, Dennishawn- suit some ulterior motive.
Flitting figures But then, just because everything
Here and gone we may read in them is not true, it
Hearken to the drum'sslow beats is far from wise to shun all newspa-
-EverybodIy wants front seats! pers.
* * * And for those, who read the papers,
CLARA, THE BEAUTIFUL MORON the comics, the sports, the daily
-..-- - -- ----- short stories,' the love-lorn problems,
and the features may be interesting
in their turn, but many can afford
.to give just a little time to pursuing
the news columns, for we can have
faith enough to believe that not




Chicken supper will be served at
The Catholic Students' Fair, Saturday
evening, Oct. 28. Don't miss this big 1

Michigan Daily and Chimes for $4.50.
Ann Arbor and Jackson


(Eastern Standard Time)
Detroit Limited and'tExpress Cars -- 6:00
a.m., 7:00 a.m., 8:oo a.m., 9:05 a.m. and
hourly to ,:os p.m.
Jackson Express Cars (local stops west of
Ann Arbor)--9:47 a.m., and every two hours
to 9:47 p.m.
Local Cars East Bound-y :oo a.m. and ev-
ery two->hours to 9:oo p.m., 11 : p.mn. To
Ypsilanti only--r1:40 p.m., r:1s a.m.
To 'Saline-Change at -Ypsilanti.
Local Cars West Bound-7:soa.m., 1:1o
p. Mn.
To Jackson and Kalamazoo - Limited cars
8:47, 10:47 a.m., 12:47, 2:47, 4:47 p.m.
To Jackson and .Lansing-Limited at 8:47
1922 OCTOBER 1922
1 2 3 4 5 6
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15i 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 80 31
Start Right With a Good Hatt
We do all..kinds of ,HIGH CLASS
Cleaning and Reblocking of hats at
low prices for GOOD WORK. When
you want a hat done RIGHT bring
it to us, our work is regular FACTO-
RY WORK. Hats turned inside out
with all-'new trimmings are like.new.


n aban-'
that iti
rnent, anI

actical for this pu
its. extreme -height.. It
the 'shadow at its tip
red and indisinet by
each the ground that
easurement of any'
ble. But the' mono-I
e .of England is also
he article as having
constructed for this


rtainly appears that the an-
wore -not as deficient in the,
ement of time as is usuallyI
ed 'to, be the case. As fads
ycles, reappearing quite often,
ly reasonable to suppose that
the next fifty.years, each of us
rry a miniature sundial, ad-
to any meridian, 'instead of
2sent stem-winding device.
ear much about the value of
ege bred, with frequent ref-
to Who's Who, and such pub-
s. It seems-to be quite'uncer-
the minds 'of the majority of
ust what the relative value of
ege man is. Statistics, how-
'e more .certain proof than is
ead of a loston insurance
y has for the last few yearst
his business to go at con-
ent time to universities, a dif-
me each time, and to sign up
loyes, the most popular meni
campus, 'the captain of the
team,:and in-general, the big-'
n in, the graduating class of
ar. It is ,his opinion that if a
s the qualities which are riec-
to make friends at school, or
a football team successfully,
ke a leading part in activities,
the qualities that will make
uccess in the business world.
fence has proved that this
cogrect in his supposition. The
ajority.of men he has chosen
en successful under him. This
may not prove that a college
n is the sine qua (non to bus!-
osperity but one thing it doesj


everything published is falsehood.
There are dumb girls at the score-, ,E
-As -well as at' the-game. (Ohio State Lantern)
But there's a certain.brand of dam- A. model, to an artist, is a person
sel whom lie employs to pose for pictures.
That afflI ts a lad with shame. He sees in the .model certain chdrac-
teristics which are copied. The ar-
She's a rare.and fancy critter tist makes his picture after the im-
And her neck we'd like to wring: age of -the model.
She enters late-score zero-zero, . Every person is in a way a model.
Cries-"We haien't missed, a thing!" Though he may not now it, his life
* is exerting an influence on those
THE SECOND ROUND about him; others are imitating him
As we skips aroun' the ring, Sullie in certain acts, characteristics, or
socks a right, misses me glove and personality. Whether he is the right
hits me, the livin' punchin' bag. That or the wrong sort, there are always'
wasn't 'sackly fair but boxin' ain't some to whom his qualities will ap-
such -a clean game. When I counters peal, and these people will without
a weak left to his glove, he feels my their consciousness be molded after
ribs- with a mussy right and I squeez- his example.
es one to the jaw. Y' see there was -A good model is 'a scarce article.
lots of spectators aroun' to .see the Artists will pay high wages to one
human bag in action so this sorta who is perfect .in figure and expres-
rattled -Sullie. -Y' must get the idea sion. Likewise the model who satfs-
that 'bags ain't supposed to hit back flies the wants of the exacting stu-
on the jaw. dent are few in number. Many are
A rainbow' might have lots of colors repulsive to the person of high ideals.
but there's nothin' that can compare Others are mediocre, with no out-
with a huvrricmne of gloves. Why they's standing good and no outstanding bad
so majestic and so brilliant that y' qualities, insignificant in personality'
can't. even see them. One, of 'em ,had and weak in resolve. They are unno-
the guts to come up from someplace, ticed' by the average person.
and- meet my precious jaw. Here's th' Once in a while a gem among peo-
way the birdies call us guys o' th' ple is found. His life is one in which;.
pushin' game: Somethin' that we courage, ideals, fellowship, honesty,
don't sorta feel brushes our lower and a- host of, other attributes are ob- I
facial projection, the knees feels like servable. Whether he is conscious'of I
the joints has deserted, our winged it or not there are always radiating
hands begins, to fly, gases fill ,the from him waves of impulse, inspira-
dome-so slow-movie way we stands tion, encouragement. His actions and
fixedly instead of strolls, and gliding- mannerisms are copied by those who
ly -we soar not up but down. Thus know-him. His acquaintances are all
the birdies' work is done. artists and .le is the model. Their I
SIDBEE. personality in time will reflect a pic- I
.'-** ture of him elf just as the canvas
OLD BUT GOOD? comes to take on the appearance of {
"I've been here once before," I said., the painter's model.
The barber looked my way: The problem before each individual
"I do not recollect your face," is to choose the right kind of people .
Was all that he could say. as his companions for gradually and
unconsciously the personality' of those-
"That's easily explained," quoth I. with whom one associates will be-
The barber questioned, "How?" come his own. He can become a per-
"It's simply this (go easy there) son above reproach or below recog-
My face is all healed now." nition, or he may be among that class
Cell 13. in between with no especial individ-
- * a* uality.
We shall come up on The intramural speedball contests
Sumbuddy wearing haven't really become crucial yet. No!
A fuzzy sweater instance has been reported of frater-
And touch a match nity athletes practicing with a ghost
To it -ball.
And laugh wit fiendish glee. -_
* * * There are 36 lunch rooms in the
And Just As We Go to Press the vicinities directly skirting the cam-'
Most Importart Question Is: pus. Certainly must be . a hungry

We also make and sell POPULAR
:THEM TO YOUR HEAD and save you
a dollar or more on a hat. We give
values and quote prices which cannot
be excelled in Detroit or anywhere
else. Try us for your next hat.
617 Packard.Street Phone'1792
(Where D.U.B. Stops at State Street)
For 'Expert /
Pen Repairitg
308 S. State St.










' '


} a:
t =:=;

There -are creams, soaps, lotions,
spowders, and other toiletries' for
each individual complexion and
need - and the woman who is
careful of her appearance will se-
lect accessories that are best fit-
ted t oher needs. Wise selections
ipsure the permanency of a beau-
tiful complexion.

an wl
If on

D has made a success
he campus can-usual-
hat the world will not
lan opponent for him
fter he leaves' school.
y not give a man thej
ledge to set the world
an be taken as a reli-


liable to

.a man's lot, in aft-1
o be.

Vho was it that said the Diagonal,
lk. goes straight until it reaches
Law building and then turns
oked? 'The laws claim that the
estion to be answered is as to
ich was there first, the Diagonal
the building.
'udging from the number of laun-
r boxes which go home the first of
week instead of the latter part,
dents ,are evidently inclined to be
getful of the fact that Monday is
verbial wash day.

light texture, is delicately seer
and comes in shades to match e
complexion. This powder will .-gi
very natural appearance to the i
and it is priced $1.00.


sidered one of 1
pleasingly sce
be had in a fr
handy to carr
$1.00 or may b

"Know where I can get an OSU'
* * *

bunch around here.

We wish one thing.
* * *

H. 3. Stephen, '23, Heads.Glee Club
H. M. Stephen, '23, was elected pres-

- Isn't'it queer how quickly bluebook

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