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May 27, 1923 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-27

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Dai tti


No. 175





- 7


- I


Dean To Address
Armour Institute

! .


Q~fti~ 1Micigan NN-11I have one representa-
#R E E ' ive at the Indianap~olis Speedw~ay In-
ternat onal sr cop t'Okes next Wednes-
(layt when the leading a 'itomtobile pil-
ots of the v'orld li1W-A up for the waey
ofthe flag that will flash the fart
TU KE OrECE acers into ar~ni h nul50
TEDl)Y1 : 1.1 Al ON le, 2U13,. ho will serge as relief driv-
DECISON jer for the Chevrolct teams of Fronten-
acs entered1 in the event.
SETTLEMENT FURTHERS 'tether or noit iachile will zet into;
U. S.-TURK A'GRE EM ENT the race i% a utatter of conjecture , but
at any rate lie will be on hiand ready!I
to step into the driver' seawt should
7t~ris~t srtt 'l. s 11lru ify 'rt ;any of the Front-mnac teami pall into
A Iniwwat igtan lii I: - he pits for a relief driver. Ilachle.
for toAvet l4J~lliW~%altbough a freshman, heas had con-
__ _ iticdrabhle driving experience,' and a

Another Michigan
Big Z10 Champion






~end O)ut Spokesmnan in L asi
Collie to Term s; Captivesre in 'e d of F d
ang, May 26-(B3, A. TP.)--
uns and rifles tonight are
to release 14 people, in
Americans, hield by the
and its at Linchiend. For
:s crowds of officials nego-
to tried in vain to free the
ho were kidnapped from the
'e1jn ~Express Seuchow.

Uiiiiswll Endlurance Te4 iid'19-17,
6.3 C3. in Favcv of Forme~tr
Varsity Cfpahin

Iruoss]R t



JLausaine, May 26- (Ly A.P.) -Inl-
stead of war inthe Near Last, peace
was the A elcomne result of a' special



session of. the L~ausanne conference
Dean Mortirne E. CooleY held today at Ouichey Chwteau to
kDean Mortimer E. Cooley, of the en-
fgineering college, left last .night forj settle the Turko-G-reek reparations
Mlontreal where he will spend several controversy. As this Naas the only r -
days attending an important meeting inaining problem between the Greeks
of the American Society of Mechanicaladth rkosite wihtws
l ngineers. 'Thursday he will go toan le I rshoti'e wchtwsE
Chicago' to deliver the commence- feared might involve thv, Balkan coun-

tew weeks ago in practice lie turned
n some creditabIc ties on the Indian-
apolis track.

Special to.
z, Chicago, Ill., Mai
w. Pig Ten title was a
. ,. versity of :Michigan';
Charles Nterkel the current year 1
Varsity tenniis star who wonk the Charles Merkel, Wol)
Conference singles championship) by defeated Eddie Wils
defdatiiig. Wilson, of Chicago, 19-17, three straight sets
6-3, ;G-3 y este rd ay in C 11ica yo. C o f r n e i geI
~ ~ the Maize and Bl le.

'rlie IDally
Gy 26.-bne nor
addedi to the tint.
s long; string for
here today whjen
[wrine teninis star,
son' of Chicago in
and landed the
championship for

11101;-a ises ThiIrteenHI'l
&liios Two; 11"edi ier ;Ill,
Itecord-Brea kirng
special to Thelj ailiy
Columbius, Ohio-May 26--Cal
all but two first places out of
sible 15, and, placing in every
but the low hurdles, the Un1i
of Michigan track team defeate
State, here today by a score of
to 37 1-2, in perfect wveathcr;
a perfect track.
{six Ohxio field records were


Nowv the mountain passes of the
;hole district of Confucius, China's
reatest range, that for days have
eon, filled with runners carryings
cans between tho Taotzuku forces
(d the negotiators below, are being
ut to otlher uses.
SoliIers Ifet Outlaws
Otitechung-yo Tuichunm, the military
overnor of Shantung, has his way
Lnd three brigadles of his troops, with,
nachine guzns and two scouting air-
lanes, have plunged into the hills.
Already' the soldiers have bad twvo
grushes with the outlaws w ith fatali-
os on both sides. General Tien has
Ahrown his troops in a wide circle!
bout the bandits and. he is gradually
ightening his strangle hold, cutting.
he outlaws from comnuinication and
Lping finally to 'isolate the gang
liaf is holding the 14 prisoners far
bove the clouds in the mountain prig-
n. The crisisi~ s believed to be at)
roaching. Thie outlaws are said to
>e willing to inalke promises but theoy
'ear the promises of Pekin. Also
lhey know tha~t G~eneral Tien ha-~
he reputation of separating the head-
f the brigands from their bodies.
What they declare .s a final effort to
ome to an a-green,-nmt, the brigands
esterdlay sent obit aspok~esman, ae-:
ompanied by J. . Powell of Shang'"
ai, one of the American prisoners
ithorto. all overtures hare failed -
ng to0 the lanaVPCs' demands thal
ny agreemnent with the Cbireso tov-1
nnmient mtuszlhave anoll cfial foreigul
;tz ra ntee.
Prisoners lay Vocod Ilealt h
After tl~e prisoners were ,eportedt
,o be generally in good health, (,Cxce}t
hie wealthy Italian attorney, T~.
lusso, who is suffering from aui in-
nred leg, Conditions in tl-.ir pl is-{
nis are bad, and food is none too plerL-
iful but in spite of oall tjlepvap" said
o lie well. It was hnted furilher thiat
hei diplomatic corps is 'cOpsLe'inig
aping steps to seize the real and per-
onal property of certain hig~h officials
ni an effort to force action out of the
'cagl governme~nt.
(1hicago, ill., May 26.--Thee Chicago
ribune andl the New Yorki Daily News"
oday togethor launched anl Oceantic
dition which will be supplied to
oany large American passenger lini-
rs leaving New York daily. The eight
m ge paper will contain features fromn
ioth papers. The latest financial news,a
,olitical information, sports stories;
m(1 a dlig9ost of the worlds news will
e received b)y the paper by radio and
will appear in its pages every morn-
1 g.
The first ship to be eqluipped for
hi, service was the President ItooSe-
,'ct, wihich left New York today for
PlyI Jut, liCerbourg, and Brei oxn.
These papers now have three differ-
Mt editi:ons dazily, American, oceanic,
:nd Paris.
Big Ten standings

ment. address at the Armour Institute
of Technology. His subjiect wvill be


tries have been averted.
The U nited'States through Jos"ephl
Grrew, the M;iister to Switverlaiid.


39 1 "*


"The Responsibility 'of Education."


t-- - -

A I I I'lln Al I 1 I I t 1l"4 L1 L

Merkel I I,; 'oss

played ani important part. Consist- F {ranklin lfied, Phiadelphia., May IUliiI IiJ ilI a h ueirsaiao h
ent efforts for peace which continueid :2' -( B11 IA. P .)-AIt as hellpeiouttasturdyhe
::iregarded by the confrence delegates a andl of far western athletes carrying QAI7Tf ihigsii fteMro lyr
R RTM N OSES011 f ftheingspirt ofthbearoos laer t
haxiectetle nceperestgthe a ture bu od cth lthrdso h nseuiveJ Mcxkmrahjto sretl sthe pnig am.
BaseallNin Wi iiFirt Srin Me Ner atre prt t Eropin d pte s teietheoCifncleia tq e it adsidI0 oyrtlae y rsigtruhW
have been seeking foortittfo r opoed cofeenc.a teiort-sveth a szl:I'nti t8 l- ekl o h osan hs t
4 t1TRTbestTthStEthe east ter. It waseatanthisipoint that the
Tehpyednoftrkishican nual meet onoFranlin held. The hums-I uAL srel bat otle eniohng ayed~
expec~tret w ihluerestll retin fthe t a pt ud fof the thrdcaneta ie hrofI;]fo Iy ei afe e ah iing forounhopening
bul MllXe 'TEFiOP tOStiNugof infoRe ral eonrtstio n.dspte ll-; ie th Mulerall-giaterackan4ofielthatn wouldrvsceteakenextscin-hi
rllieA 1.(lsPe LL'S I)eFEAT rfhe essetwil fpoinerthinproosdys:tasoe po- ons nels-Tna~epasfrte.rognz. pnn.TeCinoanha thead
Micign - - gr~muntwee; rece Am itat thanmeteni r nin a fie laTest-ear, Gn t heAumiasoitinan n teforwasat ties u ee et
day atnoon on ]' e iel ndirecisoni'tiof the ou ndr b-te oe oih Esfsldt cncUn omr ha rpoi entapburttlof eed .i an B rought" thae
watapacieaam.tnfcti pihic- tweast r cndstil l e state Yup d o f et patin n tedciinyIaum amee oa ll.in o n pnn
r ,ev, nts"Bi andMulepito thnerlagefnutbersll uie, Q~ ~l lc- ahMnWn ev
vided theCWolEU OPPOSwIOre rof-noratonthersation.o hpMak htqaitethauecloe t dpeiet fth r~nztoot old shmanwansing his ow
fic thn heThvehd tenytie nianother w ih tearmyi ssord 12poinsinig third one1 lessya Tj ttiveheplans calltig for g en - servppoe nd. TeaChicpon wa uon on
1IAI{ siceth ,rngtrinn tipsi ees tc; urey ares(o 1e th tihal ont r o lnin mdtlvo" aat tr ~i7 f te fl i d iaso '
ago Coachy Fisheou's tmenncconiderdecid-erdenadnety"iny viewdeof Greece's. precariounseasy eachnoithutosee
aNortm acou trcowileof aftrfunilaheaheasoodeve
lsg-teblgae'it eid iul osifthn and Greec te hcoeseotstetureo ocm il~ fmoeta 0poietIa ~ to pe n ruh h
da;weroonal o n osryfe old aend cne esintKaateiadteFot1 rit.EhdititIAtisjcueWlsnptnhs
Iteas by athe nawm.h argin ftneru IRatwlenoasrther n e stherBulgranelupt.exet t h i-isl Ie" ein a fertt tIono gnub hc asetodesperaeefrttlins.hest
f ii scre beng 5-. .rontier.eve t d pi t i e '.l r ewub r i ll s neet OI'C1ohey;.'03 a yea.T ee If rk ho g ekls sre
vddThe Kaoveinagg mregation sdtotieretoarted outsdist;icts willueteronofcrmk tesoe1-2adi lenx
tha claltlc ifeB~te~talectti.ba tepresien 'at tocta ' elatio b-s ma a fnii li w
ine thant ae frtinn hen,'wathy two e n i iIonetobnottrostwilltth thgrmsameptccosto csththd
augo neCoahundsersomn il ed Mllem, nitilin vionofgGrecwo reardings:.. gitn r te1 b o d tfthe Alumni 101as ftherscore 30lloestlooved payho,
f n ywjch national thning wi ere coju sto t ver,1.e
Fon in plce of Ash, edlfoar a s~=ed i 1Jfilpition and Greece[Lconse ndtaulynsnbrsfe hv nta IAunnaoitoncnvninswl
wend theyhit:wenti orahomne runiscor-yet, adam" ppot unTO itC ?y ern r aepaeeeyto rtrey'tegmsa 3al
ting tworeen. 5=.LfonletE. w :AI~SN(lItiR hsI if een t citie roughouaxT he Heboet ug Merkel'puledrevext ewit
ich fansevnedn up whe scoeinthER 40)MIEtwssoo teieainthil e pcountr. oa edct ary l l b~ th ae 'Mtaro s toahoedsohet great
walkson, usacrifceflondsingle liir a9 T R MRoerFree, may l b e taind ro eansifteren ditrc andthe . cernas these ad himne.tpino n f a tougon
th e ing off for th zeadBu ietHarriysonleCrocker Tlandeo-at hi-poe il Thesetoric l br-ad saiesn wichaewill eet aponalteingenyfresix aoumorega ermknh
. fNorm aln ed satd tho ig te;tCoongtcmletinglayia imoim-stop ia vng depar t 's e lta d inof.aF. L.-Scbne f-c evoteallhistimrtoeditrilaltldo himd a nderfulsygeat ta y-n
eio bal la ound Atheotred gardensh uft-aad lg iuenant zde f tepeninee frngzshooldin teir wAporkted point ed ingfourscersibrounitoryndinttenex
strig cach bif'justmissd te ___ll!_I_09_ _UL[-f Roy faulapmemer'swho-ave02, tswo games winningcon the firstl fif gsets t11-17l
E nd th~e ahi t, no r t ;hir . mile r oun os ca r o-krjl ftyetigtoadeld at,-Io s-p~o rui tyoes. r , a e p a e e e y 't o o t r e y a ,,I M r e ul d ti e n x a e w t
ith aohrw anstole zeiod. ton, e xas..1, 1 bt 51 Cenrl tIi r thi s t.inciffran of iest ruhomitetofare-eaftre loi the geatnes tonests ever
1-Jaggortan canedthrugh withEaSlong1n0o]nIngS Pudue Golfto Te eanwil entryth islinsucrtay le frmb Ie-adon ar shoed"title at
fl soinlteiz e sin or e z Thnfmlt f,40Oiles waymtdeinetoe the generahe'ntickettostaei(Contnued oncPae"Six
to he1afo1tes m ra ew e hee} 1111 1114 Anichitai'ie d he ren , 15.rtedf Itni o aetenetfa ftrT r
f wsige,asacoringf pe otficfysigedwout i GlaoCnd lgh cuid1 or hayb baie 611 ~a frn istriciandPresidcenrtral'ton eladhmstpin nfu o
tird aferawichfo Mt.clfo hourxis ad 54minute sy.Thed'actua l iaD efpet rm Po.R ;toa n ror n iinasective ccasonsBh tSme EIu
toa IV CftwandPapridrw te tirdbasetoriintesltherearofthefimendeibsressd mthe genrawll nees of t e Ln I eel o i oeg m sm kn h
butut HleiniendedCt ecfram elby fl ig fdefied. ---o'Puk as ri 1 r u .D ne e fea t he puMic; sin a U nir sity ou l n ot be> W onf r le d by Iativ i i l~ f f I n i
outw torih.baste aCrcernewovrCaa W seraCnernesol athheendecaiuhfualisesnocinno--thei I ;slI l~l l'F
c Frm ternutl h ihhi-dii ertropoieTetn n todeay tmby a ndPto f. scor. S NewsI tax uppored ntttos lhuh I17 IULeeWilsoU s eUIIIiLan
nigtegm eeoe ft ~ t rinthe ilhap fompTledog Ohio,top mec-nlowvmedallluhis forethe Wolverinestfavorableminnmany ways, therenormouy
erm a tti ldb t artedtNong on the j ln d n fie ld -c id h atist en - wd r hil exl e crnsco, t he u d e a g ega 'riwor th of th:U'. jit p es ntspoDet ro u t vicn trory sn ctionse of
mond fer or th iordIines ,ll d.iW gier peformEdlgroncilydexcets- eseti vefesmanRy Cu nvorable2, ascts. n t he o amerianinSociey f il e n1-
Iwthr/waththe ao dd s tfa o i the small eTepasd t ov 1 erart tof e hisnnacha-ir"hm an ar t eic hmi sttee tode-a terine' he grejoit etin t t er
MHgantyhurletr. ohwth en-weregorniThegete at'Pthudsanewau-TeLyoGsolf e int hnis lin heitefnd vie- of Unieritya of Mihia tdetchap-
fny atri Uto speedand bohsed thiper Teflonatthef he0 ight sf 10atom00deetnerotMa 2-(BfAor)e-n- the ounraecncesailynreflected ter ote o nPgetr Saiafx roo
opponen---to t sir atoes xhiths. becafrd1 hus ofdlw5 haings.Th cluyaf onuet 17,cis g ae pa c nte lfe ofJte Uieriy"1e5-.n veig
singtertcripgl~ef otCeerf Cty Geerl iliauttcelnssstnifrshelainpbeBehphalagerI ard. Thsesanarswhch in Aninpetiiitrp f hene Ui
te"lfan d Paomerdw nthe third bsei 2chinesof the Ares fervie asatell ofrethe cornerstoneed of teIUl-
caught on wofths onengmernewhithe cmnsunmanyncaschsn are based- onPthdu b 6ieSy A.rsityveribuildings ttookheplacef in th
wa atde thme fateby Glilgl's d.1( ad o h is ow r fte Sac HarMic san in-aI finaca civmntiive~-ateionatrwic atutw'
roundeorhenUit.ueapr-cnLieutenant Crocker. oe an-Wstutionfortepre parglfIfatio heyoug mounat, ak 7e it hasridtoniei n n-'hl tieUnoabu 0pebr
feetg throwautodevlopTe net an to th isalfrhT,"l doenralhitochel. me d in for the Cathoicpnes;. I ftorlea i emen st e enattending.
rs hi tle Kalamaz oo aPo t he ho "ulalgfe Hed wath th at ofel- hieMelc cadyPrueagrand rothofe TUnivety pesent DeAtae:business or me etfi f he ofe
monld finthe Wseven, bt as 7i1 eft p ell frmedcoasteto y c t, fem on ,lirsNteusnnyate '1 Mr ufavyor a lfol owda te nin the Sdetct er, of iul -
trndthedo ddist bavorMing4esan lI f ar- str ed coliv pao f y that nntd Bate rek My-6(B "PT wihpn*e s a Hamtontoldch i eet lydoraon t.easesen ite t
eicnogbetterlr.nBothen were inning e. grtate r psanar forhe distncte conas To aeybComne-so ne rousneehomi rte cgis d itriesoDe n iversity byf Profhignsuen te.Raggs
inhakleor sined andibth e dthirKein i teon tth h ioun00trwc ca o 0fe to er int h a dvent of. P--Sprngth t ile'ontry M at ofee awrelchool, terof the sci engieergd aten tn
ipon t ort hi tPa. r nt bea urerf o rhninS ou , dayt om t e rolic ,hvewned all f the it's I i h ie h nextsit, le-e - ad ve ashritlnogtebo.
tenth buthnone dofnnthetwe redab tochWes ft hew i rs vie wa atthino 11 hours.o':,ofth outlinn m nyca ed re seralc hg eite'vriy b ldnstok pae n h
I wa caghtat he lat on 'il'sified ad ws on ofthe-fist o w_- aryeoi tentSatored skat,iesaou t hatr:icuriulumevmnti r-andPq. d udE;ftsrnon f ter o cit atoengneeing
gro nd r, he Utriz m de a er-3 ame Liuteangoodkr.stiut offareprepfrsa io obyoue-t o unta , mhead iftherdecooicde pa rt i - Ihednt. eU in bot7 o b
I gfe htr o to .Sl t The egth iannit o "Thi Fflgt"sidC ee ralV i tchel, enhous e a thoismen.thod.telecuai e vement. attending~~um~. M . Gerek eke ietro
singledKalmao iPtte Gwhill oplewththtoMedyan
advanced him to the keystone A thbaguviassFOReeARD oLETTERS'
thnged sacrific e ventudersnbstucka utlhefpoblesllyf oromg isodpart todstritsseen, elcoed te ne
btn e M ir st'o bed .ooanf or a 1k; 111r, RuSin m nt, makin aplea forliberaityrtin g, m eme stuan assrdtem ofs t he-
---LaninggMan26fayA.-'.)Thsthelitrar colegclmrriultni.5hi- sppottottheDeroiianeAn Ar
Summe mai, arrving ftcrBhetsl-ewok rofpc a ydietisG nsonwicSh secretoary alof te d o iety b e ctiognsinthe wortestudn
(Cniue3m en ietleowhrvrthddrs-satetyteoasn
Pa o etr ui g e s eiix ,,.r des has an ale ft n ror willhe c o adsenter inasn a en coe h etn ytlig o bc catr i o cry o tte U i
STUDENT CLUB se maysbeeif cortin'iinstructiondoirelAutomobieDeaestablishmetiofyanyePergenyHloan.vRrsity
haze -bt nine o minu ndfrfoeg tdents. 1 K. J. Giffelsngedsnif tir, Kei 'te'23te cunrpresidentoetos3oft, theth
VISITSDETROThfolowed.tt thetimerfleavigtthatHenry__Al._____of tudentchapteneripokeportment,
intefut n ae ntes a t hepot ffceonthyNckl reLnig a colJn 9 ~ UV k~~ eri aea lutae etr
Thtnvriyh~pe fApacaebac n ili u steein lie - m~ rerdscholl2-oByt.he.-Sity'next.tedBeaTOchngeROUGtle Panoaahrtcanal, n he ntu-
I sessionsnateMofA.hC.willre able totioWehe ooktann mportant.part
DeltaenSigmabnational honoraryt ad-,1linstructedum Hedcanothenaat any ti ]t,.starttJune 1h, theetdayofolgowingicoin-;
verztiigftr nity, werei guestsfere fofsalt d hop the ,Dcardhaino ahemailnmibox whereverats
MrgH T. Eiagdtpresghidnt fteIleybndngallTO FIrsC cas ialwilo usecenzenadcotneuniiuluodws eevd nAn abor x
Cainpblh-Ewld copany o Detrit. Itheretter -be fowarde to te ad-l7.btoayltht GeogeICaeweblrfsDenoitssuredilithemseoRssihe
yesuterday oafeNoon n dresslk.-giveninony theBy"card,--Th andth oeofyhslelae Mr m. Shlir- u sslort fth Mayetoit(and A. P.)-
T dens hve ef An Arorwil b rods nteing Lasin ha ben csdbte e iledin.b alkn n ac ie apt e rchsatocaritie odecarteMoscow

ceeded. Dehart Hubbard, Nlichi
boardl jumiper, accomplished the
ter when he heaped 24 11 1-2 inc
Hubbard jumlped but twice. Hist
leap was good for 21 feet 7 1-2 inc
Martin, of the Wolverines, set a
Ohio field record for the 440 w~
he ran the distance in 49 2-5
onds. A new high hurdle record
Ohio field ivas also established w~
Hiubbard topped the stickcs in 15
seconds. Tan Orden set a new m
in thme shot put by heaving thel
43 feet 7 1-4 inches. Prosser br
the field record with a pole vau]
12 feet 7 1-8 inches. -Hindes th
(Continued or. Page Six)
War veterans will be entertaifle
the Ann Arbor Chamber of Con.
at noon Tuesday, at the Chamber
Conierce Inn. !Major Robert Art'
of the University R. 0. T. C.
act as chairman and Kenneth Wes
jman will lead in songs.
}The following prograni will be
',Anted: "The Boys of '-6," by Dr.
B. 1-insdale, president of the W;
tenaw S. A. II., "The Boys of 'C
Our Guests, introduced by Rb:
Bonisteel: "The Boys~ of '98."
Charles Kyer - "The Boys of '17,'
Captain 11. A. Furlang ; ."The Boy
Tomnorrowv,". by Sidney S. Robins
A bugle corps of the- boy' sc
will-sound mess and taps and a m
cal program w ill be given. The Ai:
ican Legion iv ill present the Ann
b)or Council of the Boy- Scout.
America with a flag to be dIisPh
before their new building.
All, veterans of any Amerieail
are' invited to be Present.-
Istev eils to Address Forum T01o
I lonrable Frederick W. Stevens
speak on "'Recent Developiuent
China,, at 12, o'clock today before
IOpen Forurn in the Congregati
chttr~lh. r. stevens, who has ref
ly returnedl to his hiome in Amin
bor, has _been in -China on anl iil
ant diplomatic and financial, is
in connection with the floating
Chinese loan, and has hia a8;1
tunity to get first-hand inf'ornl
about the Far last problem.
it . P. staishes Post 1hero
The AssoCcted Press announce(
iestabhishmnemit of a selparate newtis
yeaui for Ann Arblor lweause 01
amIoulnt ONws that .is Cr C
th rough Uniiversity happening;s.
G., Stevenson, their representative
Iarrive next week, Th1is is the first
that a, sepa rate^ bureau Las been s;
in a college town ftor the purpo)W
ohtaa ing news; expressly fromn

IICI] 1A I~i ............
blo Stalte.........
Ihinois.... ..
-.sconsln ..........
0Inla .............
orthwv~,, tcrn....
fi nnesota ..... ....

6 0
7 4

.8 U7

Publication of the Sumll
Michigan Daily starts June
and will include three C,
nmencenmlent and Clas s day
sues. Th''le SummIIer 1ichi
J)aily will contain college iii
sport news, Associated P'
Servi*c, andl other itemis of
terest. In addition u a'my 1g
p~ictures vwill be prurted.
Sub)scriptions are being
en now at the offics inl

Yesterdity's Gaines.
';,7 11)


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