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May 20, 1923 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-20

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XXXIII. No: 169




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"Samson And .Delilah" Closes.
Thrie h A nu l F stv l ~ S LE B NM Mimes Chooses
'1J Thirteen men were elected to mem- N
_ BYItnti A.Howll B hdgr }l Aios O M91 SICH ULS bership in Mimes campus, dramatic
Informal, yet distinctly important Camille Sait Saens' Biblical Opera!
mnusically was the Festival concert Samson et Tala" was given an ex-Pr 1'iion Jolta n -IHopkdnt, Army, And2.
echeling appeared,' with the Chicago in I-ill auditorium bringing to a su- ,Vkitos !Pteso1 25memrosyae:Ml ceeenOn'25,DIORS'OChFRaNrE-
IFHT AMSSymphony orchestra. The program essful conclusion the thirtieth annual ,e DiLvingtoneE'25,RLeoCI. Frank-
VANGOD onaied nl tre dstictnubesMay Festival. A cast of distinguish- \ fEXt.t JIIORD )IN SHOT PLT1 n,'2,Edar Prn5, '25,LEdin-____________
ye bcaseofthi uniqueness, they i ed soloists, all of whom were Amer- SI Y R NEO lE; F':ici,'4,IaodWMri
S A1I J yetlbeausae of thpe in the reper- icas, the University Choral Union and '25, RICEONM E ugene. Lune r '25, HarlW atn ESTR I G}}q L1.lTS COLTS BIA@QtIJIT IN LANEL
Loire cif this year's rogramns. ~the Chtiago Symphony orchestra paingSe es'23,'Herbet WTreadway> i2"Q' 0l. 1- T 2 ;LY1ANJlN t FNL 1Vf
"'WN, KEEP Mr. Stock's arangement for h iiae n o h enthusiastic (Iawi Stadium, May (BY A P.) }KSFORH iE4GT
modern orchestra -of the beautiful i approb~ation of the tremendous audi-! -Showing a splendidly balanced team ,25, Donald L. phliilli25,;Carl A. ySORT
W SLATE CLEAN Rhenish Symphony of Schumann waseieandoettmrehnlvdupo Weinman, '24, and Wlliam McVey,
"-"--"1 probably the high light 'of the after- j T swstesxh efrac ~'6M SAGINAW MAN BREAKS CUP'S'PRESENTE
noon.wThetthemestandeworkmanship . expectations, Princeton defeated liar- JAVEIN 1VTHRQWMARK BEST PU .L
o pi Bae Prevents of the composer are significantly Saswthn rcn mmr.iyard at track in the stadium 85 1-26f 1-
Ogratf twhle is oororhesratonStrange to say, this contemporary of
Shuttout geat"Die Meisiportrchetraionr",,to 49 1-2. Z AESFRT vette, niav Arhr}l, nt+ hteTgin,841
- -has been made great and equal to the 'Sx n w d a"rcrs r'Die M eisersfnserrand7,Trstanetoi t istsw rthr 111Wi n d W it, La tpring Sle
b'M tc hr sshows itself quite as tenacious lin h i e ulrcrl eeetb NT IIPV rrn idr eri othernWi
ilace. F.- Elliott Fmusic iself byM.Soc.entre s 1repertoire as' ~ie great Wagnerian hseoe fte!y ll il tf. IIU R LIITW issEahaeEOt t
ir pralaas sing" and all (ony; the first movement is vigorous opieras. Its music is mostly uninspired I Princeton in. the shot put, proving,___
It. iie very much inI and colorful in contrasts of volume 'and redeemed only. by superb crafts-:I to be a collegiate record. J. C. Tay- Detrot Eastern ighsol'trc TeMhiaInr(
nianbp xetn uheoun o fPictnrgsee he is DEFEATS LARGEST FIELD EVER team, which tied for first place last association closed its.;
rry fe dseray at- and the merging of b's and strings ma~i.Ecpig sc lqetb fPictnrgsee he i NEE EOERCR
Mihgnscakbs-in counter themes. The Scherzo isrwt eri Nrhetrys snatcahgs as the terzetto, "Je viens el-I places when he made the 220 hurdles C NEEDBFRE ea it erotNotwetr, e- oveto hr ys
pr hedyeser Ymelodically attractive, and the rches- brer la victoire", the chorus of the in 20 :3-5. Taylor also captured the
~timize Minnestran performance particularly fine In Phillstines, Samson's lamentation. 440 run and the broadl jump.trdyokfithnrsitetenywthabnutel
The thir movemeu was cally ]yri-is of th temptres, the sore se-laAry. v. Sinclair'ysF.brownaicoltowancltield meet m at.Ferryer Fielde with at orortwice aas-many aas.'
horouglhly removing the I h hr oeent wscll yi co h emtes h cr em etwn, Pa., May 19-(By AP.. today entered the racing hall -of fain
an u h anetcal and its sustained tones remark-'hopelessly deficient in spontaneity, inI Winning four firsts, and placing menwhn ewo tefry-ih total score of 25 and one-half points. in Ann Arbor this we
ably rtrte'aitstwenh wntiefot-nnhKen- {
abcnsdrtinlhe yn well done. The fourth move- originality of conception and sustained !in 11 of the 14 events, Johns-I-opkinstcyDrbbeoearwdf75 The winners, were pushed all the tend the convention gi
was ispirigly artia and s- pwer. here re tnyhdul moents oa o h lnt annual field 000, the greatest throng that ever way by Detroit Northwestern, which auspices of Sgma Deta
[ltilatedthroghtwatuegtiehadtth finle viacioanan eveeinfheajdiciuslyacinouverion.andvrackmeetohetejMidlectlaniclyiprunedth racrinimeria.jTeatok teondkpaceeitho2fponts.Atipofesionatlountic
lay!ing, would have been forceful. Both Mr. Stock's orchestra-' and the catastrophic climax fails co-Saesscain wtw3pinst itnedtlero cltnbyAterimm.-The nootimcntilacjusth beforenthesAt tesilurnatig
shalf finnings of unin- ion and condutcting helped make the { lletely to move the listener. Last their credit. Lafayette finished see-' noerneeundefeatedt 20fof the best t threealmein'
aUtcrsalbute ynhoyabrilliant performance. night's performance suffered fromn and with 25. Other teams finished as erod ntentotelret event of the finals, the half-mile re, .the competitive. contes
,Gopher hope to earth Prolonged applause commended his these imrtitations and the a dditional fo1owii: ya lsi h ain h ags New -York 16 1-2, ]~ttgrs field that ever started in the classic. lay, was the supremacy of either high school' publicati
to csold blooded score of work: one inpsed by the absence of seen- ; 1, Washington and Jefferson 15, Dick- Satn n ethpsto rmte colsthd DtotNrhr a uned.
Teperomneo chligsFn1c investiture, but everthing was done {elson 15, Haver ford 8, ° Bcnll 6~ inner rail, the colt shot into the lead thr it 7ponswile ani G Iead Ra Michigan Dailyc'
id its high points, as tastic Suite by the composer and thei to enhance its beauty and, the per- Lehigh 6, Juanita 5, Swarthmore 4, thr ih1 onswieLn in g rand pds tpio
'bound ta have, but withorhsa was most interesting. Of formnance went far towards infusingDlwr -,adFaki n a few feet after leaving the barrier took fourth, scoring 16 and orne-half, F fortebs otl
of on inninge1 the, adv' orcheintradand led the field until the fall of theint.fhecmptiin mog thebsArbortes'pew
.ofoneinnng th Se- the four movements, the Scherzando : vitality into the work. pont. hescmptiio aon te'nnAro
taetm olooka ndI heIntermezzo ere perhaps the { 'jeauuua GrPalStl' 1.___{Iflag, crossing the wire a length and frtfv col,~hc nldsSg o T imro Suent" fcv
not andkth fineeta jllystingverstehnnGordwn o SsJne etPita.Yrvae9(iyA . afaea fMaiglswecy a rhrHls, wasc kncluenouagh ul n heDtot
th otmnfrtefintest, though the fnlajol hnahafhedo rnglwedb a At
F. Cosren.lWalter >.kSalmon'sgh
ha on rm h ame Ibased on the themes of seveiral Amei ornwhagterolestPofn, N.Y., My 19f.1 , J.1' Csgn.Wter J. Slonsto provide excellent competition in al-rit'entral hg co
and ~naught else-,Mich- "ican folksongs, seeme most popular. the only solo part really worthy of ai.-heAm trktam eee g ne( roe ng 0 most every event. b :-weky
Iboth Srcs n oubafnati hn atnae
Michigan fieldng,' and I The former is delicate and rhythmi-graaritHecotat )SausanClmbaL.'ti hdMrtglemls Lovette of Saginaw Arthur Hill was Ceitificates p4i
hncal, and the latter a meditative te th e mstrearaleoran ee meet here today, yvcue Tereofneadaurtr i the individual high point man, hiavinrg Certificates Were a
i}uPthig4~d followedl through on various instru- Iieaid hoer, a superb voice of both I lacing second. The scores ere: Ar- S rnoe ihnn fast trac, scored 12 of the 15 points crdited to schools having the liestj
tting, Othn o d.i10 men;.. ments. Mr. Schelling plays with ease, pwrad wenss fgo iousy m5 1-:3,Syracuse 40 and Colimba the time 2:52:5, being two seconds I his team. Loette placed first in the tng -xlassefs0 accordingswetess to enrousy "
ted in'Wolverine uni ve ith vigor and feeling , with aarich-imbresfexiblenddjaeel-inalizth2o2s,.,Isreak011g
ric failebtocnneceforbelibe atiowthat show s both em oti nal y d Ros flu 4 in 1914.h e or a k i t e l ter o 4 e rtn ifi catew for the o o n c f r d li e ai n h t sh w o h m t ona d < H r lo e o es l c edbest h r c r a k r t e l t er o 4
in-crahrhreao thad pHeiaTpowr 'narseve.wead.Herlowr ote lakedreon-TheraeMwsrwrt $5,62 toMr fet egh inhermathbeBanumofA ad te 1oyarOa-1
safecrah,. hre of he andpit~ica poer Srv nce and occasionally assumed an }Bloomington, Ind., May' le-- 13y A. Sinclaicesmder. anm fA'n te'oylOa I
'1ie wwhto ah~as called back :fr six encores, among upesn dr"qaiy u o h P.)-0'oii State university defeated In in lir Parkersburg, W. Va. last year, -byth tsincasB I
ished it a doutb~le and which were Chopin's F sharp major moist art her* vocalization w a aove [liana in a conference track meet E,3 heaving the pilum 155 feet four in- monthly "publicationsd
t tNocturne,, his Military Polonaise, and citciep ecal e o oe 1-3 to 1 2-3 here today. (IhesfLvete tlstplcedthrd nI
ie 'a pair of singles. citicism, especiallyT hechsrLoett alsoplcedohireinCentral reeiveadthe obe
,is, Cati trt at least one :which is 'suspected aswhchaealvytorclln'IU dII uud dB the shot put. I-ester of Detroit North- C, MSegpn Heights.'
n one each, while Mike bigfrmMchlng S Qwn en those of Louise H-oner.: Miss Gao-- S ceyQ ?emn took both the 10 ad 220 yard competition f orclssg
spt r wo'ag. ~ -~o i oviusya nedrmti a-SJurroundLs f-tr!cl~r ashes. His tie fr the cenuryhihsoorcivl
ee lng! .For , the, first fil~iri 'tist; one feels constantly the oresLPre'mie' s Health LlJ I .IIU a % - eodsadfrtelne clas B Holland highl
fe'epoe game this yar 1hlttwt UMIIItt nce of a pent-up emotional force ini__ pit 27seod. ewsas class C. Cassopls. For.
one unge cargd lb sn inShe'te d hST1'%~ . big factor in the Northern half-mile sign for monthlies in
pill' 1rine.Te Mbaie! fd;, l e cnet g'g. ivr !er London, May 109(By A. P.)- Great G Y '1ORJD1 'ESSAa.IS relay team which made the best time Rd Cnta
l~des ad oufieder h~i bUL ~f~ll~bLthree principal arias with intense secrecy has been maintained regard- PR~ODUCE VlOf.EN''1aswa
}IU t ~ i anid moving eloquence, notably the ,ing the condition of Prime Minister IAGITATONqthe moeaet, ringmin :hesIclsBSaiwArh
ly, at each 'oppiortunity. hackneyed, "Mon ceur s'ouxvre a ton Bonr Law which has been causing I___te rvdn tlards.ani h er design for monthlies
hnldfuchne New ork, May 19 (By A.)-The voix" which is usually sung as a mre his men great concern. The"Premier Lausanne, France, May 19-(fly A.1.j In eoatt eAr.r;randafstrtiiapids etrl,
is given;'another assist setientl ffuiorbunbicrga MssrhoreAnny lfArboris na-ran-wosarnfastde raesscertifnicate.erunin i 4:6skegoa g
when he retred knocked appointment euosof a candteeof tcnlpublic snieny h efso gaews u o nat wih s isewrcnlatisono n lf'onporaishestrnlemnsenwretwistetoRsinehdroet ac no terninwhiiltaeha tprsne cneecewta
foirn bt owfokmchoffistoragedatoraof th e hiprol ete w s educs. raeanI tno o mpe!loo ed tre st imm wed ieaeuc mnnhnteNa-atcofrne awt h osbeeceto ttecoki h noT
,op~~'rtwrfetir. end nnunedtoaybythfedraedursCaresMasalnhotok;heThacig heprvaeloue heehelrgadigrheacasiatonofAm hlfmie'rlaciowicnteeenraeincatonl:ecetr
ncess to ndagainst soutinimeh thein featureng o ioflvel camee Lodontai, Cherooandl wdirector ofmiistr
ho retired at the open- American Engineering Society. ' role of Samson, roved a pleasant! is staying. ( bassador Zorovsky, head of the Ru-k Brown of Detroit Eastern wpas lagging syndicate, Ann Arbor,'
thtleGereHg 'Acording to Mtortimer l'. Cooley, a surprise to those who remembered his..lHorner, the noted specialist, was jsan delegation at' Lausanne, contrib- bindutltels tr hnh e eoe Nw r
tos the genme, kept the dean at the Univ rsity of Michigan amd Rhiadames at the 1921 Festival. Hisl called and renmained with the PremierI uted to produce another (ay of al- beidutltels(unwe edlgts Nwswii
dinhs bie tayO hIpescidet fteFe tderathe get era ih norviean od ondtonlm astdfremeasftiedoemrede moseilens trgia 1h ofrrasdhspc n ase atO elprfs~n"h
,l .b ai n treia-g te, m~iteewilgtuy he enra ngh'ad istroetch.vlui3an;Brriewwn ftiued theeaigt-eneitsefasntceiglninalngntdv sreth.Brwndisteidstnces aefnitlyprve b t
ielinpariclaibengangtaifoyrf'he Stinapln"bytrupe-liesonsnumeroutos t-1edfiointh2:r03,aid'ha li fild jgoor peceaganoitmeruseisntralt ltofDetoi Cetrloedrndunierites reta
is fac t fielding..which employers buy large stocks of .lteradvantage. Mr. Marshalls coin- to respond to cbeerslosthecrwd I ingth jo tules ita eao 1 u raim sa
e,. infct,- hd~coal in the summer amd hold -it for mauld of legato has undergone an im- that had gathered to receive him. ogned obtacls ees cn.asthGreeead±.fethree viucters.wiHa leaof1suprththec
tend oen laslbewen Geec amdn eetthee nchs. e asoplaced are given.'Iliehifkene
whiter dstributin among he emply- (provntent an hiTurkeyor'onertes Turey overr, and thesthirdhein thed 120te yard hudrdles.e.Hunt--;penmana to .Andy-' Gum
lfllead hi#s imlied con- ees, payment being made by deduc- ,were morie artistically restrained th,dalc ftepolmo oeges{igoDtotEsen poe h erfet h etr
F '~n with absolute pr- tonsfrom their wages in small 'formerly. His singing is still defciet, eadipahmn!f'at irsdn i u'e.class of the highjmesb on iegopo rfsi
ami sx o ntsConneticu tiopn thsNewrioand r A mai rtpre ttribu' ites of i' ofrne eae heilure oer a efor esoed a irchfor-hankaeGvsFrwl
t'eing!D~i; s i o unsoef sxmnh pro.Ahowever, in the highest atiue -.- J1 M. Thitcherin n hi note to the oetfiefes1 nhs.Telny paperman 'should.'


Are Shea lm
;holastic Pres
second annuzi
'ay afternoo
in Lane hal
school editor
ast year wer
ek ena to at
ven under tih
iChi, nationo
Jc fraternit
he resultsc
is amiong th
ins was ,au
up was awarii
nhigh scho9
ublication, th2
scup to "Th
ir the best an
ws cuip to lie
A for the be'-
rded the hill
publications 1
unnual in clan
sigh school fo
.n class A fo
Graind Ra*pid
in the 'weeld
he certificate
school, an
best cover dc
lass A Granm
dared the best
rHill. In, cov
in class A thi
vas also givre
1' high schoc
certificate fo
eting at 11 o
eTaof Sigma Del
he Booth New'
addressed 'th
ng has becon
said. "Thisi
e care colleh
sing inl instal'
inrse and thI
;e publication
cthe newsp"i
p" saying thi:
its of the er
is as a new:F

igs Fdie Ui iFon, LUI' has already adapted this system, said
f the Big Ten, permit-'; r Mr. Cooley.~ The comittee represents'
ins within hailing dis'- 30 local and national engineering or-
bae He allowed a to- 1gaznizations.
hits, two of which only
to do with the scoring,' Play Pr'duc1ti10n to Give -The Trth"
on~ balls, fanned thi '2C r Prof. R. D. T. Hollister's classes in
only real slip when one! play production will present Clyde
connected with Bros' F itch's comedy, "The Truth", as. one
eo fatal seventh innlig' of' the numbers on the course of me-
Iers tallied all three of citals and presentations Monday night,
May 28, in the University Hall. This
taly il Eighth play wvas originally scheduled to be
Lnesota did manage to given..MAay 10, but had to be postpon-
'ure inning it is well to e
details relative to that ___________
1, first ri~an uip, gay ! 11 od Rapid Fire on.301) Yard Ranlge
un before the !'yichigan' Using the 200 and 300 yard range,
shard smash. Kip, in- rapid fire was held Friday afternoon
ta big hand for his at the It. 0. T. C. rifle range west of
ut he got a much big- An~n Arbor. ,Yesterday morning a nuns-
nent later whe~n he al-I her of men took advantage of the op-
ifFoote's healthy two portunity to .fie on the 600 yard range,
wa provided with an; with slow fire. The firing is in
to first when one~ of charge bf +Capit. Forrest I . Collins.
nes caught him amid-'
at 'this point that F~riedl
d he landed on a choice I
s for the home run thatn11EDITORS EXTEND THANKS'
ofthe Gophers' scores, TO CAM.tPUS 0ORGANIZATIONS f
n the mxost'applause of ' ..
[ Resolutions thanking organi-
ningsi Tiresomue 1 zations and individuals who con-
mnainder of the game-I tribulteda to the success of the
r and rather tiresome li second. annual Michigan Inter-
s, hits, passes, and er- scholastic Press association
d, away tryngwas convention held here Thursday,
Frda alwaysetryrdg,,wasrF
in the seventh he do-' ia n etrawr
Ipassed yesterday by delegates at
ises on balls in rapid the meeting.
teritz, K;ipke, and Ash. "ews oexedorsn
but whifiwasUthisnlh cere thanks to the Michigan I
butths ws is nl chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, na-

1 intimate contact with the spirit of the
?music and the ability to characterize a
role with the distinctive attributes
writteni into it by the composer. Imag-,
ination is not his strong point.
Whmitchihll as High Priest
IOf Mr. Clarence Whitehill who sang
'Lhe role of the High Priest, it is pos-
sible to speak only in terms of most
-fervent admiration. His' magnificent
voice does ntpsesstotfull the
rigigriilliancy of its prime and was
occasionally obscured by husk~ines s,
arduous labors ini Wagnerian roles
at the lNjetropolitan. But heis art is
iucomp4rabl e. Thlis perfect artist
who sings such Vleal 'English, Ger-;
mian andl Italian tproved last nighi
IthI-tt hie is equally a master of French.
'Mr. Whitehill never sings "at" his au-
dience. With his profound imtellect-
ualt grasp. of the music, his noble
voice, his elegantly polished diction.

A.P.)-A demand for the im-
peachment of 'W'illiam H. Taft,
chief Junstice of the United States
Supreme ICourt, for accepting an
alleged annuity-of $10,000 from
the Carnegie corporation and
Ijenine andl Trotsky of Russian
communisml, by Alexander T. Ca-
ham, e.ditor of the Jewish D~aily
Poi'eword, feature the opening of,
the National Convention of the
Socialistic party today.

Iconference and declared that the So-v-r promise of being one of the best ini Marion B. Stahl, '25L, retiring Mla
i et reserve all rights and, will contin- his event with practice. aging Editor of the Michigan Dail;
ni o to address communications to the In then opinion hr of interscholastic followed with the farewell address t
conference and to the French, Brit-:ciisadohr h aebe the high school editors. He pointe
ishi, and Italian governments regaltd following events of this character, out that the two purposes of the corn
c ing Vorovsky if necessary. the twenty-third meet was an inno-i vention were that the high school e(
I _________vation for' orderliness and 'efficiency,' itors might get together and soby
j; Port .hu ron tPlants i;g Y'e1r considering thatthr were mlore; their problems in common and thr
I Part Huron, May 19. (By A. P.) --. tha 300 athletes entered. The M4ichi- j they might gain inspiration froi
Thefor ilzroi Cambr o Co"' ~anmeet is rapidlly becoming one of! meeting each other and carry bac
I~ePit'uoiC~me fCm the contry's greatest scholastic new ideas to the high school,.lHe als
coI erce is making plans. for an active metexrsdth dsie hateno
I yeam. eApnenibertof desire thatethe no)
yi eatresAwillmlerspofnsr. 'ns (Continued on Page 6,) p convention would also be a succe
._, tfeaurs illbe-sp ns re . - _. n.,.A HU L + +h- Mn ii e iIq1'. Lie oL iil n i


Daily Overwhelms Gargoyle


The. second trial issue of the Mich-
By Samuel Moore, Jr. l it seven times in the same elbow: byj igan Opitic, newlyr authorized r ota-
Brilliant f eldling, combined with1 pitched _balls. J gravure magazine, will be published
ni~ifl~ntsh1~iE ad sectcuiarI n looking ove the box score at-# during the first of this week. The

h e is able to. project himself into the6 - 'e eto ant lisrce rmt~' iii~ J ~~~jL~ ~UWiLWLI i
very soul of the music and to voice work on the paths, brought 131E! incredible fielding record of the jour- the publication, and copies will be
its every emotion in his own di1stiuc- iDAILY a 20-5 victory over. the gain- nalists. Mug Robbins, who hung distributed as soon as they arrive in
tive way. r.goye this ' morning, on Ferry Field. around' the initial sack for the DAILY, Ann Arbor.
Heni cot sngthe incotisequen- The g'argoyle team showed some ability had a perfect day with 18 putouts, nine The Optic this month will contain a
tial rojes of Abimelich and the 01(l at the start of the game, but all the assists, and three double plays. Ile vaitofptuesfvredneet
(Continued on Page '1'%\"0 jesters seemed in poor condition, and, also assisted materially in the scor centering. about campus scenes. It
f___________ were absolutely shot at the end of the ing, turning in a cardl of a double and will also publish the winning photo-
__second frame., a triple out of two official visits to the graph in the contest recently conduct-
' yteOtc eCaptain Donahue, on the hillock far' plate. Hlershdorfer, playing his last I db h ptc The cover will b'e a
E1~OAD ASTINGthe news hounds, twirled, pretty ball Jgame for the DAILY, also covered him-j full page phoatograph of a scene tal-
A JT till the beginning of the eighth, when self with glory; he was interviewed en in Italy by George Swain, IUniver- EW R
NOT NE'X( A T 'lie gracefully allowed Wizard Watzel, j by Billy Fallon after the game, and' sity photographer.
__________ ____ ____former star flinger in the LansingI may appear in the, Varsity line-up era Magazines will contain 16 pages and
(amateur) League, to step in and grab the season's endl. will sell for 10 cents. This will be
The art of brioadcastinlg has the glory. 'Watzel himself later de-' Watzel led the scandal hounds in! the last of the trial issues authorized
long been known to a variety of dined the honor in favor of F lash the day's .ackc-snatching, making off frteOtc
people, It. has been said that I avinot, who finished the game in the with a total of eight bags without at-
Buck had his line long before it same brilliant style in which it was tracting the attention of the funny fel-
fntinc nrnntn Tni-117Ybegun. H'ouse, who manned the main olws. Babe Byers, known to big league r i. ,

in the years to come.
At the business meeting of the con-
vention the officers were elected for
the coming year. The names of the
cities are mentioned only, as the indi-
viduals are elected by the high school
whnthe delegates return. President,
Muskegon, publication, Said ail
Done," monthly; vice-president, Kala-
mazoo, "High School News"; treasur-
er, Detroit Northern, "Northern
Light"; secretary, Ann Arbor, "The
Optimist"; and the faculty advisor:;
from Lansing, Mt. Clemens, GraMI
Rapids South and Detroit Central.
W1hite Addresses TI~anquet
At the conclusion of the banquet.
yesterday afternoon E. G. Burrows, of
the journalism department, spoke~
j brieflhy on the accomplishments of the
He was followed by Lee A. White'
'10, of thie Detroit News and national
ex-president of Sigma Delta Chi,.Mr.
jWhite, who wvas speaker at the Cat
Night ceremonies last Friday eve-
ning, was secured by those in charge~
of the conference to speak at thc



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