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May 17, 1923 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-17

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{ r p e

- I i , . ,

ring except Monday
,car by the Board in

brand everything American as "&ag-
geratod" n the opinion of the 'conser-
vative Englishmian. %L
Political conditions in China recall;F!
the stormy times that were so closely!

E(itor, 'Thlo Michigan IDaily:j
G ood (aquatic lproduct ioDS have
beenll 1io hl(ll c il n 1Psiciol by t~ Ihei r

.. ........



of Studient



eron ofWsenCneec ~ioilIassociated wt teMexican govcrnl 'V111 FLAY SpFA:S:
irsof withtthe ConfArenle I (,iyortal4absence from Ann Arbor durifgihtleI
Asscciated Frrevs .is exclusively en- i mnt during the past decade, 1The Aast seaso. The managment of th
the use for republication of all news United States found it necessary time'OnceI[ 22z:
ecs credited to it or not otherwise Then Ilmib' still- "Whitney theater' has brought to tho
in this paper and the local news pub, and again to interfere in "thle political Rt10 ~lz iyacmaaieysalnme
hed t tepotff strife that existed on the other side of* C 'Imrissa.. ~y lrn hepro ic h
ed t he osoffceat Ann Arbor,,th Rio Grande. This action was re- o ly uit.tepro ic h
ti s second class matter. 1einigohtecren coo er
ription by carrier or mail, $3.50. sentod by certain factionv in Mexico ' Allnon ncodimet Extr;i(wdiiiniry einn ftecretsho er
s; Ann Arbor Press Building, May-. ul afo hc aercie
reet. and occasioned severe criticism from li11: JOIS16Y B0l) has returned t ul hl f hc hv ecie
es ditorial, 20 4 and A176-11; Busi. h od emyleepce o loehatdspotfo h D;
the mnore peacefully inclined of thl tefl.lI a ) epce owoehatd upr rmteu1
- _______ ____-Aercnctiesj smash-into the colyumi2 at any mbment.. versity community and townspeople'i
nunications not to exceed 300 words Aeia iies ultn ultn eecm.
ecl, the signatur not necessarilyto ! ea el Wermiignmerwrh u \ en a .gover nment iis unable , cer to et(Laterbde)blsBulletin: prtet teeree comeoprtyofDhe13as) well., it aThenusrremallininghlfhenumberecive were 5
tlte "feet ilepbihdi rtc h ie n poet Ttl 31 islwt auciti of the mediocrity of either thecat
lyat the discretion of the Vditor. I foreigners who reside in territories is hand.-:
or 'mailed to Thle Daily office. T:1 nl( I
commruic~ationis will receive no co- under its jurisdiction, it divulges upon (Later atilt) Bulletin: He says ithepouto tef rtecmia
onecessaxily endorse thne'sentiments the mnanagement of tatgoverninent's t(Stilli nisef1I6Q f hefc
col in 'the commnunications. .affairs. The situation in_ China is in have one tomorrow, which he'll le't Ti si teflro ftefc
mnwassimilar' to the Mexican us have if we'll 'run a picture of him that the theater-going public stands
EI)ITOIA1L TAiFF troubles of recent times; various dis- I (heis latest)' together with a biography r~yt upr nyraoa~ygo
elephouies 2111 and 176-11 contented elements are on the "'outs"I -facts to be furnished by DP JOISEY prodluction" and that, on the o}ther
-~withi the present administration and BOlD. (adv.) hand', ubeiocrity will, not be tolerated
MANAGING EDITOR have taken up arms. The bandit "bands ***'~ hs e rsnain hc r
N0ARION B. STAHL aecpurdanme o E ~IEN)CMIO offered here. When any play is show-
hvcatrdanmeofprominent: ''l ~EIl {j ,I ing, whether it be drama, mnel adr ID:'
:fior. .. .. . . . .....alW foreigners with the view of gaining E 1. 1. TAYLOR had just been initi-
Aitor............ Janes B. Young ranlsomi. Dickterings between the ban-, ated into the local chapter of the yo frei hec2t r
it 'pity ditor ........ r. A. Bacon well eo chosen fre-i and the plays of tSen2'(c
d 'BardChaiman...E. R Mc (l it forces and the Chinese government Chamiber' of Commnerce. JH-e had been mrt odszdadec sawy
Edtor'-apparcntly are following tie, usual initiated, had ;_gone to the banquet, had!avilale
t Byers Tarry 1I'oey long, drawn out course of Chinese, called all the active nmcmb11ers lby theirt Ann A1rbor2's lpop~ulation emnbrace
':tDonhuore J.,_C oirBneoltos hebnishver'is ame 1, had imade a wonderful peop}le who appIreciate dram2a in any
SDahe . .Makfused the offer to allow eight thou- speech about the "future of Chambers of its variedl formis except those
.Ein..........W allace P,. Elliott sand' of their number to enter the,
's Editor......Marion Koch of Comm ierce -in our Municipal life,"ciia trctewhihee h
Magazine Editor . ...ll. . A . Donahue army. Every concession on the part' and was now plodding hom2ne, Weary rsto rmti rtc fi orc
Ed"itor...............oenmntiB. b nw "wrsIo Aaaicciicsfilt re
IEditor'.......uclley C. IRobbini-, oah oenet smtb e andi foosor' to is' wife 'and x>2 chil-i ognize as representing the ideals of
Editorial Board dem~and of the bandits who seem de- cdren. "Gracious wvhat anl honor!" he
KerMaurice Berman teindtblcanseteet muerdtoas easn- the stage. In this respect, sonlevcrhat
Kernd oboc n etlmnt utee ohimself, a i ls~t
instei IEugene 'Carmichael different from most cities of like size,
SAssistants American military authorities have mindedly .went sprawling into an open'i this community should be allowed
I'T. Armstrong Franklin 0D. H'epburv apparentl~y realized the seriousness of man-hole. But 'such a thing, as a fall winsEoeo heeclet(r-
iifield' Winona A. Hlibbard the situation and have mobillzed' eight could not jar H.P. Taylor, mer~ichan- to"
Millin~gton Edward J. l'Iiggints . nlelUie ae rosa I matic productions which tour the,
Clrk Enlizaeth C.eelannrfi fntopoet h alwyln diser do luxe. out of his -dreams. HI-Iccountry every year.
Connable John cGinnis fo ed2 " 1011Cak bt j mnniTeti o poetterala ie )emerged from the iman-hole, still'i The atmosphere whi1ch the Univer-j
ette Cote " Samuel Moore fo Pelng. mumbling incoherently about the bon- iy aut otiue oeeyad
1. Coughlin M. 1H. Pryo r It is clearly evident that unless the or which was his. He mad~e for the st aut otiue oeeyad~
Epstein %v .Rfet ne ttnigagoIrdcini
Fiske W. B Rafferty Chinese government (leals with the curb, where lie sat, blissfully brood- ec'atnigago rdcini
Ii eRobert G. Ramisaoeytr aneitPgovrtl onr 1Tw efcl an inspiration to any true artist and,{1
Garlinghoeusc f. \V. 1 *ri banditsinamrstr manri govrheoo."Hwpfcly for this reason there should 'be no
S.Godpc Soilip1. S net will be necessary for outside nations. scrumptiouls!"he exclaimed beneath I(difficulty in getcting transient comn-
IIlgrirn I to send military forces to the rescue. hsbeta epaflyde i
_.--.-"-_--- __- E pi rata e lyulyde hsIIanies to playP here. As the condi-
Nlot only have the bandits violated ' wife's initials in the soft silt of the tosae n sivral ocdt
BUSINESS ST1AFF' the rights of foreign citizens living g utter. "'"Tain't everybody who getsvnuet eri t e odpo
Telephione 8Q0onl Chinese soil, but they have shownI initiated into .this here organization,duto and the additional expense en-
cruelty in their methods 'of handlingI no'sirree, I gu~ess not! Just then a Iile smr hneog osp
B1SNS AAE hi rioesatrcpue h fast-t rotting brougham, filled withE port many more, productions than ap-
-ALBERT J. PARKER {majority of the prisoners are Ameni- light-hearted revellers, turned the cor-- n Dea r r in the course of a year.

Both Ends of the Diagonal Walk

- -

[nk' the rest of the wtiorld that they
are fit leaders for Russia.
yThe Daily Iowan has discovered that j
there is a social caste system in the
United States. Next week someoxne
will discover the law of -gravity.'
Do you use Classified adts System-
atically ?-.adv.


For, Prompt Service
Powder Puff Beauty Shop

320 S. State

Telephione 993-R

Alan Arbor and f#ackani,
1,,stern ",tandja, d lime)S
Detroit :Limsted and Express Cara~-
Ib:oo amr.. 7':00 a.m.,.8:oo a.mn.. o~oc
a.mn. and hourly to g :os p~m. 1
Jackson' Express Cr'es (local stops
wcat of Aun Arbor)-:-9:4I a.m., arnd
every two la nrs to q9'47 P.m
Local Cars Ens t 3ound-7:oo a.'m.
aui4 every two hours to 4:06 p.,im.,
t:oo ,pin. T'o Ypsilanti only--x x:40
i .,: t saA.
To Saline---Chan>ge at Ypsilanti. j
Local Cars Writ 'Round-7 :so a.m..
To Jackson a~ad Kalamazoo-Li.T-
ited' ca's 8:47, s10:47 a,m., 12'.47. 2:47.
4:.t7 P.m.
To Jackson and Lansng-Limited at
8:47 pats,
1923 it'll 1923
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 J 101 11 12
240 21 '22 213 21 25 26
27 28 29 30) 31
(No skids used)
Straws, Panamas, Leghorns,
Bankoks and all kinds of hats
Cleaned :and Reblocked at low
prices for HIGH CLASS WOIU(.
Let a "Boot-black" shine your
shoes, but have your hat Clean-
ed and Reblocked by a Practical
617 Packard Street Phone 1712
Where D. 'U. Rl. Stops' at State


1 _ .
..+ i ,
4, 4 iY . a
' ___ _
_ ,
_ ,
_ -4 _
, /i//


.............. John J. Hfanel,' Jr.
...... ...Walter K. Schierer
. ..........Lawreonce IH, Favrot
...... ..Edward V. Conlin
g............ David J. M. Park
i ..........Townsend II. Wolfe
......... 1. . Beaumont Parks
ITayden " Win. H. Good,
Dsnxie' Clyde' L. H'agerman
asldu ' Henry Freud.
itman Clayton Pur~ly
'xantrout T, 13. Sanzenbacher
I1. eidJr. ClifordMitts ,
T14le Timms TMc~achren
Roesser, Louis M. Dexter
Morton C. Wells Christie
Dryer' Edward B. Reidle
W. ,Cooper

.l:tURSnAYT. MAY 17, 1923
Night Editor-TIOMIAS E. FISKiE

True to their inborn hatred of~ tall
uildings, the opposition which Lon-j
oners are raising against the erec-

1cans captued when the bandits raided Iner, and ran over him, c(
the Yelling-Shangai express a weekpI squashzing him, and, what
ago. obliterating his wife's initial;
Foreign. intervention was respon- 1 entirety.
sible for the settlement of the Boxer ' HoytC
rebellionand it seems as though some I s c i ia ci n wl e rq ie
such similaraction willseerequirede
to cope with the present situation. igsud fmidecl.sA
Unless the Peking government dis- sinethdyof ith casweep
plays greater capability in forcing the singcatithe cas hant ns re
bandts 0 rleae "he -vrsonrsBoccaccio is on familiar gr(
Amnerican intervention. will' be neces- characters live."
sitated to demonstrate to the Chinese
rebels that -the persons of American -Gog,.Mrdti
citizens may be held inviolable in all * * iene
sections of the world.. A display of
the military forces 'of the United' Slales of Zoology ()
I States succeeded in quellng the activi- Eiehi ll)Iil'd Jhas two little
ties of the Mexican guerilla chieftans; ' With gliste),luig clawIs.
it will have the same effect if under= Asalke has got no feet, il
taken in the Shantung hills. 1B11 it hais jaws.
In spite of repeated requests that' well begin to prepare themsc
bpoks taken from the desk tin the frtefnlnmeso h
1 magazines that are due to
study, halls of the library be returned city shortly, beginning, we
as soon as the borrower has finished with the Optic, which willc
with them, those desiring such booksj the top early Tuesday morni
are frequently forced to wait for hours We haven't had mutch
before securing them. Often books against the Optaic salesboy:
their line is anywhere neara
which are drawn in the early' after- ing as those of the vendorsc
noon do not' return to the desk until Gargoyle, and the Fresh Air
the evening, and even then they are will do murder ere the day
sometimes, taken out directly on Those Chimes lads-honest
"night slips." boys can't take no for an
If this were due to the length of You .tell 'em no thank, yoi
the assignments in the books, the I one an I-sent once home and
situation would be unfortunate though them boys say? Ohi come
lnavoidable. Us'ually, however, this is I chap I say you can't be serio
not the case. Instead it is the prac- and then you say Yes really
tice of drawing out several books' at they button-hole ya and tr;
a time, and of passing a desired book and wine-'
around from friend to friend' that The only really (dignified
causes the trouble. Thus, while thec on the campus are the Whim
first user of the day may be held None of this fawning but'
responsible, .a book in reality mayJstf othmn sire
have been in the possession of sev-{ they attemplt this hustling
oral'-friends of that borrower. This peppy stuff this go getter stt
occurence has become so common sin zy sad aloof and saiinp

omplete~y l
is worse,
is in their
pef zetrat-
lerican lifel
ping, blast- I
ving Mr.
n the Vie
ly Sweet-,
S may as
selves now$
e campus
flood the I

An' altogethier too obvious example
of the misdirected efforts of the thea-
tre management is seen in tile factI
that one muscal comedy of' little or I
no merit has appeared here several
times within the Past two years while
such a widely heralded play as "The
Circle," in which John Drew and Mrs.
Leslie Carter took part was, only here
once, despite the fact that it toured
small towns of this size again this sear
son. Would it not be worth while
to divert this wrongly spent effort to
a more worthy cause which wouldj
not only secure the support of an in-'
telligent community but 'would en-
courage thought and stimulate the
minds of the audience toward genu-.
ine constructive criticism.
j~S. B. T.

Adrian-Ar~n Arbor Bus
Schedule in E~ffect May 14, 1923
Central Time (Slow Time)
D) X X
P".M. A.M. A.M.
Lv. Adrian .......... 11:45 f6:00
D' XY~
A.M. P.M. P.M.
Lv. Ann Arbor....... 6:45 12:4; .4:45
X-Daily except Sundays andl holidays.
H'olidays to be New Years,.lDecoration
Day. July .Fourth, Thanksgiving and
Meet D. U. R. cars at Saline bioth ways
for connections for Ypsilan~ti, Wayne

$11 'tUROPE
Many ar e 1kel, away from: Europe by an imag-
inary bln wall of expense.
Get the facts about our- cabin service of 14 de.'
lightful ships before you make vacation plans
this' year. The broadening experience of' Euro-
peans travel,, the pleasures of a sea voyage may
be within your means.
Passage money as low as $115 entitles you to
the best the"ship affords in food and' ser'vice, full
enjoyment of all her spacious decks and attrac-
tive public rooms-all. the pleasures of summer
days at sea and carefree nights.
The thou ands who have, been, lured awa.y biy
the fascinations of unkn~own peoples and storied
places -professional people, students, muen and
women of affairs--you will meet them on our
cabin steamers.



Write today for our booklet.- eYour Trip
to Europe"- and detailed information.'


i TftNt ATI@NAL M83ICAlYTiLE $MAttzRU4 CO***Y:
214 Majestic' Bldg., Detroit, or E. Kneeler, Ann Arbor, Phuone 13S4.


tion of tan enormous half million dol-
lar- tower at Wembley, a' suburb of
the British metropolis, strikes a sharp'
contrast with the pride which Amerl-
cans take in their skyscrapers. Thej
very word "skyscraper" grates the
English ear, for since such a struc-
'turn: must of necessity scrape the sky..
'and even the tallest' of American i
buildings are only a thousand feet in
1wight, the literal minded Britons havel
branded the term asai"terminological'
The architectural tastes of the peob-"
l~de of London have always hindered
the heavenward extention of their"
structural masterpieces and even "to-
day the' most imposing of, them~ arez
but. little over a hundred feet in height.
Now the propossed Eiffel Tower of
IEngland,a tremendlous finger up into
1te airplme lanes of the surrounding
country, is threatened with abandon-
i .,t (inc to the efforts of several

e believe,: INVYEJT'l) 1iELJfGIOEE" II and Detroit. I "-
comne over (Thle Harvard Crimson)
ling. V~Ahile 'Russian students kill then-;.i- ~ t1!!!!!f!li1!! 1!!f!!!!E!!!!!1!fl11t!1I!!I!!!!ililtl~11lifl!I!!!iHll~I1t!
practice solves in despair, the Soviet govern-
as annoy- restoring the prosperity and public APW
of Chimes, welfare that its economic hysteria hasE
camp, we1 destroyed. With the utmost enthus-
rbe done. i asm, Lenine recently' proposed the
tly, the electrification of the whole gigantic ' Tickets fo igeCnetsmyb eue tW'nvesty colof M sc
answer. country. The plan is now to build a .o igeCnet a escrda h nvri col M sc
m I have huge fleet of airships, for the multi-'j $1.50 each. A few Course Tickets remain at $5.0}0 each.
d what do tide of purposes. In view of the
come old "blad state of the highways and rail- IRG RM
Dus really, wvay lines," the airships could be used ;POR A. '
I am but advantageously for postal express and al a o g p s e g r s r i e l o "o c m a
ep~idemics, to help the weather man. 3 -BY --
salesmen to aid fishing , industries, and form l sr c nat ih r m t ilgs"S P A O
ton-holinlg As usual, the Communist leaders
Nor do! are attempting to bunild a pyramid , C NrA T .S. W L
stuf'f, this from the top dtown. Instead of lgra.du-
,uff. They ally and thoroughly (developing the rP N R l A
o, oh-resources of thet nation and the in-TE O SS A
:s. Trake telligence of the peop~le to a point I z
I'm sure. where modern inventions could 1)0e BA I O E
usefully apIplid, they intend to thrust - SOLO1ST V OLI IS
e l e c t r i c i t y , a n d a i r p l a n e s o n p e a s a n t s H L ' Y a K o c .Pw o r e e r r f i d b a r u m r e c o -P
ision with Jupiter. An instead of ' «FNOXVNEI)PIANIST
increasingtheir nucleus (of edlucated = RE ON-'rl .
Ita oCALldnmen by Nutting their universitie~s on
c thafolde a sound financial lbasis, they, seelto ORGANIZA'IONS O G N S
country. s preadl a thin °coating of information
olver the masses by means of isolated
gith a sor- lectures. Meanwhile, conditions in ,f U 1T1TTe~~ 'I~ l T 1''~X'
ntly lit a the universities have resulted in <#'=- I 1HE UiNIVJR 1 HOR ~.therefromUIN 1
therfrom student suicide wave which may easily
~conpoe~lrob) futureRu tssia of the few trained 2C I D E '
ci hipsec ;vi men who might otherwise be avail- 2H=
hingl don Itis' respect, as in evrythi2ng else ' HE CH A O YM PHIO1UNY ORCH ESTR.A,
ansione except making war, the present Rus-
dl on? sign government has shown itself inl-- '1 GUST1AV HOLS
cap~able of grasping the fundamentals
'1 )1INot only does it ibelieve that Romle;' Distinguished Guest Conductor
111litSTwas built in a day, but the Soviet 2=


criii(s wlho :declare it would be a that in at least one instance it has
"nmonument to ugIiness" and a "blightI been accepted as a legitimate excuse
ont the lai~nscape." for 'unpreparedness in a reference
It is peculiar that'the nesthietic assignment.
ta<stes of these men should so oppose If the proper use is- put to boois
the( "exaggeration" of" buildings in a on the reference shelves, it ll not:
lparallel manner to that in which they onl~ be possible for everyone to ac-
take their standI against the Ameri- quire'the necessary information con-
c n sense of humor, Which they char- Itained in the volumes- in such great
aeterize as Itothing more than an "ex-'demand, but also obviate the neces-
aggerated2 sense of timeridiculous." sity of retarding, class progress -be-
nAhiost leading one to believe that the; cause the fact that some few are
esenrtial difference between thie fun-; unable to attain the necessary knowl-

ing their wares in their bam
it or leave its I don't are
H-onor Whimsies!
Sequel to Sequtel to 'ThIis is
LISTER sat dreamily against
oak. His thoughts were far
peace of thie surrounding
His downcast eyes shown 'wl
dlid gleaim as he nonchalan
Strucky Light and drewt
puhngent drafts of the nerve
vapor., As lie whs thues d(
Jimmaie D~e Gashousekid, wit?
dent 'savoir faire, came stroll
the path. Jliminie 'stopped
Percival. and said: "What'sr
for (10 black clouds, Lead I
(to be continued) 'by

(hi7)entals of English and Anerican
life' lice in the relative mioderation of
tlie two nations, this gap between thc
soilorders of the new and old
wvorlds is bridged over with a plaus-
ile explaation. In its application
to inrchUitecture, one can account for
the deoveloplernt of skyscrapers. In
fhe U nitedl States through thex over-'
c'm piasis of struactural feats which en-


Eastern collegians, are amusing
themselves by voting for "the next}
best college" after 'their own, Its!
a ludicrous sort of contest where
everybody, gets a first place and, the
winners score high as second best.
The women are: putting new use to'
their academic ca~ins.Manv were seepn


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