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May 15, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-15

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Ilittle's Sllad ll of
iron -Men to Hold

;; " ; EriTrr a

.laying been drilled to overcome the
ividual taulits and team weakness-
which cropped up in the,3recent
tle, th~e Army and Navy s
clicd respectively by Ccappon and~c
1)Y Varsity stars, 'will line up
aipt ech~ other at 4:20 o'clo,71c to-
en the south end oft'Ferry fieldl
the seeond game of the ser es ;ich1
to determine tine champions of thel
'iug practice session.
loth teams have worked hard in
, aration for this wanO which prom-
s to eclipse the initial contest of
serics in point of' all-round foot.-
1play, as several plays have been
led to the already 'varied ass ort-
nt, and old Zlays have been perfc-


Iarge C rowd i-pcctI
A fairly large crowd of foot'allI
enthusiasts who& were desiriouis of ob)-I
taining a line on the material whlich I
will m ake a bid for Varsity berthis next 1 alt r e u o w t e st ep ei~i
gamze and few, if any, left before the
final whistle blew, as the tilt was re-'
plete with real fall thrills. A mc
It ;er crowd is expected at Ferry field;
this afternoon when "Dour;" Roby's
Navy eleven will endeavor to atone for
its defeat last week, wvhen thcir op-
ponents wvon in the final frame bsy
scoring on a pretty forward pass af -
ter 30 minute:; of ai gruelling struggleo
for victory.
Both teams - will line u wthprc
tically th'e same lien which started;
last week. However Ingles is to0 start
in place of loathi at leftc guard for
the Army. while Brown, hainpg"recov-
ered from his injunry, will start at cen- i
ter for the red jerseys. Heath played a
fine game at gurtl we but his
real place :s at itllback_ and it 'is ex-I
pected that, he will take this positiont
during the contest. Wetzel, dininu-
tive but speedy tlankrani, will start in#
Grubb's place at left end.
Heston to II*-y 1.
R.oy !-Reston, nephew of the famous'
half' back, has recovered suficiondty
from a sprained_ ankle to warra-nt a1
little scriimmage and will in all p rob-t
ability be seen in the backfield for a
brief warming up. "Red" Miller, Law-
son, Herrnistein and Mier will againt
compose the ai'ny blac',_ield at the op-'
enring of the game.
The lineup:

I t:

VarityTrack Ta trsFEH£~HL
-Training For Big Ten cet rur T
M ,ichWigan's Varsity track team has in~g in .their perform ance, :neit'e OkipL PIU OR O
started on th'e thlree week training placing. Van Or-dci wasauotaoo
grind Which Will termlinate in thre- es-! ahead of 'his ,nearest opponent,1(hl ' l ) I D2Mie TM 7 's i
tern Conf'ereceoutdoor track and dauer£, having a-heave +of 42 efeetsi 4hes it ill' ,Wic
field mleet June 1-2 on Ferry field, and, land one-half i'nches t6 his, cci. I 1 arr(1 0. VN zLX
will eMb-race a dual meet with Ohio]j fl1id 1nii lure
State I May 26 i t Columbus. Jstwhn? h WC riestocs' ,i1S 0P)l . O ~
A t~~ltogh Steve F-arrell's ilien lost istarted its upward trend, along camen i 2 I LI =';?4 Yi~AEiNGS
a dlual meet to Ill:inois last Saturday, I the 440 yard dash Frith its-,,iIisli
nocthirg has yet interfered with the ito send Maize anid Blue dawn: UiI(" ;~h u,, freshman track coach,
M a iz e a n1d B lu e'>m a k in g a m ig h ty p o w - p o) in ts . M a:r tin w a Cs s la te d 4_0 p la c .'h . r U u o ; t j'o u g h 1 a s tiff w o r k - er : l ) ( , f c r fi s h n o s a t e B g b r eu t v r , r c l t or n L i n h i !
Tenmet Oceans of dope were up- ' fourth lplace. Thle ,ole auiaw'roghgintt oe 1iinoi<s , iscoi-'
set Sa>tur'day in regard to the final I lrook'er and r' a i o is nl i n ihSaefeha teams tom
outcomre of the I1ll meet. It so scecond l aces. at 12 feet threeite s.,,:,T .ria hug: e telgraphic meet on
tulrn1ed oust that some men came ProsrOS,.''spefrac wa osleI:'yfi
t L 2ou ,'Jwher they had not been ex -j only because o"f1his abundanlutLneve1h_.a appears to be in gpo con-
pe cfd wle a greater number did and Bi Fallnsci ';tl i_ n _I?'iin ndrofe fast times are ex-
net pla.ce. Michigan teamns have nev- Presser w"as carried? from te_'110; 'tei f h1fuue Z.arsity men.
er atemipte'd alibis seriously, but one Mnd ay vwiith1:a vwrenc ail."~or- s ~nr av enreo'tort ed from;
or two tingrs may heave head somethling :g five hours a(a Uth n e hei',os erig nd iti is expect-
to dlo with ile 80 to 64 score of last joint, Billy% had it ahmo-; riit tedtht Cbns e will "find the brig-
4iturday. First was the weather. was Presser's nerve in additionI the-_: hrnin, the pile when the times'
Regardless of the condition of the cin- carried hhi through. The 12 fct thre ; frc-= o,,dvn Gill's way are flashed over
der track, the atmosphere itself was inch mark ties the Ferri, field r cc- It 1i( irt
net conducive to good performnances. ord. =oce of the Illinois cubs have al-
ut thiis wasbon to hl o the rdyturned in sensa^tional tfimes this
Illini as well so not much blame can Isb , a eatifl toomlethe;performances be-
b)e laid to the weather. Then there]I finishig far ahead of- Mei'zurlo ofte ; 'svn eter than((h{lose seen in the
is the fact that the Spring games,; Indians. Davis was on tecr oVriyme ihGill' wonder team.
wi th call the excitemnent attached there- Jplace but the mnneir fteu atc~a sthis true of the dash
unto, may have entered into -the- lives hl runners evidently bte g ie11LI1Cmn.In recent trials the
o f somie of the athletes at a time when somewhat. Hie was uin un i run=_n .;t'rn ~1 4-5 in the high hurdles
thecy should have kept off their feet. until the last few. feet. b owOh~2 -0in the la timbers vere
One, of the greatest athletes Michigan hurdle race f;urnished Its srhare of t o 'I(;'(1:1170 two meni turned in'
ever had said that any track man upsets also when the first two lc) r I() -5 in the cenitury run. All of these
should, outside of his workouts, be wvent to Gill's runners. LoInc in-- <'c tfr.superior to compar'ative.
ktperfectly still for at least three; ished third but some thcughtltat.te lneof i he W olverfine flosh, but
lays beforea meet. big fellow would place' lu-iLteTr 1lahn's (Lhislace men appear to be far.
- Upsts Sitirt arly Hubbard had no trouble in11 _mI i' ieioo ti-ae Maroon and Gold
Thle first evient of the meet seemcd Jbthe -broad jump. The dusky;ur ii',l F=bmg.Cae n ocwl
to fbrecast strange happenings for in not extend himself- in theh-A to Iocat: iealonaprwt
t1eIi ni mna while the former is ex-
the 100' yard dash, Wittman was the merely took off and sailed tlus' pie to wTin with ease.
only Michigan man to place, Ayres, air without any sembience of a , kiIck t irl
-and Evans of the Illini taking first: and did a jump of 2.3 feet thlree o ies. "'dWnal
and second. The mile run was another Aldrich of Michigan 'took a third with ng r lc id, Groshko, Archie's
upset when Gill's men crashed through 21 feet six inches. ~ tlt trc fI.re-rresentatives in the half
with a slam, leaving Bowen, the !1 Syih f oo~d i l)mie .:1 alpear to have f r ~lsi a wtide e
strongest 'Wolverine contender in this MTacEll en was not upto' ncta i-er theirerivals at aisobutlittl
event, to finish fouirth after 'a hard, tions in the high jiiup l 15bste oun u The s ame isx true of Reinke
telling ce. In the° 220 yard dasl, fort netted five feet 10 ince « while 1 ;M"ri vIn the mile. Both have
ilhe Indians were still traveling at top ISmith of Michigan tooks fi st Vt, 1, turned i ast times and are expected
'peeJ, and took first and second with leap of six feet one-quarter inchl.toplac-far ahead of the 'whole field.
tC ptain Buzrke of -Michigan finishing hec rvdtu ofomifci- T, two milers are rounding into fair
thir'd. talking the race in his ua i 1 .1nl< ,e lm d 'iet first and second in
Hlubbard pulled one of the greatest after throwing a scare into th ol Ic,;-eea Wednsday. Mason, a miler,
eoatures of the mneet when he finished verne camh by staying bhid ntSha ben ntred in this race and
first in the 1,20 yard high hurdles :If- I the second turn on the laist,, 1 w--n7lng f ! Hcks and Dihlards ground
er falling on the last jump and crawl- he .'pulled away and finished 0fet the teemo. grinders into a rather,
i g oven the finish lin6. just inches ahead of H-all of Illinois. hfere aansrn-ageain


-i- ' ek Iv ne -ord of 4:14 2-5.Ta ),rn was placed
J~oie W.Rer the linoJ1(is A. C. I second after rniga rea t riae.
track star, fully expects to ibreakthe lI'Let thereLbe no vi ce to wiprtoi
one mile paced record of 4:13 3-5, f~oe 'Ray-,shud escedinbakg
hlidby Norman S.Tahe:-, ormer the re"cord, that he2didnot win againlst
"Brown university runner, whn e mn1h-wrei .t w ae a n5 sni
goes after the mark en the Marva.,, als. Letti't'h t Chicago cierpalth kin
Stadium track next month. For many; gainl a clea n !cut1right to the honor of
years Ray has hoped for this oppor- holdsrcof the 'wofr Ild cmetive 1r"c-I
tunity and follow ers of the game may j nd for the)( uieru.I are
rest assured that the Chicago speed with itct cr..f"r g-ae met
merchant will condition hi taself to th)e than arerd ad ina"inly
best of h:s knowledge for the suprem«e rase.
test of his career. - Ithsntben-cuda
whether to make this special race a M; fl Zvi
paced event or handicap event. Ray S HLil1JI~II
has not publicly expressed a definite
wish, but those quite close to the lit-j I3
tle champion feel that hewodgre1
ly prefer a competitive r~ac. The1, _-
great Norman Taber regrets to th i:-; c ii ttrsfeIinnbsh
dlay that lie did not insist on ea-ngI ;ee;attruh ev
honest to goodness opponents againsr eso atraLoi e omc
himt instead of four min whzo were 1ier'it wethe ..Yest:rdaVafterno
in the race merely as "helpers", Iwas' "the 7he Rirget realth rcosess1 in) a week
"June 9 it would seem meore fitting to itwteams C oe hen adst
have several good runners handicap-'I thrug a'fstga:.D ;e Fnk
ped to the limit of the Illinois A.( pisuaCef.md nte adtsi
man's speed. Let him run all the way, fairly god meanr, whle il:nV
with no one to verbally urge him tolak hssce-,Hriaeon
greater efforts. Wi-en Taboer broke the ;bsmn htsottp n ln
competitive record of 4:12 2-5, then 2ringe, tird base, she wed tl',we:.
held by John Paul .anes of Cornell, Ht;, ,shed Vc.Ilat Iea i
,he had four pacers all running accord- Van B ell tsot.Cer n
ing to instruction beside hirm. A qa-Iikn'a i h acigi ih
ter' mxlei' was the first runner to a -ly cltlleasion
c m a y 'a r. A th en oft .Iwa distance the first pacer withdrew and provcd, as 1he e a-ig re uingtin-
another man was sent out for a quar-!g arsiydaod hl h ~-hyX
ter of a mile. At the half Vth i a 1 i ri.'iehtin iS(it
withdrew and a fresh iruinnerwsCltmdoiihwvr ic oc
on the track to "pull" Tamber alouI 'lrat lLer C ? Ionl a few \~C tt.i.Jto git
to the. finish. The result ha-:;ls'beenhis l adi cnae, a i sdiing
history for mzany years. them qulite' hard, teg o xes
There was a east amount of dif= I: =veiy so. 1h';; fipr has his inl-
ference between Taker's perf-ormance l ield about yet, thuha e, h1as
and that of Jones's. Trhe Cornell rule- not made any ty selections.
ner toed the mark in an 1. C. 'A. A. -
event along with thirteen other a ,pir-
an sf rt ette e yas u l e _ nhis draw for position before the start r tI
of the race, with .the result that when 4
the field straightened out on the back --
stretch of the first lap Jones was run-1
l n i e t z a . I o k n i ay up to the front of the =procession
befrore the three--quarter mile post was ye 4 ; Spalding athletic goods
i-oached he was forced to run wide, and td are Official and
in this way covered considerable more Standard
ground than if he had been ruinning iaignrtLS
"on theple" frocm the start of the
race tas was' Taber when lie brokre the
record. It may be of interest to re- 21 "fSalte St., Vieag'o
call that 'laner was a competitor iI r .n
the race in _which Jones madt, his re--.

Y. Y Uns
American League


Phiadlhia. ...............9 1f 0
Ch'icago. . ... . ... .... .. .. ..0 6 5
Boston and St. Louis-No game; rali.
R 1H ]E
Washlington................ 3 8 2
Cleveland. ................ 6 10 1
it H7E
Newv~ York............16 21 0
Detroit..............11 1 6 4

Nalo I-_gn

it.;o Loui................
PIII ade~rlpha.........




Brooklyn...:1 .............

L'i' t b )h ...............4 S 0
iv vwYork.........1 G 0
Patro1neTile Daily adver tisers.
Pill -' le edays, of 1"Joe's"
a 1 i I i nro , popular place In j
w,(3 na11k or a1 light lunch.
I ft


ahead of Riheam of Illinois. Aubrey
of M':ichiigan came in third through the
dis,,ualiification of one of the Ilhini en-
trees; who knocked over more than his
shIare oe: the sticks. At this point, Wo1-s
verine, stock began to rise slightly
although it seemed that "Silent Har-
ry's" men 'were p;Iing uip too big; a
Van Orden caine through in the
shot put as per schedule but Heath
and Hindes were somewhat disappoint-

)rion ...... .L.F.......
Wey ......C. . ...

Br owtn


onnelly....... R.T........ Schakel
rube ........Q.13.........MillerI
lick .......:...RZ.II. I-enmnste.21
utomgti.......F.B.... .... MierisI
Workmen engaged in constructing
lie literar-y building have conrned a 1
:a teami and have played se era!
,aes with the' men working on thel
ow Lngineenling buiilding. Both2 teams
-re to play gamnes with outside teamsf
n the ne-ar future, it is !iaid by the -

All meon in the University in-
terested in the organization of
wrestling 4s a Varsity sport for
1923-24, are i'e questedl to meet
at 8 o'clock Tuesday evening in
the tap room of the Union. Since
the selection of Richard Barker,
graduate of Iowa State, as wrestl-
ing coach for next year, interest
in the sport has greatly increas-
ed, and any opinions in regard to
the institution of the activity
will be gratefully received at the
meeting. J. CLIFFORD,

the dlope was spilled when tratnc-' ~ Ym i ra ump
had to be content 'with a third NucIThe other schools appear to have
Schildauer of Illinois too? irt n heege over the Maize and Blue
the discus with a throw of. +? ;fee frsh.n in the broad jump. At El-
fsix inches. Brooker and s ,±em of linoistthy are doilng 22 feet 3 inches
!Michigan finished: second and 'th rcl r- whle ; ider and Stem are having dif-
spectivehy. Angier was not troubt.led .fictty fdoIing 21 feet' 6 inches. giant
in taking the javelin th row:rut Lea;;-,inthe nob vault will probably place
dowski lived up to (e 'tito11n byigh as hie vaults above 11 feet.
placing second. Illinois >capturedlfirs.t Do)(yle, weight man, is one of the
and third in the hammer thro, 1-indes I ost brilliant stars on the teani being
of Michigan taking seacond. Ilindes! a star man in three events. He heaves1
had the Illini high mian, Hill, beaten thie shot and discuss in Varsity style,
on one throw in which hue stepped out hving tossed the iron ball around 41
of the circle a fraction of '9n inch. Ife and the discuss better than 13~0
No records were broken hut the fei et. TYTcKenzie in the javelin, Franik
marnks turned in all around were fair- I dSn der in the hurdles and McCain
ly good considering the we.*ather. CSi- c'l Stens in the high jump appear
ent Harry" Gill brought to Ann to ,be the o lier point winners. Fein-
I inge and enrniman in the 220 and
ber a ivell-balanced, scrapping gaggrwheh dseredifl n he hundred are also strong
does, to garner a result like tl,,-'yod____________
Michigan's a'thletles have three week,,,
in whch toreac the ondi oON ec-[its (Called for I3aseball
in ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ' whc orahth ylilnne- l choxnore lits who have signed
essary for themr to take the champil)1o11- tLp shefors baseball team are re-
ship and, the trainers and coachces areepotlasshFeryfil
doing their best to bringlabe wcthe I t v o'cloto reportfteoothferrafiel
ilesired result. The matter mi t 2ococ hs fenonfr rc
the mien. -
____Dancen; at Jim Burke's Whitmore
Fresh Lit. Class Dues shouldI be Lk ~nigPvh'neeyFia
sent now to K. Mogri.,4AedSau'e vnn.Av
Thopso ; -"v. - thers are benefitte-J by the classi-

When in l

h Ica

. !
/ r { , ,
t. / JJJ q
i 51 i T
M ti
Y r+ NF ' M
I /r
I r !// ;
~ ., , - ' , r '
( ,
..1,.. _... . _.:.

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, 1

E'a $ it
i ".q

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