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May 13, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-13

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_____________ - '~1El~lu%~MfhU

nu ed from PgeOne)



Kielce sacrificed hi

*, fannedl.
No runis, no0


im to sec-
fl fs, no or.-

iois. Roettger flied out to Vanl
1.Dougherty up, singled infield.
,rom1 uip, sinlgled through Uteritz.
up, flied out to Ash, Kutehi up,
Liverance to Shackleford. No
two hits, no errors.
and Inning-MXichigan. Van B36-'
ut to Jackson unassisted. Klein!
oStewart to Happenny, Paper
mn Stewart's overthrow, Blott out
ppuzzi to Ilappenny. No runs,j
s, one error. Illinois-Happen-}
ed out to tterltz, Stewart up-
V an Boven to Shackleford,.
pprizzi up, safe on Paper's error.
oin up-fanned. No runs, no hits,
lveraue, Jackson Hold
r'd Inning-Michigan. Liverance
ut to Kuehl. Uteritz out, Stew-
Happenny. Kipke fouled outI
)ugherty. No run, no. Hits, no0

i I
I "k
fi ,.

It wasn't because th~e Illini
had a better track team that
they captured yesterday's meet
on :Ferry field. No, sir! Perish
the thought-so ejaculates Billy
Fallon, veteran Michigan trainer.
"Here's the dope straight from
the shoulder," saysBilly allon.
"Couple of days ago the boys on
the* ball teamr were discussing
the, game. with Illinois and the
prospects of knoidn. JacksicOI
out of the box. - Some of 'the boyjs
were a little doubtful, anid a lit-
tebit hazy abouft the outcome
of it all, when up Jumnps Mike
Pa per.
that buinny's foot of youlr's for 'a
minute, please.' So I hauls it
out and hands It to Mike, when
what the doe's lhe do but slip ini
his pocket and tell me it's his
uzntil the ball team gets back
from the 'trip. I argued with
him, but hie wouldn'~t listen to
reason. So that's bow we lost
the track meet-because I didn't
have my bunny's foot-and that's
why we von the Illinois ball
game-because Mikre Paper had



And that's that......

s. Illinos-Roettger safe on an
d hit. Dougherty out on sacrifice
,Liveraince to Shackleford. Hell-
n out, Paper 'to Shackleford.'
herty taking third. Vogel out,
!r to Shackleford. .No runs, ohe l
no error,.
urth Inning-Aichigan. Ash out,
apprizzi to Happenny, Shackle-
fouled out to' Hapenny. Van Bo-
wiffed. No runs, ito hits, no er-j
Illinois, Kuehl tripled"'to ,cen-
The ball rolled under the bleach-
ut ground rules held the batter'
roe bases. Happenny out to Uter-
o Shacklefo6rd. Stewart flied to.
Kuehl scoring on the throw in.
apprizzi out, Uteritz to Shackle-
Onie run, one hit, no errors.
tJk: niug-Michigan. Klein sin-
to' 4e't.1 Klein, took second w~vhen
son alrked. Paper safe on Hap-i
y's. error.. Klein> going to third.
uD, b3all 1, ball 2, strike 1, foul it
ball 3,strike 3, out. ,Liverance h
'oul ball, ball, foul ball, strike 'S.
itz, ball 1, Uteritz lined out to
art. Oie hit, no* runs, one error.,
iois-Jackson out, Liverance to
kleford, Roettger flied out to Ash.
hertyt out, Va~n Boven to ShackleIr-
No' 2liy. no hilts, no errors.
th Inning-Michigan. Kipke out,
apprizzi to Happenny. Ash n-
to center. Shackleford out,
herty to Happenny, Van Boven
Jackson to' Happenny. No runs,
hit, no, errors.
nois-Hellstrom singled to cen-
Vogel safe on bunt when Liver-
slipped and fell. Kuhl sacrificed,
ance to Shackleford. Hap penny'
out to Kipke. Hellstrom scored
Vogel took third. Stewart popped
o Uteritz. Oine run, two kits, no
Jackson to Happenny, Paper sin-
to center. Blott knocked a beau-
home' run Ao center.: Liverance
ed,. Uteritz fled out to Vogel.
runs, two Jit, no errors..
[nois-GSehlapprizzi singled. to
r. Jackson safe cn flelder's choice
apprizzi safe at second. Roettger
out to Kipke, the runners ad-
ng. Dougherty flied out to' Kipke,
apprizzi scoring. Hellstron, flied
o Kirke.' One rull, one li;t no
ohth Inning-Michigan. 1KiP1ke
ed. Ash singled to left. Shackle-
safe on .Happenny's error but
e went out, caught off third on
play. Runners moved up on
herty's passed ball. Van Ba~-
afe on fielder's _choice. Ash safe
ae plate. Shackleford on third.
iup-strike one, foul ball, ball
Klein fanned. Paper singled to
Shackleford and Van Boven scor-
oston Hlas Youngest Organist
ston, May 11 (By A. P.)-The R-o-
Catholic church here claims the
gest organist in the world. He's
ert Rouse, aged 10. He has been
ving the organ only three years.


ing. M~ott up-Ball one, foul, "ball,
strike two. Paper caught off first.
Three runs, tiv6 hits, one erro$r.
Illinois-Vogel singled to left, Kuehl
fan~ned, Happenny out, Paper to
Shackleford. Hull batting for Stew-
art. Hull flied out to Kipkce. No timis,
Eonk ~ b1t. no eriors.1
Ninth Inninkg-Miebiian. Duranit
for, 3d for Illinois. Blott tripled to
center. Liverance up -strilk'eI,
strike 2, strike 3. 'Uteritz walked.
Blott caught at third on the throwI
from second. 'Uteritz took second.
Kipke safe on }Happeriny's error. Iter-
itz scori~ng. Ash single'd to left.
Shacldeford fafined. Two hits, on*
run,~ oeerror.-
Illinois - O'Connor batting ,for
Schlapperizzi O'Connor out, Liver-
ance to Shackleford. Bissell batting
for, Ja kson. Bissell out, Paper to
Shiackleford.' Roettger died out to
Klein. .Mlcbipgaiiwin~s, 6 -to :L

1T ennis Tr jI, Lo hge sl E ver A tle , pte d; E
Men l 1,ayIn Six imatces
In As Many Days
Mtchlgaq's aisty to 1118 team left
, yeaterday for the east l at is said
t6 be the longest tOil ikey-e attemlptd
by it Wolverine "cut utlt, and the
Inuvasion of the eat ill be cdjully
Us hard as long Iecase 4 the 'tact
th2at th e clay artists illbe force to
g B~ne ein six nutche ton as many
Carnegie teelh Ffrit
Catiegie Technical .ni tte will
lutnish tile Oppoiton Mdgrat
Pittsburgh.. 'This match Vll rfb b-
ly ;result in a victory for tle Mae
end Blue as ithe Ea'teritrs Weo bd-
y beaten Wednesday hlilt in tnih
Abor. The "Tartans" oweer Are ex-=
netted to put uip a game fight on thteit'
't i court and the score will undoubt-
edly be close.
Little is known of, the strength of
Ithe Penn State. team which meets the
SWolverines on Tuesday, but the 'stro
undefeated Army aggregation is slat-
ed to give the Michiganders a lot of
trouble on Wednesday.
Fiv'e Men to Go
Sxarthili'r, which furnishes the
oppopsitioti 6n Thursday, is rated as
having one o6f the strongest colege
teams in aheseast. In a recent tour-
nament, SW-&fthmore and'Leigh uni-
veVsyit -tied for first honors. Even
to tie the Lehigh team is a high a- .
chievement as the valley school spe-
bializes in tennis and as a i isult they
boast one of the bet teams in the
entire country. On Friday the Wolve-'
ines mix with I.Ohkh. 'Captain Rod
Beck of this team IS one d the b6 ft
known college playe s -and i s expected
to cause no little amount of truuhitle.
Beck is favored to win the eastern
┬░iiterCrll'gatte this summer.
" The Wolveiibs are doped to win.
f mtoin thte Navy .Saturday athough ths
,jjdd'es3 have 4,(+n defeated only .on:
this season bpd that was at the hands
of the powerful 1larvard team.
Mceinibrs of the team who ;gill make
the trip are as follows: Captain Ror-
ick, Mrkel,- Kline, and two o these,
Sanchez, Zemon,and Jerome.
aig'Ten Staodings94
Teth- W L PI
itlIchigan.............- 4 0100
Illinois ..............."Ii 2 .714
Minnesota .........2 1 .67
Indiana . .........2 1 .067
Ohio State............2 1 .67
1 Northwestern .....2 4 .333
Purdue....... ...1 3 .250
i Chcago........1 ,0G .1431
- Indorses World Court
New York, May 1.-The Chamber'
I of. Commerce "of ti0 United States,
concluding business sessions of its an-
nual convention late yesterday, in- E
dorsed the entry of this country into
the world court, advocated-inreasing
by 2 percent the immigration quotas
and urged state regulation of public
Ottoman Debt Causes Wrangling
Latsinne, May 11 (By A. P.)-TI'e
I eh~et '*ranging of the Turks and
aVsten powers 'over the Ottoman
Iiubic debt indicate that the. Near
East i ace conference s likely to be
jloung drawA "Ot.
giE, o- .

I tat1roxiIze DailkAdvertisers.--Adv.

Billy Fallon
michligan's popular trainer who, be-'
Sides being the possessor of the fain-
is hick piec has been working over-
tithe in Crder that Wolverine teams
may be Victorious.
Sport Snap Shots-

(Cdontinued from Page One)(%
Blrooker and Hunter managed to 'get
second and third place behind Schild- ....
hauer, the Indian weight man.
IIllinois took eight. firsts, while
'Michigan took seven, but Illinois cop-
ped enough seconds and thirds to 'give
a nice majority. T1he final score:
80 1-3 to 54 2-3.
100 yard dash: Ayres (1) first, Evans
1(I) second, Burke (M1) third. Time:
10 seconds flat. One 'mile run: W-ells~
! (1) first, Pattersoni (I) second, Linde Steve Farrell
(I) thiird. Ti'me: 4 minutes 29 6-0 Veteran Wolverine track corch
seconds. 22 yard d'ash: Rvans (I) : whose cohorts captured first I lace at
first., Hughes (1) second, Burke (M) the Conference Indoor -meet and iwhoe
;third. Timhe 22 1410 seconds. promise to repeat Nvhen the outdo-or
120 Yard high hurdles: Hubbard (M) meet takes place in)- June. ,?teve is
first, Rea'hm (I) second, Aubrey (M) regarded together withK n Fitz-
third. Tie: 0:15: 6. patrick of Princeeton as tho greatest'
Shot Put: Van Orden (M) first, track coach in Amcrica.
Schildhauer (1) second Coughli () '
third. Distance: 42 feet, 6 -1-8 11ci c..,
~-"440 yard dash: Fitch (1) fir!st, Car-I
ter (i) and Sweet (1) tied :'or second.
E Time: 0:49: 6-10.
! I Pcle vault: lBroolkcr (M) and~ Pros..
ser (M') itied for first, Collins (1) and
=ram~ Brown(ll (I) tied for third. Hecight1:
- L 6 12 feet, 3 inches, tying Ferry Field
I ~ l; record.

His B3unnay

Foot I


Owing to Mihe bad weather which
prevailed Thursday and Friday tie
baseball games scheduled for those
days will wQ held tomorrow and Tuc--
day. For the fraternities they are as
foillw.s: 5 o'clock , diamuond 1, Phi Chi
vii. Sigmna Chi; diamond 2, Phi Qam-
ma 1)elts vs. Tanl Epsilon Phi ; dia-
miond 'q, Kappa Sigma vs. e3ta Phi
Delta; diamond 4', Delta Alpha,'Epsilon
vs. Delta Sigma Pi. Phi Mu Alpha
,il play the winner' of the Pia am-
mla Delta Tan, Epsilon Phi gauge at 3
o'clock, Tue sday, on -diamond 3.
Among the independent, society, and
class teamis the schedule for tomor-
rwand Tuesday is a~s folow: 4 o'-
elcck, tomorrow, junior- lits vs. fesh
engin Hers; 5 o'clock, tomo~rrow, dia-'
raond 1, Wolfson vsh. Gun and 1blade;
4r o'clock, Tuesday, senior euag1neet's
v.Medics; 5, o'clock, Tulesday, 'dia-
#, 'nd l1,.P;aymond Vs. OutlawL : 13 o'-
clock, Tues;day, diamond 2., Mel VL.
','d o:yn.
T'he lrala ?ce of the schedule for th~Ie
rema3itnder of th~e week willl be a-n
nctinced1 in TLuosday's -Daily.
tRestilts c" thie firs~t round of the
All1-campu <s horseshoe do'ubles :ed
s~gethe fir-;t round of 'the fi'ate,-
nity cl'inations, and the rotunds of
to~e A -:arpus tenni3s; .'4 es and

I ~ By Jaek PMt-ne
SHere .are some of the reasons why
;manager Branch, Rickey of the St.
Lours Cardinals believes his team has
a chance for the pennant:
Fred Toney is physically in the quest
condition of his career. He reported
twenty pounds lighter than 'at anyll
tulne during the last five years.M
The addition of "Mi" Myers, who will
play center oild and fill the big (,ap
caused by the death of McHenry.
The c, rtainty that 13111 Doak ll be
a vast imfpro :e :ent over last-year.
When his inability to win with anly re-
gree of regularity gretly hutrt the.
C'ardilra]:' pernnanti cha':ces.
The , fact th t Dr. Lavan is muich ln
proved in 'h ansd shot!:,i be COD-
able of playing his asural highi class
g a he. The tatir,1:tbat hlm lr2will
be able to I the bill at short if' La-!
vim should falter.
The blief ,that .Tim Bottornly 'will
play a much improved- game ith a~i
the bat and in -the field, regardless-.of
the fine showing h ie made as a rookie.
The knowliedge that the Cardinals' !.
secondary defens.e has ybeen much i gm-!
proved. A bell club is no= strilnger
thati its s~siu~':~Rickey, sulfed-1
Iast yetis for the 'want df - hfgh' c1-a:,
subs. I-le 'seems to have 'cornuercd - a
nnero-L 'them for the comlng sea- i

Philadelphia ............ 5
Chi~cago ....... ,....... . ..0
Naylor and Perkins; L14-V(
and Schalk.
Boston ...................1l
St. Louia ....... ......2
E~hnmke anid Eicnlck; Van
an Yd Sei~i.

Isbell Takes Two Mleltout)lzs, adt! lfraL,rni1ty tennis our-
,, Two mile run: Isbell (M) first, Mar- u!n t ich~e terminated yeserday
zulo (1) second, Scott (I) third.' Time: ' will bhe announ~ed in Tuesday's Daily.
19:48 fiat.. Total -so far: -46 to 26. The s1e(eduleS for th~e week f~or the
I-I ELow hurdles: Mclllwain (1) first, Iab~ove events -will also be announred
4 1 Johnson (I) 'second, Loomris (M) third. -t it i: ie.
40 Time: 0:26: 1-10. frt i sntkona hstm heh
erette, Broad jump:Hbad (M) frt'r ntkonathsimwe-
Sweeny (1) second, Aldrich (M) third., eir not the rill-~campus track in et
Distance: 23 feet, three inches. ti wil 'e heldl, as all of the. entries have
H I" High jump: Smith (M) first, Wright not)been tabulated. All men interest-
4 2: (1) second, McEllven -and Nufer (Mv) ed in the event -should appear at the
8 0 and Smith (1) tied for third. Height: intramural offic : tomorrowv and en~ter
Gildr 6 eet -4 iche. the events which will be ran off.
Half m ilt n"RLp┬▒I L1in ka ~l first.____

Intramural I

Clevelaond3- 1,0
New York
Detrc"L ...
BuTsh and
Donaahtio aln
Wrotors, andti1

'Hall (I) second, Hattendorf (M4) third. -avges in the standings of the fra-
Timie: 1:57: 1-10. in i the race for the lovinugcup
3game; rain. Discus- throe;: Schildaner (I) 'fir'st, I ,re'stjting from the con1ipetltion of the
-'I Iok ()seod uxe ()hgc nbaseball and horseshoe will
It H ~ thrd. D5taue: 1~ fee,_(5 rche. novn ced as soon as they can be
... ........ 3 9 0 1 Javeli Lro w gio '() fir t, Lan-mid u.I expected that many
rchig iulete rioIth rdth. itt is. .fet..i l~s t e ladners will fare badly as a re-
Anglr. he mercan ~ apio, hd glt of this as many of' them made, a
thin?.:, hi,; Ov:n w.ty i.' the jazvelin pool showoving in their leagues.
?Nationual 'thro V, heating l nndow. l;(h'-t heave Declines Councillorshiup
Yv 20 feet. 'chilidhr E" 'lac :d.1thir dMy11(yAP.-.Rm
amue; 'rain, -in the event; w ith a thr.ow, ive fe' I c.onuo, la Bor IA Y.)-J. Rne
lessth~an that zof tf.;+ WoVcr' = cc, _ad abrladr ecie
" ~~ iit 1i I-Hammeir throw: Hall (1) Silt ITr-I a privy coanciillorship offered- him
....12 13 0 de's (1) scecon, ,Olcak-, (f; third. IDL - 'mere. MacDonald wvas desired for the
S3 90 t n 1.:8443 ft. 71- ides.-l)io,-n as (chief of the opposition.,
td Hargraveg; 1-ubbell, --

Box Sco1e


Uteritz, sq.....
Klpke, cf......
"Sliacl nlrt.lb .3.
VanL'oven, 2b.
;Klein, 'rf........,
lPaper, 3b. ...
Blott, c.. ...
Liv ran c, p.".....


Roettger, cf.....5
Dougherty, c....3
Hellstrorn, 2b.....4
Vogel, if. .........4
Kuehl, rf......4
Happenny, lb.....3
Ste-wait, 3b.....2
Schlappr~zzi, 55.....3
Jackson, p.. ...
Durant, 3b. ......0
O'Connor ..... ...1
Bissell.......... ;.1

1 024
005 0
1 33 0
1 0 13 0
1 0 12
0 1.10
1 20;4
1 2.0
G S 27, 10
R. H- P0.A
1 1 00
0o 111
0 20 1
0.21 0
1 1 1 0
0 0 13 1.
0 03 2
11i0 3
0 01 4
0 00 0
00 00
0 0 0 0'
0 0 0' 0
3 8 27.12
rt in eighth.


. 11 11 11 , li 111, 111111 ill 11 - - - i I lill I


. , a .. .. ,.R Ha E

Nay ia~ckuen lic eat l' -In ltate -ci 'lgo..............
Annax (>is, MI. ayt 12--(Ey 'A.P.)- 1rookl n ..............11 P144
tThe; ill dsh ipinen '-y n a(-,n Ic'n Ecene, Osbo'rne, Fussell, Q'nd O'F~ar-
testc.,d ti ack an'd fild meet-ironuPenn I rell; Ruether, Smith, Dickeia., fand ,
Stageel ere tclay 77 1-2 to 57 1-~2. -: A Taylor..
feature of the. metlwas 'the perform-
ance of EvolklQt Penn -$tater 'Who 'on 1 Pittiblurgh
both th7e half and ile ron. Nav y .n'iadeJNew York-?No game; irain.
a cea~n swee Iin the 100 and 220 y'ard---------------

Hull batted for Stewar

dallhes. ;:
P'hiladelphi a, MA y 12----(By 'APi-
Cornell, won the annual track -'meot
from the University of , Peivinal ia!
tolay at Franklin field, 71 2-3 to 03
1-3. Pennsylvania had a lead of. 2-3l
of a point, with the last even tthe!
discus throw, undecided. Cornell made
a clean sweep of this event. 3
Brookins Lowers Hlurdlle Recor4
Iowa City, Ia., MVay 12--;By A..)-
Charles Brookinis of the university of
Iowa, broke his world's record of 23:4
in the' 220 yard low hurdles by. 2--5 of a
second in the Iowa-Chicago meet here
Ithis aftelrnoon.

Must Seto--Correct 'i ni
lartf'o'id, Conin., May 11 (ray A. P.)-
The public display of any but stand--
ard timpe is fori'ddeln tnder penaty-
of $100 fine by a, bill wvhich has passod'
the le'gislature, and nowis awvaiting
action by the governior, who is ex-
pected to approve it.
Michigan par'tiipat'ed in her first
intercollegiatE track meet in 1893
Miate with exta oucs
1:i No., Sir. Mate "St.
s: ... ......r . C... =4jA L A


: o
, r
\\\\\ / a
- \
~ v
, g', i !,
fl.E .K6rCOi'


O'Connor 'batted for Schlapprizzi in
Bissell batted for Jackson in ninth.]
Score by Innings: -
Michigan...... 0 t ''0 2 3'1-6
Illinois ........0 0 11'0 01 00-=3
Summary-Three base hits, -Blott,,
IKuehl; home run, Blott;.bases on bl4ls
off Jackson, three; struck ouit by 'Jack-
son, nine; by Liveranee, two; passed
balls, Dougherty; sacrifice hits, Kijpte,
Dougherty, Happpenny.

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, .


Be nzol cleaning gives s im-
mer garments a refreshed ap-
pearance. They took n~ewv,
smart-and they ARE clean.'



Probably 50 per cent of
Michigain freshmen have
never played Billiards be.,
fore coming to Ann Arbor.
They gay that 90 her cent
of Michilgan lien play Bil-
liards on 'and off during
their college course, most
of thuem at-

5 ~pcheck of tis'r~gitr
of amosA-nicans
would, paiy ind ieth
popularity of the Longies watch. What is true of
men of affairs of the. nation as a wh~ole is refectd in
our own city. , Many of our prominlent cit tos have
for years experienced the genuine pleaue f alays
having the exact time ;by carrying ,-aL,0& s
(_. r~

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