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May 12, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-12

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(Continued from Page One)
oth teams will use their favorite
son the mound. Jackson is one
he most experienced twirlers in.
ege baseball today and backed byI
crew of powerful sluggers which
idgren boasts this year he ought
prove a dangerous opponent for
other pitcher in the Big Ten. In
the veteran hurler is out of form
onnor and Roettger may have a
nce to display their wares from
rubber. In the game with Chicago
Inesday afternoon all three men
a chance to work out and held the
-oons& scoreless for nine 'innings.
Indins Hitting Well
though the Illini have not been
ng up to par during the past week'
r' performances in the early season
es was proof enough of their pos-
litie~s when forced to do their best.
strom, Vogel, Durant, Happeny,.
vart, and Sclappiizzi all are hard
Sto fool when they come to the
e. In the game with the Mlidway
the team vas slowed up by win-
weather but managed to drive out
clean hits for a total of six coun-
Durant got a triple aid.Jackson
)uble from the offerings of Arndt,
ran Mtaroon pitcher.
Ispite' of the loss of Knode, MTich-
iwill present a formidable front
hes Illinois squad., Liverance will
-t the game for the Wolverines and
Sgood support can be counted upon
more than eaual Jackson in the
ity of his mound work. Coach
er has been% pointing the ace to-
ds the gam~e today .and his failure
Ove spectacular results in a pair
tames earlier in the season will
e his work today all the more cr-
of being the best. The Varsity
has one of the Most varied as-
,ments of hooks and slow balls in
conference and the opposing bat-
will have to he at their burst to
d" him. Gibson will relieve Livy
e happens to be off color.
Changes h iII ineup)
ecause of Bob: Knode's ineligibility
ckleford has: been switched from
place in the left, garden to the
tsack, the same position he playedf
years ago, Klein taking his job
lout chaser. Hagger~ty will hold
,n his regular place at the second
- and Paper will guard the "hot"
aer, Captain. Uteritz taking his sta-I
in between. Ash and Kipke will
tho Illinois drives to left and cen-
field and Jack Blott will play be-

Piladelphia.........3 4 1
St. Louis..............14 13 1
Rommell and Perk ink; Wright andC
H lE
Detroit.... .. ....4 9 11
1Washington...........1 5 2
Cole, Collins and- Woodail; Zach-
ary and Qhiarrity.'
(other -games-rain)
Chicago,................. 4 6 3,
New 'York...........7 10 1
Dumovich and O'F'arrel; Scott and
Pittsburgh............... 6 11 3
Brooklyn..........7 10 3
lBagby and Schmidt;' Grimes and
Cincinnatti.........4 7T2
Loston....... ...5 13 3
Luque and H-argrave; Marquard and
St. Louis........ .......,14' 22 2
Philadelphia ........ ....20 18 0
Plaines and ;Ainsmith; Behan and

Freshman Track Team 'Will Engage
In Cotests WednEUday With
0. KS. ..INi, Badgers
Due to the efforts' of Coach Archie
Hahn, the, yearling tracksters will en-
gage in: three telegraphic meets with
the freshman teams of Ohio State, 11-
linois and Wisconsin on Wednesday af-
ternoon, Mlay 16.

Compelled, to postpone the duel
meet scheduled wv ith Ohio State for
last Wednesday on account of the
snowfall, and with the close of the
freshman season but two weeks off,
Coach H-ahn decided upon this novel
idea in order to engage the freshman
teams of these Conference schools.
Toeing the mark for the Wolverines
in the 100 yard dash will be Feinsing-
er, Moody, T. Rockwell, Merriman and
lboxer. The first two nameai nave been
clocked in 10,1 3-10 seconds and should
at least repeat this performance, al-
though Rockwell may surpri~se this
pair. These same men will also com-
pete in the 220 yard dash with Fein-
singer, who has stepped this dist-
ance in 22 4-5, the reigning favorite.'
Quarter Should hbo Fast
Freyberg, B. W. Rockwell, Meese
and Coale should put up an interesting
race in the quarter' mile, as all four.
are capable performers in this dist-
ance. Freyberg has been turning in
exceptionally fast times, the best of
which is 0:52 1-10. Rockwell, who
has improved considerably since run-
ning outdoors, 'has} done 0:53 4-5.
But two men loom up as probable
scorers in the half mile event, Finger-
le and Groshko.' The former has done
2:03 seconds outdoors and Coach Hahn
expects him to do close to two mii-
utes next Wednesday.
Three strong runners will compete
in the mile race, two of whom. should
place. Reinke and Mason have been,
running fairly even all year, although
Reinke is given the edge over his team-
mate. Both should do about 4:35 in
competition. Hicks and Richards will
run in the two mile.
George Snider, Frank, Nathan and
Jacox are listed to run the 220 low
hurdles, with Snider favored- to win.
This versatile star should also win
in the 120 high hurdles, being cred-
ited" with 16 3-5 for this race. Levy,
Soules and McCoy are. also entered.
Dloylo Should Wiry
Credited with a heave of 41 feet in
the shot phut ,and with hurling the dis-
cus, 132 feet, Dick Doyle, freshman
giant whio hails from Kalamazoo,
should 'experience little difficulty in
winning both of his specialties. This
youngster looms up as one of the best
fresh prospects. for next year's Var-
sity, and ought. to fill the gap which
~will be made by Van Orden's gradua-

tien. I1cr is also entered in the dis-v n ri fp doped to take seconid nd third >> n. and ileat'i. SL uld slam in the shot
Cid.j1Adrc ad i~nislar 7cila~e, oghin -9C iat Rodss1d iso aeen doped by some to furi ih a .n upl, ;tyeirc ,thsvntbtc
tered in the pole vault, the first two **:, Irty lreaJ: Naiin .et Lrd o h ho hudpoetod
having cdone eleven feet. McCain,; I LI IV Ante ecrteineeleIC-OoC . hildashul r oivs~etoo tang
Stevens and Viant will take part in the iti Anotherl I for , thpoe au t snn . ;chane of in1"s.the idis c is eut ed t a e 1 1 1 0 5T 1 1h g u pw ie Mmni ,S i e n o h ol a l 1 i e O ,i h i c s b ay he beaten
jumpwhil Mo~esieSnide andIl ". I L
Iler will hurl the javelin.. Snider,_ being shattered. Tht , 1,ci -kt irecord Hunmter or Brooker of Michigan. 01
Stem and Ferenz will compete in the I (Cniudfo aeOe s1 et1ic n ihsc on ill: of Illinois has been doped to t
the broad jump.(Cniudfo PaeOe petition as will be seen today wcithl the hammrrer for the Ilinl but the ca
_______________The Ferry field record of 933 for ,rcwneil of Illinois, who has dlone 12 pus thinks that Hindes can beat h
the twvo mile is expected to be brokc- feet 10 inchies, Brooker and Prosser Schmnidt of Michigan must also be 1
~BES LIN G GO~ ~ en by Bert Isbell, great Wolverine .Of Nichigan who are both cable or en into consideration.
distance ina4. Davis, th ny tc doing as high as the Indian. Brooker _
Wolverine entry, and Scott of Illinois la on a poie to suit him and Dance at Jim Burke's Whitn
S I' EN C O , ,wll aveto battle for second and: great nig arce expected. Collinsi Lake Dancing Pavilion every Fri(
third. iave ~~and Mvcliase a:re also entered by Gill adStra ih.av
thr.Both of these men may alsodStudyngh.av
G V N _ O TRACT:1 shrXn the record bekn o h ;frtevut
shae be rei eat n9:5 or [ortehaut
tw ie azl steBarker, Cornell College Mentor and tomleWaiuoi teoly other {_Michiga____it__VanOrden,_________
Former Iowa State Star to IGill runner for the big distance. 1
Handle Itat Men Hubbard ih adird is ato enter m the 120 yard N°I
hurlesandhe ay eatJohn-
WIL B YER ROUD AN is of Illinois, who has a time of
AND ASSIST IN FOOTBALL 0:15 2- . This event seems like a'.1
Michigan victory but Rehm, another
IIllinos entry, must also be taken into I
Richard Barker, present head coach i account.Th Z2yrloudesm
The al ahleic yardnel loweeht. '- PIrob ably :f0 per cent of
engagedd asak hosheaking the on- I ' M )lchigan ifreshmen have
wrestling coach and assistant football!ner1aydBlidsb-
showing improvement during the past i You can wear one Duro aBeleCa h a i 'U i e siy o i hi aiar ne a y t me n tA¢ f rscr i ngyed oBAlnia rsber.
cahateUnvriyoMihgnfew weeks and it would not surprse harntmnie adii oecmigt niAbr
for nett year. the dopesters if lie copped. Rehm "and wl tll ee tssap nd3 'py Say that .l(1 per cent
asatn strength. That is because of ,,iI~g1 enpa U
Wrestling will be started a n I- Johnson will also run the low sticks te amusDuofnos a1 icd onandVeoffpayu1i11
tercollegiate sport at Michigan for. te afor ruotheo Indians.ndoffduin
the first time next year when the cons- jjnlrsSfl laefaue o ob i n eir college course, imost
pletion of the new Yost Field House IfMclenadSihgtohrhrnt. atfcin tlelat
'will furnish ample opportunity for the - garnt{2 s
in their regular form, the Ferry-il your dealer today. -ji ___
mat game to tape its position along hligh jumip mark of 6 feet1 1-2 inchesf For dress or out __
with Golf, Hockey and swiming isas sol otr.Te acbendigj of doors,luo 2
regular varsity minor csports. I6hfeet 2 inches rther cossenlal Beeisupe . I
Rihad ake" i graduate o week and should do better today. I~jih
Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa, Wright, Smith, and Flint, of Illifnois I
where he participated in all branches ar ll" fe 1"mn.'---
*of athletics during hi sergall- Hubbard, other things beig equal, ,. .:ae e iame-iw M7. F(
* at das. e ws cose asan ll-may establish a new world's mark in _
wetr ur yWle ~ esl~the broad jump. The present record is PIPEIIk T1~S C3 0A3S~
and was one of the star players, on 25 eetu ichesandoiuxiu as l-,
-9 ee , nhs n Hbrdhsa1 '-. t{
IowaStat teas. H was-wesernready done better than 25 feet. Ills- Wk YtoPayow~
Inecleit ev egtwet-nols will be represented in this event .A' -
ing champ ioni during his full three bySenyadJhsnrh r
years of competition and was never _________________________-
*Ithrown in a match. _______________________________________________
Barker will be a year around meme- ...-- -v -' z'M- ;r"-, p
h er of the. Michigan coaching staff and --
will attend the summer school for
Coaches at Michigan..this summer in41gr°
'order to become accustomed to the i lt ncan & Strlin
l Michigan system and-the personntel of
the staff.," -PK
Need Rooms For May Festival Week fI
Accommodations for a crowd of
1more than 200 people are needed -for,
the week of the May Festival. Land,
rladies are requested to list their avail- i'raiiaru
able rooms with the operator at the
Union it they wish to. rent them. There Vfoulz Ends of the Diagonal
should be no trouble iAn renting all,___________________
registered rooms, as it is expected that - W
'the Festival,_ will" attract e ' large
crowd. Sixty double rooms have been
Slisted with the Union rooming com-
mittee already, but rooms for at least
a hundred persons are,.still needed.
"Rolling stones gather no moss,,
sbut unused fur~aiture gathers dust.
tCall 960. -Adv.
Ii Oters re bnefited b theclassi- y~fF °
f'i~c arit.tn4 VCTT9Ad. RMENA AND OTHER




Three members of the 1923 Varsity
swimming team are awarded block
"M's" a~nd six others receive the,
"A-MA"' according to an announcement
made yesterday by Fielding H'I. Yost,
Duecctor of Intercollegiate Atl~letics.
The 'trio, receivng the first Varsity
"M' awards ever, given in the tank
sport are Lyle S. Hubbard, '23, Rich-
ard 0. Papenguth, '25, and G. Warren
Hyde, '25Mv. All three of these men
are given the letter in consideration
of having won at least one first place
in competition with Big Ten teams.
Hubbard has a string of victories to
his credit, Papenguth took initial hon-
ors in the fancy diving against Indi-
ana, and Hyde won the 200 yard breast
stroke against the same team.
(Continued on Page Seven)

son or Liverance weak-
rid Gibson can be count-
iver the sphere in comn-
ittable, fashion. If the
driven to the showers
hav' the better. of 0'-

"Jimmie the adtaKer" find it!

yeas, wng not xvu: --tiuv.

goo I. . a

_ _ _.




ii i



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