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May 04, 1923 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-04

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~ attVj ith th3, announcenlut of Phi Beta
Kappa elections for l1923 comes the
'ICIAL NEIVSPAPFER OF THE interesting revelation that, of the 79~
'IV"?RSI -Y, OF I'-1CIGAN ; literatry students upona whoml the
ied evry :horning except Monday ' ioio of membership was conferred
thie L.; iversity year by the Board in
Iof Student Publications 50 Nwere women while only 29 Were I
bees of Westerni Conference Editorial mn hsocre nsieo h
tion.j fact that the graduating class of the
Associated ?retFs is exclusively en- literary school has three men for
o the use for republication of all news every two women in its enrollment.
lies credited to it or not otherwise
d in this paper and the local news pub-jMch as en;siintept
ihrei i. concerning the superiority of 'women

APACE! (IHarvard Crimson)
AteniorylaniaState College, se
"Why not collect all the canes and ;thiemselves to "tobacco testing". Ea
us'em for the cap-night bonfire?" o'te ilsoetit-i ia
IIadcea of s-nec m ents grown on expe
* *mental farms, andl report on t
"SelIem toSmuck" i "burning quality, taste, aroma~
- ~,,character of ash".

_.- -
--I --

Dunca n & Starlinga
Graham 's
75011; Ends of the Diagonal


at the postoffice at Ann Arbor, ovETer men'in shlsi nevr l
as second class matter. though this evidence is not present
)tion by' carrier or mail, $3. 50.
Ai t Abor Press Building, May. in research or )creative work, never-
t. theless in educational institut ions
Edioril,241 an x6-M Eni-where markcs largely determine schol-
-- astic ability it constantly, occurs.




onmiunications not to exceed Sa00 worrds
-the ' s~ iamature not necessarily to
ar in print, but as an evidence of faith,
''notices ~ of events' will be published in
_Daily at thie~ciscretion of the Edlitor. If
.tt.,o prttiie4 - to he 'Daily office. tUn-
ed comrihrf' ions will receive no con-
r'ation. No manuscript will be returned
s. the writet encloses postage. The Daily
s' not necessar'ily enclorse the sentiments
rccsed ini the commnill icatioiis.
°s VEditor ...................PTaul Watzel
Idtr ..........ames B. Young
istant City. Editor.......3T. A. i acon
tria Board Chaiirman.....1;. R. Aleiss
lit Edcitors-
aiph Blyers harry, 1-oy
J.: Ilprshdorrer R. C. Moriarty
I. A. Donahue J. :. AMack1
i'~ I'4iw"............ Walhv'1F.ll ott'
>rect's Editor.............M~arion Koch
ida) agazille Editor..I1. A,, Donahiuej
nur Icitir..........I in'kley C. Robbin

This year 'ill but a negligible num-
ber or those chosen for Phi Betd Kap-
p Ia stood sc!holastically in. the first
tenth or their class While approxi-
mately one out of every twelve men
stood in this first tenth, one out of
every sixwomen-twice as many pro-
portionally-,was represented there.
iAnd yet, using the same proportion,
one out of every eight senior women
was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, while
one out of every twenty-two senior'J
Men-not quite one-third as many-
received the honor. Thus, while pro-
portionally. twice as many senior
women were among the first tenth of
their class as were men, three times1
as many attained this recognition for
their scholastic endeavor.
To those men' and women who will
don their keys this :spring goes the
commtendation of the entire campursj
for four years of ,workd well done.
They hiave merited the honor which '
Phi Beta Kappa confers upon them.
But with a last glance at the re-
markable disproportion in the nU-:
ber of men and women represented, '
comes again to light the interesting
question, "Doves the female, of the
s;pecies learn more than the male, or
is she only a better student?"

"Mine coimes min shandy for heating i One is, of course, immediately re-
off feminine admirers,." minded of Walter Reed, and other sci- I
Dizzy Don. entists who have experimented on
* * *themselves for the good of humanity.
I tsse amng he recage In these clays when people are will-s
I thought my ship had sunk ing to walk a mile for a. Camel, it Is
And noiw that I'm delirous highly important. that they be safe-
I thugh I' wrie fr Bnk. guarded against an undue percentage
Respctfulyof nicotine; and nowhere can guard-
M tans of the general welfare be so
properly found as in the colleges.
bearM -- ,- hank hugly.Even the Yale "Pest" would agree
Bun~zk. that none. are better suited. But shzoutldl
** * this philanthropy be restricted to the
comparatively innocuous luxury,-to-
Ileres the Bllood j bacco. No,-as% any statesman would
Dearest Bunk- say,-a thousand times, no! The
Itz seems that Tuesday pzighlt one self-denial, the courage, the patriot-,I
of the Beta, that honorable Mtate ism which inspired these students
street "frat", left without telling hismyheivrdtovnmrec-
fond brothers the place for which he ;l I~~ hnn~i1 ~
r)JJirtt, t L en ii a . l us s.

"Jimmie the

adtaker,' the swift

Cars leave for Toledo 7:10 A. N.,
2 P. 1. and 5 P. 11. Except Sun-
day. Sundays at 8:00, 11:00 aid
8:30. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


1 ~.

Suits with extra Trousers

Ann Arbor and Jackson
(Eastern Standard Time)
Detroit Limited and Express Cars~
b:oo" a.m., 7:00 a.m,, 8:oo a.m., 9:05
a.m. and hourly to 9:o5 p.m.
Jackson Express Cnrxs (local stops
west of Atin Arbor)-_9:47 a~m., and
every two hours to 9:'47 pm.
Local Cars East Sound-7 :00 a.mn.
ano' every, two fours to 9:00 p. in.,
i i :oo p.m. To Ypsilanti only-I I:40
p.m., xI:15=a.m.
To Saline--Change at Ypsilanti.
Local Cars West Bound-7 :50 a4m.,
xz:io p.
Tu Jackson and 1kalanazoo-L-Ir-
ited cars 3.47, 10:47 a.m., 12:47, 2:47,
4:47 P.m.
-To Jackson and Lansing--Limited at



r- ; J'N

t! ,? £

The b"each at



Ejdtorial iBoard
Maurice ]3eman
Eugeie Carmichael

anley IT. Armstrong Franlin D. Tlepbutrr
idney JItielfield Winona A . Hbbar-d
A, Billington Edward 3. Ili gins
len Briown1 Kenneth C. Kellar
I.C. Clark , Elizabethl Iieberroiann
I;. Corn able John McGinnis
ornadette Cote Samuel Moore
;vely n f. Coug*hlin At. 11. Pryor
seh EPstein W. B. Rafferty ,
E. Fiske ~ Robert G. Rainsay
ohu II (arlinghcus'e I . 1 '. Iiit-h
flther S. ('oodspeed '1o11 J. Schnitz
'ortia (;oilder Philip M. NWanet
.nal Ilaigrim
dye; tsing ..............John J. Ilamel, Jr.
dv-tisifl.;g..............Walter K-. Scherer
SV07 iin'g.........Iawrenace I1. Favrot
'hcaion ........Edward F'. Conlin
opywrtitiff.... ....''.David 3. NM. Park.
ircnlat ioi. ............T'ownsend H1.' Wolfe
ccouft..... ....... .......eaumont ,Parks
Assistants /
crry 'M. ,HIayden Win.IH. CGood
ugerne L. Dubnne Clyde L. Iragerman
0:11, C. lf;;5kin Ihenry Freud
L. I' utmlan. Clayton Purdy
1), Arniantrnut J. _P. Sanzenbacher
Villiartt If. Reid, Jt. Clifford Mitts
1arold L. Ilale 'i'Iioia-; M1efachr-en
Vm. 1). Poesser Louis M. Dexter
,fan S. Mtorton C. Wells Christie
anis A. Dr~yer Edward B. Reidle,
lerbe rt W. Cooper

It was recently announced that a
newv Laborite college is to he opened
in New York City under the directionz
of the educational' bureau of thel
Amierican Federation of Labor. De-~
signed to instruct the working' ele-


ment in the history of labor move-
To ents, in all countries through the
medium 'of text-books especially pre-
pa red, to reflect the laborer's own
viewpoint, the instigators of this pro-
gressive institution have already ex-
pressed a suspicion that their efforts
would be opposed by other educa-
tional institutions of "a more conserv-
ative nature.
Hastening into this field because of
a fear of :interruption by already firmn-.
ly established universities, upon the
basis of a report stating that they
woNul11d undoubtedly "launch labor col-
loges of their own in order to pre-
vent the establishment of such insti-
tutions by labor and uinder their full
control", the beard seems to have
misconstrued the fundamental aims{
of, the educational institutions of the
country. Certainly it is only in the
best interests of schools of higher
'learning to foster the instruction ofj
labor; history and many have already,
embatrked upon this.. While the pro-
sentation from a laborer's viewpoint
can only be obtained through one wlho
is thoroughly familiar with the ac-
tivities of the A. F. of L. and similar
organizations, it might be well to an-

was bound and these aforesaid fondj For example, a few volunteers could I
brothers believing that the erring one well be used to sample the Warildorf's,
hiad a date with some fair' damsel tomato soup. Let those who haveII
called every sorority on the campus scalded their unwary mouths speak1
and asked if the aforesaid erring up. And if some agency would fuirni-
brother- was there, had been there orl ish several desirable young men to
was cxpe.,ted there, thereby causing wrear August's imported neckwear,
the erring one some little publicity. onwulbe rayaidinsig
Perhaps you can work this into oneself as others see one,-ind much
something. agony might be averted.
A friend I assutre yout. But the outstanding employment for,
these patriots has, naturally, been re-1
Dear Sir,- served unitil the end. There really is,
I don't make a practice of publish- however, a need for a "Public Tast-
ing anonymous letters. But I'll turn
thenew ovr t th Arhitctsander", corresponding to the renowned
the ewsove totheArcitets nd"King's Taster- of mediaeval courts.
mayb they can work it into a design There have been most lamentabl ecas-
f* theasPry of blindness and even worse caus-1
Extrct fom leter s toFied by impure beverages of doubtful'
Extactfro aleter s o Feld iauthenticity, and' even some of the
ing Yost on his recent barnstorming best recommended importations are j
trip to Buffalo, New York.
"Tevrossao pundfcsfimply frightful.
"Thevarous ea f upurnd faes, Here is a field of unlimited oppor-
sat, trembling as a reed before the tunity for publicly-inclined students,.
storm in subhmission to his elo- and there are, indeed, evidences that
queuec." it does not need advertising. Still,
* * *"tasting" must be encouraged only as
A ('assy('1i~iln, serious profession; no frivolity
A Re Speial anoeLunc should mear its beautiful self-sacri-
will make her want to ; e.
go again. Rex's Club lunch. ______
It isn't the lunch that always lAD iGTECPSSIOl
counts. * *Pobby(Daily Iowan) '
* taby liesmost noticeaheI
Smart guy-What, is it that has two chianrge that has taken plac~e. inth
eyes find can't see, four legs and field of _education of late yea(rs is to
can't walk and can jump as high ass be found in the indifferent attitude
the ressbuilingtaken towards class room work. Such)
Fall guy-I'll bite. I erson:al instruction which of old the
Stuart guy--A wooden horse, teacher imparted to his pupils 'is now.
Fall guiy---But (taking it hard) a held as over-paternalistic and not in
wooden horse can't jump. keeping with the business adntinistra-
Smart guy-Neither can the Press L ion of an institution of higher learn-'.
building. ig
Blell ileh. Tlhe stream of knowledge flowing
** frorn professor 1.o student has been
"D~ot, my arms are getting tired. I-i(lanhtnedl by by hundreds of reference
think I'll stop paddling and rest a ' boo'ks. 'The'professor need not have!
while." sound knowledge, but it is essential
"Well, I just as soon row, Don. that hle be acquainted with the hun-
Givenme the paddle." (dreds of hooks ,which deal with everyl
Sparkle. portion of it. ish work is thiat of the !
director, not the teacher. When he
Being of' a somewhat retiring na- has called the class roll,. ascertained
ture myself and having an inbred to what extent the previous day's
fear of the water, I can't give you a readings have been perused, and given'-
first hand answer. But it seem~s to; out the references for the followingi
me that he ltasn't goyt a comeback.! day, Ils work is done.
Igo you know if the Don concerned is The change has not come about
Dizzy Doll. Oh, it can't be 'cause through any conscious 'effort to in-
he's _Just the one to ask in a case, troduce efficiency into the teac'hing
like this, riot me.; process but has resulted from al
*' * *I struggle of self preservation on the
TPhe Sleuth1 part of the professor, and a chap-ej
W. Buibuw McShad3ow was the= of interest from academic pursuits, on
world's greatest def ec' if and hie was the part of the student.
out to keep up his reputation. It was Among members of the faculty it is
the hour of the quittal of vwork and common knowledge that to gain pro-i
people wcere rushing hxere and there' motion a professor must engage in a ;
amid a great hubhub of noise. Today, certain amount of research work. The
people seemed to be moving faster importance p~laced on this extra-cur-
than' usual andl this madle W. Bulbus ricular work, if it can be called such,







1 8:47 P.M.

7 'FARo n'),w
' EAi4
(No, acids,

S'i A IV



Straws, P'anama5, Leghorns,
Bankoks and all kinds of hats
Cleaned and R1ehleceed at low
prices for HIGHl CLASS WOP1.
Let a "Boot-black" shine your
shoes, but have your hat Clean-
ed and Rleblockedl:by a Practical
617 Packard Street Phone 1710
Where- 17. U. TR Stops at State
Schedufle in Effect October riw =1922
Central 'Time (Slow Time)
P.M. A.M. P.M. P.M.
3:45 7:a;.. Adrian . ... 12:45 8:45.
4:30 8:30 ...Ctiint n .'.12:00 8:00
5:1.5 9:155 .. 7Le - . 1:15 7:15
5:45 0:,; 5Ar knn I.rborLv. 10:45 6:45
Chamber of Commerce Bldg.
D---Daily. X-Daily excen Sundays
and Tiolidsvs. iFriday and Satustlay it'sai
bus for students leaves ;\dlrian 1 -.5,leaves
Agin Arbor '4:45.
JAMES H. F . LIOTT. Proprietor ;
Phone 461

19 19
'25 '.'I

Our fleet of 14 cabin steamers has lowered the
cost of comfortable travel, to Europe. On board,
you obtain even the most comfortable rooms at
rates surprisingly moderate. Some accommoda-
tions as low as$1;r
Regardless of how much or how little you spend
for passage money, you obtain~ the best food
and service the ship provides, the use~ of spaci-
ous decks, at'tractive public rooms-all the
pleasures of,.- sea voyage under most favor~able
Included in our cabin fleet are some of the fine
est ships in the North Atlantic.
The atmosphere is ideal for the college man.
Statesman and student meet, professional people
and, ho'Me folkos -a truly cosmopolitan assem.
blage of travellers. Delightful, pleasure-filled
t'dadys will be among the most treasured memories
of your trip.
Wri'7te uas today for our~ booklet - "Your Trip~' '-
to £wro pe"- and Sdeailed n fortrat "' -

on Deightful Cain Steamers

' ' r'LINE W
214 Majestic' Bldg., Detroit, or ER Kuebler, Ann Arbor, Phone 1384.

VFRI-)AY, MIAY 4, ]9123
Nighta Editor-H-ARRY D, HOEY
T he Michigan High School' Debating
eueis> to hold its annual chain-C
pionship debate toight in University
all. This contest is the last 'o more
han 400 (lebates held since last )ic-.


A Complete' Line o.

Drugs ard Drug Sundries.
Toilet Articles- Perfumes

;over, ,,ntl as the participants re the nex some such authorities tothe eco-
undisputed leaders in their ilel, their [no mics and sociological faculties that
effortls are worthiy of support. In the they might present this side of thte
past the audienlee at this debate "has Problems which perpetually cause dis-E
I,(en made uip mostly of members of ruptions in the smooth running of la- l
the faculty and townspeople, students bUr affairs.1
having been altog;ether' too apathetic The new Laborite college will not1
in their appreciation of the work of- meet with the disapproval of univer-1
the hig-h school men, a" situation whic-h sities so long as it presents an tun-
for various reasons should not exist. biased viewvpoint, but when the lab-
Debating is an activity ;which re- orer alone is. considered and the ef-
quires considerable ability and de- f'ects of his activities not interpreted
mnandis a certain amount of arduous; into, the sentiments of the remainder e
labor. Ad3herence to debating so ac of the populace, the opposite ex- t
to g-ain ascende-ncy in this 'field over treme will have been reached and
a goodly ilumber of rivals, is apt to'c encouragement cannot be expected.
st np t eidvd a s bi g -h v*_ -the ordinary high school student. If W IhIMSIES' SERVICE
a ,representative audience of Univer- Appearing simultaneously with the
sity studen~ts is present. to: greet the; final lecture of the author's series
efforts of the high school debaters j sponsored by Whimsies comes a sou-!
tonight these men are apt to go away ,venier edition of that publication, a
impressed with the importance ascrib- volume containing a number of orig-t
ed to debating here and receive a new inail verses of unusual merit. while;c
impetus to continue their work in this newest of Michigan's literary,1
this activity upon entering college, ouitcrops is but in the childhood'of itst
whereas the absence of students in; existence, the valuable efforts" whichl
the audience might, have the opposite' it has already expended to connect
effect. the University. with things literary
Michigan muen have always been and Ito encourage the writing of works
w illing to show their appreciation of !wihich a least partake of that art
III(, work of, high school athletes. Why! which makes. for literature, certainly i
not do sametbing to encourage youth-E have earned Whimsies a worthy place
full debater,'? ' i the big things of this mnulti-pu:- '-
But ithere, is ,even a more cogen-t posed institution,
reason why a -large and representa- Tonight through the efforts of tis:
tive audience should bie insured at r magazine, Hamlin Garland, one ofl
the debate tonight, and sthat is the ;America's foremost authors, will, lee-'
ability which has ,been displayed by ture in Hill auditorium, thus couplet- 1
the members of each team. High ig the second successful year 'of
School dehin g has passed beyond these extraordinary talks. Michigan
theae when the prime aim of itsj cannot afford to ignore the great,
adherents was to nimirk the Athen-; service which has been rendered the
tan orators,. Now stimulating 'intel-.! literary development of all concerned'
i,'a-,--..i nnihnf. aria n to hP -itnaaooul lb 1fI'm]P ,nh dnA/a AR tincp a. n rnhly ,

Connor 'sle


Gil boe's Ch ocolIatesf
Prescriptions Carefully Com-pounded

2 183SOUTH




suspicious. He glanced around and
saw a man. trying to concal himself-
in. a doorway. "Ah-ha", thouight ourI
hero, "here is something to look in-
to." He dashed around a corner and
drew. his favorite disguise from his
pocket. "No. one will know me inE
this red mnustache and these ear-
rings," he thought, "and niow to1
catch the crook." As lie peered
arotund the corner lie saw his uman

has advanced to such a point that the
publishing of a book is regarded as;
the flr.4 rule of advancement. It fol-
lows that while the professor is
spending his energies in doing out-'
side work in his field, lie can give only!
superficial attention to his classes.
Students, on their part, take but a
tolerant view of the class room. They
attend because it is required. As in'-
the case of the professor, their inter-


Oash into another doorway. The pur -gests are in extra-curricular activities
sued proceeded thus for several --athletics, society, literary work, etc..
blocks and then without telling the Going to class only means the han-
detectif at all of his intentions, he cuing of paper's and the receiving of
studdenly dashed aboard a street-car'. new assignments.
BY diligent and fast work the detec - Since neither professor nor student
tif managed to grab the car as itis i interested in class room work, the
started and hung on the rear. AfterI result is that such periods are usually
several blocks the pursued got off! fraught with a continuity of unin-
and ran with astonishing rapidity to a I terest. The last half hour for both is
nearby house with Mti.. Bulbus close spent in stratining the auditory pow-
behind. rfhtz man entered the huse erts to dletect the first peal of the
and slammed the door' while our her'o class bell.
peered in ant ovenl window. Much is lost in such a system. Thex
"Why, WItumnpu-s you're all wet," inspiration which a professor can in-
said the aman's wife. B lart to his pupls1, the broadened

Eagle ColasFF1
INCE nature made your neck curved, why
Stry to wear an attached collar cut straight?
The attached collars in Eagle Shirts are cut,
not over the usual straight model *to make
manufacturing easy, but over a specially de-
signed curved pattern to make, the collars fit.
That's why they hug the neck all around and
give you the trim, neat appearance that careful
dressers like.
One collar-attached. Eagle Shirt will con-.
vince you.


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