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May 03, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-03

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TWin Loose Game
M. A. C. By 16-2 Score

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The Wolverines were unable to do
ything with Johnson's offerings in
e first inning, but in the secondf
ey j.gathered two hits, and these
ipled with errors gave them three
ns. Ash cane in with the first
irker after drawing a pass. He'
nt to second on Klein's sacrifice
d came in on Paper's single to
nter. Paper came in shortly after
O'Hara's double, and Pat, in turnj
ored on McMillan's error.I
rhe Farmers did no scoring again
till the fifth frame when Pat let
e go and caught Sepeneck on the
tow. ' Sepeneck scored on a field-
s choice and Knode's error. This
rked the end of the Aggie scoring.
chigan's half of the fifth was by
r the most bountiful of the game.
this inning Fisher's gang turned in
ven runs, taking six hits, a base
balls, an error, and two sacrifice
;s to do the scoring. Ash, Uteritz,
d Knode dipped mostly in the sea
action in this frame, Ash batting
ice and getting two hits.
OHara was pretty near right 4l1
rough his six innings and appeared
have .fair control. His curve ball
t the corners with regularity a little
ove the average and the support
had was of the best, only one er-
r being chalked up against the team.
bson's work on the mound was con-
mndable and in 'the last frame he
eed to have just hit his stride
en he fanned the first two men
o faced him. If these two hurlers
n true to form as they did yester-
y, the pitching problem will lose
ost of its sordidness. Notre Dame
mes here Saturday and, it is likely
at either Noonan or Benson will
art, with the chances resting with
e former. tiverance will probably
saved for the Iowa tilt here Mon-
R H l
w York ........ .....0 3 1
ashington..............3 5 1
Shawkey and Schang; Johnson and

day. The game with the Hawkeyes
appears to be one of the most diffi-
I cult the Wolverines will have to face
this season, considering the fact that
Iowa already holds a victory over,




Uteritz, ss........5
Kipke, cf .......4
Haggerty, 2b. .5
Knode, lb.......5
Ash, lf4..
Klein, rf... ...
Shackleford, rf 2
Paper, 3b .. .4
Blott, c4...,. ...
Swanson, c..1
O'Hara, p. ...2
Gibson, p. ...2
Van Boven ..'.......




M. A. C.


Gasser, c.........3
Passage, c.........0
Brady, .. . . . . ..4
McMillan, as.... .4
Johnson, p., lb .... 4
Stephens, rf.......4
Beckley, 1b ........1
Wenner, lb......1
Ross, p ...........2
Williams, If.......2
Sepeneck, 2b.......2
Daley, 3b..........27

0 16 15 27 15 1
0 0 3 1 1
0 O0 0.0
1 1 2 0 0
0 1 1 2 4
:0 2 93 1
0 00 1 0
0 0- 6 0 1
0 0 0 0
0 0 0 1 0
0 0 1 0 0
1 0 0 4 0
0 0 2 3.1

29 2 42415 8

Score by innings:
Michigan.....0 3 0 3
M. A. C.... .1000

7 1 2 x -16
1 0 0 0- 2

Home runs---Knode, Paper.
Three-base hits-Uteritz.
Two base hits-O'Hara, U.teritz.
Bases on balls-Off O'Hara, 2; off,
Johnson, 3.
Struck out-By O'Hara, 2; by Gib-
son, 2; by Johnson, 2; by Ross, 1.
Passed balls-Blott, 2.
Hit by pitcher-Daley by O'Hara.
Umpire-Green, Illinois.
Results of the past two weeks trial.
matches have finally determined the
four men who will comprise the golf
team which is to leave Ann Arbor for:
Evanston this afternoon.

Archie Hahn, freshman track coach,t
has his proteges on their toes for the
coming telegraphic meet with Ohio
State yearlings which is slated to takej
place on May 9, and as only a week
remains in which to round the men
into shape the workouts are snappy.
The Michigan freshmen are doped
to carry away the meet with ease as
comparative times of the two aggrega-
tions reveal the superiority of the
Wolverine cubs.
Archie has stated that he will en-
ter six men in the sprints, four in the
hurdles and an indefinite number in
the distances. The men will be enter-
ed according to their performances in
the trials last week.
y Murray and Reineke 'are leading the1
milers. Handy and Mason are the oth-
er men in this event. Freyberg led
the quarter milers while Fingerle took
the pace for the half-milers. Rockwell,
a quarter miler, is showing good form
and promises to develop into a strong
man. Hicks in the two mile is an-
oncoming point winner as he is show-
ing a good combination of speed and
Feinsinger and Moody in the dashes,
Snider in the hurdles and broad jump
Frank in the hurdles and Doyle in the
weights are the other men who are
counted upon to bid strongly for first
With 32 teams entered in the con-
test, many of them stars, the All-
Campus tennis doubles tournament
will break the crust of. its season to-
day and bids. fair to surpass all for-
mer tournaments both in quantity ant]
Many men who have placed high in
[ former tournaments held under the
auspices of the Intramural depart-
ment have entered the event. Drey-
fu-s and Feinsinger, who won the
All-campus doubles last fall have, en-
tered the fray.Greiner, runner-up in
last year''s singles hads paired himself
with Fox, a trustworthy teammate,
and will make things hot for the men
they encounter as the eliminations
take place.
Besides these men, the name of
Je.rome predominates the entry list,
two of them being scheduled to play
with different teammates. Roth and
Elliott, who placed high. last fall, will
again perform. There are many other
freshmen w~ho have good possibilities.
The first round, which is listed be-
low, will be played at the partici-
pants convenience at Ferry field. The
dead line. for all matches of the first
round has been fixed at 5 o'clock.
Wednesday, May 9. The shortness of
time before the close of school has
made it necessary to drop all teams
which do not play their matches by
this date.
Following is the schedule for the
first round: Elliott-Roth 371 vs. Flint-
Cash 2106-M; M. Niehuss-partner
1147-R vs. Garber-Hicks 1324-J; M.
Dreyfuss-Feinsianger 751-W vs. C.
Forslu n d-R e e d 566; Wentwrth
Brurske 2106-M vs. M. Ruh-Levy
2273-M; N. Schaefer-partner 997-M vs.
McKnight-partner 1597-M; P. Brom-
berg-partner 1167-R vs. Holland-part-
ner 2989-J; J. Vose-partner 3056-J vs.
H. Hammill-partner 984-R; L. Maed-
er-Nagel 3104 vs. Barnes-Briggs 2738;
. Watto-Slowinski 2866-R vs. Boxer-
partner 1512-W; Mealia-O'Brien 1683
vs. Fox-Greiner 2824-W; Crane-Heinz
243-M vs, G. Jerome-Schaefer 236; L.
Lan-g-partner 2034-R vs. H. Zook-P.
Dunakin 63; Lamanee-Beck 355 vs. M.
Stern-partner 2444-J; Paige-Krich-
baum 2744-R vs. Morris-Loose 2451;

Jerome-Harvey 2139-M vs. Birks-
Flowers 1166; Friedman-VanRipps
751-W vs., Wilkoff-Sloss 732.

Good Conditioning Lowers
Track Injuries To Minimum

Much has been said of ; Michigan'sI
"wonder track team" this year, and to
its veteran coach, Steven J. Farrell,
justly goes the praise and, distinction
of its development. We seldom hear,
however, of the long period of train--1
ing that every one of his athletes'
must undergo. Seldom are the rainy
days with, all their accompanying
strains, bruises and pulled tendons,
mentioned in the track reports. In
the lustre of athletic achievement and
record breaking competition, the long
pieriod of conditioning and careful
attention that every Varsity man must
undergo is too often forgotten and in
most cases is not even considered by
the throngs that .each year pack the
stadium. Still, this is without a doubt
the most important phase of an ath-
lete's training period, for without con-
ditioning he cannot possibly do his
Michigan, has been exceptionally for-
tunate this season in having had but
a few serious accidents, calamities
which in the past have too often de-
prived her of not a few races, meets
and even championships. During the
indoor season only one bad injury was
suffered by a Varsity track candidate.
To one man is due the credit for this

splendid record and he is Trainer Billy
Early in the season LandoWski, star
of- last year in the pole vault, injur-'
ed his leg so severely that doctors de-
Glared he would be unable to compete
again. this year. Under Trainer Fal-
Ion's attention, however, within six
weeks he was able to take part in the
Drake Relays i-n the javelin throw and
will probably be able to vault in the
Illinois meet ten days from now. This
represents but ope example of Trainer
Fallon'seffective handling. He is con-
fronted every day with cases which if-
not hazardous at least nmight easily be-
come serious and only. once this sea-
son has "Steve" been deprived of a
possible point winner in.a major meet.-
One never hears of the long morn-
ings and afternoons of sternuous work!
over a training table, or of hours spent
in. massaging, attending to bruises and
cuts,. nursing pulled tendons and
"Charley-horses." That is the daily
life of Trainer Fallon. During the in-
door season he worked with track can-
didates throughout the afternoon, with
basketball men at night, and with
hockey players the rest of the time.
His handling of Michigan's football,
warriors last fall was a great factor
in their winning of the Conference

by virtue of their rec" z? victory
Jumped from 11th to sv. hplace.
and Delta Tate Upsilon it inoa
tie for*fourth Place.
The three leading frater!ities stil
retain their places, Beta Theta Pi still
having a 75 point lead cr their near-
est contender, Phi Sigma Kapwa.- The
latter also have a comfortable mar-
gin over Phi Sigma Delts, who in-
creased their points more proportion-
ally than did the t wo leading teams.
Fra ternitv. 'aseball Ii h,-1 trsEy


leagues will -windup their seacsnam; he

heL I - Captain Smith, Winters, Crosby and
Potter will play Northwestern Friday
R 1 H Fand will then journey to Urbana - to
Louis .................2 7 2 take on the Illinois ,club-swi-ngers.
hicago......... . .. . . 4 4 0 Coach Wells will also make the trip.
Vangilder, Pruett and Severeid; ' Although some dozen rolfers have
:bertson and Schalk. been in the running, the race gradu-
ally narrowed down, and, the process.
fi H E of selection was formally begun Tues-
;hletics................4 5 2 .ay when Crosby, who has been trav-
oston ..................3 elling around in 79 pretty regularly,
Rommel and Perkins; Murray and was picked for number 3 man. Captain,
evormer. Smith, who averages about 76, and-
Winters, who is generally in the
R H E neighborhood of 77,, have regular
eveland...............3 9 1 berths on the team as numbers 1 and
etroit .................... 4 7 12 respectively.
Morton, Metevier and O'Neil;- Pil- In the final analysis made Tues-
tte, C Mle, Dauss and Basler. l day by Carlton Wells, Professor True-
blood and Captain Smith, it was found
Natdoa that Potter, Benedict, and Hastings
R H 1? were so close together in their com-
Sparative ratings that anothier match

Wciverhne Tennis Men Displaying
Superior Brand Win All Six
Matches, Losing One Set


latter part of this week. i1 rInts Displaying a far superior brand of
are awarded :r the winners of the tennis the Varsity tennis team easily
leagiges a few more changes may defeated the Aggies yesterday at Fer-
come, although it is not expected. ry field by a score of 6-0.
Little dope can be given out on the I At no time in the meet were the
ultimate outcome of the race for the Wolverinies in the hole, although at
silver loving cup as tho present lead- times the Farmers displayed real abil-
era have fared rather badly in horse-p ity on the court. The court conditions
shoe and baseball +hus far, While one were ideal and the warm sun made the
of the dark horses, Kappa Nu has players get that snap that hitherto
vanquished her opponents in all the this season has been lacking.
spring sports with almost anbroken i With shots as true as rifle balls
success. Sigma Chi ma ay break into Merk'e defeated Captain Cummings
the running if they continue their in the first set of singles. Captain
form in horseshoe. Other teams are Cummings played a strong game and
not to be counted as out of the play forced the Wolverine star to go his
however, for not all of them have dis- limit on severaloccasns. The score
played their wares in every sport. was 6-0, 6-3.
Folowing are the standings among Dsplaying his usual strong game,
the leading 14 teams to date: Captain Rorich easily defeated Croll
Beta Theta P. . ...............7..in one- of the best exhibitions of the
Phi Sigma Kappa........... ..54afternoon, the score being 6-2,. :-2.
Alpha. Sigma Phi ............ 57 Upon several occasions the Michigan
Delta Tau Upsilon..............l555eader connected with the ball by
Delta Tau Delta............. ..553 'umping several feet in -the air and
Kappa Nu...,... ............538 on each of the occasions brought the
Delta Chi...................5532 ball steaming into his opponent's ter-
Delte, Upsilon... . ....530 r, tory.
Acacia....:. .......:... 527Inthe third set of singles, Zemon
Phi Nu Alpha -........ 511 defeated Sautner of M. A .C., by a
Nu Sigma Nti................. 51 6-4, 6-3 score. The tennis displayed
Kappa Beta Psi.............: 482 in this match did mot quite. come up
Phi Gamma Delta............., '446 . to that displayed in the former match-
All fraternities shoul ill the Intra- In, the first set of doubles Captain
mural department, 22;3, today or to- Rorich and Kline defeated Croce and
morrow and give the results of the Coe of the Farmers, by the close score
three or "four horseshoe :natches they of 6-3, 4-6, 6-3. . The players were
have played. The officials in charge fairly evenly matched and the set was
of the tournament wish to verify the almost anybodys until the final score.
results with those they have tabu- In this match Kline substituted for
lated, as some errors have occurred. Merkle

Babe Ruth does nothing by halves. "The monster stadium. of the New
Serious and determined to come back Ycrk club, however, will present a
in the hearts of the fans and to re- situation that the major league clubs
gain the glory that slipped from him will have to deal with. The tremen-
last season, the giant slugger is mak- dous attendance there, so completely
ing a tremendous start. Already his overshadows all other towns that the
vicious bat has played the major part New York owners will be many times.
in the Yankees' early victories., His the biggest money makers in the
homer did it in the opening game; game. With this so, they will be able
a triple in the second and in the to outbid all other clubs in the mar-
third a two-bagger turned the trick. ket for players.".
Julius Heinemann, president of the Perhaps the leagues will have to
New Orleans club, on whose grounds pool a portion of the season's receipts,
the Yankees trained, declared that as is now being done in the Southern
Ruth was one of the hardest workers association, a listener suggested to
on. the New York club and before the Judge Landis.
season opened predicted a large year "I did not know the details of that,"
for the Babe. sIreplied the judge, "but I will look
There: is no question' that Ruth, in int it.
condition andRuth -doing his -best is
a wonderful ball 'player and a tre-
mendous asset to any club. Ruth Intramural.Items
may not surpass or - even equal his
record of fifty-nine home runs, but
Ruth getting his share of singles, dou- Following is the lm!t fifteen games
bles and triples will be of greater of the fraternity horseshoe schedule..
value to the Yankee team. At the They will be played today, May 3, as
same time, veteran players do not ex- follows: 3 o'clock, Delta Upsilon -s.
pect Kennetha Williams to come near Chi Psi, Phi Sigma Delta vs. Phi Chi,
his home run record of last year with Theta Xi vs. Hermitage, Alpha Delta
George Sisler out of the: game. With Phi vs. Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Kappa
the Big Train on, base so frequently., Sigma vs. Phi Beta Delta; 4:30 o'clock
darting off the bag, making his steals Tau Delta Phi vs. Delta Chi, Acacia,
and causing pitch, outs, Williams was vs. Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Nu vs. Phi
in a position to hit more "cripples" psilon P1, Phi Mu Alpha vs. Tau
than any other batter in the league. ! Epsilon Phi, Trigon vs. Beta Phi
But with Tobin-good a batter as. Delta; 7 o'clock, Sigma Chi vs. Phi
Johnny is-batting in Sisler's old po- Kappa Tau. Sygnus vs. Psi Upsilon.1
sition, the pitchers. will not have to Peers vs. Phi Kappa Psi, Kappa Beta
watch the bases so much. and he will Psi vs. Phi Sigma Kappa, Delta Kap-
not be on as frequently as George. pa Epsilon vs. Xi Psi Phi.
The Big Train will be missed in more All teams which have not pl-aye&
ways than one by Lee Fohl's club, five games including the ones sche-
duled above _should report the same
"Baseball entered upon a new era to the Intramural departm nt anytime
when the New York American league after 2 o'clock today. Incomplete
club dedicated, its new stadium," said standings will run in tomorrow's
Judge K. M. Landis recently. The high Dily.
commissioner of baseball attended
the opening of the park. Upon the completion of the hand-
"At Boston, the day before, 15,000 ball tournament, which was won by
fans came out to see the Braves open Kappa Nu last Saturday a.fternoon,
with the Giants, although the temper- the points which were earned in the
ature was munch below freezing. A contest by the different houses were
splendid tribute to Christy MnAhew- added to the Fraternity athletic
son, the new club president. I can- chart. Only a few important changes
not conceive where baseball will end. resulted i~n the standings, Kappa N

All-campus horseshoe singles and
doubles entries will be closed at 5
r.'clock, Tuesday, May S, and the sche-
dule for the first roux d will be an-
nounced , in Wednesday's Daily. - No.
teams or men have entered the facul-
tv horshetunxeta.vt I

+ The next set of doubles was won due
to the efforts of Gregory and Jerome
substituting for Zemon and Sanchez.
Their opponents, Cummings and Scha-
fer, never seriously threatened the
Maize and Blue, the final score being
6-0, 6-2.

is desirous that all those interested WEAPLOCH, '24, EXPECTED TO,
should o so at once. LEAVE HOSPITAL TO(IIORROW
Entries for the All-campus singles Ee-
and doubles hoseshoe tournament have Edward E. Weadlock, '24, who shot
been coming at a fast rate during the himself accidentally in the leg, mid-
last few days and the tournament will way between the ankle and knee, at
be started a week from today. Fac- RF. 0 .T. C. rifle practice last Monday,
ulty men interested in horseshoe pitch is expected to be out of St. Joseph's
ing should get in touch with the In- hosptial tomorrow.
tramural department today. Entries He was injured when he dropped
for All-campus track are still being his rifle to his side after making a
accepted. e , shot.

" ! ! ' 8 1' 118-3 l
The Ann Arbor Creamery Co
1 ________________! 8 l_____!!l1399lZIH l!!! !6l_111l883888t1 I__888888!l _ _E__l__ l_

klyn. . ... ..... ... ...... 6 ~ 12
'York ..............716 41
nnard, Ryan, Barnes and Snyder;
imaux, Vance, and Deberry.

would be necessary in order to insure
n fair selection of the fourth man.
in the eighteen hole playoff match
yesterday, the results showed Potter
first with 3 up on Hastings and 4 up
on Benedict, and Hastings second
'O~~fl..........................L_._ wih u -o Bnd.. Pttr.a



11 1~7 1

h ios - - ..... ..'.'.' . .'.'.- . ' '('.'1 w ith . 3 u p an B en ed ict. P atter w a s
.hillies.................. 7 13 2then picked as number 4 man. In this
Oescheger, Genewich, Fillingim and playoff match Potter and Hastings
'Neil; Winters, Weinert and Henline. both had medal scores of 78, and 1
' Benedict went the rounds in -83.
R H E Other tryouts are urged to keep on
'ittsburg ...............1 8 3 practicing and turning in their scores,
t. Louis . .. ............12 17 0 as they will have an opportunity to
Morrison, Boehler and Schmidt; compete for positions on the squads
feffer and Ainsmith. that will make the remaining trips
this year.

icago + 2 G6
Ldinnati. ..1 1 1Y
)sborne, Keen and O'Farrel; Luque
I Hargraves.



- Pay i

- --
$2.30 to $15.00
Ti- -k' -.oiay
"ne Company,,.



Keep Your Car Looking
New all the Time




DON'T let your car get
dull and dingy. Keep
it up-to-date; keep up your
pride in it.




at least no Michigan man
ever played Billiards here
They are all repeaters.
The more often and regu-
larly you play, the greater
your enjoyment.


-May 13

You can keep itlooking
like a new model if you'll
give it a coat of Lowe
Brothers Auto Varnish
Colors every six months..
Do it yourself. It's great
fun. All it will cost is three
or four dollars, and you'll

enjoy doing it. There isn't
any trick to it at all.
Roll it out of the garage
the second day, and the
neighbors will think you
have bought a new car.
If you want to change the
present color, you have your
choice of eight others. Come
in and see the sample spokes
and learn how easy it is to
keep old cars looking new.

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air r ri r s e, G 2 Vi'


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