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May 01, 1923 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-01

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. ..:

... ._. ,

.~ganx delegates returned from the { I7
__ _ _ _ _ _meeting, however, feeling that' the WEDTO IA C MM N
epF 4S'~: FTE iprogressing with greater facility than 'f/ -
tL IE ,Y01?T HUiIGAX inr many of the eastern schools. Some# 3tA '1 fT
Publishie4 every "morning execept Mondayo1 te-agr ntttai5srast e li, 1IRE Al) FOR ART
-riug gthe University year by the Board i ofrth larger ns(itatiarsdsurpssothe l
contol of Student Publications W est in certain departments, but aw!
l Mihiga mayrestassued tat hr 1The sophisticated tourist who s
Members of Western 'Conference Editorial Mihgnmyretasedhthr If Your Stick Sticks the Pasojla"tOermegu
As ociatio~i problems are as near a settlement asr here's your chance. Glom on to 'alatsmemyhveerdhee-
d Tl ~ Asocated Prt ;s is exclusively. en- those of any institution in the East- couple. of these fertile ideas straight lwispmerngaynhise eard "t'seer
titled to the use fr repsblication of all flWews r conference. The delegates fromitwsprninhse,"I'qur
dispaaches, credited to it or not otherwise:; from some of the most ponderous ~in-I but is it art?" Yet whether he shd-
credted in this paper' and the local news pub. the West brought back with them a=telcso the capstwtthe'
lisped therein,: number of excellent formulas i com- mpsOW- dered at the obtrusive realism or
Entredat he ostffie a An Arornio us ii th Eat wichmigt wllsenior class and those willing 'co offer twitched in his seat through the long
Micigan, as ~sqcqnd class matter. 'e given a trial here. The meeting choral renditions, he could not but be
Subscription by carrier or mail, $.50,.1 If you cant master your cane ipesdb hcaatro h
Offices: Ann Arbor Tress Building,w May- at Philadelphia was a profitable onie. taei'nfracpadpwna ytecaatro h
Michgan Streeet.memer y n. players. -Nobody could question their j
Phhones: Eitoidito 41rial,7-M2414i ( and beore6t i to laeMichiganoe,,ealhaser beenryandmemberak o by
less, 96o: vitation of the conference since inMesbfr ti o at.Js n elthi ndsradterlc:o
Comuniatins ot o ecee 30 wods ncetio in192, ad wll ntii-more day left in which you can pro- business ability, which is an earmarz'.
if sited. ,ite sinature not necessarily to -pate with enthusiasm the next gather- cuetiagi. n a fcr of the artist.Jr
appear in print, but as an evidence of faith, in 1 (canned) might be brought along to While thdi value of the mark was
and zotices of events, will be published ing2 tCrel clinch the. deal." Glerp. dropping almost to that mythical re
lhe Daily at the discretion of the Eitor. -I1 "Fasten a nail on the end and get
left ,it or mailed to "The Daily office. Un- I idSMNO LTRTR gion in mathematics, infinity, the Pas-
signed commnnicationis will receive no con, 'E~REA O ~TRTIR a job in the street cleaning 'dept. so lyr otne ocag hi
jderation. Nko' manuscript will be returnedl This twentieth century is continu- lo lyr otne ocag hi
unlssth witr ncose pstge Te aiy~picking tip stray papers an wht old prices for seats and finished the
dries nt necessarily endorse, the sentiments;i ally having its back stroked and not." IFentr. sao ihadvdn hc ol
expressed in the communications. preened as the age of ivninand * a sa o thbuyviendch ihemwthre
disoveyIndOighAinordrAitha A cane properly and dexterously pounds of butter or half a air of
EDIORIL SAFFcusom uil l~odut, ome th seo-handled makes an excellent imple- shoes. The players have their crafts;
,,Jeletiioies 2414 and 1 71-11 i logical-biological-sociological litera- !met with which to remove the eye they make enough pteyadcre
tour with a discovery of the present' a rsnlenm.Yeog wooeroy and sorv]
1VIAFIAGING °EDITO~~~~~~~~t ' ~of aproa nm. nuhwo oke oyadsu
;AAIGEIO generation. This present group ofm * * , Gouger.( together under ordinary circustanc-
MA ION B. STAHL. maturing young humans, he says, Is a
ewEdtr.........PiWtelliquor-drinking, 'dance-mad mob of ; THE PROPHET SPEAkET,'H es. But during the long and arduous
eit Editor........ . ail. ounasnseonciTcehsare'orsmany a slip _'twixt lip and season of training through whichI
maniacsty diorThere's Bco heD. they must go to produce the play, the,
Assoit ar City Editor........3 . A tisB c~nas.* * s baying of the wolf grows louder and
Edioril BardChirmn.....E. ~ Now the modern novelist, however.
Night Editors- A paen of Praise to Purple Pulchri- louder. In order to continue to give
Rtalpll fllyers I-arry I-oey deadly his realism, we must rememn- - -th ly i uflmeto her o
I ir u reifcioitteIWA Donahue 13 . F.Mackr s ide
dne.His storyn of therip dw Far Margaret is the best our campusi made over three hundred years ago,
td-t r i .dfn. Walla e V. iott( has. they must resort to drastic, measures.I
Wonc' ~tr......Mro ohthe ladder with a passing sneer at1,
Saieuda IMSar . Eio-....-.Ma.onaKohetearw o(daim.,onigu-Admirers swarm about the beuteous And so they are coming to the United
Msica Mgz~ ~o IItr..... ....EA. Doaue Cte rmaiddals pitigup'States (uring next October.i
Mb~c tI~or., ... n .I. ilsward, isfctoaM.Redrbarta
1 n, o, Editor......- Buckley C. obbinM sfcinM. edr erta And seek her favor for the Union Foreign notables in straightened!
Editorial Board in mind. Jazz.i circumstances ,have made such exe-
L rcwel Kerr Maurice Berman Thchaladetsdwid o-
1'aul Iinstein K Eugene Carmichael WThemn cheayplyt ha advertisedion beorwildAmriwom-av
an, the equally well delineated "wild Wt e fmn ot a hsgr iin~bfradAeiashv
Assistants played, solietiies resented the sight of a
Staniley. I-. Armnstrong, Franklin D. I-epburi young man, the desperado bootleg- u oea ythspoe his malj stranger icking uip nuggets of gold1
idy ilied WoaA.ibadger, and the desperation of the thirst- Iin u ils u h ad fo
R. A. Millington, Edward J. Higgins rgt;i u ils u h adfo
fTlen C.<ClaWii zaeth ie:belrnin tmderbn caonistlsymorgexofin- To be from now till death's day in her 'Oberammerga-u is notth coming entirely
it Crj"lark_ lizabeh izabth T ibernton take.moItrwilltirefreshorgthef Iadedde ap-
A. B~ Conabl Joh Mc~nnis formation, He places his data under sih
Reradete yot - -MueltMre t The lovely maid is truly quite per- ;,~t of the land of mechanical eff-
ar a rimultigon magnifier ad registers ,cepcletxedxhbtinofisw
Joseph E stein - W.=t 13 . Rafferty his picture with a speed camera; and ( Fexd
T,, I. I 0k e- Robert C. 'Ramsay " 6 Whom she should choose, and whom handiworks in wood and clay. And In!
Jihn {. trlingh~c-~se #: iw°, P wii4-h there you have'it-modern fiction. The,
Walter S. Goodspeed Soill. Schnitz jcoegradrpusatae14an she should reject. order that these may not seem out of,
J ortia oklde r ]llfit . Wagei____ place in our marble halls, it will "dis-
Ronald t llalgvi asks, "Is this true?" "Are collegians iswrsi iitr etn
!suc imora peole:Themerefa~t iI know you not, oh flashing maid, ex- play iswrsi iitr etn
suc imoalpepl?"Tcemrefatof Oberainmergau. A model of Ger-
racNESWAF lity fhe 'stoed ptovqeso thtteva- rougp passing, furtive looks at you, man village life its daily tasks, and
' - eraityofthesfryproesthabtel and yet its festivals will be something of a
condiionspictued d not xistthat you wa purple in your revelation to the stay-at-htomes- and
BUSINESS MANAGER erally. - Ikwthtea1
ABR J.PRER Temdriti ra poe n tresses -C to the annual Paris-in-a-day Amer
to private affairs. Hie leaves' the And not sufficient skirts beneath your canrs aswbetllife the Plir Pley!
Advvising .'. .John J. Ilamel, Jr.' western plains, the historical novel drsepss, Y
,Advertisil~g.........Walter K See r and tegl uho 4 ors ec-I!And HOr yo dnceri Miwa's' 1 will at least render us some quittance
AlmVeryg -~ Lawrence U.. Favrot teCodouslfl4etgrsepac-IIInno dnedi ii andteilbathisrau oe
PI'ulicra fi "........Edward . Conlin ifully under the venerable moss of self- Colteonnanuthelwillhbearutei r ehm
Cotyw iting - ...David J. M Park We o dbe -el rnigGr
Ciicuatin........'lonsndII.Woferespect and dives headlong, into his Whnyudbe rlyriknOr-tan nelshcu.
Accri ts...............L Beaumnit Parks laboratory to shake a test tube of this do',i.Bn.AWY W IE
-M--hAssstan.t- God and that until l10!IHe presents his Upe(Oh. F io S Lanrn)DE
I, anieI, 1Durine Clyde L. H-agerman most recent discovery to the shocked14
in -Ilenry :reud -eeso tepouac-he-prsntlimpes f thie 1Mon" There are two sides to every goes-i
C rlytn=ury e erao.h .nuaceandpeen tioni contrary to the belief of many o -
I Arma tout J. B. Sanzenbacher gnrtoAgain letP us remeniberNt Nlihepsn-dywtrso"etr o
Wltiam 1. :R~i , J' . ,Cflf'orc : Mitts htti mdr ito.'Ifh rt;-h tlitepeen-lywieso lte^t
fHarold LI. Imale Tin-,"as tMcachren th+aot thsmdreito. fle~rt In my opinion this picture is very the editor' and street-corner dema-
Wi. D, Roesser Loums M.?Texter . abu tepassing .generation he;
Allan, S. Morton C. Wells Christie would be the laughing stock of the: poorly named. In the first placej goges. And although there alway
Jamets A. 'Dryer Etdward IB. Reidle wolfrftesadmhrskwhen she sakes her Nitappearance no must be a right and a wrong side, the{
Hferbert - W -Cooper - ordfoftesadmhrsk w
more out hemslve~thanthe i- one gimpses the moon at all. Or (10 latter is often mst difficult to deter. 'j
tionist. It is to the gullible young they? No one around ine paid any mine.!
reader, delvin~g into a story of hisj attention to it. , That I know. She When the sti4'lnt first comes to
- on gnertio, tat wod o wan-would appear well on any poster, ex- 'college, he often refuses to see both'
TUESDAY, MAY '1 1923- ing must be shouted.; cepting one calling for aid for the sides, and promptly is dubbed head-
-_..Thepreent.eneatinisalleye Starving Women of Madagascaraia strong and obstinate for his views. AsThprsngerai.isllysIL
Night Editor- HARRY C. CLARK and ears concerning itself, but whileAcodn tohea utofsiigheboesclmtdtoolgec-
- ° -- '--_- (we are learning let uts have a littleI that took place on Sunday there ught ,tre and wisdom and begins to learni!
THE UTY F VOINGrestfromthes petifeous iscoer-to be some fine views of that canal in how little he really does know, he sees-
To or w te a n a l-cam u r n n etr fte peetgn Venice left for the public if the pres- the two sides, and then is faced with
'akT nlace. At th ul'latimeusthes eration. ent policy of censorship is carried 7 the difficulty, of deciding which tn
elections i____plae._Athatimtheout. Fanny. champion.



Duncan &Starling
Graham 's
VJoth Ends of the Diagonal

_. ._ .

vTote in the Campus elections

to- 1

Anni Arbor and Jackson
(Eastern Standard Time)
Detroit Limited and Express Cars-
6:oo am., 7.00am., 8:oo a.mi., 9:o5
a.m. and hourly to 9:o15 p.m.
Jackson Express Cfrrs (local stops
west of Ann Arbor)-9 :47 a.m., and
every two hours to 9'47 P.m.
Local Cars East Bound--7:oo a.m~.
anti every two, hours to g :oo p. tnl.,
t i :oo p.m. To Ypsilanti only-tx :4o
p.tm.,r1:15 a.mn.
To Saline--Change at -Ypsilanti.
Local Cars West Bound-7 50 a.mn.,
12:10 p.m.
To Jackson and Kalamazoo--iwn'
ited cars 3:47, 10:47 a.m., ,12:47, 2:47,
4:47 P.m.
To Jackson and Lansing--Limited at
8:47 P.m.

Schedide in Effect October it, 1922
central Time (Slow Time) D
P.M. A.M. P.M. P.TM.
3:45 7:45 .. Adrian .... 12:458:5
4:30 8:3o0...C3;nton .. 1:0 ,0
5:15 9:15 ... Saline .. 11:15 7:15
5:45 q:e5 Argnn ArborLv. 10:45 6:45
Chamiber of Commerce Bldg.
D-Daily. X-Daily except Sundays
and H-olidays. Friday and Saturday special
bus for students leaves' Adrian 1 a .h-ave'
Ann Arbor 4:45.

606 1U~t otlBanik, BR


~lJAMSH.11. R


Cair leave for Toledo 7:10) A. N~.,
'P. 31. and -51P. 2X. Except ann-
da y. Sunjdays at 8:0,,1:00 a~nd

.I OT?. Proprietor
hone 46

Why -Ride?


i --I



3 4
l0J I.
17, 1s
24 2 i


6 7
13 14
20) 21
27 '28

. r

.Piding is sport, both pleasant and beneficial The joy of
a brisk canter -in the freshi air is only equalled by the
:2omforting knowledge that such pleasutre has been taken
out, of the luxury class bye our Cash .CoUpon plan.

Phone 87

326 E. Ann St.'

Big Stock Always on 1hand
Save a DOILLAR or- more at our,
We also (10 all kinds of Clean.-,
ing andl Reblccking of t-lats at
low prices for I-11GH CLASS
617 Packard Street Phone 1792
Where D. U., R. Stops at State


Students, wishing part-
time' work at a he-man's
job. apply alt any time
7 a.m. and 4:.30 p.m.
at New Literary Bldg.




712 Arbor Street{
Near State and Packard Streets










a mote

the p.
the n
the p,
tTlv T

nistraztiomi of undergraduate of- ALU 1NI AND THE ALLU'N17S
for the ensuing year will be ein- I esta w otsMcia
~d o te mn wo, n te oin-men will be going out from the Uni-
Sthe- voting- body, are most ca- versity, and will be materially sever-
to 'il. teirresectve osi ed from the ties which for the past1
,eitia a - s he roer elg~. -fe*r years have bouind their interest
-in Ann Arbor and focused it on
part~icianoffc, utheosessenta Michigan and, her doings. Though cut
e paP-datin -of he tudntsoff from things which are. character-
eir- e-lec~tion.- -Only twenty-five i
r '~- ~st~ed ~r he ~viegeistically "Michigan", th prsn
r)L r g se e o h pr vl g ;a ungae.h w oy ly h w i h tpr s n That alone bespeaks theI m easured in terms of gifts to its Almal
nient u.iterest in an affair which Mater, gives Michigan a recordl of
er ip~nnd the attention of each which to be ;proud; for Michigan
e~yMemer f he nivrsiy.alumni have given more than one-
it ionan WheO uyofeeyto id fthe property owned by the,
his'ballt. Te IUniversity, a record gre~ter than that
proer dmnis Fof any other state university.
n cannot beasuewiht this. Steps. are ever -under way to keep
er~- - - ad te neligblethe alumni body the organization it'
-il of effort which- voting will 1 has. proved itself to be in the past.;
ve s~uldnothindr anoneGraduating seniors are urged espe-
p erf riing his duty on this oc- cially to keep in touch with their Al-
- - f te Suden conci ma Mater. And for maintaining thisj
e successofteSuetcinl contact every senior is urged 'to sub-
ids largely- upon the selection of' scribe to the Alumnus, which weekly
roper, ex'ecutive; the Unionz like- pbiaingvsi recniei
Athletic affairs and publica- o gieinabefcnis
form the latest developments and,
wil b6,dreclyinfuecet b newus of the University. Personals,
remers elected to the controll-- and class activities are listed each
oadso Tee w fedso a-week, keeping the members of the;
-. if Nlichigan is to develop the
ivarious classes .i1 constant contact
lebth unergadate de',with one another, and maintaining
they must signify - their wishesI class organization.
gb~~~~~~~ thIalotwihthycatat ~planned to subscribe this year's
oll~ tomorrow, choosing the men 'gr"aduating class 100 per cent. There
wilefetvl accomplish the should be little difficulty about that,:
the* 'etoutto o.for besides being kept in regular-
--- - --contact with what's going on at Mlichi- i
iNTERI? la'hllEGItE CON ;F"#iER. igan and what old classmates are do-
1'\ fCl ing, every subscriber is automatical-
unicisitesof East and West ly made a member of the Alumni as-
t s-eek at P'hiladelphzia in an sociation, and the latter organization
ng fideas relative to the! no ~graduating student will fail to
e 1S vital in Atudent activities. join. Seniors may subscribe now,
wstern unriversities, incildig through the secretary of the Alumni'
iniversity of Michigan, sent re P-, association; association offices in

« This difi culty expresses itself in
TIodaty's Niuisancte Novel every subject he studies. Sociology,
On the Wineist-Dal. D. Lyon. English, political science, history-all.
* ~ *have their problems, and the greatest
The recent marathon record for of these' are being eternally debated
dancing has been brought up to one; and argued. Professors, fearful of be-
hundred and 'steen hours. Yet one ig called narrow, refuse to say which
can still buy a dance record--fortu-; side has the correct viewpoint, and
nately. TEARABLE. ; the student often leaves class even
* *« more bewildered than when lie en-
.10fried was a Nhorwiegian of good There is no hard and fast rule to
stock who lived on the bjank of a! follow to determine the right side of
fjord in good old Nhorwjay. He earn- ; a question. Often there appears to he
ed his life by fishing for scjallops who two- right sides. Every problem,
were wont to browse along the bjanks:; every student's philosophy of life,
of the fjord on the tender roots of must he worked out by itself. ?f the
stjink weed, that lined them. One day working out is difficult,. think the.
he -was feeling particularly full of the matter over, decide which side is the -
old Nick, and, taking his scjallop- most attractive, and which appeals
fjor-k, with which hie spieared scjal-! most to you as an individual: then
lops, he went tearing dlown the path champion it. The other side will have
like mjad. Arriving at the fjord, he plenty of arguments to combat yours.
saw in the shallow wiater, not a b~ut that is to be expected, This
scjallop, but a whjale! "Hja, IHia!" World. was built on ,argument-,, and
he snjickered, "You will invade my' without arguments it would be a dull I
sciallop bed will you! Well, tiake, place indeed to live in.-
that! And that! And, for that mjat- I- -
ter, that!" He then proceeded to; EXCI-11)E THlE TRUCKS
stjick his scjallop fjork into the (Cornell Daily}')
whjale, waunding it severely. But The rumble of campus traffic- seems I
just then, his wjife, who was some- I once again to have penetrated thea
-what of a practical joker, came slink-; sanctum of the powers that be, with
ig down the path, and pjounced upon! the result that possible drastic ineas-
the bjack of Elgfried's njeck, sending u tres to regulate the flow of automo-
him into hystericks by tjickling, him.I bites through the university grounds
Beeing, as lie was, overcome by his are pendhing.
hysterics, hie lost his bjalance, and; Undoubtedly It is that scholastic se -1
fell into the ffjord, where he wasI renity is disturbed and destroyed by
proimptly swjallowed up by the a constant parade of cars across the
wjou~nded wh-ale. university campus, and that to a large




TIls is written to the man who loves to seek the
unknown quantity. He is the kind of labora-
tory worker who ventures into untried fields of ex-
periment, rather than the roan who tests materials.
Industry has need of both types, but of the
former there is a more pressing demand.
College men may have been discouraged from
pursuing pure. research. In this; highly practical
age it may seem there is little room for work
which does not have an immediate dollars and
cents application. But such is not the case.
The pure research man is the pathfinder. With-
out him our fountain of knowledge would dry up.
His findings in themselves may be uncommercial,
but they ;establish a field for <others tow. develop



men tofipndIh-e answer



publised init. A
the interest of Elec. Lavoi
Irieal Development by me:
an Institution that will last. I
he helped liy what. labors
ever helps tk will a.
for the

lta worked out the crude voltaic pile-- unin-
.nt Until other mien improved and applied
.nd so with Pap in in the- field- of steam, or
isier. in chemistry.
-n of the inquiring slant of mind, stick to your
[n post graduate study, on the faculty, in the
atory of some industrial organization, there
Iways be an "X" to baffle other men and call
eo keenest thought of you'blazers of the trail.


extent the parking of un
hicles about the various1

This Week's Prize ant offense to the eye. Bu
goes to the guy that tells the j large portion of the an
story about the famous bootlegger's caused by nonresident c;
hedge. "All you have to do is stand truck drivers, and others
in front of it and yell, 'Peter Dawson' cial bent. The problem w

isightly ye-j
buildings is
ut at that, a
noyance is)
car owners,
o1n commer-
vould not be


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