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April 20, 1923 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-04-20

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w... : ,.,..w

shed every mtorning except Mondayj
the University year by the Board in
of Student Publications
ers of Western Conference Editorial
Associated Pm -s is exclusively en- '
Dthe use for republication of all news
!ics credited to it or not otherwise
lin this paper' and the local news pub-
ed at the postoffice at Ann Arbor,
an, as second class mnatter.
ription by carrier or mail, $3.50.
es : Ann Arbor~ Press Puilding, Mlay-
es~: Ed(itorial, 2414 and 176-AM; Busi-'
iwications not to exceed 300o words
cd. the silznatore not necessaril Tto
in. print, hut as an evidence of faith,



much, but it cannot handle the work!
and bear the responsibility for the'
publicity of the egitir~e University. A.
news bureau, devoting all its time to,
the dissemination of Michigan news in
a fair a ndc proper manner would be
an asset which the University can

IIOT CORET I (Daily Iowan)

i _.


hardly afford to do without. Until-tile. Beforf
Board of Regents can see its way clear! The Terpsichonrean T41rps , of his1
to establish such an organization with i n esae h te lyi petitgr's
an efficient and capable News Directot~, wrtngu creating
Michigan must continue to suffer the wrtnpceti rtwiercr mobiles
breakers, said that one man went
consequences of unfair, inaccurate, ;crazy after forty-four hour; of St.I prospect
and injurious publicity.: Vitusing and in the same article it, latter is
mentioned another interesting tidbit. owns.
PRINCETON TAKES A STID E A man after struggling and galvan- of this
When the trustees of Princeton uni- izing around for an indefinite length creates
!The sat
versity passed the proposed change in of time proposed to his partner and for sale
upper-class study, they made a great i was accepted. Her picture was printed
along wit~h the article and as a result Ediica
advance toward establishing the Amer-heeinodutnmyidbtwa the atti

t,' aly nt the disrkion-o the Pditmr If ican university upon a par with the one man got double his share o pub- wholef
t at or nmailed to The Daily office. Un- appears
gn d cornnications will receive no on- learned institutions of Europe which , licity.
~lrton. No mankuscrit will be retured *y *a of Ame
fess tho writer encloses postage. The DailyJ for many years have maintained much - -
iVS' n- T ceessarly endorse the sentiments higher 'standards than those in this1 CONF'IDENTIAL~LY SPE ASINt whn
xtcrsse id * the :cont nimnications. broade
--- ----------- -country. The new system provides I Dame Nature seems to be ;for this
EItO 1IIIAL STAFF that junior and senior students shal' allied with our most worthy in rul
elect four rather than five courses of Faculty in making itnaey
Telepihones; 2114 and 763f study as was pevously the custom i ht for us. nml
MANGIG DIORand that they shall pursue independ- J~. pitis
e aN .STH nt work, reading 'and research, to s *s S~d
- - make nip for the reduction in courses. TIEIND AIROthco
.w Vditor EPaul Wtzel dtTheya
y'txs rotorPaul atzelIt alsotrequires that two of the fourI Phoebe Davenport was a house mai in(0oll
fly 1 ditor.........ames 3. Yong
r;tnnrt cty Edtor ,,.7,.J . acn courses be in one department and that ;of no mean ability. For a number of that th
itonriallBoard Chairman....:.t. ., it i 5the independent study be dlone in con-yershha benngeditis eli-
year Editors-eennegwith thisisswork.
alp flyers- ncarryit tismaorwok.interesting and lcrative poesostandai
I lhBesHry oyMost notable among the features Int oun
T~.j.I~eshorer . . Mrirt and had now reached a point where i otn
H. A. Donahune 3. r Mack the newly adopted plan are the com was safe to say she was well nigh per- of an
-r « (d r........irll . r i ywc prehensive examinations 'which will fet. She had specialized in the beat- rarely1
Vge't f' dtgr.......Marion Koch be required at the end of both junior ;igo usadltl hlrnutl A o
todieay Mvagazine Edcitor .I., 1.A. Donahue adsniryas.Teewill allow igofrsan ltlecldnutl Aco
osic Xditor..... ........ If, Alesyer. *-- she could now turn aspetya eat- 'edn
d~tpt +'(itor........uckley C Iobbini for the effective introduction of a planI ing as could be turned. One(day she a bette
o~xell Trerr Moaurcel' oa similar to that practiced in the Ger decided to practice up on little Rear- lf a
ml I'.instein E ugene Carmichael man and French. universities, whereby don T. Jones, at whose home she ! certain
Assstans the mastery of fundamentals will be! worked. So taking a stout birch rod {curricu
~tanhy ti. irmstr3ng l ranh I),D HepburnI assured before the-awarding of any -in her hand she hastened to the nrs- Idom fo
riey B1iliekl W inona A. libbard rdegree. The name which has been ey hr h lydltl ero
A. lillNmgton Edward r 3J. fitggins ewhrseflyditeRadoIgcnh
fen Brown" Kenneth C. Kelar given to the plan is "Self Education," unmercifully. Loud were his criesof, {
f 4 Clkrk1c .".2 .lizabeth ieberiann - reason
1. Conahie ohn McGinnis ' a phrase which suggests the introduc-t "Ouch!" Loud were his entreaties of,
ernadlette (rote Samuel Moore 1 tion of initiative and personality into "Hey, lay off Phoebe!" But unfortun- - e
velyn 1L Coughlin M. I.. Pryor the hitherto methodical, hum-drumjatyshwsdefinooebuto
«eh Lpstein :. I. Raffertyeducation theasoudant ohisbstriden
I. iske Robert C. Ramsay system of "forcingedcto downth ears, adcud' -hear hssrdn
nin t linshouse - fw'. I-,''wit .hras1-nerrdats"i R
'J iter S. toodspecd- Soil 3. Schnitz thotfudrrdae. cries. When at last she ad reduced , pr
Phl tia GoulderPhilip M. Wagne Turning from the accepted system him to a mass of gory pulp, she ceas-! League
Olnh agino credit hours, a sheepskin from ed'hna h emiso ite will, be
BUS1E~S STAF IPrinceton will mean more than every Reardon lay on the floor, something ' Conimi
' ~before; it will signify the satisfactory happened, that would shake even the test a
Tpelphotne 910 completion of the college course as 'a most heartless of brains. Little Rear Clean
---- ~unit, not merely the amassing of so don's ghost commenced to rise! "Good d(lced
BUSINESS MANAGER many exact points or hours. Inde- grcos" snorted the startled Phe- and in
- LIER -. ARERpedetstudy and individual thoughti be. "How extremely unusual" Then' The o
will be .imperative to the satisfactory! she turned and fled, intense horror ushers
lve -iig........John J.1-ane, Jr opeino hewr hc n ritno vree
clvrtis;ig...........Water K. Scherer cmlto ofhewrwihun witnonvy churlish wrinkle o eveyb
overtising.......Lawrence Ii. avrot doubtedly will prove the source o- }her mug. She has never been seen hardly
.ibrlcation.........Edward 3. Conlih uhvlabeifrato.Ftr
pywrting.........David J. M. ParkmuhvlaeInoatn.Fur since; but rumor has it that she cast tewo
rtiitation.......Townsend II. Wolfe generations of Princeton men will be! herself 'beneath a lawn mower and1 been r
wconts..... ....Beaumont Parks more than _students, they will deserve! died. Itw
rr ,M.1-ayen n, 1I. Good the title of savants, of scholars, for BO A(I. Pea
o ane 'L Dnne Clyde L. I-agernian only by having done some truly schoh ,* *u liatio
t' "mfrHenry Freud rywr ilte eabet eev od
a P Iutatar Clayton Purdy aywrwlite eb oeciv TIhe Prophet Spieaketh wrd
) ;, - Szenbahr their degree. _-'o, "s,
tlha r,, Jr. rd l Mats Tu hemsfsinal fA Poet said, ,NAone but tei'
'erold . " a e ' "^a -M"" r^=ien (.To h1ms ahinbeoAmer- terc
in. 1.)ste eer ILous :l Dexter I ica's universities is turning to the,- the brave deserve the fair" Ieani
I1a4n S. hfo C. Wells Christie hihstb.. btnone bt the brave
Ies ' T. t ' - CEward B. Reidle Ihihetaims in avne euain cnhnl tefi.repres
erbert . ;ooper, determining that the student of Old cnhnl h ar the pa
Nassau shall rival in learning the * hlle. tatw
scholars of Oxford and Cambridge. beeg
A ___________funnyti aath°b e
y__________Atig hpened to me It is gr
BEPLA~iTLNGother day. I come into class and sat1 ane
! I down beside the greenest freshman ion o
p___ - -- -- The need of the conservation of fo- o ee[sw Isy tonmsef "ee' r
yoi vrsw, ast ysl,"eesreceive
1WNgt ; ltor tlARRIY D. HOEY eists has long been realized by the where T 'have some fun.' Watch me"
upon a
leading minds of the country and as a get him fussed.". So I just sat and une
W'iCJH44AN PIBLICTY consequencethere has been, much agt 1 stared at him. (You know hlow us bd
Publsh~ed in The,.Daily Wednesday tation for the public support of plans co-eds do, shall "b
as miiuncat~n riten y ~ for the reforesting of barren sections. Pretty soon he wakes up and says, -
a a m n a oi w i t n b arF r t m t Of the y ,ar ?96L , expressing ' T he A m erican T ree association h s " a ,. w a d o h n o ' e d - c n t t
to - a Sy htdoyutikyur dot as lo ng b en heard both been instrumental in this work and is f ing? -carge
r an ari ofthe Unversty,-The at present advocating a tree planting ] sort of giggles (you know how us
~s hsc m fr Mciant a eacampaign to celebrate Arbor Day. co-eds do) and says, "Wel, a c:t to seci
lblcity Dirtector!i The various classes of the Univer-caloktakigcn'i?"Ihns This m
"Hel)ont e Pacflc. coast," says the¢ sity iimight well use this idea by insti- I ia would floor him sure. that th
riter "wheri California aelone w8 jtting the custom of tree planting on But h oisrgtbc n as oi
ye ovr 1-5Q men we, who love andi the bam pus. With the completion of j u'e n Ic ing can pet the cat, heart,
ters-h- oi~alma miater,, have eeni the present bulding program, tle can't he?" it was
rt tline~r~d again by tales of defeat' campus will be so 'barren that 'tianyi Well, that floored mec al right, cause ma- b
d ife-i-aorrnious articles with big[ trees will be required to restore it toj 3 o know how us co-ed do. lusi e
als aridfi'ont page space contrasted - its former beauty. It rests with the Ndx.iS~.t pubica
ith epota f vctores nd rtilesclasses this year to start the ball roll- ***"
iher, qti roiyded into hack pages jIng in the right direction by planting All Lit I P." miss ibl
d fln> 1 9p,,, paid advelsing." saplings that will in future years give- One night while standng near a curb any Pu
Th is;l nta cry front one section= to the Michigan, campus a reputaion In Engineer was ruinnin' single
the oui'f: alone. In the east as,- as a beautiful locality. The 'lights were lt--they both were boo.
?1 I14v eWst;lI chigan eseial One glance at the site f the new li. gt It se
trrng-Ilhe past several years has een!building should be enough to convince Two light Lits out a-bum m. that uo
ctzm t . slaciousness and esaggea- t~e most skeptical of- the need for im- - Jersey Skeet plays a
' lihcr icei pnta n mediate action. Unless steps are***uftt
t e lverstty - lThe discontinuance- ;take,to plant trees on the campus, it Doesnt This Get Your Goat? some o t~iarSo toyasaob ~il onhv oeteapaac h in fteSrntm r o-wl p
me ftlh s1 nal 1tar gross-Inaccuracies of the campus of a university located I ing again in valley and meadow and a few
Ir wl fflu dstortions in the news re-1 in a crowded citythan one situated in;- burn ; the ,mist in the morn and the speare,
rts. Many otther incidents common a small college town patter of rain and the rivers where tare, F
every university have received 'like; wild waters churn; but there Is a all the
eatme mol~cuse the publicity way{ THE TEN BEST - sign that I look for in vain-a sign - fathers,
yen fri x y enterprisug reporters Iif ever in your life "confession proves that will never return, guiltyf
scni04 lML' and uninterested as' to good for the soul it will be in answer- The bluebird still warbles the old, will ne
eo welfgr'f MIchigan. As the cor- ing this question which has been run- roundelays that he warbled in and pr
tuncttiniii ably states, "Michgans k ing the length and breadth of the Apils gone by; the swallow still: the So
eatnebs liol~y enough is nowhere[ country for- the past - few' weeks: - wings in the silvery, haze when theI Vice.
core -ei osrated than that facing " ,What ten books have you most e4- dawning emblazons the sky; the; will notn

is coditin through all these years joyed?" - hawthorne still blooms by the shad- even spj
ie stands : s she stands today." Before the question is answered t Itdowy -ways where the violets shrink,- and an;
Each Ps thousands of dollars are: should be pondered well. It Js not frome the eye, plaint
ent q ead the gospel of "Michi- what ten J)ooks you would like others The bullfrog is croaking his ancient alid the
n" t vroghout the state and nation,i to think you have enjoyed nor is it the refrain in the pond where the lily the poll
Id to confer the University's benle- ten books you would like yourself to pads float; the turtle doves echo the But p
s upon those not able- to attend. think you have enjoyed that are voice of the swain as he carols' an attained
ach year alumn~i are exhorted to tallk! asked for, but those ten books which amnornas note; but there is a sign - would
Wichigan" to thos~e Nwho have not had you really have enjoyed, the ten that that IHook for In vain-the old fall,-'' mercy.

e salesman extols the merits
particular article over a cor-
shle first prepares the stage by
g a desire. if he is selling auto
he recognizes the fact that a
tt is hopeless as long as the
s satisfied with the car he now
And in terms nt the strength
desire which-he as a salesman'
will his success be measured.]I
me holds true when the artile
eis education. l
ators have long puzzled overa
itude of students toward the
field of learning. Philistinisnm
sto them as a strange product y
rican universities, which it is' a
avowedly for the purpose of h
ing one's views... The reasonI
smalfunctioning is to be found
number one of salesmanship;
the desire for a liberal vew
s not created.
nts are constantly drilled upon
umercial value of an education.
ire taught to measure learning
tars and cents with the result
iey come to believe that life it-i
ust be measured' by the same
rd.,- Unless they have the good
of comng under the influence'
enlightened professor, it is
that they are set aright.
arse in the purpose of education
ot be dogmatic necessarily. Ifj
er idea of the highest values in-
n be gained only in this manner-
ily it should find a place in the
lum. When the desire for wis-
'r wisdomr's sake has been suf-1
ly instilled, there will be no '
to harp on Philistinism.
r _ _ __ _ _ __ _
(New York Times)
'esentatives of, the. Authors'j
eand of the book publishers
eheard today by the Judiciary
ttee of the State Senate in pro-
;ainst the bill proposed by ther
Books League. It was intro-
in the Senate by Mr. Cotillo
1the Assembly. by Mr. Jesse.I
abjection of authors and pub-
ought to -be - supported by
Body who reads books. It is
too much to say that this is
rst censorship hrill that has ever
'oid amend Section 1141 of the
law, dealing with inidecent pub-,
ns, in four respects.- First, the
obscene, lewd, indecent, and so,
hall be taken and construed in
Common and ge'deally accepted
ig," This, appa,rently, 'merely
ents an ingenuoius attempt, on-
rt of Justice" prd to provide
,hat he thinks 'Is indecent must
-rdqd, as indleeit by everybody.'
rtesque but important. More1
"ous is the proyisiOn that "opin-
expert testimony shall not be l'
ed for any pus~gose whatever '
ny hearing, examination or trial:
his section." 'That is to say, no-'
rvho knows anything ahout ft -
se allowed to testify.-
her, "nor shall it be a necessary!
uent element of the crime

Duncan & Starling
Graham 's
B3oth Ends of 'the Diagonal


legislature before

strtngt mnc1Read 'The Daily "Classified" Columns

This is the job hunting season of the'",
year for seniors. Alas, and several
lacl~s! May they all be successful



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5 :4 o a, Ar \'n Arbori, to10:45 t6 :4
Chamber of Con-merce Bldg.
D-Daily. X- Daily except Sundays,
,and [Ilidavs.V v anid-Saturday ljoeci;-!
bus' for students le'ives 'kdritrlr :4S, leave
Ann arbor, 4:4.q -
JAMES H. F:1.IOT0'T. Propi~retor
- Phone 46


that the matter on which the________
ution is, based has a tendency
ite lustful or lecherous desire."
Eeans that it makes no difference
7e alleged indecency implanted
ipure thoughts in anybody's
so long as the prosecutor says
indecent. F<inally, prosecution
ebased' "upon the whole, or ex-
,y upon a part or parts, of any
tiop," and if based on a part,j
such part or parts shall be adt-
to in evidence or considered for ' is thej
urpose." A single sentence, a
phrase, is enough to damn a:I

f you want REAL,, fountain pen service at the minimum -cost

pen and RIDER'S PEN SHOP" the place.


Fhe first cost has been - the last one on mone than, 900, pens sold here.

erves no purpose to point out
fder this law Shakespeare's
ind the Bible are obscene works,
ocirculate in New York. Liker
ther laws, -this one, if enacted,
)ply to -many, but under it only
will be prosecuted. Shake-
Milton, Byron, Fielding, Vol-
'laubert, Balzac, Goethe, almost
classical writers and Church
as well as the Bible, will be
if this law is passed; but they
gen b~e rosecuted. For arrest
,osecution _axe in the hands ofE
)ciety for the Suppression of
The Secretary of that society
L nrosecute the Bible. He. Way
Rare Shakespeare and Fielding;
ybody else who made a comn-
against sellers of Shakespeare
eBible would be laughed: out by
profane writers, unless they had
4l the repute of Shakespeare,
be wholly at Mr. Sumner's
H-e could suppress such class-

'E i

.Ask a user, he will tell you.

I - --- - - ---- -- ' --- - .- --- ...------------------- --- - - - - - -"....----- -------------.----.-.-- .I. . t t~ # # Y r. . . . S . r r .. . ... . . . i
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- Next Sunday fulmel
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BrP ik Y of scientific preparation under. ideal conditial

tas a

tv to know hi
ive and anxiou
O'ven Coach Tyc
the west was a
interest held h

en. The miade you during the perusal of themasioned' Sign of the Goat.
s to help.' dead to the world,' deaf to that most'
st on his- appealing of all human cries, "Din-'
astirring ncr's ready." Heod-lute in Cliic-ig+
by gradlu- It would probcably be hard to 'find a- "Hanover Faces Fro

c ics as he dislikes; he. could and cer-'
BUDDIE. tainly would suppress such modern
works as he dislikes.. For under this
Crblune. law almost every book is guilty, and
.h Grip" all evidence f'or the defense is ex-

;o T

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