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April 01, 1923 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-04-01

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' gltu Wen vre- var England heard this-
yuhuparliamentary dandy lisp is 'tl@~~ l~*Ij
v___pl____adingyothul for a league "of nattbris to CAMPUS OPINION 1
TICIL XIWSPAPER OF? Tits".insure peace it chucked up its~ na 3 /;
I ~ E1 $ T! O X C IQ N tional sleeve and rem arked, Just n e 5Tdi oTfhA Dtcii au DIi
biltsaa4everill. mrnipg .excet "Monday o oe mossibletoansems J.icin(en uthvefl
Il i WIirslty r bX17the Board ji a Rsthe project which this Wue1Yciatle mutav flt5
al of Stuidcrt Puflcttn. vt,,.e risorthl ert i thrill of pride when they read in
,,i rff Weterrn Confrence Edtorial heart 'was politely side-stepped. But'L'tt rngThsdym ni'sDiyht$2,
5itien. the war soon thumbed its noseat , Eattitmlnte'ny rng' oQ0 was still needed to complete te
WnasoIted Press is eaelusively en- assertion that his schee was imiichilhand thpe hstacrfiebutaleoUinsimn olatrtosu
i," lt'e u for. republiction of "all possible and in due time Lord Rob- cidodan h ute n utedent apaigns had turned out to be
&I 'atcheuredted to it r not other o getting ready for church. Mother absolute failures. It has always been
din thist paper .avi the lcx al ert's fancy found form.
~edtedtherel, 'Nevr inc th Legueof atinsdid nt .have 'much to do fr there a mighty unpopular thing at Michigan
Neersice'heLegusfhatond were'only three in our family, offranoetcmeowrdi ii-I
°start ed on its career has Lod ecil o noet oe owr ncii
teme at 'tostffce at.Anl Arbr, course Dad could nt 11(1p for be wa 9 n fsho prtadacre
V 1 na4 clsrasqmatter. Ceased ,to uhold t and the princile bsyshavingAnd naturally Grand-!Ics fsho prtadacre
tArrier' or: ail; $.5O.upP bs;~' spndingly common custom to throw'.
+ Arbr less: B'tillin, May- upon. which it was founded. With all1 mia and Grandpa w~ould be there forI stones at tife coaches or the athletes
street. the polished eloquence that his eni-dne.
uws. ZAitorlal, 9414 an z176U>;Busi- iegef1d eI linnetrr.ryngol'whenever "anything went wrong f)r
'30Went ln age;fors hnt ias 'il Patient Mthr1strin'to co=t MieadBuei tefedof9G
before the world the calamity of its dnedesthhlrn esef nit th azif my ie I'w ile ' -
wrmunicaton net to exceed goo words presentstecidrn eslf n o utf y tewseipdn
lgedi, kn signature no necessarily'to ~'sn international "sats He ha give orders at the same time. saein uu~L
ar In vpint, but eta an evidetnce o faith, warned the twentieth century with " .Luther Wit those aster eggs away saeet
noticca f of t , W 'b ub is e i ey vh ents', o f h w ill be x m p e c ll d f r m ll g es of t or yobllolioushed iI n 1 1 9 M i h g a h d a Il t In t rf m 1919"'l c a ly of iM ich ig any h a it o t "s o e s o t f iad" ( oa o o b ll lig h tyau e e y e
el. cottnniicatioris will receive no on' "Oh Mther. Can I ear my new f
;atioi. uNo anusript will be returned ternational, meetiiiglace the dust and hair bow?" of th 'mn in Scool with naturall
Iathe writer encloses postge. The biail disgust of warfare 'must replace the "Nno ouEsa avdca' tk ability along that line had spiritj
' ot naessar~ly endorse th etimerit o o o ia Dvdcnttk
awed wn the conrnwrncat wns., sweetness and, serenity of peace. his knife to church." ~og orpr o riig vr
E hver since the Greek states, because BtMte o hudlo te senior on the campus can only tooi
EDITORIAL STAFF- of failure on their part to co-operate i And Ma can I go lay, I'm all waell: remember who gt the blame
I'oiepbones 214 and 176-M among themselves, fell before forces{ dressed?~frtemsrbe hwn aeta
e -of Alexander and late the ;phalanx of ; "N eo yuca'ig ly n teear. te very niac 'i who has' (lone
NAGI~tG PDnTORr. thanuanyonegelseaytandthe Mieh-
~AAIGEIO omxe, history has afforded instanceI aft right. ~ather will you stop thatwoeta nn lstocaiMch}
MARON". SAH after instance of the dire consquenc bellowng and hury so you can help gnsrptio whtti od.
STh sam thi g hpendwhen the
*Eir.........Paul Watrel' es of 'nations living in,haughty self- Ime1." Tebaetllgteapoptened~ ya
S ditor.... .....Jaxes I3.Young ;complacence and isolation. ' "ydaIa ignIgesyufie ocm u osanar.yei
tart city liditor ... . .... :-A.acon I"ydaIa. ignI-us o aktal emo h aldt oe a o'tnad h
ral, Rgard .Chairran. E. R. Meiss Lord Cecil cones to .tis cuty dont like my voice. Well, you did veymnwosulhaebnut
it i ditHarr ---ulder the auspices of the,Foreign:'say it was very good when I sernad- !- v yes. farkx^ o h ery men wo eshould g havekben I:le out!.MratyPlc soito.H s h is dyuaotffee yr g;tercar "adbaigtecahs
rIA. Donahue J. . Mack of a number of eminent Europeans, "Sweet Rosie al ah humhum ah" tercar n lmn h oce
t. 'Eo......Wallace IV_. Eiott When~ Michigan lst out Intak i
errs Etdtor . .....Marion Koch which this association is planning to! (cotnued song). h 90otori rc'i
ay Magraine 1cdtr.ii. A. )oiaue bring h lere. Lord Roberts' visit isj "Elsa, will .you stop wiggling and jte12 udo Conference med be-
e 7#Aitr...............EIU. Ales as alJhso a adtpwt
rr Editor......Bckley C Robbins going to be a short one; hie will speak; let me fix your dress." ase ar l Jhasongwas id p sith
Editorial Board in but'five cities. Neverthele"s. what "Mother, Luther's eatin' eggs And abdlg h apsgsissi
fel1 Keicr .',Maurice Bferman !ehst a wl eegry t es'Iit .as all 'because of poor training.
IlueneCarichel he as o ay illbe agely aitd h'soutside playin. SureI'lltell i
whetheac leadeatcompelteatto
rl+v "'T Ar~ntrvru& rankin D.;Hepburni fzon-type aristocracy, as -fine an ex- "Now Elsa you go in and set the ta-h rcklae a cmeldt
iy Bict~eld Wnn . ibr.amleo Englishgetyacolbebe fordinr'Tomrepas. overexert hisef because of the
A, Killington ?duward J3. Higgins * f etyscul edIie. oesmall number of good 'performersI
a4rN1 enneth C kt-a found and his reputation assigns to tather, will you hurry?" Ewr otfrtesqa.Alo
C: Clark -Elizabeth Ljiebervnann~wh weeotfrhesul.Alo
l..Connable John xMcGinntis himn not only thoutghits that breathe "Nowi where are those bys, Luu-, hs-iatne rnrm ekt h
adett Ccote Samutel Moore but words that burn. terrr}:, Daaaavid come in at once. thsntne rigm akt h
lyx I Coughin 9- . Pryo i' original subject:-tle question of the
h tin W. Rob fert.Rny 'Just look at your clothes. Go and
n Garlhnsoue R 1. l2w.RwchsaEUCTO ALA have your Father wash your faces and I Union swimig tank.
ter S. Goudspeed Sil3 hiizI elcimtlhry.inless esMichian hs god raig
ia Gloulder Philip A[. Wabrer( The latest innovation in the world 9 aery
,err )'r-Intrfrr'{of education has been introduced i inQch, top, oooo. SoQa fa in my eye Inefales forherowimmerswbylearl
BUSTINESS STAFFit be form of lafloating school, wliich indcaehwsinvoacs. ctheallcanshe pobablysewill not
I st (Some time passes to allw the 'hvteecnb oecs o x
''leltxt 81 prfrmte.Anl unt o r-f ' process to advance.) peting a championship squad. if'
tour, and educational instituion. MohrhreIam adn I Coach Brown does come back in an-
o BSNS 4KGRganizedt under "thxe status of a pre- trtdbeoe a. other year and without the use of a
ALET~ AKRparatory school, this plan provides for = Ys you should take lne o good swimming poel develops a god.
the adequate preparationi of its Stu-) oreft rs.ta twl emr hnMcia
cyiig......hn J. IHamel, jr. dents for Amecan universities and at you have yusl odes Watch temililb or hnMcia
rgrtisring...............arK eee h aetiewl fodte h I the children so they do not muss their I men deserve. If the Coach fails to
lpicairng . . Ewr .Crti'utl potntiso erstae .rece II. lFvot clothes." develop a :good team it will be en-
,ywr imng.........avid J,. l,1(fearun the ?ol under capable in- (Father watches children.) trl h al ftoemnwowr
rrtatin I.T, Beont I. Arotrutos wol "Wel, I'm ready gnow, did y'o lock given a task to perform for their'
Resrnr~tV rksstuctrsand detailed supervision. te back door, and what happened to school, two years ago and who didn't
yM Hayden in. I.GodCnceived by one whoTealizes the ~~oe'cos" gin'iteawinin
lene > D7unne ClydeI?. Hagerinan presence (f countless opportuites in'yudiesEla"ndafvmr'cm aro".Ainftesw -
questionsj flng doesn't develop it inn
nC. IHasltrin' Henry Freud such ail organization, its, personnel oti h kokr"aesr .t
r.Pittain'w Clayton Purdy' I erad;ltsg. l. e.
D Ariatrou J. _ ,Sanzenbacher' is. being chosen with special atten- I ero edle' o l e." oti hkoces r ue t
iamn :tt<' #eins. Jr. Clifford Mitts I "Wa tin't ock tat door.G turn com' out from their icmfrtabe, qua'Pj
'l ae Thomas Nlcaci'en ion to every e'eent which wll in-' ga i ters' and stt in agic. My pointis
,$ Rptsser Lois Ml. Dc -tr ure't ultimate Scesof tisin-1thv
'P. 4 rtoes t. Well, Crstie surae te succes this' ' the o 1,4 tCick"(, I ei~min t
CSA.h~' r Edward Reidle novation. It my lake possible in, ~ ~ . ' i~'jorr~tlt~ h
~ ~~ ' ~s one year wiat it previously took the '' ' SMILy,, ' t'lm.t b 'd exa has.c nie aid
Iwatyprnsofortunate youths IJ will come aain when the .Maize and
1two years to give them: a. year's A sile, 'tssit e otIam] Blue will lose a gret part of the
193 'travel abroad and a similar length of Adli. glory which our alumni amasses for
SUND~lAY, APRIL 1, in9pepartor schol.it doesnt cost a cent
}______tm And the interest is worth a billion , utbcue fti at
Night Eitr- ARUL DI). HOEY Many are the persons "who indulge' When the smile is rally ineant. W. H-. STONEMAN, '25.
________- in trips around the world;. but only___
III[,E L AN1) of MAI(E BELIEVE I a very small percentage of them Wihntm'ie fmnadwmnI ~EOE
pile of'li e most noticeable attrb learn the world as they see it. -Thetoa
today o'dlar, utontavl(Harvard Crimson)
es of Ith e average college student illoso olr! pn ntae The value of the smile is lost. ~salwdmr oils
ti ~tmtwic h er o each year bring in about onetenth of'rRsi wloe it oi~it
~~~the informatio which teheyamight,: ifgEer some of us while, at our play than she was able to assimilate, in the
rds 11 ri inner, self. Only too it£nfraonwchhemgti vi h atasiesn ot
en£11' e evidences'of such a feel- . invetited in some well' organized, planIAodte atasie' ocs. oinion of 'mgore than one critic, and
been' frankly displayed by mien~ such as this. Expensive though it may Smile, and laugh te live lng while? te United States has -taken socialis-
be.suerisd tavl ees t b te' ticpills o heavily coated within. con-
ito ara' onsidered typical 'of. the be.'spevsdtvlsem tobth Smile for its Gods own will.
ghst tylge of, university students I only 'worth while kind. Supervised' Smile and laugh it shows good style, I servative sugar that their "effect has
ca becutdaw to; Ad, f hppiessyoull et ourbeen' ]negligilel. It is le~t for Great
incealin. one's suerortraits i travel, however, telsecpr fatbescutsualloy n oapies oul gtyorBritain to face tie question squarely
£zms eve !nor =deplorale than givte eserpatiflhali.uual
t 1fuls y td "tie devil tat thir! c~tiee ndertisnm, a travel-' POISON IVY.I and to thrash 'Qut the merits and de-
,.: ]'~ .;"'' Ing school. "The remainder is not su- ,* Merits o> socialism finPrliament
A"fin existsmamog ecoleprvised, but apt to be omnmercial- Senoirs wer born for great things through a arc soltion inrouced ii
~ fehi$, xit~ mon t~e ollgethe House of(oummnuons by P'hiipi
blic to'dny t~it cualture iso=sied, I"~ Juniors and Sophs for small
ng to lge inwardly encouragied but If tie success of this new p'oj- But itlsnvrenreodd'odmn Scait aIn for gTv
ktwardly ;debtsed, tat study'is only e ct warrants, it may e, possible to Whlly Frsh were born at all. i 1 'nrcae w~esip ii
be tarre Ion ecrcy u.: unver - BNOYUS I aagnlnt of all indusres
beCarxedoz;,insery and'b eventually organizea floating tnvr BOYS h in ai<(ftiirv t al

11y discou~raged.. The Ulan Nwho Isity which wiIl avail students of high-'*s** ' fli' .?4sti;;ii i ±. e iex .v : t ;-
ates -o'ut passing his final exam-4'car learning rn opportunity to study.!ten moit1tdv~l~iic 'h
mtioni «ri'ot opening his text, or the world at large in a systemmatic Iscaimsneteftsinieou
tnetinze 'never even hbhuingt, is' mannier,'gaining first hand infoema-'toi ha h udaetlis
nside're'd the model for other stu_ tion as they go. will e dea~ote uppr otipo
nts to follow. Consequently, thf.: -'.
, F; lgramn including neither' arson nor
rious student often gets the idea, i T1IlE wo ikLD GO-N E "TL~iI""Andeo iJuten"(iIomthwhgadwe'e2oeo-
te an gcain motsthb e st of Ig smay have supposed., tme' whole Like some tired child, grown weary- posed will not demand jail sentences I
wrord hs gone "tutty" since frtocalst arte-1 tyonoft,
of a to forwhatclttle he does.e mtmetre-Ioofta toy
S blt ht ltl i os cent publicity given the great arch- I You tossed aside the' heart that. loved word. The present opportunity is the
Asomewhat similar sentiment doml- aooialdsoeisi gp.Eey
ates the minds o some of the. more eetioitry assfd f lu s-o riwafut ouoI first a government has hadl to dl s-
rtnt'X'niiul ~o~u gcalvet'i itoryscineypt.dsveryAnd youghso riwafutoyuoI cuss so vital a' problemr in the atmo--
h0 are gifted with the pricelessfa-1oesrorath:antisneds-I' know 'Iphieu'e of a budget debate, the first
ty of~InT pa mue h aetrpr That some one lived and loved to; time that socialism has had as cool
tofap~preciation of what is spok-: tells 'us that some loving mother has.: bring you joy. attention, as a finanicial report.
Sof as th~me higher ends of life. They named her 'newly born child Tut- 'I safrgn ocuinta h
mire art, and artists, but are loath Ankh-Amen after the ancient Pharaoh Btnejtwhnyuhik ou eOuon ilbedfad.Jer als
so Jeradrain'hni n'who she believes is reincarnated in path is clear ' and C'onservatives haive already inti-
)ves attendance at a lecture, con- o r xii.A)rdto s her Oaby boy. It would certainly 1 And all mlxy loved wiped out without' mated theii' dissent. Labor is in aI
rt or1tehbt prcaini be a most disastrous result if many~ euirpsto;t upr h e
eirs in full, but they refuse to ree- aotherswereecnamedpasteronKings"Tut"t aneache,
nine it, This attitude may be the for" telephione directories, would' in- Sm itetigwl aeyu inwudb ols ayLbrl
)suit of all attempt at worldliness ail szyas heartstrings break, who loo~k to a strong coalition,. and
crease too.aidyisieyar wouldOllognsyutogtda wilIopoeitmnsheoe'facn-
id nonch~alance, but the mhan who1 be used up in census taking, and ,gal- ognsyu huh edwl oops tmastels facn
owan'nfetditrs nsc cry: "He's here?" ' siderable part, of the labor backing.
Liua far sap oati ls Ions of" ink£ in letter writing. But 'Ramsey Macdonald, head of the
'nltis ore readily than is, the Rumors have came from Paris that While other hearts may vow they wxill ' Labor Party, by his recent friendly
,'h1i in~r nifa a 0iwnr-nwf i ri 1 or~turesfro~m Ki n erge semsto

Graharm 's



JIARCH 26th to April 6th
"cBujy at icket from the girt with the heart on her arm."

want to sell 'that
60.-Ad v..

used car? Call

Aran A-bor and Jak-nt
(4Iastern Stanidar d iree)
Detroit Limited atdd Express CArs--
6 :oo a.mn.,7 :00 a.ni., St: 1 tint., 4so
a.m. acrd hourly to 9:o5 Sp.m.
Jackson Express CGars (al stops
west ol Aral Arboi').'+9.:47 a.m.:, :and
every} twour to- t39.47 ;':inl..
Local Cars Ea alrBound--7:on a,mn.
anid every tw o hours to 900 o . in.,
ri r0 pan. Ti Ypsilanti onily-i :qo-4
To $aiane-Chtinge at Ypsilanti.
Local Cars West Bcund1-7 :50 a.m.,
To Jackson and is aanaoo-Liti-
itedi cars, :47, :o0:47 a~m., 12.:47, 2.:47,
4:.47 =.tn..
To 'Jackson and Lansing--Limtited at
8:47, p~tm

'I When yug
_i Vacation take

home for Sp~
a picture o

last House Pa'rty. We have it.



19. N. UNIV.








2 3lfS I
23 24
30 31

Big; selectmon ofLaItest Slump is

Modern Social Work
Requires the Psychiatric Apprqac h
Psychiatric Social Workers
Chil i Welfare Workers Community Service Workers
.'Visiting Teachers 'Prtobation Otficci'
-Attendance Offiers .FThnily Case Workers
.,. AMedical Social. Workers
Sesslon Opens--dulyr5, 1923
Smith College Schiool for Sociail Work
.College Hall 14, NortlihbanI, iwais!
%1i{11111N S{1 1i{!1i l{{ll {11111{1l1{{{{ tI{{{I{1E 1{{{{1I

Take the "Beaten Path"
our doom' and save a dollar ,
umore on "a hat.


WAe also do all kinds of Clean-.
ing and Reblocking of Hats at
low ,prices fore HUIHCLASS



- _ . .. _ II

617 Paekard Street Phone 2793.
Where D. U. R..'Steps at State



. . ;

Schedn1e in Effect Octob~er t8, ,x922
'Central Time (Slow Tunie)
4 XX D
3;5 5' Adrian t,22:4 .8:45
S:15 ys 5A' :aline .... 11:t5 7:15
o::aS At2rnn Arbor~v. 10:45 6:45
Chamber of Comnmerce Bldg.
&--Daily. X'-Daily except Sundays
ared ifolidas. Vriday an'd Saturday special
bus for studelnts leaves Adrian t :45, Leaves
Ano2 Arbor 4:45
JAME~S H. rFJILIO'TT. Proprietor
Phonte 46


308-10-12 SOUTH MAIN STREET PHONES 174-1 75-M
NoW Is the Timie to Plan Your Garden'
D. N. Ferry's Seeds Are, Tested
and our stock contains just the right kind. of too.:
Hoes, Rakes, Forks, Shears, Spades, Tiowels, Weed-
ers, Sprayers, Pruners, Sprays, Pruning Knives,, Pruning Saws,
Pruning :Shears, Markers, Fertilizer.
Cabbage, 'Radish, Parsnip, Peas, Beans, Tomatoes, Car-
rots, Beets. ',
D. M. Ferry's Lawn, 'vegetable and'


Cas leaie for Troledo 7:10 A. It,
da v. Siudays ait 8:00,11 :09 anld
8 :30).

. - _.

It means much to the. discrY
i = ~ the best quality goods plus courteoi
- MlyL/afor
of unsurpassed QUALIIT
, Call 4
T r he nn rbor Dair
- t"HO)N' x." 4TH1 AND CTEIESS
Roasted sping lamb serve(
with mint auceat only 3
is ,just one of The' manyp
ials tat are attracting stu
'dents here frEse in

iminat~ng buyer; ho wants
us service.

'23 '



life were not so permneat-
desire for creating false
if it -'were not quite so
a bad mlan or a so-called
world,~ more individuals]

with patterns from the geant' tombis
of Egypt, that a new style of beliad-
gear (and that is, what it really is)
will be introduced shortly. A new
type of furniture is liable to originate
from the peculiar finds which meUan
so much to history, and, possibly even
a new era in automobiles modeled
after the 'Chariots of Egyptian war-

Af te

And other lips Wray know your tender have edged towards the side of con-
kiss, servative reforn.i.If England's in-
My lipts will be the lips that you will dustries will' not. be taken over by
miss; 4 the government as a result of this
i And you- will hear my heart call out' proposal, a~t least the attitude of the .
to yomj. English Parliament on socialism will
______ be definitely recorded. The uncloud.
1But you have nmade your choice and' ed Issue is raised in British polities.
had your way- Such a rational attitude is partic-
You knew you cared, and still you' ularly needed just now. Other. cir-.
_ t: s Y _ . .L. ' f _I_ _ ,_ r _ . .a . . .L, 1 1 .

be free to follo
,r better selves.

W the dictates

,Stil CECI ,'A't.A'S r,'


as annount ed last?W ednesda " r 's


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