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October 06, 1922 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1922-10-06

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iirnsiar"h 1A.

ter of the comnmunity, and at its last
meeting the City council officially put
itself on record as not being in fav-
or of such a building.


Profs. A. HI. ll'ite and
ExLpress Views

It. 1i. VWenly

After a carful analysis of campus
feeling on the proposition of the Post
Tavern hotel company of Battle Creek
to Bred : a new hotel on the southwest
corner of Jefferson and State streets,
where the Catholic chapel now stands,
"the concensus of topfinion seems to be
that from a University point of view
this rojet- would not be desirable.
Faculty and studets alike oppose the
'plan, and although no official state-
ment was Jotted, individu~als were
free in expressing~ themselves.
Iliae geeral -* opinion seems to be
'hat Ann Aror needs a good hotel
buot that f't, Voes not need it on the cor
ner of Jefferson and State. streetx
1tan 4 'eessed themsel
againyp,1at9 uldig fronting t
VIA VA" lis dy ps, saying ,that thn
ntvS 3C 9t'1n bould'be prese"'
ei Ap tie1w pivrty ad referring
or. ,Qtom' datnii." thers suggesa
e4 hat a .1 aie btli'n that locathti
wonld ,atpe frst step in building
I't ce evest. ~de of State stret-$
r~ tas." the {Ji'on into a busin s .
ddcion wit1, hos out to the sige~
:PrQ f4eJEXpreskes. O#P1ion -
rof, 'fl, White, 'aO the cemi4rd
a din i~ng department, and, te
der ~. whoio trodued te 'e -
lj ts ag .=o}posig' tec-proposed
'p rrtment t je t 7iil out to the street
_at Washten'~avenue and Hill street,
sa Ai Arr'needs a good h-
tora4~t~ki no tre , doubt but that
the" i'cavern people would build
a 4,6od one and run it well. I
should rather not see it builton the
proposed site of 'course, but if it were
built in harmony with,_ the surround-
ing ,buildings andis set back from the
street i t ~ not "be so bad. It is
nti'ot &or'the hotel to e hs-
tile tothae, U"tnversity, it 'ight be-
-come a student center. We need
such a place somewhere in town."
Professor White's sugestion to op-
. 6se the- -proectwas a simple one.
"If we° don't want the Post Tavern
"j tI6id'iI onte site 'tey
Chase. t s tp'to us to ,offer them
°something better," and then he add-
ed, "Could tie do that?"
Feeling ran ratfier high in State
"street fraternities, most of them not
-desiring to see such a building erect-
el there. Almost opposite University
hal and practically next door to the
UYn'Ioi, it ws stated tha this hotel
would occupy one of the most prom-.
i nent positions on the campus.
IIU11 frnte," S"as Weney.
Prof. Robert Wenley, head of the
pbilO~ophiy' epatment, mentioned
*that "it is unfortunate." He went on
to say, "The degree of the misfortue'
}depends upon two things, the cha-
'ater of the buildig and the charac-
ter of the business they expect to
".,build up." Ile believed that a large
- transient business would not be de-
-strable for the University.
The situation is quite comparable
-toi the recent agitation in the City
cottncil concerning the proposed
-' apartment building to be erected on
the corner of Washtenaw and Hill
'streets.- This is to' be a moderrj. city
apartment, built up flsh with the
Building line. It was opposed by all
-the residents of that' neighborhood,
'on the grounds that it will not be in
"accordance with the general charac-

(Continued from Page One.)
the first ball pitched to him. Frisch
robbed Scott of a hit by making a -
diving catch of his grounder and get-
ting his man at first. No runs; no
hits; no errors.
Thirid Inning
Giants-Groh walked after getting
the count up to two-and-three. Frisch
lined out to Ruth. Meusel also flied
to Ruth. Young walked. Kelly
churned the air for the third out. No
runs; no hits; no errors.
IYankees-Gioh threw out Stuavkey.
Witt fouled out to Groh. Du ii got
a tw-base it to left. Barnes pitche
nothing but slow balls to Ruth. Ruth
walked. Barnes threw out Pipp at
first. No runs; no hits; no errors.
Fourth Inning
Gants-Cuntninghaml struck out.
Synder fouled out to Dugan. The
crowd booed Barnes because he had
passed Babe Ruth. Barnes struck out.
No runs; no hits; no errors.
Yankees-Meusel fouled .out' to
Snyder. Schang struck out, Snyder
dropping tee third strike, -it throw-
ing him out at first. Ward got a
home run over the left field efece.
Frisch went to center field for Scott's
Texas Leaguer, robbing' the Yank's
~hortstop of a hit for the second
tufne'in the game. Onea run; one it;
oa errors.
Pfifth Inning
~Giants-Baincroft lined out to Pip,.
otttrew out droh at first. Frisch
heat out a bunt. Meusel got a blow
'4to the grandstand, that was foul by
iches. Shawkey nmade- a wild pitch
Friscja stole second and continued
to third. Scott threw out Meusel at
t.No runs; one hit; no errors
-' ankees-Shawkey flied out to
'unningham . Barnes took Witt's
ktiinder and tossed him out. Dugan
"t a' single to left. Frisch threw
tit Ruth at first. -No runs; one hit;
no errors.,
Sixth Inning
Giants-Young beat 'outa slow rol-
ler to Scott. Kelly forced Young.
Shawkey to Ward. Cunnighan flied
to Ruth. Snyder flied out to Ruth.
No runs; one hit; no errors. '
Yankees-Pipp fouled out to Sny-
der. Musel walked. Frisch threw'
out Schang at first. Menel going to
second. Ward fanned after getting
the count up to two-and-three. No
runs; no hits; no errors.
Seventh Ining
Giants-Ward took Barnes' hot one
and threw- him .out. .Schang com-
plained to Hildebrand of his calling
of balls and strikes. Bancroft went ot
to Pipp unassisted. Groh popped to
Ward. No runs; no hits; no "errors.
Yankees-Kelly took Scott's roller
and touched first. Shawkey fanned
on thre pitched bals. Witt also fan-
ned. No runs; no hits; no errors.
~kighth Inning
Giants-Frisch fouled to Dugan.
Meisel sent up a high foul to Pipp.
Young flied out to Mecusel. No runs;
no bits; no errors.
Yaiees-wrnes tossed out Dugan.
Rth got a long lit into left field for
two bases. Pipp fled ot to Cunnig-
ham and Ruth raced to third on the
catch. Ruth triedl to steal home, but
MVesel fouled the ball. Ruth scored
on Meusel's double to left, which he
made by fast base running. Kelly
took Schang's grounder and touchel
first. One, run; two hits; no errors.
Ninth Inning
Giants-Kelly sent up a igh one
wich Dugan took. arl Smith bat-
ted for Cunningham. Smith fanned.
For Expert
Pen Repairing.
308 SQL State St.'

Ward threw out Snyder at first. No
runs; no hits; no errors.
Yankees-King went into c6enter
field for the Giants. Ward struck out.
Scott singled to center field. Shaw-
key forced Scott, B~arnes to Bancroft.
W itt got a single into left, sending TSa k y t e o d u a a n d
\'o runs; two hits; no errors.l
Tenth linniing
G iants-Shawkey threw out Barnes.1
Bancroft singledI sharply into center
field, and was thrown out trying to
stretch it, Witt to Ward. Ward threw1
out Groh. No runs; one hit; no or-
Yankees-Ruth fouled out to Sny-
dier. Kelly took Pipp's roller and
.ouch ed him on the leg. Meusel fouled
'out to Snyder. No runs; no hits; no

Intra mural Items.
Atennis, touirnnamwnt for the 15
membe),rs of: the va rsity sqjuad has
been. , 1arrange d and -will be ru nof~f un-
der the auspices of the Intramural
(ielartincut at the Varsity courts on"
Ferry field.
Av~ ,ilcerlving cup will be given'
to the wVi11ner. T.lhe men have been
divided int four leagues. Each man
will play his other oplxOn cuts in t he
league and the moan having the high-I
est averag~e will be declared winner.
The winners of the league will play
in a sttaiglft elimination series, the
man that survives being p~resented
with the cup.
Merkle, Kline, Jerome and Gregory
will be in leagcue number one, Segall,
Tracy; Sanc hez and Corbett in league
number two, Ilodgeinan, Brick,
1 Ramnes Vand' lunakin In league num-

LI~L~~-jvIj"I'i;li~ I)IXII er: three' and -Zeman, Rorickt and
IZook in league number four.
(Continued from Page One) These men shaould play 'off their
,Dr and W. Curan. Senior dents, fires- matches as soon as possible and tele-

ident, George Fisch and Joseph To-1
Ian; vice president, George Moore and
Walter. Gregg'; secretary, George
'Weaver and L. J. Reigelmuan; and
reasurer, C. A. Kelly and F. S. Cart-
Senior education, president, A. 0.
Nichols and C. Duncan; vice presi-3
l ent, Rose Burton and Lydia Ride-
out; secretary, J. Thomas and Dor-I
thy Koepel; and treasurer, W. P.I
'aynor and Margaret Schmitz. inn-
er education, candidates were de-
dlared void because of insufficient at-1
endance at nominating meeting.

phone their results intLoteuneLtra-
mural offic'e.
A tournamnent in doubles has been
plan ned for the members of the Var-
sity squad. Each man is to pick his
partner frog the* rest of the squad,
but no iyo M mien may play togeth-
er. Each man should make his se-
lection and telephone it into the In-
tra mural office by Saturday morning.
A few -of the matches have been

plalyed off inl theo initial round tof the +I iII Il lt 1i1111flh1111l 11111IIlltllh i lh Illflh 11 III1 lhfl11 11f I 1lhtflfll1t
all-campu ~t1 ennis 511 Sin lleramlent. I WISTJ'ERI4 SHLOP A D TEA ROOM~'
The =eeo nl round IIhasben star ted-(tv htPrt nOrRs o
with Vosoec 'cng Vose, n liott, = i i;Paty OUOr SPC IALS
371 meeting Wright, 2480Jf. Th1 ep RY ORe' 'N P CI L
Inaining 27 miatcs of the flirs~tf PHONE ORDERS DELIVERED
round must be ula ye d ofC by W-n >
dlay, Oct. 11 for the p>airings for the P o e69J. . n eriy v .
secn round are to be made the fol- 4)OPEN 1FROM-1 7:00 At., M. TO 11 :00 P. M.
lowing Thursday m'oringi. No iuorf Open afl(- Friday and Saturday MghIt Tances
entries for the all-campus tourna-
mentls will be accepted attar tonight.
y4 U )ET11RCOYW1

(Continued on Page Two)
houses for wvomen; and the officers of
many student organizations.
"Sophomore and. junior tr-yout s are,
ne-2ded badly by the Director-y," saidl"
Carter, "and anyone, members oC I
these classes, interested are asked 16'b
report any time this aftqrnoon ex-=}
cept, frnom 2 to 3 o'clock at the Di-
rectory offices in the Press building."
Martha-Ann Fruit Cakes of Cincin- 1
nati. Tice's Drug Store. 117 S. Main.
St.-Adv. , -
Youir nane neatly enhos ;edl i gold:
Purcliased at;.
308 So. State St.
Office Hours I'-enings by
9-12 A.M. fapp)ointment
1- 6 P. 111.
Foot Specialist
706 First Nat, Bank- Bldg.\
Plione 1746-J

Baked Good
Dairy Product's
French Pastry,




7a. m. toto p. m.

tb i

Four D~ismissed at Illinois
Four men were dismissed from the
University of' Illinois for periods':
ranging from six months to a year'
last Tuesday by the Council of Ad-
ministration of th~e Honor System. All
of these cases arose last spring dur-
ing semester examinations.
A free trip will be given to the Mich-
igan-Minnesota game by the Arcade'
Barber 'Shop.-Adv.

Ted Bennett's

Next to Vran 's Gas Station

Five Pieces:

For all Occasions

Call 343


Mullisin Riing tabis
326 East Ann -


Good Saddle~ Horses

Good Rates




Why use cheap, rough paper in your nmcnographed book when
a imooth, thin paper costs so very little more? Your course is judg-
d largely by your test book or laboratory manual.
Mimeographing on ,Pond Paper, absolutely devoid of all offsetting
and smearing, makes a much better appearance -and a less bulky book,
is especially adaptedl to notes in ink, and will endure twice the wear.




s ,

4' -
_ A~
II jj
I I {E5".fi, C T t';

A Picture of Alaska.:-
IsLf an e peAnd a story. that will.
make, you enjoy -one,
hour of good entertain-




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en On next Saturday 'night we will give away ten tickets good for one 'ride Jil
in Capt. Carr's five'-passenger German Rumpler plane at Barton Dam °
n= 'n - - -{1119- - =
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BinMaize Blossom, Shop, Inc.

PHONE, 566


I-glad to find. if .

3. ;




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