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March 11, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-03-11

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But Two of Past Week's Mark
Bettered by Yearling
eatured by improvement in th
fmile, mile, two mile, low hurdleti
high jump over the results of
5e events in the first trials held las
k, the second Freshman track
Is were conducted yesterday in Wa
nan gymnasium by Coach Archi
here was much in yesterday's con-
tion to encourage the most pessi-
tic that Coach Farrell will have
le material from which to mol(j
nference winner next year. The
yard dash and the 440 yard race
e the only two events which were
in slower time than in the initia


Yost's Coming Westward Jaunt
Recalls Past InSong And Story,

Breaking away at a fast clip in the
ae mile run, Murray, star distance
en, established a lead which was not
riously threatened at any stage of
e race. Mason finished a poor sec-
id. Murray's time was 4:37 7-10 sec-
"Brother Like Brother"
Mike Reinke, Freshman cross coun-
yy champion, and brother to Charlie]
einke, Varsity star, raced to the tape
winner in the 880, despite the fact
at he has but recently recovered
om an attack of the grippe. His
ne, 2:10 2-5, was remarkable con-
Bering the handicap under whichj
Bean, hitherto unkown, furnished
e of the surprises of the afternoon
sticking close to the winner's heels
roughout the race, finishing in sec-
d place. Bishop placed third. Hal-,
y, just up from a sick bed, ran aE
e race until he weakened toward the
s.(Continued on Page Seven)
Vorld Language
Need Of Future
That some language will become
actically international in use is the
lief of Prof. A. G. Canfield, head of.
e department of romance languages.
e future international languageI
11 not be one scientifically develop-
, such as Esperanto, but some cur-
at language taken up throihout
e world to~satisfy the need for a
mmon means of communication.
rhis idea does not mean that oneI
iguage will supplant the others, but
at it will be used by those whose
tivities are international. This,
iguage will probably include many
rds common to several tongues be-
use of the coining of new words to
rer modern ideas, but it will be
sically one language, not a compos-
The defect in any artificially de-
loped language, says Professor Can-
Id, is that it is unnatural, lacks id-
ns, and so does not satisfy the needs
its users.
Whitney Theatre
Leo Ditrichstein I

Memories of days gone by are call- And learned the game from Yost,'
1 ed to ,the minds of old time followers There's fire on the hills at home,
z of far West football by the news of And in' the rising flame
Coach Fielding H. Yost's coming jour- We will burn a bunch of hoodoos
ney to the Pacific coast. Not only are In honor of the game."
these recollections dear to' the hearts Only a song, and not such a poetic
of Stanford men who played under him song at that, but it gives to the out-
'way back in 1900 and to Stanford sider an idea of what victory meant
alumni of those times, but, brought] for Stanford that day, and what Yost
to the attention of Michigan men of~ who brought that victory, meant, anc:
today, they create a feeling in which si mrangt tile werr o he
f Wolverine students and graduates may Cardinal. Cecil M. Marrack, Stanford.
well take pride. '01, at the time of his graduation pres-
There is, perhaps, noth'ing more ident of the Stanford student body
- stirring for those who have lived payed a tribute to Yost in this vein,
through those days, or for those who 'Coach Yost has done more for
find in tales of them a distinct thrill l Stanford spirit than any other man in
of pleasure, than the bringing to mind' the history of the University. With a '
of songs, statements made by men of (freshman victory against a CaliforniaI
~ the time, and quotations from news- team comprised of prep school 'stars''
e paper articles. Take, for example and a Thanksgiving day triumph ove
the victory of the Stanford, Yost- California's Varsity after two years '
coached, team of 1900 over the far of overwhelming defeat too much can-
I heralded California eleven. Stanford. not be said for his-work here. * * *"
doped to lose, but imbued with thend
1 jit was after he left Stanford that'l
-spirit of the Cardinal and of Yost. Itryas a et hi d in
triumphed 5 to 0 over the Blue and Hurry-up came to Mchga) and
Gold after years of defeat. Led by the fall of that year (1901), lie took
Coach "King" Kelly and Captain his Wolverine eleven to Pasadena tc
Pringle the Golden Bear put up a play Stanford, represented by almostI
game fight but the power of Yost was the identical eleven which he had
- far too great. It is interesting to I coached to victory over California the
- note, and necessary if one is to fully year before. The resultiof that game
understand the song that follows, that is football history. Michigan, after six
Professor Bacon, head of the depart- days of travel, played through the
ment of astronomy at the University of! contest without a substitution and ,
California, predictedsa victory for his after beiheldin e terms for t
institution after a seance with the first eight minutes, completely rout-
telescope during the progress of which ed the Stanfordites, winning 49 to 0.
he, drew the conclusion that falling The Daily Palo Alto, student news-
stars would mean triumph for U. C. paper of Leland Stanford, carried an"
Following is the song inspired by editorial in its first issue following thet
that victory, sung to the old, old tune game from which the following ex-
I of "Son of a Gambolier:" cerpt is taken:
"Oh; c there' s a row on sa Market street; ~ There can be no excuse for thef
Th fores in despar sr result, The Michigan team is not on-
The cars are stopped for twenty y'wonderful-it is superb. It made
blocks, the trip across the continent, it came
The boys are everywhere; from the cold of winter -to seii-trop-1
i We've marched from Sixteenth street ical weather, it played through the
to Third two halves without substitution and
hAndbeg excuse to sing withoutha member being injured, and
Ofthe sad defeat of Pringle i left the field apparently as} fresh as
S An of Kelly, called the King. when the game began. All this is the
result of constant training and of close
(chorus) surveillance by a coach who has no
,m a son of a son of a son of a son equal. Great is Michigan and greaterE
is Yost who made Michigan! Stan-
Of a son of a Gambolier, ford knew him before Ann Arbor did.
Here come eleven Stanford men -and our defeat is less crushing be-1
Who won the game this year, cause we have a fraternal feeling for
Prof. Bacon prayed for falling the man who trained the victors."
starstCmanhorainie victons."
And on his head they fell, Coaches have coie and gone at
So let's sing a song in passing Stanford since the days of Yost.
And join the Stanford yell. Hardly a year has gone by that hasp
A nh t rd .not seen a, new man directing the des-
"Come see the U. C. rooters tinies of the Cardinal clad gridders ,
That walk away so slow, but over them all, the old grads say.
I In twos and threes they're going rears the memory of the one man who
home has always been the greatest that has
To shortly dine on crow, ever guided Stanford, the man who
Snowed under yards and fathoms since that time, has been Michigan's,
deep! is Michigan's, and, it is hoped, alway,
Here Oski-wow-wow moan, will be Michigan's. ,
As they play the dead march slow-
ly Extinguish Fire at Beta Theta Pi
On a voiceless megaphone. Fire of, an unknown origin broke out
in the basement of the Beta Theta Pi f
"Then fill you all your bumpers fraternity house, 604 South State1
And join the mighty toast, street, at 7:30 o'clock last night, but
'The team that fought with Captain was extinguished before any damage
Babe had been done.

In Michigan's baseball history the
following 10 men from. her teams have
gone directly into one of the two bitj
leagues: Sisler, Lavan, Ferguson;
Enzinroth, Lathers, Blatiding, Bowor- -
man, Parks, Knode, and Perrin. I

of ball for the last two years but the everybody got his batting eye back
MATERIAL GOOD 1opportunity has never come. and bats began to crack. All during
}Dauss A Victim the past week more delegations of old
Every time that George vas given men have been blossoming in, every-
flftfl ver tie tht r~i~~ *'~"body looking well after a winter'; lay-
the mound last year or the year be off. In another week the whole squad
fore someone threw a crank into the ought to be together to start strenu
machine i~yplling a bad broner at a oisuraiig.
Manager Cobb Works Men hard iu crucial moment in the game. As a re- trai ng
Preparation for Coning sult he got a first class reputation for
Race letting games slip through his fingers Intram ural Items
U-E -ET R all in spite of the fact that in reality Freshmen groupbasketball stand-
)FOUNDSME PROSPECTS FOR he is the steadiest man on the 'Tiger . grae s oupws
THIS SEASON APPEAR BRIGHT throwing corps. If the much talked ings are as follows:
of all-star aggregation in the field W L
Prospects for the American league pans out and the old timer is given a Big Five ... . . ...... . 3 a.
pennant are beginning to assume a Toood setting when he takes a turn on tigers...... .........3 0
rosy hue down in Augusta where the the rubberthe is ready to show the Yankee Club ... . ....... . ..2 1
Tigers are getting their spring work- fans what they have been razzing him Northwesters..............2 1
out. All of the old twirlers are now in the past for not having. C. ........
on hand, together with Rip Collins Cobb Haj)py Bear Cats...2..... .....1 2
and Francis, the two men chosen tc Even the pessimistic skipper of the 'ips'..'...............'".2
replace Ehmke and Oldham who were team is beginning to do a little talk- Indians ..... ..............0 2
released last season after they failed ing on the side about his prize col- Fourth round games will be played
to come through with good work. lection of diamond luminaries, and off at 7 o'clock Monday night, Tigers
Youngsters Promising of their chances of relieving the Yanks vs. Yankee Club, Indians vs. North-
Besides the veterans on the list of of the treasure they have been hold-, westers, Wups vs. Bear Cats, and Big
new comers to the Detroit camp a ing onto for the past two seasons. He Five gets a bye.
hnofvipAp frm ,. nr makes no bones about the quality of!--

When Michigan played Leland Stan-
ford in 1902 in the first intersectional
game ever played at the Tournament
of Roses in Pasadena, 11 men started
the game for the Wolverines and the
same 11 finished, all playing the en-
tire game. Only 15 men were takenI
on the trip, four of these not even get-
ting into the game. The team left Ann
Arbor in a blizzard with the thermo-
meter 10 degrees below zero and play-
ed the game with a temperature of 80
degrees above.,
Michigan has turned out nearly one
iLa'lf of all the All-American football
players selected from Western Confer-
ence teams.
Dr. William Gear Spencer, president
of Hillsdale college, was the guest of
honor and principal speaker at thq
seventh annual banruet of the Bap,
tist Students' Guild, held in the Baptist
church last evening . More than 200
people were present at the banquet
and during the "Radio Program" that
Taking "Jesus the Thinker" as the
subject of his talk, Dr. Spencer point-
ed out that "Thinking Christians" are
the most necessary requisite of the
present age. Not necessarily church
members but Christians that would
think and thing thoroughly.}
Preceding Dr. Spencer's talk a pro-
gram of songs, short talks and a viol
lin solo was given. The program was
designated as "The Guild Radio" and
each participant was given a radio
name that suited their part.
The Place you get


post or youngsters from the minrs
with great promise have shown up.y
With the new additions to his pitch-
ing staff, Cobb will have five of the
best men in the league to hold the
nound for his team. Dauss, Pillette
and Johnson are all ready to put in
'the besk season of their careers and
backed up by such dependables aq"
Collins and Francis they make a per-
fect crew.
George Dauss, the oldest man in
point of serviceon the Bengal staff has
been going through his tricks with
more pep than ever before and is
helping out Fred Carisch in giving,
pointers to the rookie pitchers. I
Detroit comes through in all other
departments as well as she is doped
to and George is given real support
this year he should drop very few'
games. Cobb has been planning to
give him a real chance to pitch a game

men he has on his pitching staff anO
he is banking on them, now that the
other departments seem to be well
taken care of, to prevent last year',
mishap from occurring again. If De-
troit's twirlers had been going half!
as wall at the first and last parts ofE
last season as they were at mid-sea-
son, half of the World's series might
have taken place in Michigan. Francr
and Collins are just what the Tigers
have been after for a long time and
with their acquisition the dopester,
all agree that two bits of bunting, r-
pennant and a flag, will fly from Nav-
in field next Spring. I
Things began to liven up down in 1
the Bengal lair in Augusta a week ago
Friday when the pitchers took their
first exercise with the pill. The Peach
started things off with a bang when
he boosted the ball over the center
field fence on the first day. After that

The statute requiring that all driv-
ers of automobiles obtain a driver's
license, will be strictly enforced in
(Ann Arbor according to an edict is.
sted by Chief of Police Tom O'Brien
yesterday. "Additional men will be
added to the force and it will be their
duty to see that all motorists have
such licenses," the Chief said.
Chinese Health Conditions Discussed
Members of the Chinese Students'
Friendly circle met last night at Wes-
ley hall. The discussion of the even-
ing centered about health conditions
in China. E
Sco-h Grai



s: /


Whether It's




in I
I 4 .4 / t
4.-. --d
( F9':'' ('nk r +kd&e' GPn 3 :.e
4 Yv()Jidtlo'w. I Oio not 10
(ic e d f rz 'bWtobrF-: hc ;E N. exet uIV'y t o~~~TT(,,e.
(ml9i Ji Y i C .Le -T1



$1.00 Ties and

r OT so many years ago
(when some of us
ourselvs wer under-
graduates) the collej student
was a hoodlum. Today he's as
conservativ as can be-but
with definite expression of
his individualitynone the less.
Witness, John Ward Shoes.
They ar made to meet the
tastes ofcollej men: dignified,
but carrying a note of real
The John Ward representativ
displays in
on March 14, 15, 16 and 1t
Sts in NewYork.B y Newark
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March 12
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... -
*, '
'. /!

308-10-12 SOUTH MAIN STREET PHONES 174-175-M

Spring is Coming
Plan Now to Houseclean with







a shower-

run all over town trying to find a
ter agency to insure with than the
ld up or deferred payments on pol-
holders' claims cannot be charged
any company we represent. Pay-
nts are made promptly. Insurance
written on houses, automobiles,
ok. furniture. hirns.in fact anv-

It won't be long now before Spring is here, and you will have to face
another Housecleaning. How are you going to do it this time? Do
you remember how tired and nervous you were last tall after every
rug had been carried outside, beaten and swept by hand, and carried
in again? It was a hard and tedious job. Let us show you the easier
way-with th'e HOOVER. We want you to see how all your rugs can
be thoroughly beaten, swept, and suction cleaned through and through,
without removing thei from the floor.

proofed top




serviceabl - as


IV TA~f NaTt~Th P ~ ~ A ~' ~ T~ P


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