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March 09, 1923 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-03-09

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AAI ..Aflup





3fl~ PMany of the changes in the medical
A ri II ru. NT Y curriculum adopted at the recent Elon-

Lure Genius To
'College Campus




"crelease" Score:
S e c ond Sucee

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recet o tCone l M arck4 tte IamF O A
receptin to b diIJniarcTITUTIONh

111.1 Y 09 1vention of the Association of American Mimes pleased i its second pres n io f'nwTetikereer
medical colleges will be incorporated New York, March 8--(By A. P.)rMims please generaseroednrsen-.i0
'in the medical program before next A serch of the nation for mpos- L[ii rnittion of the plays "Release"an fatriesc.ToSICO R flacrdgtoDnHuhabtf, sent to each of the houses which are
j es f usc hoe enushs on SE n M 1M [N N ]ansFree, before a receptive au-
INJf lii1.liiVI Ifalacodig o ea HghCbo etof uscwhsegeiudhsgoeatLLtIanIIVItei IwlatnihtatMiesthaerhtedcie tone hoofthi
thne Medical school. Dean Cabot re- undiscover'edIwas announced tonigt dience lerstaregthhaae theeotioneoneth
""turned Wednesday from a meeting0o by promoters of the stadiumi concert- - Charles Livingstone, '25, as "Lefty"tiksartohvteoponnte
SAiYS MOE IS "FADSE STEP" T0O the Council on education of the Amer- at the College of the City of New 2$5OO PERSONS OUT OF WORK INI Veneziano, and Edward Parnell, 25.tikets
FARDO1 IEMERSIIP IN ican Medical association at Ciagc York. This search for hitherto un- DUSSEL ,RF IVGES IN. as "Kull" O'Malley again won favor ITercpino h rcmnfo
LEAGUE where questions of medical peagoy odonied usi o hih tdrd SUFFICIENT by splendid renditions of their partj betheldieastytobformalng andeis etc
rwere discussed. willf be acoaned by a qu0estafra- in the play "Release", a gruesome b eddrcl olwn hi ~e
wrlledy bccompanied l Smith, depfor here with the Wolverines. .Arrange-
Thle meeting at Chicago was pure]' -iges or layers of musical insti'u-;TRENCH PREPARE TOtrgdbyEia .SmtepcI ments for the affair are being made'
C'ALIFORNIAN OUTLINES advisory in character but the adoption m1 ' 5 e~thsbe hde OM A O D R BE ing teprris o f f udah res.Crs byStwar oerSinoftegn
RO O N AMEO D oftercmedtosothco- Composrs whose talent meets with: by Reese, '25, was no less a favorite, ion reception department of whic
prat ilyobligatory upon the G 67orepthet ecars racr11oudasl rsotff isaotrcommissionevntinaditonwill lnc
Delares Economic Conference -Only iay.have their music played in the stall- chpn~t ~cac i~ieWudaractrsutaof ha pis rryontheePiicnedr.'5,istehed
Bo iu itr nclass A medical colleges in the coun" otRslat to 1Wae OcaatrfTre". rso epr hevn nalii otelnh
LLatla Pieur i (Cntnued on PgeTwo) Other-members of the cast were Rb- cn, will consist of speeches and actsi
'odt en abtHes ihw- enal Wrof entertainment.
svrtatdt Caldbot.sai,___ eni eWert L. Davis, 23E, as Rabbit" Moret-
odsIeetaitwudesome time be -_-__e_____
foealtecagsaeaotda - to and John Bronley, '25, as "Kid"
fore ll th chanes ar adoted a nvrnP RT~lAPTLondon, March S-(ly A.P)- loytwofheqaetitepisnnr ii am iiur
New York, March. 8-(By A. P.)- ' each of them must be taken up by 111'I' ihfh. loy itrso h stainiInIel JIUIJ 111iu~r
Presidet tHarding 's proposal that tthehe'aut feclsho o pcfcU JII IIII Ithe Rhr with -'arni ngs of an imped ymayMhIraeywsladdaN'u PIJ
Ufnited States accept membership in ato.fhnh ing riss, are painted today by some on~ tegetsto ie ucs
Ina enr wyte recommend a- I of the Landoll newspapers orreso- U
tepermanent court of InternationalI tions of the deans' convention which TS O'W e~rO Ifibs ceea ta C
0 jjjTlegrsAphDuss eldprfydisp t is ine- depicting theterror of "Lefty" and the11
entronsnReulcnofCi-er correlation of clinical and pre-cin-!-- cesn n httepltclsta nonchalant, indifference of ~"Bull0-i
fnora, alaerof teubiente airen- sbet nmdclcriua h Mbii ti ltn FrihE cit re~ asngerousatte oltca ita Malley following the flip of the coin' LARGE MJORITIES JRETUNED;;l
'om aledrothseaei o-establishment of larger groups of op- Windup to Well-balanced Ecnmccniin edsrb-ia which was to decide the fate of one' HESTON AN) MURPHY
ciables, as a first "false step" toward tional and elective courses for medical Entrtaijnent satqsserig2,0pron of the four held in the prison. It VICTORS(1
imbrhpnthlegeonainstudents, and an increased, emphasis -dareawthout wrk a ssertn ldo,0)rons was here that Charles Livngstone,iI
Speakn eoeteBoxbado upon the study of hygiene and sanita- WO~tLIITZ AND )It'ECIINIE and thatt un~bt playing the part of Lefty" was found Detroit, March 8-(By A .P.)--!
tnieoe h rnxbad o , at thel- unemplo~'1?'Wyetrgsarui at his best. The entire plot of the
anBthrcoresoX FASTTRE ROCN1) nsuffciet. The workmen noticeably y Frank E. Dorenus, former Deoratic1
trdrtoCirna senator declared f ive medicine..ae' dersepnlumr r u-'and called forth rare acting ability
thre demand for American participa- Michigan's Boxing Club. with the as-;rent that they are begnning to doubtan provided repeated tense moments. congressman from the First Michigant
tini Erpa afis a aedo lf~ lf ~ lf f f~sistance of the Intramural department th;~ ieeso h tuge The first play, "Fancy Free", a com-'district, and James W. Inches, for-
nolgelfudto u mntdHl!HI fhi 11 ~held its first boxing show of the sea- ;ij ichn oua edy by Stanley Houghton, - loses inno oiafonainbteaae 0 IHD Su iclns plrmrplceoisoewllecn t
ifrom a befogged international intellec- llUI ii UUsnlatngta atra yns- The French, this dispatch assertscmaionwt h scn r didaesr lcecmison fero illat be an
..~ _ um before a satisfied crowd of 12001ar rprn oda ihte o tion, but good acting was apparent jddt o ao fDtota h
tuality or an hysterical preversed imn- * h iii-i am~ fans, among whom were a fair 11um1-prlm throughout. Milton Peterson, '25, as pilecto,'hnascsoro
IlEEUI~K~EIW illiE II berof wonie~n ethusrasts.,. which undoubtedly will "'Fncy", and William Etheridge, '25 JmsCues o ntdSae
aination. I **flj;3*S3T i UO ;erofwoenenhuiats Iarise with the increase of unempl fJme Faes owUiedSae
ClAtims Propaganda Uli IUIl ii Featuring the seven bout double i et hi op ices Y as Ethelbert, proved favorites. 4th-l
anen. Thir oup itchnsboycotted sntr iIhsn
"Siltecycnius h rp--windup card were the bouts between a isnwaepplr ers ,who took part were John Hass- seatri cosn
ganda consists, for our entry into Eu- Reports That $;1,30,000 Froh 1921 'Woliiitz ad Mehecne, at I i The Cologne cri espondpt of~ th erer,'wneonlenye,'2. Teywr the successful candi-i estrdy'sp
U y,"sysSnto ohsn."tGat Will be Blacked pounds, and M'cJean ad Raines b. Daily Express reports conditions in +'Btente'w rdcinHg dates inyetra' non-artisan ri-
Aie as.SntrJhsn tjDetroit Junior college, the for me Duffield, 24, presented two vocal s-
tae o n omadte oa-No Surprise Here . Essen an;;mu r itfladlcins ...Inar, Doremuis leading Inches by a
w veighing 13a and the latter 1 t a h eah rt mo g te h l-' ____________ vote of more than 2 to 1 and the at-
1y'different one and has run the gain- ATTITUDE MAY BE ME1RLY Pounds. I 'ron has risen 20 per 'cent in the latj' ter maintaining. almost as large a.
uwt of possible international oirganize-!TEPRRYOSRUTO' 1Lcai' Shiows Ability ' month and milk is- almost unobtain-iff lfjf l lri lead over his nearest opponent, David
tiol.~ Its advates appeal in turn toTEP AR OBL'UCrN The Mcean-Raines bout was oniy';able. The phrase "hunger blocade" (.1I!A A. Brwn, a business man.
urdrinantoour cupidity 'Lasig(Mrc ---B .)-Tea. probability until the last moment ; o:helpso tewhl Gran0 IUIU LL isJ
ttu trusm nd t lip ofthe hole'Geman L eet Salary ncre
Lanin, a8-(ByA..)-Th ,the Detroit boy arriving after MLear I aoultin
"The demand that Americaji h eiino h dministrative board pboedapouditation lc. ..nTheflvotingflwashIlig'thesaar o
league of nations is succeeded by the toarefrotede$1,300,00 balnce of ni- , ad .;IPublic Embittered, 'LIIL LL~h1I h oigwslgt
Aproposal to increasethsaryf
b-autiful wordpiture o the econorn vrItyo ihga prpitin woIias substtuttilig for Ranes 'h The French military authorities'; lEjT 0 8019[DUV L temyrfo S00t 1,0
I' conference and the great part the a reappropriationi vote is merely in Wolverine lightweight agreed to wa it I have given definite 6irdem~ to admit all'yawscot
mora l weight of the United States ; keeping 'with legislative policy to granti for the Wolinitz-McKt~ehnie mill al-n foodstuffs to the ites, but some of the -, -___ ea a ot
: ght play in atopsy tury wrdadalbidn eussb ietato then mweet the D. J. C. boy Iink their three trucks never 'arrive and part of the Results of£. aestgation of Student' The proposal. to issue $5,000,000
now our old leaguers,, weary from, de-rudafar , ~1~y-n), wrh fpbi tltybnsfrD-
fthtw uesMcLeanth fought a clever ands wait , simn s tln Tejasn o"~1 mn ilBeCniee troit street railway extensions also"i
feats, in dulcet tones invite us to join ' . each day finds public' feling lore ..? at 'pecal meeting T ost.
the ntenatonalcout. n inern- Pessrel~rtsfro Laningyeser-ing first round, Ranes carrying the tembittered. -Usoi sNniiae
'tie;interatioal cort. n intrn a- Pres repots ;fight most of the way.:-With the ex- The impresion, that "the',auldronHetnINoiad
tional cour hch aub ttutseotherule day,. indicating that the state admin-Ielinof wobosfomRins, it PU l. CDISCUSSIONAlrerd'scutjgsweet
-of law for that of power and the dom- itrtieboard is unwilling to release 1eteon a mtwohokdro a ineody in'h i hnmvbolovr a OF R OJI' Al reorde's curt udge wA
istrat00vewhineithernsattemptedt anywiody fearul OFresuttA in ToOdsPeAN, isamong those nominated. The 12 nom-
lnaanon. of justide for armed might $13000 hc blan s at owsI relying on straight lefts and ' -t- ! -epesna- 'i'n ated, six of whon are to be elected
hai en a p pgsound. To argue tht !the appropriation granted' two years rgt te1ae h irtrud!etiressef ythe CestcMiniste aet cin nterpoto h Snt nApia
jut a ors dtr ie ise e'ago by thme legislature, do not come rght o te fae h irt ru dieofr e e t oMi nis e a te cjn h eoto h eae i piae
ass a surprise nneisue 'e-t was even, as was the second, in which 'FoC ae
isothsrboyseherungr widheyfordithe ihead Tl h ror :' council committee and of the Student Judges Jeff ries, Keide, Faust,t
t'e-en individuals it is; logical that I that "the building program at the ibt o " 'n wd o teha He continues: "It is' the opinion of ocicmiteonhenesia Cotter, as n isoadFal
theore should 'be alike mode of' a!Mcencretruhwttw rtcuilcmiteoteivsiaashndHtnndFnk1 University is at a standstill". Actual Mcencmjhoghwti w it those best able to Judge that ues ;fofsten gvrmnwhcrupySiSedK tBxr
mode 0ot adjudication of differences be- cntuto oko ulig ee-ty cros~e8 to the jaw in this rou nd an agreement is reacheCd soon ,it erlcandiofsuen oenmnwhcLurhein eKn,Batr
tween nation's 4f similar courts, at cotne!ihutitruto, al- The third round saw ?McLean toig- be only a matter of time biefor.e an- ;Ko sumndd Lee.Sudn cuni
Micestuges 'situaionei ansdiothrngreakfou.rIamttldahatroal at last nigh ts meet- ytog h iuto tLnigi addafe tagtlfst h aefrisapbcountyreported the following appear
Cour Nt Understood deadlocked for the present.addafwsrihtlfst ~efc France would not hesitate to declare
"Btwa s ~ adan hti Myb nyFormalty "Shorty" Raines carried the fight all war and bomb the German cities, in- inmg, was delayed. The council felt that to have been nominated by the Re-I
no ndrt~di ha h s-ale hegatigo tereanng$,' h ayadforced Bill several times celuding Berlin, if hier forces are at- the changes contained in the rert publicans^ for circuit judges:
International court is no court at all 300,000 was asked as a "starting; to hang one. were too important to be decided Juheaise-nMrsheriaye
'a court is commonly understood. poit" in the new program and it was ; idzad MeihnieBattle Eve r tacied.
7t; is a little more than what exists ( assumed that the administrative bordl-Woiit;n M chiutu ter Cologne, March 8.-France took ov .' Webster, wudMandtiellathuhthsta Arthurgehiiin.Bth' Wadtonltrrtrebster t h oness foino i ie n eog . od
nt funcrti hie teoray ourtspii feooyha nlecda-boys started their free swinging tace ain control of the cstomns'psts on !concil favored turning the report' The only pesent judge to fail of
LihWihw r aiir tcn ion on all recent appropriations. The Itics early but varied their offense with tergtbn d h hn.oen tsofarthinivrstfoprcls thir-on-oincein w'ans fomer0.'co Hnress
ntaibeoetreactatou-,most recent indications, if reports arc e lltu srigtrgtIndlffterih akodte'hn.oetoatheUiest orp er otnmintio BnaJudger0.-CFon t.s
not ailbefre I realctran can- correct, that the board will not grant to the head. The first round saw ther-
trie norlcacit ofitselfassumajuris-riati o oknno h ed hebd en eissideration. They also favored giving Inman, apparently failed" of nomination
tionorc tof f eteasuen natis-theokingmfcr ofetheaoldtappbodyibeionConcert ,- full publicity to the report be or they for circuit judge by 142 votes.
dipte ihu eiltv oeo ea-disregarded with the exception of go- ,____________
It is a mere arbitrary tribunal to propriatio, appears as noth ing r more Ing into the clinches when both play lssT ng t panssedupoit-d. haviudngtheounew W rW N
'whichr nations may submit disputes iftihan the formality of conforming to ed for the stomach. Neither attempted! -- will hold a special meeting at 11
they see fit and only those questions the plan of not taking any action on to box off the rpes but in the third The 122-123 Choral Union con-ocokSnaltteUin og SPEAING CONTEST
'which 'they see fit to submit can be Uiest prpitos ni fe round there was a fusilade of hooksi cert series will be brought to a close 1ocokSna tteUin og
ons4idered. EnlglandFr'ance, Italy 1thne visit of the Legislature here next exchanged in the ropes Inn cKechniii' by Guy Maier and LePtio ute notedtis6 h e
"n aa aerfsd osbi owe corner. There was little to choos1 will appear in a two-piano recital at , port, oU. V. ~awson, '24, was awarded first
any compulsary jurisdiction.t reserv-! To considei' it of vital importance as' between either lua. Both carried thei( g o'clock tonight in 11il1 auditorium !t~in pig~e place in this semcistem'"s extemporan-'
lug to themselves to decide when and a possible block to further rlease o ih n sda iia l of if-reaaer andPtttison are yungusncon-tSom whiuct3waophoidiolast sibet
thyaeitrse hhcm eoeimpossible, for if the latter "had in- his left hook with. Mac leading with a dons success in this hitherto unex- Spring week. In this regard the in University all. A silver loving
tieinternational tribunal, tended to permanently obstruct the srihtlf.phoreded of music. Individually G president of the Council in order to+ cup was given him for first prize
ha itePwrgranting of the $1,300,000 it would not (Cntinued on Page Seven) they are pianists of exceptional abii-; make the )ostiohn of the council lear Second place in the contest was given
Has Ln ittle Phvealowedh osblt fr-p - _--- ty and their 'co-rdinated talents make made the following statement last to M. H. Specter, '25, and he was pr-
Thna tl~~~~~~~a rS iAii S.h * br 11J~i. l I LtIr I n4t'0-!,haveAC' alow d heposiiltyofrea A t Vrihn orth m o r Cc C !~iSt"SAt+hp nnft f evra.o- anAA wt n hA H Fi.Cla'J

fluff i11.W! 1 1 LII / Uli



- - a v. t7r
Move Woild Substitute New, College
for Presenpt Chair of,
Lansing, March 8 -- (Bhy A. LP.)
Homeopathic physicians of the' state
today reopened their fight to re-estab-
lish a homeopathic college in the
University of Michigan and will short-
ly introduce a resolution calling for
the state legislature to instruct the
University. regents to establish a col-
lege of homeopathiy instead of a chair
in the 'medical school, thus reversing
the process of 1921 when the legisla--
ture passed a. concurrent' resolution
m~erging the homeopathic college with
the school of medicine and substituted
a chair.

Homeopathic physicians appeared
before the senate 'committee on fi-
manice and appropriations this morning
asking that steps be 'tiaken to 're-es-
tablish their college.- Senator B'urney
j C Brower of Jackson is chairman 'of
the committee.
1Dr. T. G-. Yeomans of Benton harbor
addressed the corhiittee for the home-
opathics, declaring that the homneop-
athic faculty at Ann Arbor had been
"muzzled" in' 1920, having been -in-
structed not to approach regents or
state legislators and: not to go to Lan-
Shortly after, in 1.921, a concurrent
resolution was pushed through - the
legislature, Dr. Yeomnan said, direct-'
ing the regents of the University to
nlerge the homeopathic college with
the school or. nmedicine, crea~mtig -a
chair in rklace of the 'college. The col-
lege was then abolished and the Uni-
versity gave as its reason, Dr. Yeo-
mans stated, that in 1920 eight stu-
dents graduated fronm the homeopathic
college at a. cost'to the University or


The 'Benton Harbor physician de
Glared this statement was incorrec
because income, from tuition and pa
tients had not been considered, tli
average cost of patients being $3.91
perP patient per day.
The net cost for' five years wa
.$83,000, Yeomans said, and t.ic cos
for that year was $16,000., He declar
ed' it was now costinmg the Universil;
more to maintaini a chair im hoineopa
tHiy than it had c-ost to run time co]
lege. Members of the committee seen
ed to favor time physicians this nmorn
in- and were of the opinion that;
resolution would be presented 'shortly



Late Ainlussador *'1lIk

Gran t"

whEich is to prevent war in the future propriation.
T~ (eflid ii itSthe reat The attitude of time board may be in-
is ened n tsinception bythgra terpreted as a decision to be in keep-
nations of the earth the right of thme gwt eemnto omk l
powker to act on any questions which ; aipgowihadriation hepetmkuill-
may be the breeder's of war without -;prpitosfrtepeetbid
these nain hmevs ing program come -as action on thme}
na-tons hemelve. Ipart of the' legislature as a unit.
-''It ig nmoposed that we do exactly Junket Plans Visit
(Contnuedon Pge To) ',A junket composed of the members
of both houses, including the two
University commmittees and the finance
IXAES FOR DIR3ECTORtY comimittee are expected to be here for
SUIPPLEMEYNT DUE TODAY! a two-day inspectioni of time University,
I '-next Thursday amnd Friday. It is pos-
1 Diectoy copous mut bein Bible that the visit may be- extended
IThe Daily office by tonight inii to Saturday if necessary.
order, to be included in the sup- IThme impressions received by the
p lement which will be primnted Junket, concerning tihe needs of theme
within a few days. University, are expected to influence
Following a custom The Daily the decisions of thme legislature ini its
Iwill publish changes in a~dress! final action on University building re-
and the addresses of those enter-;; quests.

IVith a final spurt that raised time
total of subscriptions to a higher nump-.
b~er than ever before, the MAichiganen-}
sian yesterday closed its annual spring
drive. Thme total number sold in botlt
the fall and spring drives was 2824,
381. of these being sold yesterday.
Although time campaign did inot mel
enough subscriptions to b~rinmg about
the rebate of 50 cents that the .3000
mark would have domne, it was entirely
successful in time eyes of the staff. The'
drive, which hasted three dlays, re-1
sulted in 543 subscriptionis.;
Thme order for the year book war I
sent to the publishers at 5 o'clock
last might. It will be impossible to
obtaimn further copies of the book, with
the exception of tihe few that are not
cailled for at tile time of distributoi
Effect A rpinie Contact
-hi~lI- .r Y.. inrenQ-(Rny A.R 1

que effects in piano-praying. ganizations and students who appear-
The. following prograi s annouine " red before the council at its last meet-
ed: ing, a committee was appointed wrhichi
I hbas arrangedl a tentative schedule for
Fantasia and Fugue ini A mno......Srn ek h dai eea a
and ch-Uauer Speengapred byheaou gncilae
Prelude, Fuguean Variations..4be prvdb h oni fe
.........:..Franck campus sentiment seemmed to favor
Scherzo, Op. 87 ................1suchl a week. One of~ the things thb
II committee has. considered has been
Vniain n.a Y irtt 1) TP+?hcv 1 the effect Suh a grouping of eventst

'24, w-as given hionorable mention.
Eighit speakers spoke on tire program
and delivered eighit minulie speeches
on different phases of the subject,
"France's Invasion of tHe, Ruhir"..


....... Skint-Saeus 1
III .,
Barcarolle ........... Rchmaipoff.
Pupazetti ...... ......asella
1. Serenade
2. Bermuse
3. iPolkai

Iwould. have on= school work, and, a~s
arranged, the scheduloof events is no
heavier than that of last year. The
council committee ;F or Spring week
will meet this "afternoon withntime
Senate ' committee on Student Affairs


acted as judges. Decisions' were
awarded 'oan the point basis. J. K.
Dunn, '24, who was in charge of all
arrangements for the contest, acted as
The three takinig first, seconid and
third places in last night's contest
amnd thme winners of the contest last
semester are eligible to write and give,
orations on thme subject "Student
Chuaract er for World Citizen ship.Alo r-"

Special scholarships in diplonmacy,
to be taken at New York university,
are provided for under the terms or
a bequest made by the hate Amnbassa-
dor F. C. Penfield. These scholarships
will be awarded by Dean Earle R,
Babcock of the Graduate school of.
New York university.
Two of these scholarships for $1,000
each will be awarded to applicants
holding the nmaster's degree from an
approved college or university or who
exp~ect to receive the degree in June.
1923.. In addition. to time two $1,000
scholarships, there will be two 4Df an
sianuaI value of $800, three of. an anm-
n iual value of $500, and several minor
Frederic Courthand Penfield, who
dlied last summer after a long career
of diplomatic semrvice, began in the
consul general's office in Cairo and
enided in Vienna as United States amn-
ba ssador.
Students interested in these "Pen-
field Scholarships" should communi-
cate with Dean Earle B. Babcock of
Jthme Graduate school of New York.
University, . 100 Washington Square,
East, New York City, giving a state-
mieat of their academic preparation,

:ig school tis semester. Thl im 1-
rectory supplement wvill ho. run in
installnments in form conivenient
for clipping and pasting in the
Students' Directory.
Work on the compilationn has
now been started and those cou-
pons which are not at time office
by tonight will not be included
in the listinug.
Name. .....................

, k


Waiter K. Towers, '10, prominent
Detroit newspaperman, will addr-ess,
Members of the Student Press club at
:heir second dinmer of thme semester at
:15 o'clock next Tuesday evening at1
-he Charlevoix cafe, 620 E. Liberty
Towers was a formmer editor of Thme
A mercanBoy and is at present con-

v. tvainCU htA*0/A LIM J' W p . a u. -wa-'- - - - -..
Vas........... rnk Discussion of the council activityI al and Spiritual". These six will par-i
Scherzo .................AreskyI with respect to the proposed visit of ticipate in the Charles Atkinson Me-t
A Jazz Study ............. E. 'B. I1111 Ithe state legislature resulted in sov-{ morial contest which will be held in
The Orgy.................Minsky I ral suggestions being made which; May. A prize of $50'and a gold medal
Iwill be acted upon at a later meet- will be given the winner.
{ in-. As Voi'non F. Hillery, '25L, prey-
Ask The Manidnoftecuilcud not attend Ulf 4IiIIIIihiIHI
Wh o O w n s (o n e Evanston. Ill., Thomas Lynch, '25L ,1111Lvce-presdentLof helcounil,-Uwa
elected to fill his place as delegate. Dr. William G. Spencer, president
if you are in doubt as to time Appoint Swing Out Committee of Hillsdale college, will be the prin-
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I the second seimester for all nmenmbers


-Conitact b~etweenm airplanes flying a'
reduced speed to prove nmessages or
fuel could be p~assed from one mia-
chine to another was proved at Mit-E
clhehl Field by Lieutenant Clyde V. Fin-
ter amnd Lawrence 13. Sperry today.


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Prof. P. Bramnd Blansliard, or

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