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March 04, 1923 - Image 15

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-03-04

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100 EYIE IN-


er Look~s For .reaction;


Admission to the Blue courses re-
quires more military experience thanj


~NIAII IW~ft1,In RevolutionaryRusa
(Continued from Page Ninie) "I expect to see a reaction from to Professor Turner. England con-
F or, which meets at 12 o'clock: I the revolution in Russia, if I live long. tinned as a republic for more than a
Mr. Jun) will again speak in the aft- - enoug~h," said Professor E. R. Turner, depade after its revolution in 1649.
ernoon, at 4 o'clock, when lie will ad- I6C the history depai6tment, recently; Then a powerful reaction came and
dress the young peop~le on the subject in speaking of past and recent 'revo- the. nation went back to its old me-
of "Some Strange Things in the lutions in his English history lecture., narchial form of government. The
bible." Studens at the. 6:30 o'clock Professor Turner believes that re-} French revolution, the American re-
Firepide Chat Meeting, will discuss, volutions taken as a whole, have been; volution ,,(which was, according to
"How To Choo~se A Life work." Speak- a losing, proposition, very dangerous to; Professor Turner, "a comparatively
ersa from the Life Work Conference all, and seldom acconmplishing lastingI mild one), and the more recent Irish
will assist. improvement. "The trouble generally revolution, in all these a reaction

Rev. George R. Baker,, Associate is begun by a. group who want only
Secetryofthe Board ofEuain mild reforms," he said. "They carry
Secrtaryof Eucatonthe movement to a moderate length.
will give a brief devotional address
-at the Communion Service of the First if stopped there, much benefit might
Baptist church, which will be held at .be derived. But now a group of more
10:.34. o'clock. Student miembers wil violent disturbers push the original
be ,received at this time. At 12: p ones aside and'earry the dissension to
o'clchyMis Frnce P.Greno ah, uther point. In turn they are
o'c19cla ofiStudrant'epa~rmentofh pushed aside, and the thing proceeds
ieceayo tdetDparmnto like a geometrical progression until
the Board of Education, Will spak to itecutyfnc tefi hgi
;the Students' Class at the Guild House.,h onr id3isl ntegi
There will be a student friendship of a terrible revolutou."
~hour at the church at 5:30, o'clock, Most of these revolutions do not end
a when the last shot is fired, according
~foll owed by a. devotional meeting at _________________
V6:15 o'clock~, at which Miss Greenough
,and Mr. Baker will be present. In the
evening the congregation will join in PROHI SITIONISTS SEEK
the Till Auditorium Service at 7:30
tf"Christ Jesus"., will be .the su'bject ___
,of, the morning sermon. at the First
yChurch, of-. Christ Science.. The ser-, The Intercollegiate 'Prohibition As-
-vice begins at 10:30 o'olcck,- followed sociation, an institute of civic reform,
by Sunday School at 11:45 o'clock. has announced a thousand dollar essay.
At the Zion Lutheran- Church, Rev, contest. Thle papers submitted are to
E. V. Stellhorn will address the morn-, deal with some aspect of the theme,

I occurredi. These reactions varied in
intensity, but the fact that they camne
at all lends force to the idea that the
same may be expected as a result of
the "13ussion revolution, and that it
will happen in the. near future in the
opinion of Professor Turner. te
Whimsies Lecture
Course Announceu
(Continued from Page Nine)
dalute" of his own invention. -He is
said to be very funny and clever
While i~n England, on his way bac)
to America, he received a great deal
of complimentary attetnion. His verses
in Conrad Aiken's anthology, which'
was published by an English housel
and incl'ided -some fifteen AmericanI
poets, received more favorable com-
ment by English crtics than those of!
any other poet included. It is worth
remarking, ,incidentally, that Aiken
did not include Louis Untermeyer in

I r~pthe White, or one year's experience
SUMMERTRAINING C in the White course. It deals withj
- the duties of a commissioned officer.
Preliminary annoui ekients have The men in this course will have
been received here of the citizens' charge of the various companies and,
MiliaryTranin Cam tobe on-troops of Red and White course men.
MiliaryTraiingCam to e cn-,It is expected that, as last year,
ducted by the War department from courses will be offered in all the major.
August 1 to September 1 this sum- branches of the service, including in-
mr-, The camp for the sixth corps fantry, signalling, andl artillery. For
area, which includes Michigan, wvill further information on the camps, let-
be held at Camp Custer. ters should be addresrved to the C. M.
The camp is open to all men 1,e- T. C. off'icer, care of sixth corps area,
tween the ages of 17 and 24, and is 1819 Pershing Road, Chicago.
intended to teach those who attend_____________
seone of the more important rudiments IiELSFEA ADD1RESSES S. G. A.
of practical warfare and tactics. To j MN TRGLR3ETN
further this end, and the applicants ENA RUIA METG
are divided into four groups, and each
group is given an almost separate Members of the Student Christian
course. The Basic Rled course is the ; association cabinet held their regular
first, and aims to teach men militaryf meeting Thursday afternoon at Lane
courtesy, elementary infantry drill,I hall. Dr. Kselsea outlined his plan of
the proper use of the rifle, and the tdin Mcia tuet-nati
rudiments of tactics. The advanced tkn ihgnsuet nati
Red course will take up more adi-j to Mexico for study of conditions' there
vanced points of the rudimentary in- and to establishing more friendly re-
struction.; lations between the two countries.
The White course is intended for3RprswemaeothRliou
non-commissioned officers-those who Reot;eemd o h eiiii
have had previous military exper i- Institute, the inter-church conference
ence or who have completed the Red ' now in session, and the extension ser-
course in previous camps. Men -taki- vice banquet to be held next Tuesday'
ing this course will have actual ev- 'night at the Methodist church. Robert
perience in the work of, the non-coin-: E. Adams, Jr., '23, president of the
'missioned officer, as they will com- Student Christian association, presid-+
mand the men in the Red courses. ed. -

Student To Offer I aesBown,.'23; ira Brown,
MJ1aronette Sholu Dck '25, who will act as puppeteers.
-Barry Burnett's-Marionettes, an amn --
ateu ppet: - hwprdued i4ely 1.- e want Sales Rep resenttves, men
cur u s~piuc ~ ~and women, preference given to those
by students under the direet 1% of wlhb are 'working their way ttirough
Harry Burnett, '23, will be presented college, we. fumrfish' Special"~Synfdicate
on Mrch 7 inPatengil - - -Advertising for~ local merch~ants, as
on arc 17'inPatengllauditorium, weir as millin g cards, slidesfor use
Burnett has been working with marl- 1il Motion-Pcture Houses. In addi-,
tion- -to t: is we have a nu~mber of
onette shows'for the past three years, SpVialties.
and lo~t year presented the first public our commissions are quite large,
amateur puppet show seen in, Ann ' averigl.~- over $20.00 on ech sale.
Arbor. He makes all his own puppets, No colletions are required 4attime of
tak~ing contract, and we pay' commis-
assisted by his mother. Robert Hien- 1sion on. rated business,- iinie'dlately
derson, '2,6, will, assist him with the ! on verification of contract.'
producing of the new show, the name! Write 'very fully" about 'Yourself;
of~ which is "Rhmmpestilzkin. above ailt dont be b hicf. -
Burnett will have six assistants I -ADVERISERS CLUBt
Crosby Rees, '25, Dofrothy leitrey, '24, di)S Broadway ',New York City
Week- Startinu ghts We--to $2.50
to . . -
- -, IM .a -k,
r r
A play of, tI pctluresqueIPeriod of 'AAWle~i.e ha ys
is 1803 with Its- wvealth of scenic awil- elect-rica! Ia -es--
titure And a ful cmplmet f tbirty in ttie cast.
- - - aarill~lilNtitnuUi~11~~lli[itllull1Ul~l

ing cuu;grega.Llon on ta'subjet~u, -2y Y"the World' Movement Against Al- --
Jesus Was Come Among Men". The coholism", and the contest is open to hicoetin
sermon will be delivered in German. Ialsuet noldi mrcncl If a fourth artist should be put on
The Pastor's Bible class. will meet at leges, universities, normal and other i the series, it presumably will be,
9:30 o'clpck in the morning. Visiting schools of similar rank 'in the enhanced by so much. But even as it
studen workers will speak at the Stu- i academic year ending June 30, 1923. stands the, program promises to be
dent Foruni,- which meets at 5:30 ThIbeto h ots stepo memorably good. If successful, the
o'clock in the afternoon. Rev. Steil- motion of more active interest in Am- I literary series may becomne a permna-
horn -will prech a Passion rsermon in erican Prohibition, and the mobilizas- Inent institution on the camnpuP -'
the evening at 7:30, the sutbject fto suet opin o afctv something which is to be desired.
which will bie "The Third Saying from tion of student opinion for effectiveI C. T. A.
the Cros."ent
SLane Hill is the temporary meeting. S o tll n-ur
~place of the Church of Christ. Bible Teesy umte r ocn
"sholwl4 ee t :0 nth or-tarn not less than 2,000 nor more than I Artit5,N xea
3,000 wordsmeetorawhich ia pageorof bii st4Aet e r
Ang,. followed by morning church ser- f ,0I wrs o;hihapg fbbi
-vice at 10:30, the subject of whichI ograp-hy consulted must be added. The!
wil be"Chistin he ome. Rv.i contest closes June 1, 1923 and threeI Paris, Mar. 3. (By A. P.) --The musicj
~-4rwill ereachi the soermo. Te. copies of each essay must be mailed to! of sport, the romance of it, and its
;Students class will. meet atheInerolegat-Pohbiio5Asoia inspiration to art, will have a chance
-'&clock, with Hal. Coffman, ec i tout 90 1 et ahigo to show themselves during the Olym-
teaching., Chicago, Ill., not later than that
JDr. Stouffer will lead the men's ser-{ date, as shown by the postmark. The rpie games of 1924 at the Colombes
vice club, which meets at 12 o'clock.'I-
-~St. Andrew~s Church will hold Holyi cash' prizes amounting to a thousand stadium.,
Commnio at8 oclok tis ornng.dollars are to 'be awarded 9 follows: I Poets, novelists, dramatists, paint-
The "Student Bible Discussion Groiin first, $300.00; second, $200.00; third, ers sculptors and musicians will be
at Harris Hall willJ meet at 9 :30 $100.00; 'th, $50.00.I invited to take part in a prize com-
o'clock, and at 10:30 in the morning,- petition of works inspired by sports.
Reverend Donald Aldrich' will :also the National Episcopal Student Work, The productions must be original and
give the. evening address and prayer will be present at the Student SupperI must have a direct connection with
at 7:30 o'clock in the evening. Miss at Harris Hall, at 6 o'clock in the ;sports. Artists, authors and musicians
Agnes, Hall, Associate Secretary for evening. fo ol-iefm ilrve h
works submitted and allot the p~rizes.

(Tomorrow) I tl h (I A NH Tuesday
gonday J[J [J~~Thbrsday
MARCH 5 Saturday
JTON!J1r-It . T he Ch1 P l a rm S 'C I 3sp-I,.
ill Porter iimaersou 1Urowize" Satiic ie lodr ainatic Comedy


"'heB-,,.a~ an
as Played by HOLBR OOK BLINN
sale broke all ten eomllmandmneits lit one day aid ineveCr muissed leis Jilr"1
Nights 50c, 75c, $1 Mats. TTrdy2O
each Attraction Begins on Monday and Closes on Sunday

. _





I ~l l II II-I I OM~0lO~l


-r O- ., - -




Young lMan
Get This!
"Faint Heart Never Won
Fair Lady."




Don't Die on Third!


We suggest three effective ways of making the right impression:
I st. Take Her to the Betsy Ross.


2nd. Send Her a box of Betsy Ross Chocolates.

They hit the spot.

"Thle Committee "o£ Three" are the representatives of
"The American Theater Managers' Association," selected
by them to secure, at least once Bch season, a represen-
tative star, to be surrounded by a company of players
of positive worth. and appear in a play of wide popular
appeal-this company to make a. transcontinental tour
under the insurance and assurance of the "Committee."
In the selection of Mr. Ditrichstein, and having him
appear in his most universal success-universal in its
apeal to all amusement levers-the "Committee"~ weighed
the choice carefully and decided by the number of theater
Managers' votes that "The Purple, Mask" was the most
popular' play wherever it had been presented.
This move on the part of the theater managers assures,
the amusement lovers in the smaller cties the sam-e
carefully cast and completely produced productions thait
have heretofore been seen only in the half dozen metro-
politan cities of America.
-Only the standard prices of $i;i o-$I.65-$2.2o-$2.75.
Mail orders will be filled in order received when accom-
p~inied by check and self-addressed stamped envelope.

3rd. Bring Her here and take a box of Betsy Ross Chocolates when you



"6There's nothing beter thani swives for the sweetc."

If you want the best,
You need not guess,
But come to the Betsy Ross.





I y

Tweeds,; whipcords, Gabbardines,
Pin; Stripes, Diag onal Weaves,
Checks, etc.:
-~. 'iAR'GAINS, ,'--..
$15.00 Corduroy -Coats -.. - . $10,00
2.50 Olf Hose."................1:50"



8.0Sport -Coats.............
5.50 Wool 'Shirts ............
3.00 Caps....... .........



II t, .



El~ l I r 1' E .WU aU IU' I E

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