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February 20, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-02-20

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i A
k .

jd themselves far superior to their op-! Michigan; indles, IMciigan, seonid;
VA STITA K MiO E E nents in this short race. .Cowd, Chicago, third. i sta3nce:, 4;S OR
A CK EN 0 IRWH LM IThe Maroons managed to take Tc et 1 ich.
w o first pllaes in the mile antd Running high jumrp--Won bylac- !It. is the enci il opinion aon o
Eihe ite srelay, in the mile ;I{rgh Sllvm, icigain ;Smith, 2fichitan, ! FlAmen that inaIin ~'voil, Floyd(
lowred the gy siflsiunli record from 41secoind; rinkpwn, Chicmo, third. t1Nso ihtnxi 'in(h
'AROONS IT DECISIVE SCO, "4; scods to 4 nimlts teig-. ftet iin c3.b swsah~ rmr\
N'tirle..nne e Nn'Pris i e-of :M chigan, held the former record in .dout a ti eter nun than any that.i n~z$; Stitt, Chicag o, second ; Jones, I ohnson (los not figre to have ani
('iti ?.acw' 'IflI(' ' drt ~rt'r the low hutdlesnd in 11921. AMic igan1hwd enterd mthis vet utcagmothird. "Thue,51 -.oe hne i tl 5togent
it1iiG wo Fi tts Mi trli S i,' .p.. 4 andwas also Cicago's 1hest track- Po1*' va it-'Iited for first nd lsee- ope sccor'sfnlly with such mn e-'
Ma 1 t~r't1 iith .Bowen ran an excellent race ?'ic's n lee Ixr v h a
R'U I I'V y, o to scndpac oloed 0ut lces, FB-ctokerr nd 1}?rros .Tr t jnclpndceir tooa te sa
i E)(~)~ th e yinnasumnirecord made hy [llt-jdt oo erodpae olwd YY'ficig an ; Mallr *,Chiag-o, tird. troiiiSt. lal.
leri by tuning inn. t ineof ;'; *- ih hs aeMchgnws ot-h eiht, 11 foot \Vieiar.a deeat t the hands of
ondrs. With acflying start in the relay iHlt(ilceL -Wou 1\I Zenk. ich- 0on willil ifdothe ym tranyI
1 ichIeigar.'s trvckrneninvaded dthlo I hen'cliplped -5 of a second rin t Throout Tittl~ ftilahyb R k,. 11015ylli~O
Wil f, ;iUs~riL!.~ ~i~ li.'~ 9it t ,. ..... It,iris xlr t.,r,. h, ,;I., 1:.. , ir iln :rogh . ( hCa. se COnd: Hlett'~ real harm is;a 0 oiier intt r. It ,rob



l)(Cillid leit a 1{In)o01Gilbboit's sa
illy. Hie might, learnimore, alboutight'1'-
irig in one battle Awith Gibbon ; than a
doczen enicouniter:; with men l:(a
howl ovri'in a--low mrounds.Th il
quay to leartn how to light is to mleet
goodI fighters.
Trhat Johnson will be able to go the,
rouate witit Gibbons is not too illuc h to;
expect of the youngster, Gibon~
;ever haes stopped Ga first ('lass!manl.
A l m e ' i o ' n w a n t i l 1 .tth e g ae e h a v e "g o n e th e li t w iih i mil
a~nd somie of lthose who+( did ii not ~inrott
to a g;reat, deal 1":i -e cn e cn l<<: b
Ihu t14ii1hat. IOVo a c( 'orinildi , a 2end
rater, held hint to aItdra w. f LII iile

lMiaden, a human puinching bag, wit
nothinglll but eXperl(Ice as a.3s11
broughit Tom's string 1 tof eighlteen or
i wciity knock cuii 5to an < 1f~. i Alt lr
[1,1.rrY Crebit was lhle to beat himt.
Groh hims~elf' admits that Gibbon,; is
a better fG iter in all but one thing.
That is gameness . "''it knows more
bz~out the raLcke(t t 1(1 hesla etter hlit-
ter than IPam), lhut Icamn. always hbeat
lilyfi ('any('s hl' tinot 1gameo" iS Ole xVay,
(;r b sizes up 1Gibblons. Thos.' who
w theirltast: h<<ti Ic hrt ltaGCreb
It is T' ]'S hack of 1heart 111:t givers
'.i(hiilsoil ,:1 ttick chn'(' e10 'Winl.
L s not -'ey oodlchl~c e, hbec:!lISe
]am n2ion a3 ; 1i;list illex pot ion(.0od cp

IT he W olv er};'y i n es s en it Mwit: 1.Mtoii
byJ . XiiriIIung ,Ine out 1.OFof eleven ir{TS I
lt1,1('"tl to"(thbr i th sIA. ;secjnds and1(
t wAOt hirdsL. ile 'hgvo ;I111 d iiurn~l

! aT Icai Iveonma do aremtoorkahite per-
forniance irl t he high jttnt) by cleanving
tihe bar .t six gofeetone.,i ncliwhich
htwoko t he gymnsiti mu ianre~ort by throe-'
iIurt hsI;-IOf ;aitl in1a. SIThJ, who0 has
1nia iie 'thiis 11:;tvii 111practice, took, st'(-
0:1(1 jiTaco, and i"s tin Ife eto ri'epe
b ti fl4t''I'IIVi lI ' i vt t, ILI C. ,-f cb T'f2

up to e.\pect t ion~s and turnmied ct am~
l xccllvnft mile relay teat in. TIheir timec
thlin (M~aebh lba rel's t u.M'ci iga':s
ontds with a flying; star't . a iniv

(lorf'f, IM!ichigan, thi id. Time. : 144 -5.
,~Two mile--'lie i beer lsh~ell a11
third. f rie. 10: is.
The ll'1'4 l il d (' 1111 of e l t i ll i, or-

:iliy will depend il o ewbadlyhe is
' eate tori. To10ont -loinlt od iby Cif)-
hemis wotuld not dot rac t niht(h from
.l :li) 11801'S prs5t ige. Itits (oniceivabOle
hat he might giain p"rest ig-oeeven if ho
1o~es t he decisioni.
'1' llie ol' thtiig Johnison has to roa.
is Itht ic e will he knockedl out..A
knocomut niever dint any fighter lat}'
goodl when lie was t he ron pieni 0ofthoi
L iiochoit.. Such ai happening invari-
ablmiy sl t t ers a b)oxr's ner'ive'anmd
snakes him punch shmy. Oft en itnoits,
it promtisinig career.
hlmt itf.Johnmsoniis imawdeof the*tight
,t ttft', it will not hurt him Io be ouit -


l.. I, ,the Wolver14 e star o I ~.oat Vari1,rell hay;us iititt1:it0111511eri:-, 1 (coiner in a he shorlter d(ls tlc a Iee i i' itly 1 MI!ichligan ,'not(ef; ts at (elo
m1; 111:(1(' ide e )('St pei'botnance ' tf in2this eventI and t boy shotui ;III)(,! 0looks like a record b 'ciken iii dors, : this eveningFin room 8 13 of ih1e ie-
I i(~ even1iu,1hing lte 11?h defcated Krogh, 4 p ci J' a' t ,t7C 21112 1 mar ,io . T e i7 , miis'or,,m
I1 Lo c ob tspi ion tedos ~ 0 .( I's Well (it- Pellt' ould(looi's. I . -E Aa :,shio. t. t11111' ,fl2() in tlt 0 i'i:i1 n' the,' ' i'' lltis f(l(t e
T11o thtn~ i nee'I oa iteA I .le I wo niioe eveo1" jli Vo t; tLrai tewas (011sein\Va- l elion (10 1015 01thecoln
3 , r 4 viiy weak ailmiI-J):'11a;d11(1 1?,1:i'm an y mnn.t Si 1101 iii 18 4-5 secoiidf , yea i'. Coies of the directory of
1,ne :1in1e1nti d56 4-.) sec~fld. hid n asl?11'11y. hy idnt ry is just. 2-5 secoitlis bettert ik t , elHumuensIt t'Unvrst
t111'ime Iroh,' e t W1est0lIl (N)nif(r! in - hail nc~ytitr. i~ idnt1'to ;asClevinan stuol'd taltadte ii'' ti'i rIit
((1 rcrd and came within two an arcodI li eo tecodt o' h "' ar o editibte t h me tg
,I1 i ('r eo':ds -of' 1-11'mworld otlitdloi of' the track and cross3ed the ta ~ ~ "hntIo-r
1 ( Csrinidistance.111eike i14i I sh- tlori+ec. hrst i Afc , was ho wevetr lv- r
o .l a 'sinav it ee I. t' x +'n tse I Chir ie rIhis di:t "1) 5 ncinsdah- W V(;1l by W\it Iman,
y 1 lllct wats 1(1:1.8. fiet(' e lt )10 1 le citrom C'.lllr<12il; El''c A '11lmjgtn. 5('('Omtd1
nk~r tIMnin nuers'f, but to ,(late ha4ve 2not: run11 Ma Po)' i('1, Chicago, tb i rd. Tinmie,
I nh'f 'Ifv 5IitdWt 11.(vr ot i yardagghihart1nes--'Wonnby. ti)
lit a, p. 11 attendorff ran aa. fine ruine, ; helit -put the Woel aEt'ur uin .'nr ;1101Ch1aothrd T tio
11W'v1,I:i i Ilmile thle (itillice is' did no11 hve ily Conmpetition to spleak 7'n;Jes _halChid
I ) tri allo 11 (1 tool: 'th1e first two pluces wi ii- Onmie1ln-\OlIyKroh(i-
1 11)10 'dwashiio''i1)0111!:all:22ol' t11w oat aany d ir11lty. nil :den 1)111 the B't~i'
11%1''. , cnmulatuui t) 0 poinit; by 44'111 1 sit 1 43 feet 1 ielt, :m 1 r id 'nades'13' t+' host 1t'' 11;t-2, S'{((',1(l
A1 2t7Irdlit, Michligain, thirid. rTime: 4 :25
o n 1ts l e n 'It h i i-h and 'low ; brow W:iS .31I[', 7 111('11( , Iii11(108
it il-u te. lii )1)1 rl'sperormalie i a td ('oni. Noa He et renile Withit Hlieshot ''
'' i)Y1lC ' ;''11.."., k 71'.le eciatioie h broke I ui Ili" wa,,II hIt.used .to :1lt helC Mi yrd Jel1'-'dlo z-Wil by m ~
bai(', Tichg a lt .2 , i 31 i n Ch~t2. 11(xrc7,o
1.1'11' tzirtl 11;13111i171l reco~rd inl tile cd Vweight. >ee~ 1115 'iagrdid ie
low; 12cfrdle amidltied time record in) the lit the Dole vait ih'ekel'and (1 ss-
' 1.Hbbr wsopoedb a X11 - em' lied ifor firs:t place at 11 Pfeet. They i b lolt sot-onbyVn nd
It tit hurdlkr inl Irichuman, of Clii-; did not -o ]Nhihcr as they were fore ______________
x.:112and it,, this (10lo! ('o onlpet tion I tolhi t oii 212:ts and Coalch F1at''ell
t1:(at) 101doub ellped himt in m'ukin" ' lidnot see fi't to 1risk alcllcance,si of'
('dr for;tile first tinle this suomi. by thhe to cleatr, only -10 feet. G incth(s. " p t~ g
11.1;17:rcd. - - Wttnnaji., nthrIsc'lnce 6Importe1d lahr
I nl Itb~rEYEtime int110low u',lllileS In1'22tho fifty -yard i1athiWittman fi ookl(tlel ~I't~~
Wi l', iXti CC'7nflds Wvlhi(:1ichippld2-5 of' '~r 1'' w"E 4itl.11 1tite11 1 ~ 1'73-5 5o-(xld. 11C Eqim
secodhf-oi the record. I-Iis tinge le was followved closeoly by ( .ea ,fill vorii sifrock. Ten to
ill time high wvas 6 3-5ecoiidis, whic r Bulrkce whotook second plaee. Mltc- ever01(1y short, iii-
lid I l(;m<, nmini record madue byi Fa riane, of' Chicago, took third place. ciding Swe1'1ters',
f',th, of CiL'ta,,o. in 171.11. ('rnics11.nk, ITile two Michi"an s~l)imtsmnmemm )l-oW ' CrSse os
nowI 21I S. SeSttc tCicagoll


mg'wV teed
' "Il

% z
¢, ....

Sciyenyce dicoversf°a.. tgustreless hair du.lre
toi a si:q p1~Ic,~ a ~tr) ~d s~c
overcome.w Ara ing r isuLtzn a few days


,s in smooth andc
III sizes carried ill
thirteen dollArs.
Sic e fgA

\Y',ondorfui hair, sillky, Iust
mnd a tivorid of it!I-tis r i~a
lw'o " It J offes ?t..-r ICo
7f itfii . the trm'cat mciit
Von Ilotilog, \Y onmen by) ite
SatIls ha x' emect ly iiin ~d'ti; a
1ocsmlts a-re almost lrCll
S'1)t7Ili is .tm oil tGat fors
thlet isn i th i' hairl" 2l frcgi
)loalI iu ifc~t e'. h c aloe r
5007 ilai

Eut note tis scientific fact:' Re-
1110', e[11,11 infectIion--time Sotine --
aci(1 soon 11 X''l h 'has Ithoisil it
locel~nc ss, Ithe 'shieen amid 1'aum
for' whic'liC1rery xvon an sbtr11t S.
our 1110! 110(1accot tiplIislitestlit~
result. It is sold wvithi writtlt u
l-. k-o time test. ft is safe( t( o
so, i(t' von l1 i$lsC t110 l-. (mt-
umcarid (Ataill thet' -Vat i'";<s
Youi'amten oms tea -ot
t3 t3~rl't.Rsut ili.


1111, South U niversity Ave.
Engineers' and Architects' Materials
Stationery, Fountain Pens, Loose Leaf Books
Cameras and Supplies

,C Ilqm - - W w .1i k &--

Candies, Laundry Agepcy, Tobaccos


L1J 1JnTP1 11iTh a r1jDi~r ~fIT ItI' T




These importations are absolutcl new -in
ntia1eing as P.elt as patterns and colors. Thej
r-present, an cnthrclV new fami1p of foulard de-
sign rs. Although specially designed for Spring,
theta arc equally suitable for all seasons of the year.
B~at Wings, $1.0

Th aet rnwckFxTo
No. 376-ith
"GeaheieWa lus
Lteppse-Fox TrotTro
2375StarightBy-Fox Trot CartFentonTRs
23 4-Pay he unn Bles-o.Trt376a-wiones
t 23le- GaeYo UbJstBeoryouThrewMenDonuheco
Roe fteo Gaesmt e'

~~. Av ueChc . I i

=' ) 4

-i ---- --

0 NILY a few more weeks before Easter. That means
that it is time you were looking for - your Sprting
Clothes. We havre our usual fine assortment of Fit form.
Clothes which are so pleasing to the eye as 'well as to
the pocket book.
It Costs You Nothing to Loole
r 7



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