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February 11, 1922 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1922-02-11

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They Did The Work


(Continued from Page Seven) lt1
Ann Arbor; Eary Ellen Tnwnea, Ann j Ob
Arbor; Gladys Hartabnrn, Ann Aibor;tie' c
Helen Ryan, Toledo, 0; Nrma Jud- 11111:I;
000n, Grand Rapids; Grace Maxwell, Hi a
Detroit; Loyce Cushing, Ann Arbor;1 byMs
Laura Hyde, Saugerties, N. Y.; Helen
McGregory, Flint. wod
Booth 4-Acacia
Caperons--President and Mrs. Mar- f i
ion L. Burton, Ann Arbor; Mrs. Eva E eto
Sprague Goodrich, Ann Arbor; Col.'sF
and Mrs. Frank Kern, Mattoon, Il.
Guets-Mrs. Amy W. Coates, Ann Ar"er
bor; the Mises Mildred Campbell, Ft.T
Wayne, Ind.; Florence Derrick, Tar- 1
tentum, Pa.; Kathryn Hl. Ford, Ponti-
ac; Helen Good, Lafayette, Ind.; Helen J
L. Hall, Owosso; Lucille E. Oomer, t_
Owosso; Lyda . ideout, Detroit;
Sylvia J. Ralston, Butler, Pa.; Marie A TJ1111[10p-1'Iti 11 111100It ake-. 1nild (Ivof sf1 onoollswork on
StevemanRoya Oak Nelie H Saw til o heHpcmte e 1110 a101(0111oo nore' it l.be cesa realiy . Abov arc te
Steveman, oyal11100Nllie1.(Sa- 1j0mn whotoilethatyou(ight1b11 im11101y tonigh.1'F1)11 left to rigt teaie:
ye, Aunont; Margaret Stone, Cleve-!FotrwKigii ut 'rxn .(Gbo.Mdl o atn
land, .; Marion A. Frink, Evanston, I nbIooirrlli 1111111111, lc o okoh11 ic-
Ill.; Hazel C. Forrester, Empire. 1Lnch Itie .I ,11000, il anes ac oo--uknhaKes
Booth 44-Lambda Chi Alpha 1
GaeosDr and Mrs. Clifford haml Broisgll o lv nowna, J.,adlMioldnn i
Wody Ann Arbor. Guests-the Mis- i PbChaperons-lit.111d Ms ames F W ith11 l ~ llJ. l fAllA
es Madeline B. Brown, Grand Rapids; Breakc \iiin nirbi. Cists- Tll boisNsb.MNIrs rce unilis 1lint.]
Florence V. Butcher, Paris, Tex.; Ger- HMisses 101 111 II iyd1100 l'ec00110011- -
linde Ann Hayes, Matings; Lurella He('100 CuricfBradtfordiPa.. 1110 Booh 4-Indepedens I
Florence Hollis, Ann Arbor; Meleii Ieffibono fDetoi; liibelith ier tChaperonll r, lt.and Ms. LIouse
Davenport, Newark, N. J.; Bernicealiloilng; tWaly,; Mc~ronna~l, Dtsroit; Ann arbor. Cuess the Misse Mary
Warner, Grand Rapids; IHelen Rough, jElzabethli Maoy. Jackoni1; Alat- iio1119.Marsvlie; Fraiices 11.Jack-
Mulvane, Itans.; Mary Van Deinse, toi, Detroil; Maie O'Conell, Olasou0111DIeroti ; illian lirocklb anlTo
Greenville; Doris Eobinson, Medina, N. N.; 11111enShaw, AilniArbor leo 0li.; A'inia Gwiner, AiiiArolr
.; Helen King, Cleveland, 0.;,-CGe- -j- - elen Hoilmes, lDerit, VIila P. P11c,lI
trude Dodds, Mt. Pleasant; Elinor Bloth 49 Delthta Ph' lli Det ri; Ethel Dunn, Aim Arbr; Eu-
Randall, 'Union City; Ruth Toepel, Be- :Caperonil-Mr. andl Mrs . U 7e JCnie ttumphllrey, Aim Arolr; M. Irene
troit; Lenore Voelker, Detroit; Al-' erson, Ofolrd Eg Guests '-Ile Straub, Tral se P11ity ,11,illM. Baker,
Freda Barth, Ann Arbor; Mildrod Misses lDois Gilails, Strgis; Belly, Ann Arbor; GeraldineocL. lMinereiAnn_
Heubner, Detroit. tGrattlih, IDetri; Maxine Burdette Arbr; tGerruide Tenanlit, Ann Aibor
Detrit; Bararsma ConIdIo, Tleo, 0.,Hr e .GeaoAnAb
Booth 45-Phi Sigma Kappa Edithli Doimbey, Clvelaiid, 0.; Julia;
GChaperons-Professor and Mrs. A. Kaimmer, Deroit; Aneltc Altrolim, IIAIIM3ONY CHARIACTERIZES4
H. White, Ann Arbor. Guests tbe Caliiiiet; Ruithi loslr, tGrandil Rap- 1011 (01111IJT 'l i IYIvS 10
Misses Dorothy Baisley, Detroit, te 11d.
en Lamb, Marshall; Elizabeth Laucer,',- -ii(Contiued rom ;I[ilgliOn )i
Detroit; June Ruelle, Detroit; Gae lolB-,i 50 Col lrdroy lub 11111011 to iiak te'111111g. Sleedyl
Ford, Mill Valley, Calif.; Caroline Na- UC I;,j -. l-lr. 1and11Mrs. Eugene H'Iion10 11 Iii b1e111aied,.li over, 119 they
pier, St. Joseph; Eliabeth. Carter, LeslieAinn Arbor Ges1t1e Miss-
Huntinigton, W. Va;11o111 laber, eso Marion I. lWiimklr.IDeroit Edna '
Grand Rapids; osamonid 13eers',e- Aldertoi, Saginan; Grace 11110Cl cc from the eery sart.
troit; Elizabeth Pillips, CIIs1e0, N. lough, Detroi; Margaret IE. Unt, lDe-' Mre 1111100ll tickes ae been
Y.; Sigrid Berling, NAratobeil 9 Colnn.;! troit; Alic GuelvlclIv, IDetrit; Miii- 01111, 111'e11111mit f 700 being slightly
Kathleeen Endress, Detroit;Katheen le 110eRhron, Saginaw ; Iris Vdean, D ceede10111to1 satisfy a fosw reaonable
O'Brien, Ann Arblor; Marjore. Rs,-tIroi; NMarionlilNls, AniiArtor; Dor-comIiplaintslf 0whtic re received. A-
rans, Tecumeh; Marie Sulll 1111h-,n b)' N. ReihleI, AiiniAror; WNilma 1111101 unloliedk tfor 1111 e carit
cago, 11. Welch, Lansing; Margareti L. Lindsey, of compla111its rgiterdl and11t110y haie
-- 1D tr oit ; Saraha F. tConnoll , Rockord, 11i1thout1exce1ptin 110011 s110i111ctoril
11o1th 46--Delta M tl i.: titllrcIIFller. Lper M.Nary . lallilll. 1Fifty-fourilboothlls ae'benl
thaperlos-Dr. and ;l Ja911ieA.: l oil a, Natihe, 1Mis. , 11111 01111. some lof 11111h1it 1wasfouil~n -
Welch, l w< lie treek. Gtillill, Ms. itNI. Iarts, CG1and11 Rapids. I '0-111 IIto1111ti 11111'iIII i 0 f9'ii .1
Misses Hri C 1.Ill~lIul,1,1r'.1119-111)11ery 1ffort0is1Lein)g1111e111d1t11111
Rapids; Es its 1 l' I solos il, 11l1 I 1 11111o1h N1-Gam111111ta, Gammai I tericza1ion11llof aIi 11th111 i 11Sll'
Francecs Obseihoieru, 1tlunliim.. i . Ch IaperonliiMrs. T'1'. 1orris0 ,, 1 1 t O pas hI) tof 11119 rlioul 0 901r i
V.; Bahiiie I.,lBrant, Grandlids; 1110 .1 NN'. Gueit=I .helimoiluvo.Juiol yil,'IlI nd, 111111'e111Ieof th1o11 t
MarioniE. tohr, Centerville; itiii11 rlcy, asar tollegeI; .11a1y'fllIlllteeiiwOeans' about1)to11be1 fu1illd
Nori, AnArbor; J Cliveona IHan-' snlRichmolillnd, a; Nlrioil traii,
cock, Union City; Edith E. Milnes, Evnstiiii ll Lillian Riod. Anii Ar
Coldwater; Madeline Pringle, Chat- lbar; Frances Klapp1, Utiia, N. . rF-
ham, Ont.; Marion C. Thomas, Manis- Elanorsi ller, Ann Aibo; ar ice: ~ ~ ~
tique; Irma Langois, Detroit. Riiiolardl Nomeo Alask; Agies!
- Abele Sa.,inaw; Rthiil Jertel , Coluili
Booth 47-Sigma Delta Kappa j bun,,0 N Vigiia Loo1k, NWiinipeg i ' S da s
Chaperons-Prof. W. G. Smeaton Can Milred I oser, Detroit; Allie4 S dis
adMrs. Smeaton, Ann Arbor, Guests , LynIch Deliroitf ,Q~ Ann Arbor
-The isses Margaret A. Coleman, ~~Hllsdale '
Detroit; Elizabeth Hascall, Detroit; Boothi 52 1 hi kappfa Sgma w
Doris Greene, Detroit; Aleta Raymun, Chaperons-Profesomr J. I. Bruuuno .
Carltte; Meln E Muteh oai chir apncad1r.Doi1m Nmi ro.Gci
Inl;EiaehCiSouHhaven; The MNisss'raiucl'o Ileimmue, S. Al
Vests Dewitt, Harbour Springs; Flora bains, NW. a.; -Al rgar t Spai, IDe- _ ___
E. Uddenberg, Iron Mountain; Esther troit; Frmances NWickha~mm, Sagnaw;
Salk, Iron River; Helen King, Ann Eeaior MNesel lort Hiurumn; Iirmen
Arbor; Jean Watkins, Ann Arbor. Marie McuColl, Hillsdale; Mr. ndl __

U1'T Y CONCDERT of thlatmue Thieodo~re Thomas of thie
DAY. AFTERNOON Cicagol Symnphomny orchiesira, under
whom~ii she sang on various occasions.
- - She received her training tinder Ital-
i, uictal iauuuire 11ver the J-lop isin imasters. NWhile in Chicago her
elud still 11 be he Faultmy cocon singing in church circles brought her
N o'clock Slundlay mafternoon in recognition, having been soloist in lbs
iditortaum.- This will be given church where Br. Gunsalulaus pre-
Geolrge Hastlreiter, soprano and sides. Her sister was Helen Hastreit-
soolos, Samuel ieirsoln Louck- er, one of time most honored contraltos
vio~linist, SMrs. Mlaud O kkclllcrg, of her Itise and occupying a positioin
tmmii Slartaim Strule, violinisl, simmilar Io that of ine. Schumann
st three0 beting; mmbersluof theIflmeiink.
I1 oftusic facuilty.
Dastriier 111 preseilt iarest- "Senio~r ivs will lie qulizzedlon lbs
NiAnn ANrbo~r, i t o ~minen con- 11111- tfive lectures in evidence."---Fros
rust. tSme wa00 pcirsonal triendad ily, Feb. 21, 1192,
"Footweare of Quality
and Distinction
Atfrrb 31. itub , 31r.
Detroit ANN ARBOR Chicago I
i i Come on in
T H EAfter the " Hop "
G RE Y For a real sandwich
S HO0P At the Grey Shop
II .

that reveal I ~a
Personality J
C t igo
f 2


Greet ings from Graham's


Two Complete College Stores = One at each end of the diagonal Walk


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