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November 30, 1921 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1921-11-30

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I ---7-------v - N ork * A " a national federation of sports to be
COORT ! V Vactive all the time and supervise all
CONFERENCE OuRT other athletic organizations. This plan
Sport News Plans ror 1924 was supported by the Navy and sev-
TEAM BEGN W RK ~lumh~ ~eral other organizations but was de-
OlymK ticGam s e;a;;"*"s." *
An All-Conferenae team selected by Cl"'l' feaed by a 53 to 20 vote.
- the sporting editor of the Daily Iilini The 1924 Olympic games will be
Squad Numbers 75 at Illinois with gives berths on their first team to both At a stormy meeting held at the New held at the Parc des Princes, a large
Four 1921 Letter Nel Vick and Wilson. "Duke" Dunne is York Athletic club in New York City phave otheUnitedout States repeat their
Back placed on the second team selection, last Friday, .a new body was formed performance of winning, last year's
The Nebraska tball team has re- to take charge of America's part in the games is the job of the new organiza-
AUBREY DEVINE TO PLAY e eraska toal team at Olympic games. This organization, to tion.
GUARD FOR HAWEEYE FIVE ceved an invitation to play a game at be called the American Olympic asso-
fSan Francisco, Jan. 2. The invitation cation, is to have complete charge of Hv o etI orseai o
did not designate the opposing team. cain st aecmlt hreo Have you sent in your senaro for
did ot esinat th oposig tamall arrangements for the games every teUiest oi e
Chicago University started basket- They will probably decline acceptance, yeearanis o oth a eery hUniversity movie yet
ball practice in Bartlett gymnasium however, because Missouri Valley con- committeesand tappoint all necessary
Monday with three "C" men as a fu- ference rules do not favor post season "nconiop. with th i alThed wout Patronize Daily Advertisers.-Adv.
cleus. Captain Halladay, center, Mc- games. n contition wi i ar se out
Quire, guard, and Stahr, substitute someteaies aonwiti wsent inut
forward, arethe returning letter men. some weeks ago and with it went in
The men were directed by A. A. Stagg, ggie Prospects vitations to representatives of the maj-
'Tile rosenywofeathletic borganization,. Secre-
who has just returned from the East, . ority of athletic organizations. Secre- -
and Nelson Norgre2 .V g 'ht tary of War Weeks was in favor of an ®
Captain Halladay is a great center uorganization with a wider scope andt
who has hd two years of experience, submitted such a plan and suggested
He Is .tall and is seldom outiumped a (By Associated Press)a
on the tip off. As a dribbler he is Lansing, Nov. 29. - Although the U
surpassed by few, while his shots 1921 season is barely over, the hopes NOBODY
from the center of the floor make him of Michigan Aggie fans for a chain- ig at least no Michigan Man, U
a dangerous man. pionship football team in 1922 are al- 11 ever played billiards here is
Many Nw Menready winging high.
There are many new men who look They > ase their predictions that ' ' are . r
promising and among them is Milton next year will see the Green and eten ndreae .
Romney, varsity quarterback, who White represented by an eleven com- larly you play, the great1
played one year on the five; at the parable to those that used to beater your enjoyment.
University of Utah. The Maroons did Notre Dame and Michig n on the per- CHD
not fare -well last year ater the de- formance of the Aggie Fresh squad ~ o-"-
are oPat Page arting the a this season. Coachesw and fans alike
son with a team which had the pre- admit that the yearling eleven is the m .4 I I
vious year won the Conference cham- flashiest seen on a local gridiron in Aal-
pionship, the Maroons failed to show many a year. In practice sessions the .' 4- :
up without their old coach. There are Freshman squad has looked .better o
enough capable menbut this year to than the varsity. They have scored 1
make the Midwayefive formidable if touchdown after touchdown against
they develop the team work which both the Varsity and Reserves. Thess c sCA E
characterized their play of the past. recent defeat of the Notre Dame "We try to treat you riht
Coach Prearing Freshmen by the locals did nothing to rR
,coachWinters, Illinois basketball dampen the ardor of the Farmer sup-
coach, is preparing for the season porters. ._hng_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __rry_ _ghe_-'
with unusually bright prospects. For The thing which is worrying the Ag
the past six wees rCoach Winters has gie adherents right now is whether
been drilling a squad of 75 men on the all of the members of the smart
elements of the game. This unwieldy Freshman team will come back to M.
squad has been cut to 25 -men but A. C. next year. If they do, they willB
will be enlarged by men from the foot- make the team, is the opinon of every *-
ball squad. The regulars of last Aggie fan, and some of them even goGET A GOOD ALARM CLOCK
year s team who are back are: Cap- so far a to predict that the captain
ta n C arn ey , S ab o , W a lq u ist an d C o l- ( n ex t y e ar's sq u ad , w h o m st beih- ono.l
lins. The Illini have ihe largest flu- chosen from among the players who Radiolite Dils will help you
oleus of any Big Ten squad. Although were eligible to the varsity this year,
ey has been hampered by his had will sit on the bench. They believe
knee it is unlikely that the strain of in the Fresh players. 'They believet es da kor ig
basketball will keep him out. When so strongly that they say every mem-
Garney is in condition he is one of the ber of this year's first team, whoh
greatest players in the country and comes back next year, will have the FINE ASSORTM ENT OF CLOCKS
makes shots from any angle, battle of his life to hold his place.
Coach Jimmie Ashmore at Iowa is Here are the men the Aggis rely $1.50 and upwards
looking forward to a . great :season upont to make a great scoring machine
with many veterans back with which for the Aggies next year: Kipke
to build up his machine. Aubrey De- Brown, Hultman, Eckerman, Thayer
vine, football star, is the latest man Eckart, Sullivan, linesmen; Richards.
to join the Hawkeye squad. Devine Goode, Beckley and Neller, backfields H ailer i& F uller
will probably play a standing guard, men. All of them were clever highl
Other veterans are Shimek, Frobmein, school players. Many of them are big r tt S.~
McGovney, Bar n, Prentiss Mica and fast. They could play as a team Jeweier
son, Fimmen, L hm an, Hurlburt and next year, Aggie gossip has it, and
Voltmer. beat any varsity team that has repre-
sented M. AC. In recent years.
With the end of the football season
CORNELL WIL[NOT PLAY only a step away Michigan Aggie
coaches have called out candidates for
the basketball team. Between 30 and
10 aspirants have already been given
workouts and as soon as some, men,
who are now the football squal, be-
REFUSES OFFER OF VAFORNIA come available regular practice ses-
FOR GAME ON NEW YEAR'S sions will be programmed.
Ithaca, N. Y., Nov. 29.--Cornell will
play no post-season football game, and FOR NEW RECORDS
the team's next contest wil be with-.
mid-year examinations in Fe ruary ac- V a r sity swimming exhibitions,
cording to an ofacial statement by. which will be open to the public, will
Graduate Manager Romeyn Berry. He be held at the city Y. M. C. A. during
said: "The Cornell University Ath- the next two weeks. Jack Gow. '25,_-

letic association has received inquir- and Lyle Hubbard, 'E3, will attempt
lee ..from B. 0. Williams of Pasadena, to break some of the national records
and from Seward Simon of Los, Atel of the Y. M. C. A. Gow, who defeat- SK -
es, in person, as to whether it would ed Norman Ross, champion dash-I A
lbe possibe to have the Cornell foot- swimmer, will try to break the rec-
ball team play at Pasadena on the ords in the 140 and 920 yard dashes.
occasion of the Tournament of Roses. Hubbard will try to set a new rec-t
"It has been obliged with rpgret to ord i the 40 yard dash.
answer these Inquiries In the Regatiye.
The next a4d only gcheduled ontest C
for the team is the mid-year e;amina- BUSINESS TRYOUTS
tions in February. Preparation for -TI°Taste.
these demands will receIve the undi- Tryouts for the business staff The
vided attention of all members of the of The Michigan Daily may ap- ish t
eleven, and secret practice has start- ply between 2 and 4 o'clock aft- variet
ed already; ernoons during the week. Men Th
interested in advertising writing
can also be used. First semester
Have you sent in your scenario for students are not eligible.

What Our Great Tw

Century Amencan Sto
and Business Method
y . rMean to Yo-u
!ormer Advertising Manager of Wananraker's, Philade
When Selfridge, the big Chicago merchant, pla
commercial invasion of England, the merchants of Lo
one good, hearty laugh. There was evidently no lin
jerve of those blooming Americans.
Then, like a man who has set himself gracefully t
little pop fly, and finds his baseball suddenly con
dynamics to the velocity and the violence of a cannon
laughter froze into consternation and they were bo
before they were hit.
The General Manager and the Advertising Mana
largest London store came galloping across the water <
gest, fastest greyhound to find out where they were.
On his visit to the writer, the advertising manag
London concern came straight to the point.
"What is it you American stores have," he asked
English stores do not have?"
"Our American stores," he was told, "have unlim
chandise, unlimited service and unlimited publicity.
thing in which your English stores are perfectly frank
'public is concerning the amount of business you do. A
the only thing we American stores keep to ourselves. I
sent the producer; we represent the consumer. You a
customers to your methods; we adapt our methods t
tomers. You command and we serve."
It may be interesting to know that Mr. Selfridge
in London but a very short time, when he was offered i
lion dollars profit to "put on his hat and go home."
When you stop to consider that the American sil
so thoroughly in the hands of the consumer (you can
child with perfect safety into nearly any reputable s
all your buying for you), you can readily see how far
ness methods have progressed.
You read over the advertising in this paper just as
the other pages of news. You accept it with perfect
because you know that every store is pledged to the re
of all merchandise and that no store would be foolish
make statements it could not liVe up to.
You buy with that same assurance because you kno
store is. not your enemy but your personal representativ
anything you take, you ican also take back if you are no
You enjoy a thousand privileges that are utterly
to the men and women of any other country Mi the W(
for all of these privileges you are beholden first of allt<
advertising and publicity plans which American busi:
ods have built up.
If yon only realized how much this advertising ha
you, you would no more buy an unadvertised article (
unadvertised stbre than you would revert to the
method of trading pocketkniives, "unsight 'n' unseen."
A 11.1 11 " Y M. --



are held higher in the
estimation of the men
sioke them.
y are the standard of
ev are 100% pure Turk-
obacco -of the finest
ies grown.
ey never disappoint-

neve; fail--never change--
You are proud to smoke
them in any company-on
any occasion.
They are the largest sell
ing high - grade cigarette mi
the world.
The cigarette smokers-of
America DO prefer Quality
to Quantity.

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