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January 15, 1920 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1920-01-15

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raty of Michigan nione Constitution
irsuant to a resolution passed by the Board of Directors of the Michigan Union, DIzen
a of the members of the Michigan Union will be held January the 22nd, 1920, to be cc
y-Hall of the University of Michigan Union Building to consider the proposed Consi

the "University

ion are to furnish a Uni-
onal center; to provide a
alumni, former students
he University; and to help
ichigan men for the per-
s good citizens.
in shall be a circular gold
diameter, having upon its
block M and the letters
nd placed vertically.
ship shall be confined to
shall limit all other pro-
all be seven classes of
Members; Life Members;
Drs; Honorary Members;
cer School Members; and
-as hereinafter described.
yve equal rights and privi-
erwise provided...
BERS. Every student of
> University shall become
aying such annual tuition"
he Regents.
ty, former students who
ce therein for a period of
members of the faculty in
least six weeks, former
r officers of the University,
ulties, and no others, may
pon application and upon

of the faculty shall
s for persons (other
ban members of the
bor or within sixty
resident members),
ther persons (to be
es), five dollars, in
d August 31.
ply for annual mom-
1, his annual dues
fiscal year shall be

tion, may

any such former student or any
lty member who shall heretofore
hall hereafter, prior to July 1,
or more into the fund set apart
n or equipment of the Union
aisidered an annual member for
be covered by annual member-
ars if a resident and five dollars
before defined, dating from the
than a student or a contributor
call once become an annual mem-
elled for cause, be liable for the
aal dues to the close of the fiscal
he shall have filed his written

from the date of such application; the appllatln
and notes to be in prescribed forms. Such .n appli-'
cant shall be entitled to all the privileges of full
membership from the date of thb first cash paymient;
but in case he shall be in default for a period of six
months in respect of any deferred payment and shall
continue in such default for one month after. written
notice thereof given by special authority of the
Board of Directors, then ipso facto, he shall forfeit
all such privileges and all payments made by -him,
and shall surrender his Untn button, and shall be
eligible to life membership only on new application
and payment.
(c) Pending payment of deferred installments and
until default as aforesaid, an applicant under this
section shall be classed as a Participating Life
Member. On actual payment in full of the required
amount, he shall be classed as a Life Member.
(d) Only Life Members and persons who have
made a payment or payments on applications for
life membership and who are not in default in re-
spect of such payments, shall be entitled to wear the
Unioi emblem.
Sec. 5. HONORARY MEMBERS. (a) Every Re-
gent of the University shall be an Honorary Member
of the Union during his, term of office.
(b) Upon recommendation of the Board of Direc-
tors, the Union may at any meeting, by a two-thirds
vote of the members present, elect to honorary mem-
bership.any person who shall be voted to have rend-
ered distinguished service to tie University.
(c) Honorary Members, without payment of dues,
shall be entitled to all the privileges of Life Mem-
bers, except that they shall not, as such, be permitted
to vote or hold office in'the Union.
Sec. 6. DIRECTORS' MEMBERS. (a) Persons not
otherwise eligible for membership in the Union, may
become Directors' Members by vote of the Board of
Directors, but only under the following cirdum-
stances. Any person desiring such membership shall
present to the Board of Directors his written appli-
cation therefor, in prescribed form. As soon as such
application shall be filed, the Recording Secretary
shall give notice thereof by mail to each member of
the Board of Directors, stating the name and resi-
dence of the applicant and the names of his en-
dorsers. At least ten days shall elapse after the
presentation of any such application to. a meeting
of the Board of Directors, before it shall vote ther-
on. By Affirmative vote of notless than a majority.
of the entire Board of Directors, any such applicant
may be admitted as follows.:
ment to the Union withn thirty days after such vote,
of an application fee ofat least one hundred dollars,
such member (a) to be tuder obligation to pay also
annual dues of twenty-five dollars in equal semi-
annual installments, payable in advance on or as of
September 1 and March 1, respectively, until he shall
have tendered his written resignation, and (b), in
case of default in respect of any such installments,
to forfeit such membership, at the option of the
Board of Directors; and (c) such membership to be
subject to termination at any' time if and yhen the
Board of Directors, for any reason, expressd or un-
expressed, shall ,vote to terminate such membership
and shall cause to be tendered to the person con-
cerned an amount equal to the said application fee,
with notice of such vote; or, by such majority affir-
mative vote, any such applicant may be admitted as
a (2) DIRECTORS' LIFE MEMBER,-upon payment
to the Union, within thirty days after such vote, of
at least five hundred dollars-'.
(b) Director's' Members shall be entitled to all the
privileges of Annual Members, except that they shall
not be permitted to vote or hold office inthe Union.
(c) The number of Directors' Members shall at no
time exceed five hundred non-resident nor two hun-.
dred resident members, as hereinbefore classified, ex-
cept by the written affirmative vote of the entire
membership of the Board of Directors and of the
Board of Governors.
student in actual attendance at a Summer Session of
the University or ani member of a Summer Session
faculty may become a Summer School Member, en-
titled, during the summer session only, to all the
rights and privileges of Annual Members (except the
privilege of voting or holding office) upon making
application in the prescribed form and paying sum-
mer dues of two dollars fdr each summer session.
actual attendance and regularly entered as such, in
a special course from time to time established by
authority of the Regents, requiring not exceeding a
semester's attendance, may become a Special Course
Member, entitled, during the period of such course
only, to all the rights of Summer School Members,

upon making application in the prescribed form and
paying special course dues of two dollars for each
special course period.
Section 1. The Board of Directors shall consist of:
The President of the Union and its Recording Sec-
retary, to be students, ex-officio, to be elected by the
members of the Unioi at 'the annual election herein-
after provided for;
Five Vice Presidents of the Union, to be students,
to be selected by colleges or schools on the vote of
the students therein, respectively, at such annual
election, as hereinafter provided;
Three members of the University faculties, each a
mimber of the Union and a graduate of the Univer-
sity or a member of its faculty for at least six years,
-to be appointed by the University Senate:
Five alumni members of the Union,-to be ap-
pointed by the Board of Directors of the Alumni
Association of -the University of Michigan.
The Financial Secretary of the Union, ex-offier-,-
to be appointed by the University Senate, as herein-
.after provided; and

The General Secretary of the Alumni Association
of the University of Michigan, ex-offieo.
Sec. 2. The $oabd of Directors, except as herein
'otherwise provided, shall have full power to super-
vise and control all the activities of the Union. It.
may prescribe rules and regulations, not inconsistent
with this Constitution, to govern all Union activities,
to govern the conduct of Union elections and the
. time and place for its own meetings, and to govern
m'embers and guests while in the Union Building.
It may determine by an affirmative vote of not less
than ten of its members when, and for how long, by
reason of violation of rules or regulations by a mem-
ber, he shall be suspended or expelled or refused the
privileges of the Union Building or any part thereof,
or refused participation in Union activities; and it
shall have power to enforce its determination. Be-
fore any such determination, the Recording Secre-
tary shall send to the member a statement of the
charges preferred against him, and, on his prompt
request, he shall be granted a hearing before the
' Board of Directors or a Committee thereof. It may
also determine by a like vote when any such member
shall be reinstated. It may fill vacancies in its mem-
bership and in offices of the Union held by students.
Section 1. The Board of Governors shall consist-of:
The President of the Union and its Financial Sec-
retary, ex-officio; one Regent of the University, to be,
appointed by the Board of Regents; and four mem-
bers of the Union, three of whom shall be alumni, to
be appointed by the Beard of Directors of the Alumni
Association of the University of Midhigan, to serve
respectively one, two, three and four years, for the
first appointment thereafter for terms of four years
each, and \until their successors appointed in the
same manner accept office. The terms of all mem-
bers of the Board of Governors shall end on August
Sec. 2. The Board of Governors shall have full
control over all financial matters relating to the
Union; including power to borrow money from time
to time and authorize the giving of the Union's obli-
gations, signed and secured in such manner and pay-
able at such times as the Board of Governors shall
determine; power to authorize a conveyance of all
the property of the Union to-the Board of Regents of
the University, subject to any specified liens and on'
. such stipulations and conditions as the,.Board of
Governors may prescribe; power to appoint, dis-
charge and direct a'General Manager and to $x his
compensation; power to fill vacancies in its own
membership caused by death, resignation, ineligibil-
ity or disability, the persons selected to serve until
the vacancy shall be filled in the manner herein pro-
vided or until thT disability shall have been removed;
and power on the affirmative vote of not less than
five of its members, including the President of the
Union, to veto and thereby to nullify any action of
the Board of Directors which such members shall de-
clare in a resolution to be, in their opinion, contrary
to sound financial policy.
The President of the Union, its General Manager,
its Financial Secretary, its Recording Secretary,' and
its General Secretary, ex-offieo, shall constitute a
standing Appointment Committee, a majority of
which shall have sole power to appoint all standing
Committees and all other Committees authorized by
the Board of Directors.

of Directors in accordance with its directions; and
(6) to arrange for the orderly co2$luct of all elections
of the Union.
The General Secretary shall be appointed by the
Board of Directors; shall' direct and supervise all
student activities of the Union, and from time to
time( at the request of the Board of Directors, shall
recommend the form of desirable extensions of Union
activities. He shall ex-officlo be a member of the
Appointment Committee.
Section 1. NOMINATING COMMITTEE. Not -later
than the second Saturday in April in each year, the
Appointment Committee shall appoint a Nominating
Committee of five student members of the Union, not
more than one of whom shall be a member of the
Board of Directors and none of whom shall, if he
accepts, be eligible to election, at the then forth-
coming election, to any office in the Union. It shall
be the duty of the Nominating Committee, not later
than the last Saturday in April by a suitable docu-
ment to be filed with the Recording Secretary, to
nominate, from the student body,, officers for the en-
4uing year, as follows:
At least two candidiates for President, for Record-
ing Secretary and for each of the Vice-Presidents,
,flve in all, one for (a) the College of Literature, Sci-
ence, and the Arts, and the Grad.uate School, (b) for
the Colleges of Engineering'and Architecture, (c) for
the Medical School, (d) for the Law School, and (e)
for the College of Dental Surgetry, the Homeopathic
Medical School and the College of Pharmacy,--the
candidates for Vice-Presidents to be,.students in good
standing of the respective colleg;es or schools which
they are nominated, to represent.
hundred members of the Union, by signing a petition
and filing it, properly signed, with the Recording
Secretary at or before 9 a. m. eft the fourth day pre-
ceding the day set for the ele itlon, may nominate a
candidate or candidates for an; f or all of such offices.
Sec. 3. NOTICE. It shall le the duty of the Re-
cording Secretary to see that all nominations herein
authorized be given prompt and suitable publicity,
among resident members of the Union, by posting
and by publication; and he s'hall also cause suitable
notice of each annual electton and meeting to be
given, by posting and by lpublic ation, ,at least ten
days before the date for the4 same,,
Section 1. The annual %lkctioi 'of President, Re-
cording Secretary and flv~a Vice- Presidents as above
provided, shall be held on the campus on "Campus
Election Day;" and on tbAe evening of that day in the
Assembly Room of the Union Buirding, commencing
at 8 p. m. there shall.be an 'Annual Meeting of the
Union, presided over by the Presitkbnt, or in case of
his absence or inability or rei .usal bo serve, then the
Vice-President frot the College of Literature, Sci-
ence and the Arts, and so on,,in the order named in1
Section 1 of Article XL


after written request, in
justify expulsion by the

Sec. 2. The polls for such. lection shall be kept
open the hours designated for "Campus. Election
Day." There shall be no voting by proxy. Each
member of the Union shall be enlitled to vote for one
candidate for President, onse candidate for Recording
Secretary, and, if he be a student. for one candidate

. 3. LIFE MEMBERS. On making application
;rescribed form and on payment therewith of
Sollars in cash during his last year of actual
lance at the University or within one year
aiter, and not afterwards, any eligible student
ecome a Life Member. At any time, on making
pplication and on payment therewith of one
ed dollars, any other person eligible to mem-
.p as hereinbefore provided and any eligible
it, may become a Life Member. Any such
.e person who prior to September 1, 1918, con-
ed not less than fifty dollars to the fund for.
ucting or equipping the Union Building, and
uch eligible person who subsequently to that
:ontributed or who shall hereafter contribute
d fund, not less than one hundred dollars, shall
ssed as Life Member.
ligible student of the University, while remain-
ch student, may become a Participating Life,
er by filing written application in the prescrib-
in, providing for the payment of fifty dollars,--
e equal annual installments, one to be paid
he is still such a student, and four, in one,
bree and four years, respectively, from 'the
of the year in which he shall pay the first in-'
ent.' If he shall have made such application
ayment of the first installment prior to De-
r first of the last year of his attendance at the
sity, he 'shall be given a refund or credit of the
i payment of five dollars made by him for
last year of attendance. Such an applicant
be .classed as a Participating Life Member
;he time of payment of such first installment,
slier however than his last year of attendance,
case he shall be in default for a period of six
s in respect of any deferred payment, and shall
ue in such default for one month after writtenl
thereof given by special authority of the,
of Directors, then, ipso facto, he shall forfeit'
vileges and all payments made by him, shall
der his Union button, and shall be eligible to
embership- only under the provisions of the
Any person eligible to- membership as here-
re provided may become) a Life Member by '
application therefor, paying twenty dollars in'
ud delivering his negotiable promises to pay
itional total of eighty dollars in at least four
installments, one, two, three and four years

II., PRESIDENT.01for Vice-resident for the college %or school in whiWI
The President shall preside at all meetings of the he shall then be a student. The petson receiving the
Union and of the Board of Directors and shall be greatest number of votesi for each a fice shall, at the
ex-officio a member of all committees. . Annual Meeting, be declared elected ,thereto. In case
e cIoam EmbERALcMAitE. of a tie for any office, it slall be det ermined by an-
VII GENERAL MANAGER. other campus election for tdaat office t0 be held with-
Subject in 'all respects to the control and direction out delay under the direction of the l 3ard of Direc-
of the Board of Governors, the General Manager tors.
shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of all Sec. 3. At such Anual eeting there shall be pro-
financial affairs of the Union, shall ox-officio be a sented the result of the vote at the carn us hlection
nmember of its Appointment Committee and treasurer and the President shall present a concisu report of
of all its committees, shall be its purchasing agent,athe U ide thlpreenya repodof
and shall have power toselect, discharge and fix the ' tUnion work for the preceding' year Rid of the
compensation and duties of all paid employees of the condition and needs of the Union. Tie Financial
.Union. He shall be required to furnish a bond with secretary shall prsent a financial report fr the
corporate surety, in form and amount satisfactory to'year.
the Board of Governors, the cost thereof to be borne Sec. 4. The new officers shall assume their duties
by the Union. on the day after Commencement, but the new Board
IX. FINANCIALSECRETARY. of Directors may meet at any time after the election,
X F NCALfor the purpose of planning work for the ensuing
The Financial Secretary shall be a resident of Ann
Arbor and either a member of the University faculty year, and for transacting business con cerning the
or a graduate, or former student for at least six ensuing year.
months, of the University, and shall be appointed by XIV SPECIAL MEETINGS.
the University Senate Council. He shall at all times A special meeting of the members of the Union
have access, personally and by a representative chos- shall be called' by the Recording Seci.ee.ry upon
en by him, to all books and records of the 'Pnion. He written request of a majority of the mer abiers of the
shall countersign all drafts and checks of the Uni& Board of Directors or of the Board of GAvysrnors, or
which shall have been signed by its General Manager / of at least two hundned members of the Undon, stat-
and which he, the Financial Secretary, shall deter- ing with reasonable particularity the mattel or mat-
mine to be authorized and proper. From time to ters proposed to be considered.
time he shall make reports to the Board of Gov- At least ten days' notice by suitable post ing and
ernors, respecting the income, expenditures and publication shall. be given by the Ricording Secre-
financial conditions of the Union, and make such tary of any such special meeting, and the noti4 !e shall
recommendations as he shall consider proper. He state the matter or matters proposed to be cc asider-
shall be required to furnish a bond, as in' the case of ed, substantially as the same shall bave been: stated
the General Manager. in such written request. At such' meettag, no )action
X. RECORDING SECRETARY. shall be taken on any other matter.
It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary, XV. QUORUI L
(1) to make suitable records of all Union meetings Six hundred Union membeers entitled to vote 919'11
and of all meetings of its Board of Directors, and to constitute 'a quorum of the Union; seven nembers
see that such records are properly preserved; (2) by of the Board of Directors, a qtolrunt of such Board;
suitable notices to those given power to select or and five members of the Board of Govvruors, a
appoint, to see that the membership of the Board of quorum of such Board.
Directors and of the Board of Governors is'tkept XVI. AMENDMNTS,
filled, that a Nominating Committee is appointed, and Amendments to this Constitution, not in violation
that such committee duly file its nominations; (3) of the Articles of Association, may be adopted but
to give due publicity, as herein elsewhere provided, only at a special meeting of the Union, after due
to all nominations; (4) to cause due notice of all notice as hereinbefore provided, at whichr a quorum
annual and special meetings of the Union to be is present, by the affirmative vote of not; less than'
given; (5) to give notices of meetings of the Board two-thirds of the members present and vciug.
GILBERT B. SCHAFER, Recording Secretary.




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