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October 03, 1919 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1919-10-03

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cess or who only call themselves innocent
s, he need not worry.

Iery Inorjningexcept'Monday during The Univer-
Bloard in Control of Student Publications.
ted Press is exclusively entitled to the use for
all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise
paper and the local news published therein.
the' postoffice at Ann Arbor, Michigan, as second
by carrier or mail, $3.50.
Arbor Press building, Maynard street.
iness,, 96o; Editorial, 2414.
.ns not to exceed 30o words, if signed, the sig-
ssarily to appear in print, but as an evidence o.f
s of events will be published in The Daily at the
Editor, if left at or mailed to The Daily office.
nications will receive no consideration. No nran-
returned unless the writer iticloses postage.
does not necessarily endorse the sentiments ex-
......., Managing Editor
Phono 2414 or 1o16
...........................Business Manager
Phone 96o or 2735
.........News Editor
........City Editor
Sports Editor
k ......... ..... Womien's Iditor'
tein .........................Tedegraph Editor
an wCharles R. Osius, Jr.
Williaih F. Angell
ines, Jr. .. ....... Advertising' Manager
..... .......Issue 1Manager
* **. .... .... Office Manager
.. Publication Manager
.........Music Editor
Literary Editor
. Exchange Editor
.. . Campaign Editor
. . Staff Cartoonist

Freshman discipline is imposed in a number of
ways that is purely constructive.. But no one has
any more right to break into a- rooming house and
tear a freshman from his quarters than he has to
break into a jewelry store.
The systematic, arguments superinduced upon
students, and the evasive theories that promote
man-handliAg as a grand and effective way to at-
tain an end, are nothing less than ridiculous. No
group of men on earth has the superior judgment
necessary to justify a freshman receiving such
treatment. No tribunal on earth would do it-ex-
cept, perhaps, those back in the dark ages.
Let us advance to a new University civilization.
"Republican whiskey," alias Irish moonshine, is
said to have a, rare kick in it. We know several
parties who would be willing to vouch that there
was Republican'kick in other places than Irish
Now is the time to make written complaint at
the Union regarding high rents or forever after
hold your peace.

Between Detroit, Ann Arbor and Jackson
(June 9, x9i9)
(Central Standard Time)
Detroit Limited and Express Cars-8 :mo a.
in., and hoursly to 9:10 p, m.
Jackson Limited and Express Cars-7:48
a. in., aid ever y hour to 9 :48 p. m.; (Fx.
presses make local stops west of Ann Arbor.)
Local cars East Bound-6:oo a. in., 9:05a
in. and every two hours to 9:6 p. n., 10:50
p. m. To Ypsilanti only mt:45 p. in., 2:20
a. M, m:xo a. in., and to Saline, change at
Local Cars West Bound-6 :48 a. in. and
11 :20 p. in.f



Attention Students
You will always find it at Mich, best
book store 'and at the right price.
You are welcome.
Wahr's"Book Store



Thrmas IH. Adamns
Charles Murchinison

J IewsterC npbell
John I. Da in

klWilliam nII. Frley '.Ralph Duo is
SKatriia Scheierhorn, Robert C. nell
Isabelle aruw James Rawlings
MaFnard Newton Raymond K. Corwin
ht Edltor-Thomas H. Adams
"ARIPAY, OQT OBER.3, 1919.
x .'
in of dormitories for men at Michigan
unfavorable criticisnj among Uiver-
Conditions on the campro s this year,
ify a thoughtful consideration of the
of the authorities to establish such
astern universities such as Yale, Har-
nceton, have dormitories for men and
rery student live therein during his-
e. 3ut rather than a limitation upon
d freedom of the students, this is a
the men. Large buildings, well equip-'
uished, provided with pianos, phono-
aces, showers, large suites, and med-
aces are thus placed at the disposal
ts lat a nominal cost. Commons are
:re the students may purchase excel-
cbst price, mingling with the mem-
class at class tables. Life in such a
certainly far superior to that in any
einM"Anon Ardor. rf
t be remembered that the dormitories
not constructed on the same plan as
nen, such as Martha Cook and Helen
Ilhe buildings are of about the same
e is a separate wing of the building
ntrance for each group of men, about
ntrance. Each group has its owh liv-
accommodations'entirely independent
t of the men in the building. They
unless they so desire.,
rio rules governing th 'hen except
urs of quiet so that they may study
irbance. Each little section ir* gov-
to a small fraternity at Michigan.
ssmxen in the section look after the
le underclassmen,, advising' and assist-J
here is one senior proctor in each sec-
usiness it is to see that there are, no
bances. Certainly there is nbt the.
iction placed upon the freedom of the
nerely provided with, excellent living
lowest possible cost. The -reason that
iired to live in the, dormitories is to
spirit and encourage the men to mix
tan their room-mates.
eeds d' rmitories of this kind for its
would' solve the old problem of 4hous-
low all students to live near the cam-
spirit and comradeship, an raise the
>ur men.-
hazing should not be condoned.
the Student council condemned mass
us attempted to obliterate the disgrace-
>f a State street jamboree. This year a
is flikewise going to be made to de-
nat hazing.
xceedingly provincial and worse than
is one of the lowest forms of enjoy-
e man ever sought. It savors of Prus-
worst form. The wonder is that some
uch a fad should be tolerated.
ever contains the true Michigan man.
n a lot of high-school youngsters and
es" who have nothing to do with pun-
'an freshmen. This fact alone should
Mihigan man into a firm determina-
up such a mob. If he injures the
# lt' itc1> ^~+=t w in re hlnin

On Saturday one Case comes up f or trial.:
of a test case for Michigan.
The#.Guill otine
A Chinese Fantasy
theres a yellow junk a-creeping
p the river Hoang-ho
To th'e drowsing rice fields
Where the scarlet poppies blow,
Through the water lilies
She goes limping on her way,
11er bow a-turning opals
In the dying flare of day.
There's a sky above that's colored
Like the stomach of the shark,
The wind is breathing teakwood
With the coming of the dark,
The clouded sun it wallows
In the river-breast so faint,
A butterfly that's drowning
In, a pot of crimson, paint.
There's a temple bell a-calling
Like the cooing of a dove,
The budding stars play leapfrog
In -the shadowed skies above
And in the east already,
Where the lisping wavelets play,
The moon is shedding wheat straw
O'er the ashes of the day.

You'll like the
Style, the Fit and


Smut other .

h * 4


the Pattern.

There is really no need
n o W a d a y for having
clothes made to measure.
The chief reason for made-
to-measure *was that men
thought they could get a
better fit. But the fact is
that the garments manu-
factured for us are design-
egin so many measure-
ments that we can 'fit every
man who comes to us.. And
the new styles, with the
"chesty" look, the high
shoulders, the smart curve
of the back, the flare of the
skirts, you, can't get }any-
thing better at any price.
We're prepared for the
young men and the older
men; for those who. Want
the latest, liveliest, snap-
piest things; or those who

Among those registered is M\Jiss Jessie Gather-
coal. She evidently will majoi- in railroading.
"Are you asleep?"Rogmates
"Lend me a dollar tormorrow, will' you?"
"Sh-h-i, I'm asleep''
Those French Dramas
Cast of Characters
Adolphe, le pere.
Marie, la petite daughter.
Gaston, a gendarme in love with Marie.
Francois, ex-poilu, ditto.
Scene--Salle a manger.' Marie is knitting,
socque and humming snatches from the Mayon-
naise doucemrent. Adolphe is' eating charlotte
russe sang froid.
Enter Francis plus vin rouge and, stale tabac.
"Ooh la la. Eau de Cologne Ed Pinaud patte foi
de gras chicken a la King."
They all embrace.
Adolple offers chair to Gaston qui vive. "Sittez
vows squat.
Enter Francois. Sees Gaston. (Passionment)
"Name of a pig.' En garde canaille. Cochon."
They fight. Marie embraces pere pulling all the
buttons off his vest.
Gaston dies with elan, Francois who is an oeuf
dies harder:and with much esprit du corps.
Marie lights cigarette. "C'est le paix."
Slow curtain.
"Liner Prince . Maurice Damaged by Collision
with Dorothy."-New York Times. We wonder if'
she is the same one we know."
You never hear the bee complain,
or hear it weep or wail
But if it wished it could unfold
A very painful tail;
5. Our Daily Novelette"
"I do like a man with many actions and few
"Oh Clarice, you will be crazy about my brother.
He has St. Vitus dance."







want the more
tive types.



V ~


'/ _= ,

1 .-


$25, $30, $35, $40, $45, $50 up to $60

Lindenschmitt, Apfel & Co.

Nunnally s
Maynard St.
Patronize the Daily Advertisers.
Paris, Ky. Fresh every week. Tice's
117 So. Main St.-Adv.
Mills' Saddle Horses moved to Hen-
nison's livery, 112 Ann St. Phone
Loose Leaf Note Books -- The
"Standard" at Wahr's, 316 S. State

For Traveling Anywhere Anytime
A. B. A. Travelers' Checks as issued by this bank. They
come in denominations of $10, $20, $50 and $100, are cashed
by Banks, Hotels, Railroads, etc., without identification.




"Diarnond Match Factory Burns."-Joliet,
Leader. There probably was some friction
tween the heads of the departments.


Fqmous Closinq Liles
"Aham," said the dressmaker, "Life is not what
seems.' LOUIS XVI.

If you have not visited our Mill-
enery Parlors, it will pay you to


Stephnes& Pershing


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