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May 20, 1920 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1920-05-20

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Mmbers of the class of.'20-will, .ffic is being exeienced in se-I
among other business, elect an alumni NF~ CLringw wod and other combustible ALi
secretary-treasurer, who will form the materials for the bon fire for Cap
'clIas th link between the class andU ;I night.. A large amount of material is
hcontio Tshe duaies o new ofticeAdDifferentASchoolsANamey4sdTrAthletesr- T cri d
*eting at4o'clock this afternoon in .'oComhete forhampnshipd .an the committee in charge of th f7 TITT RUFFO WINS
U lsst the atergauaon," t esrnCnrectrkad nieco oesyt mrae al tureran se. rwarn as ndgn, HI
roomss r10 t of th conomics buiding. o W e fair is scouring the city for it. Trucks
Wilfred B.Shaw,a ecretary of the - Jwill4 be used totay and tomorrow to, AND GOr NOCE
Alumni Assciatidn, will speak to the MICHIGAN THIRD IN SIZE OF o CAPA aND OWNOTICE
go cmaroundthe antdwhih crrie atallwood m tp mrntn Pn
class on their dtiestand. position as SQUAD; WISCONSIN FIRST all places where it has been located.
aluni the duties of the new officer h A tTo clear uexisting doubts
will be to senditems concerning th Eighteen teams have entered the er combustible material in the form concerning the time and place H
Dclass to the"Michigan Alumnu," to Western Conference track and field of boxes, crates, old lumber,ae., for wearing caps and gowns, HC
y- istrak eamlat Studay Ws inam. W . HiMaprsdn y
s-~se theedfollowging statehmeBngtr.-
isu ietr o h lssl cit c me et, ih wlls be hel n e rrwhi ichg'' th e ny to cntue aroe t o f h snorltray lssus
ltgcas funds planhfr apond aethe fi- fiael Fnriy n t atry Juehnd requAste onotf nrd e wtn uenhgfloin 'teet "a ~
rancialĀ° reports fllowing each re-.5. grand total of 450 athletes have 22, by calling 56. Quartn ~w~ hul e ~r
anon to the Alt assndat4on. betn named by the different schools"Cpasosbgn
ig Respedivey Miatigallatimetsiin the amtrning andt
r-to compote in the met, which carries agIalMtim-sPin the mornEngTAnd
S s- r i si po f s 4 I w andbridays n the cam pus, in
AHET IC nd B A RDbtheWcamonsieSNCous 7 . A.t Cndeth.it, gNTRACI E A VOE D afkn. of th WedUBy I
ndt sUniversity of ns , w the class rooms, and elsewhere
dyTh i ersi 0.Bty orWiconsign , Kn- ow iniathe cittetrtckstpaoperaltow-ear aCho
rnr n'nhH an, '21, w consideredha n rious contender for ti- T1 them W aight, but this s op. n
_ h s thsebm ata rmniHghteU iv r it butlf rn a te m as e 'h s op n on o t e fe sbthtis u lia m m eris h h u eop t--le t
n tia honors since the defeat of the Idll- hae tt a s gsti n, ence
r LLI IthR1A B i tered the largest squad, the Badger AT r TERNt R ITT inr them cy Ittr isrort 'etary h
o c .sending a list of 51 names. Ohio Michigahn's Team Only One Allowed to ust_____________ ng_ ny_____-__that
SLogan acnd Fisher 'Apointed toO ths stat.h n WthothBe nr y s 'ar
ants Saternivd sits, Mnotfa's bein it Attrend Withou ing east and tha lcnes nnst r fdsn g ne33M5
e see Basketball aid Track 49vrtspe- on the tris, and th Un e o Iygited."ftae t llrtr aisn R u signi
ig Respe vely Michigan ranks third with a total ' 'sttle
r- ORGANIZATION NAMES FOUR Oter scool, Chicago 33, Minne- UPHLDt HOO E UTTIO N
19 ASSISTANTS TO TRACK HEAD sota 40, Northwestern 20, Indiana 15, ig
v, Purdue 16, Illinois 34, Iowa State 33, "There is no doubt In my mind that WOULD INFLATE CREDId, SAYS ing,
Baseballand e l mana, Missouri 17, M. A. C. 11, No- Michigan will ave a chance to make SECRETARY TO REPU frien
eskball ssistan etb managersweek.te,'i
d a ts ted California. 10. Butler college 3, Kan- colegiates if the track team is allow- ant
id at a ingetingfth e athletic board held sas. Agr ral college 7. ed to go," said Carl T. Hogan, '20y , t y Associated Press) and
1 last night. oyd nH. Logan, '21, was Merhant Is Star presidentaof the , Michgan Union, when Washington, May 19. When Re
t chosenbasketall manager,ttandtH . . The University of California team asked his 'opinion on the feasibility of publican
, A EEebrs of the huse went'
e t , l ok aerous, as the Illinois squad Michigans competing in the meet. It into caucus tonight on soldier relief tyo0
of 3. B.Whitker '22 elected assistants. was defeated early in the year by the would have a better chance, of courselegislation, Chairman Fordeyn of the
Richar0 F r,E, wefarwesternmen. Merchant, star of if Johnson could go, but that isn't the Ways and Means committee laid be- In
track manger with R.A. Bailey, '22, the team, is the best all-around athlete purp ise of the meet. On account of fore them aera
11.hig ragnlertterto fperraar EnrSecreyaytaro u
on the coast, and a strong performer our gegraphical position, Michigan Is Houston flatly opposing any bonus. th
to , S. Hat, y'22L, J. S. Keyser, 22, in the sprints and Jumps. the only school that. has a chance to pSereasy tn' ttern de a s
id and C. Wredericks, '22E, ad assist. eceArnoldons eterdelred Mech
ant .A Oss, Minnesotas sensation- be represented bothein the east and that congress instead of devising new
Unin A dne -a was i adopestating tal athlete, will be in condition toper- west and we should not let the oppor- means of sending m nes d o nat
- htbgnignx erterse-form on the track,"and should make a tunity go," centrate its efforts on raising funds make
t tive atirhgersa.ill be chosen by the song bid for the 44.Alees B.p for current government . penses. tic.
- mraner of thatrespective sport, the Furnas, Purdue distance runner, King ressner, '20, also eviuced his Mr. Houston aid it was a matter of
- cPtanfthenteamte coachandand Miller, who holds the Conference belief that the track team should go. serious concern to have the gover, ber
Ll the diiector , of outdoor 'athletics. In javelin record, willsbe watched with He believes that the athletes really ment appear in *the market every few foram
' $,,extreme interest.h d sdeserve the trip because many of them months for loans, as this course wouldfo
Y case of a tie the managerwil ' elect-yka e sor th.erfr hearJ'
L aed Kby the board of directors. The ave been wkis ut o four result in additional credit expansion d
baseball and inter-scholastic maa- t r years with small reward with higher prices and a more dificult hibitio
Bruce Millar managing editor financial situation. clear.
Nirtny, 'L Heetnexht wee'k, . N O nE aeTI N Iki hr ntsnig h'20,"h iutini oh ao n tedle
d Ao b w was adopted E- .of the Michiganesianfirmly advo- Opponents of bonus proposals pre- desire
. the award for managers. OFsa sIlsIrt assendingur teams to as Many dictd Secretary Houston's letter rom
Hereafter the , ma ers iwear a aCLUIN meets as possible, whether or not would ha e much influence when this Chicta
t" blue' sweater with a 'lain "M". there is a chance of winning. "Inas- legislation reaches the floor of the th s
=i ~~~~OCALMECASEXETOT much as Michigan is the only Univer- house. :'x in fr
,ERC AN cs Eity in the Conference that can Bgo rmThorgan
times;'lanque s; .F HAPPARLT Owithout an invitation, i is' up to uis e ,h ge
ilio ld s, Inr' o HAlthough cuts in the retail price ofnIt." demanhQ the e an d quarterdeck
clothing ranging from 15 to 30 per r trou
Liciga Unon'per Eo 'enthve ben sre re hghdut.h a hsna h A cm alodcnitoswihhv enthe (
,Favors Entrance Anyway - they
Mimes, ihgnUinOeas-cn aebe eotdtruhu When asked how he felt about the Quarterdeck, honorary society fr shwe
c, ciety, with this year's ^ipitiates, was the west and middle-west, Ann Arbor situation, Thomas F. McAllister, '21L, upperclassmen in the marine engi- comm
entetaied t abanuetgivn b th merhans iteriewd ystedaydidsaid that whether the team placed or neering departments~ initiated the fol- lowsc
Union Wednesday night in apprecia- not think the movement would be felt not he thought they should go and en- lowing seven men Wednesday: src
tion; of their work on the 1920 opera. locally. Except for the' customary strnaluvns B .Aas,'1 W.H rd eitr
More than members of Mimes were spring sales, nothing in the line of re-s re ath e s . n
present.utinicotmltdanthlcl "George Did It," stated that Michigan '20E, . C. McCalmont,."21E J. Wright, Th
- The, following, men were initiated,~ merchants were of the opiion that the r h
~f4nw rcs ol ntlstln, now had a good reputation in the east '2OPy-,T. JF. Zimmerman, '21E. drama
Pau-l Eatonh, 11, Robert Grindle~y rcswudntls og which was due to the past, when the A banquet at the Union followed theflo
k '21E, Robert AcKean, w'21, Edwin Kreu- They considered the drop was large- Unvritonerdallatrneetwiiiain
1 ger '2E'.F\ade,'0,Wl ydue to the backward season and of Jo:
per;'21+',M. F. adne, .2E; il-with true sportsmanship. He wa
s lam Kruger, '23M' I. T. Sanborn, were unanimous in saying that all in- cnicdta hscso ol i IUTO IDR Roi d
*.cnvnedtattiscstm'ol deLABOR STNext INER
20,T, A. Underwood, '22, E. M. Stev- dications Dointed towards'higher rath. oni loe ob ptofoeya NVRST ULIWWR Ni
ens,; '21E, P. R. Storrer, '21E, T. A. er than lower wholesale prices in the and therefore was strongly opposedit
Haret, '20 A., F. Schirmer, '22E, P. S. fall.~ able m
eNirtney, '22L, Henry Whiting, '21, J. Only in the case of silk is there o edn h em Testaini ohlradte doliers,
r' uchchace fra rce rop whchreceiving of materials is keenly felt ta
S. Wilson, '20, W. W. Peattie, '21E, S.. mc hnc faprichdrphic
B.Sih 2E .J cide,'0,may be shown in lowex' priced neck- COUNCIL ELECTS by the University," stated E. C. Par- -court.
BT mit, 2E, . J Scinder,20E don, superintendent of the buildings fo
fC. M. Campbell, '21, Howard Weeks, ties' and silk shirts. NEW OFFICERSL n runsdprmn,*ysedy mt
'21, C C.Rhodes, '21E, Hia old Her- It is the opinion of the men inter-angruddertn,-ysray mar
ma, 21"H SĀ°Sera,'2EH.B viewed that the rime factor in cloth- "The materials for the work on Betsy "Drin.
} "'an,, , 1, . S.Sheman,21E H. . pOfficers for" next year's Student Barbour dormitory and the presient's let
Pruicha, '21L, F. H. Brewer, '21, E. F. ing prices was the labor charge and lt'a
tha clthe wold tayat he resntcouncil, with the exception of presi- house are slow in coming due to the kf
Mor, 1,W :Tre,'1 .3 delt, who was chosen at the All-cam- railroad condifions which have be tep
Lauver, '22E. ls'vel as long as wages were, high. enth r
_______________pus elections, were elected at he prevalent for the last-two months.

meeting last night. A resolution, rec- "The real situation is in the prob-
FRANCE LOSES 1,400,000 MEN PICKED MEN WILL ommending that three student mem- em of getting abor," he continued. Nex
IN WORLD'S GREATEST WAR DISCIPLINE FRESH bers of the Board in Control of Ath, "Nearly all of the employment agen- l ei
letics be elected at the All-campus cies in Detroit have been searched but th se
Paris, May 19. - What is perhaps To re-establish the pre-war Cap election, was passed, and will be pre- no proposition seems to appeal to, the
the first comprehensive and concise Night ceremonies the committee sented to the Board of Regents at its men there."r o'cloc
statement of France's war losses has in charge of preparations has appoint- next meeting. f _ium is
just been made by, the former high ed officials from the sophomore and The officers chosen by the /council PROSPECTIVE CHIMES' COVER credit
-commissioner in the United States. freshmen classes to superintend the were: vice-president, R. B. Marshall, DESIGNERS TO MEET FRIDAY contrib
The statement shows that during the conduct of the men and thus tt avoid '22E; recording secretary, F. C. Wal- did
five years of the war' 8,000,000 men any return of last year's gauntlet and ters, '21L; corresponding secretary, All students interested in doing cov- wrote
were mobilized and 1,400,000 were subsequent roughness. These officials F. J. Petty, '21; treasurer, Thornton er designs and art work for the the me
killed, 800,000 maimed and 300,000 are: Sophomores-harpe, Eades, W. Sargent, Jr.; auditor, Angus Goetz, Michigan Chimes next year are re- Allesa
wounded. France lost 57 per cent of Riggs, Dunne, Czysz, May and Gilbert; '22M. quested to meet at 7:15 o'clock to-
her men under 32 years of age. , freshmen-Goebel, Van 15rden, Hunt, The remainder of the business con- morrow night in the Chimes office in The
Johns, Dunphy, Paper, Cappon and sisted of committee reports, the main the Union. the va
RECOMMEND TRANSFER OF BOX Plank. one concerning Cap night. Fred Iet- S. G. Weiner, '20A, who has, been do- Englis
The "encouragement" which the ty, chairman of the committee, re- ing part of the art work this year, French
CARS TO HELP RAILROAD JAM Tfreshmen will get as they toss their ported that all plans had been com- will be present to give a few sugges- Wheel
pots on the fire will be administered pleted and that the councilmen should tions in regard to the work to the ap- 'Rothie
Washington, May 19.-Transfer of by 50 sophomores who are members of be on hand to assist in keeping or- plicants. juallyv
20,000 box cars from eastern railways the Student council committee on un- der. Interpr
to lines west of Chicago and a corre- derclass conduct. Bolsheviki Launch Attack on Poles, The
sponding transfer of 30,000 cars from Nebraska Defeats California, 1-0 Warsaw, May 19.-The Boisheviki sing fo
the west to the east was recommend- Council Prepares 1920 Budget Lincoln, Neb., May 19.-University of have launched an attack on tile river with I
ed as an immediate help for breaking The 1920 city budget was prepared California baseball team was defeated Dvina and Borisoff and the Poles have tra ac
the railroad jam. at the council meeting Monday night. by the University of Nebraska, 1-0. been compelled to' surrender ground. will b

tet Will Render Requiem To
night; Choral Union to
(By Edna Lucking Apel)
orus, organ, orchestra, and audi
ushered .in the Twenty-seventl
festival last night in Hill audi
m with a spirited rendering of th
Spangled Banner," which wa
ficant for its triumphant note o
ed tranquility in comparison t
of the past few festivals.-
ta Ruffo, the soloist of the eve
immediately won unanimou
ds throughout the vast audience
s informal cordiality and exuber
ersonality which was a decide
a delightul contrast t the preY.
stiffness assumed by the major
f singers.
'Has Artistic Originality
his interpretations there is a
and spontaneous personal touch
s inspired by moon and impulse
anical conventionality is subor-
ed to momentary whims which
his execution originally artis-
the "Figaro" aria from the "Bar-
f Seville" which he substituted
he Leoncavallo "Zaza" aria we
a wonderfully commendable ex-
on of rapid diction, 'remarkably
In fact, Ruffo left little to be
d in a baritone.
derick Stock as leader of the
go Symphony orchestra, showed
ame high degree of excellence as
mner years. The personnel of the
ization is practically intact ex-
for three or four members.
Excellent Team Work Seen
stock's truncheon led the mm
gh a multiplicity of themes in
arious orchestral works which
d the team work he is able to
and from them. He never al-
us to lose track of the main
ure of the work or theme he is
reting by an overemphasis of
main program began with the
tic overture, "Patrie" of Bizet's
ed by the aria, "0 Promise Fair
y Divine" from Massenet's "Le
e Lahore" sung 'by Titta Ruffo.
came the second" Liszt "Sym-
c Poem" filled with the 4neonsol-
mournings of the Venetian gon-
s, followed by the minuet styles
epresent Tasso's happier life at
The ever-popular "Figaro"
ihe "Barber of Seville," two
na Symphonic poems, the
kng Song" from Thomas' "Ham-
nd the famous Rimsky-Korsa-
Capriccio Espagnol" comprised
'ogram. ,

t to Palestrina's "Pope Marcel-
aasses, the "Manzoni" Requiem
di's which will be presented at
cond May festival concert at 8
k this evening in. Hill auditor-
s the greatest choral work ac-
ed to Italy. Thirteen composers
buted to its composition but it
aot succeed, whereupon Verdi
this work and dedicated it to
emory of the Italian statesman,
ndro Manzoni.
Quartet ,Well Qualified
quartet of soloists intrusted to
arious roles, Leonora Sparkes,
h soprano, Carolina Lazzari,
h and Italian contralto, William
er, American tenor, and Leon
er, the French basso, are unus-
well qualified to give excellent
University Choral union will
or the first time in this concert
the Chicago Symphony orches-
,companying. Prof. A. A. Stanley
e the conductor.

en in the com
ccording to thr
jraus yester-
I that every-
next eight week
t fully as wel'
I he anticipates
ian in any pre-

>e more than 200 mem-
aculty. Many valuable
i secured to handle
Summer session this
iot regular members of
roughout the academic
new courses are being
cilities have been so
t many more students
odated during his sum-
an heretofore.
I on Weapon Charge
ro is in the county jail
of carrying concealed
urday night following
lowero led several hun-
'a chase through the
eets. He was finally
e sheriff. No one was


e in-'
it at
I the

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