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October 05, 1915 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1915-10-05

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--- - -

ON L_1ID!C isiit~~u,11 rt~f L y r ADPLN ENVC
,f kIIS ~r,!\L. n, c..:i ralr, < .1X 11"6'n i '.. (1 4 O I('1.i
Natura 't,'s 6 l I_ - ,7g @? ,ime tP'tl''rson(k ias i9"nfi't
Masons and c Sac'- ' a ax - Wih i ,e te .,- J t r . # g ihgn n iO n fll '~ A X ~ J R U J
on no__. ta .. hk_, i w eh B o en hi. __ 1 a C "(7, . .-' { .. a'rw 9 li oas :urt3 vdu JP Op*7 Duria2 lteiai4d
flWMa rtaus oe iuv seyst;: iifi t~ltj ;I, I'''ia"1'r the l
on noh otea I f -..,ter : _- an oda e reati~i I d !t {dSt}CFA A~- i o V i( ry. a" cord ti
thet cni1td r h ~ arvo 0 r~
bntX An rarsnnenewI f ha tec h )b u1' (;-', j ~ lr'... $iineolicy diii
I 4ifg
mcade, 1 r1iUPhn ddi (- , ,.e e 11)1t1' ([j t. f)i er ~ (' OX ln 'u ti 'raY 'e in 3 .c h~
Chank, t ,~CIli Ili l'el.41a tt7!'ii an car ut n e._~e u{hatic rsrin 1hnp p ( tr. : ,uda5 .v e1ne fo h
Cidealdrdnaln wa d
Macg rum tho V.I '. "ts P (.tmi nive it.i' V .-.[ ~}' _e ,~ n at n ~ ia iv~ ndi...teir .-.-)us pr(?' ,i.1
asoe. i ' e o ah ih- ' " .,(,AM?;_.i' IE oh. .e-.S.so' ill sr ed tol ;" 4 -;
builhudi it~C 'eiic ~rnm to's~ihWf rmnn r5i pctdoo pr;j . a1) I insierd sth- hlin
Cto ata i 2~o hSo sr-t n (''t l h X.11't i it lIl~ AI ~ jajiesio meigi eieClta
school t'' music uld ,'.e nsue I Ars ililim J1 l1naC w f Iro o ir. tomii opas NrL t r lPs col ilb adesc m
for 1 nttW JluS3 Ia lma fteTencae'mtePni~t ~V ~s;ae,~n hnteicueswill
The nasuI at sciec fidig i lr Irer~, i i t ,r ea.u _ I estOir on er bfoIirYE~,i.tmas a- ii itogru7 }r n ou'
structu n v n oP A cm usbcue r wei k' i £. .Ili '_;'iT" S . 6N3IJ.) a logtesne he sls avt
isntd~rit li.nyC ht)i t ac iti P-.Ath' iverly womn.; a', (1N II)S II~tIIOtM ~elar i- of fthe book exc hange
window jl ig n (ilfaue IdnPgted sew(-s ..a ,e wihx seprietAwt a
x'1'1( thL.. x!)"I !7ta roIneail e rautini 1t. h as Sudnsr-tl-igtoIe n vrstdIsmstr weechnetsjv I-
th ithehetr n xtro ptmiln n .W C i 'd ti alwlli'.t.atei soca ae n sa movling van on ,thtoiI, nfit
orahisth W ,'sLeguec dr nAli Ivr hl e lt 'I15, to oli .'aI ?be iopen dring the Iremainder -t ftis
ad.aiand ndolhntiArot rsdi~ ~~-~~~p~'a ~rAc-rhm i:n-plet i' ~g r a
resd.rr , ',It.!7ie £IP ihuehaIat n ett d nhny epn a bry er ioy fr iw, -a Lti tz 1 Jbso vrou i_. ndt av
last "t'oi ,salyl e .3.I tde l , av .ir- ti~id i i many x- ".U!1: n i sp, - 3,11he 1deijrein 0 hE (en"sriue ic Sp e 5
'eida.re ocwigt h ot ~-'suhr eipeos r~gtefae os n~tt srt x ich " IThre - l d o ve, r ""eilrtey
nds C rhhene'oer teex-ror elps epeiio o 10iiEgpt.hr1uu ao ..!Libe.te om F I2eaerir; (1 nowSo liiT lely at he Cmi-
desm ti en;1. rr redb may po- i ' Lllticnosnha 3, 10 n-).1.fa a arbordB
beens1,i I . a r .AA; i - I0, }.;11'M.. p- neee nthe p .intA tide f S ri e 'r cS' ! j.i(' S: bcl .signed I .ib. i eh ar si ll na. -" ' ' '~t 'll I
Frs cp ae selng s - i ;n -tiorti"r -)ontI e r_ fttl u tiTih Ti't"lwrkw ic asb~uen
i~ oft'. _- bdesofsrfom gntn t tC'~h te1of1A r S (..y obai -ziatltnr.j .e- tW trmn xlcot eutlsmetia tmr-
have ap!(pes~rt 1(ii :-a, far(t on Ue cun It-. dlnessC, sailed a oce sorhome. gy ln-t itiil7 row ccThursda

} Ints E~ctik., a 'S 'Tr:7 ?ti r' Add 20 to
A c c Fr i t e d1hi g h s c h o o , 7f o n W ir
witut penilina ry xaslu ti son'sav
ben incrased b 21 dti1 te u
!ui ad t by P rof , 13. a ondon
universtonspednrctorshooL. i1
schooA Magls n 5piaehn, shos
rd'. Thceodite l.ts, an ;! rea iof
versife laibryarn' atisUS s. ie
who has dc.ot AI[i. _1ai . ie inth
i° pec' ion of '.la highfe'l, the fo--
llnessniersty ofes n a ,culty
menhaewidedwih he ing,-n-,eti Onse
duringtheptber: a f.l~-
r. illiamiW. BiK.op, .th,<~"'.
an- 11.BTV R, . fS. - P Taio, -1
bot any departmentDas .b3ee oln ,
et' SP. .le 'lrt."! A.-R. CnitIendct
Berr, J.II.3r1u. , 1 o S. umatra(
y n h is'
Jackon, nd istrutoisD. L -I
wian i~ W A Mcut-ieazir

4A sTE IN iST"
Viulvensity School et Msic Meads An.
oln!e 41 4t Seedule of,
i~ril limint leisi
l(= A,1 O~ 'SK SECURED
F '+) ita z I l'l t(NJANUARY 20
lilliz~fy Qar~tilman and New
Yor I't luameliconl List;
th1 Ai-mnged
col ens .i - uhorities have
p ~ ~ ~ t a t l oult arrangements
j~ta lst ofbrilint ~msical numbers
to op-ai'd~r~lg th yar in Hill au-
:.l it-r!_,. a- a e Amato, Ignace
Paderew'1;-1an theFThmas orchestra
are ao~ngdosewho ill appear be-
is-r Ann Arbo_ audienes during the
On te Pe-E'st~valseries the, fol-
owg ry=h. secured: Pasquale
Ama, ct 9:Ploi,,zaley Quartet,
Nov.~~~ 23 ixb Lnan, Dec.. 13;.
IgnceP:rdrcwhi Jn.20; New York
'hi Innont o ,, r *March 17.
sTh twnyt irdanual May Fes-
tival ~ ~ ~ ' Fi I -mc i oncerts during
a jerrd 1' ou das.Twelve famous
arits wilappea rced by the Chi-
('ago 3 ymhnoresra, the TUniver-
slly ChrlI inansupplementary
:cor fs s catseveral hundred Ann Ar-
ir;e t1l dtrui will be used to
hueall oftes onicerts, including
a long seriesof co!tipitnentary recitals
by ellbe;rs of t.he school of music
Au 1;. rTheseerecitals, usually, termed
tw:i lght;rec.ita+.l" ndfaculty concerts,
pro ~- ywV b ciaon the first and,
tuird 'fhu,'-.,-afteroons of each
.donzth, wit ,,peial numbers during
late~~ ~~ afbnon nte examination
areywill be.empoyed in the re-
cii<>?ssotathr will be alternations
betwee vocal Andte various forms
3r. r. 4' $lea 1n, sistant, %Goes
~lr. arln . i- :lava!n, who was as-
sistnti-_theforer-- epartment last
yea,.rf rI nW connctewith the United
fttsforest ,uve it. Coeur d'Alene,

n, ' i .
, .,.. . a, . , - ,
; + y+., \
.. -


ag' f..r 'w. fi+ ,
' i s s .
°+a.......a.. _... _...



, Pos, I
zr "e ,


an 52

y ,

Y. .SE'S T" 'G ._
. ,

" J
~t 3 fc y'Q:
, }+f, y ,,t h f

I .

. C , Y w

glr ,y , p G _ d^r 4 my : i 'C1 _. h( r, 3 3 Y Y t~
S Vl h k
yam r S w' +r4'. . ,r




A Ar,&99.&Ak


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