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March 19, 1916 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1916-03-19

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An Interview With
a Retired Ann Ar-
bor Merchant-
Save mioney, sirs, by real co~
oniy: Don't b stingyiDont be
niggardI Bt run your pi sou
buying as you would that of a
firm. Never fail to take advan-
t e f the opportuity of a re
bargain when voii are sre t
This was the nut of the advice
given by a retired merchant to
an An Arbor man, last Wednes-
"In the matter of clothing, for
instance, I would advise you to
profit by buying at a reliable store
in which you have confdemce.
maney men fail to buly thecir
clothing economically through
carelessness. They see an ad-
vertisement wl.ich they know to
he trust orthy, acuting prices that
ama~c the.
"Yet they say, 'Oh, I'm to busy
to look at suits today. I'll wait
until soe other tim. whicn te
other time comes the be st 1ickia
is gone."
"You practice wht y o preach ?"
asked someoine present.
"Indeed, I do," said the retired
miieiclant. and throing brcxk 'hi;
coat hie displayed a aael "ehtick'
$m and $5 Clothes Shop" "1
bought this at Chuck's place."
If you huv a $25 or $22 nit
for $[, take advantage of it.
There's a clear saving of $7 to
$o. It takes many a salaried man
two and three days of hard work
to earn $7 to $i. Yet he won't
spend 2, "amnirutes --ow_--pic ing
out a sit to save that amout.
Chuck's $lO&$15
Cohe Sho 618E'
U Uh U 'hop Liberty St
Baker, Ayers and Brown Win Their
Matches; Kerwin and Ray-
mond Tie
Before an audience of approximately
two hundred people the first set of
preliminaries in the annual wrestling
tournament were officially ushered in
yesterday afternoon.
Baker and Laux, lightweights, open-
ed the tournament and though the
latter succeeded in putting up a stiff
fight from the start, the superior
weight of the former finally overcame
him. This bout went 7 minutes, 15
seconds, and was one of the snappiest
matches of the afternoon.
McKinley and Ayers furnished the
net, attraction, and for the first four
minutes of the bout neither man -was
downed. Although both men struggled
hard to' overcome the other, neither
could quite succeed in doing so, and
after the bout had gone the full time
Ayers finally got the decision on the
award of the judges.
The shortest and fastest match of
the afternoon was that between the
welterweights Brown and Whitlow. It
took the former but 3 minutes 35
seconds to pin hi opponent to the mat.
Brown secured a clean fall on Whit-
low, lifting the latter off the mat en-
tirely with a body lock and pinning
his shoulders to the floor.
The last bout of the afternon as
that between the heavyweights Ker-
win and Raymond. Both tussled so
hard without either securing a fall
that the judges declared the match a
draw at the end of the 10-minute pe-

rinod and the two will come together
again in the near future to decide
which really is the better..
Manager Amstbuechler stated last
night that the chart for the next set
of matches would be posted within a
few days in the wrestling room in
the gym.
0. S. Westerman acted as referee at
yesterday's matches, and "Bob" Wat-
son, former Michigan wrestling cham-
pion, together with Roy Johnson,
Michigan strong man, acted as judges.
According to Mr. Westerman, pre-
liminary bouts in the past have been
30 minutes in length, but now elimin-
ation bouts last 10 minutes apiece and
final matches 15 minutes. This makes
it possible for men to go into the
tournament and exert themselves to
the utmost with little reverse physi-
cal effects in so short a time.

Secure Only One First, but Well-
Balanced Team Gives rhem
Big Margin
Although copping but a single win
in the nine events run off, the fresh
lits ran away with the interclass meet
yesterday afternoon with a total of
20 points to nine for their nearest
rivals, the senior lits. Their team
while harboring but few stars, was
big and well-balanced, thus enabling
them to grab the first honors by means
of a cloud of seconds and thirds.
Their only win came when Thompson
broke the tape in the 35-yard dash.]
The meet was devoid of features, all
events being hotly contested but noth-
ing startling in the line of marks were
hung up. Probably the best perform-
ance of the afternoon was in the high
jump, when Davis of the soph archi-
tect squad cleared the bar at 5 feet
7 inches. Coldren's mark of 6 see-
onds flat in the high hurdles and
Sayles' of 56 2-5 seconds in the quar-
ter mile were also noteworthy per-
Iormances. All events attracted large
entry-lists, the dash leading with a
list of 20 starters, necessitating the
running-off of five preliminary heats.
In view of the large number of men
entered, the meet was remarkably well
handled and was hustled through in
record time. The only slip of the aft-
ernoon occurred in the mile race, when
men who had been lapped refused to
drop out of the running, thus render-
ing it difficult for the judges to pick
a winner. One event, the pole vault,
was not pulled off, the mysterious dis-
a peaance of the tai-off block ren-
deing it necessary to postpone the
contest until Wednesday afternoon.
The result of the vault will not af-
"ect the winners of the meet, however
as three of the four men entered are
mnembers of the junior engineer squad,
which has scored no points as yet.
The following team standing is sub-
ject to change, on account of the al-
leged ineligibility of several of the
point-winners: Fresh lits, 20; senior
lits, 9; soph lits, 8; fresh engineers,
8; soph pharmics, 5; fresh architects,
5; soph medics, 5; soph architects, 5;
fresh laws, 3; senior engineers, 3; ju-
nior lits, 1.
The summaries follow:
:5-Yard (Dash
First heat- -Won by Rosenfield, '16.
Time 4 3-5.
Second heat--Won by Davis, '18A.
Time, 4 2-5.
Third heat -Won by Thompson, '19.
Time, 4 3-5.
Fourth heat----Won by Berkowitz, '19.
Time, 4 3-5.
Fifth Beat-Won by Field, '16. Time,
4 2-5.
First semi-final-Fbield '16 first
Berkowitz, '19, second. Time, 4 2-5'
Second semi-final-Thompson, '19,
first; Rosenfield, '16, second. Time,
4 2-5.
Final---'Thompson, '19, first; Field,
'16, second; Berkowitz, '19, third.
Time, 4 2-5.
40-Yard Low Hurdles
First heat-McMillan, '19, first; Ro-
senthal, '16, second. Time, 5 4-5.
Second heat--hewlett, '19A, first;
Kohr, '17E, second. Time, 5 3-5.
Final--Hewlett, '19A, first; McMil-
lan, '19, second; Rosenthal, '16, third.
Time, 5 4-5.
40-Yard High Hurdles

First heat --McClintock, '19, first;
Rosenthal, '16, second.- Time, 6 2-5.
Second heat-Coldren, '18M, first;
Stark, '19, second. Time, 6 1-5.
Final---Coldren, '18M, first; McClin-
toc', '19, second; Stark, '19, third.
Time, 6 flat.
Shot put-Bastian, '16, first, 33 feet
6 inches; Lindstrom, '19E, second, 32
feet; Houghton, '18L, third. 31 feet 7
High jumnp-Davis, '18A, first, 5 feet
7 inches; Thompson, '19, and Hal-
stead, '18L, tied for second, 5 feet 6
Mile run -lerlily, '19E, first; Foster,
'IS, second; Luell,- '19, third. Tine,
5 minutes, 56 seconds.
Quarter-mile - Sayles, - '18P, first; j
Warren., '16E, second; Augspurger,
'17, third. Time, 50 2-5 seconds.
Half-mile - Matteson, '18, first;
Sedgwick, '19, second; Wahley, '19,

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IV lKE Fl N9t (11]
SThis Is a Different Kin
Trimming Ileduces Number of Candi.
dates from 43 to 37, Thinning pring avorites oun ao
Out Infield Prospects Our Tailored Suits at NLY safnples are shown here,
---0 which gives us an opportunity
PREPARE FOR SOUTHERN TRIP -ato display an unlimited number of
$30 styles from which to choose. Our
Following yesterday's practice in ~reserve stock is kept in Detroit, and
Watermain gym the baseball squad un- deliveryanbemadewithintwenty
derwent what will probably be the
final cut prior to the trimming of can-f h
didates which will be made before ome in and see what the new
the team leaves for its southern trip.T e they are all talk-
Yesterday's cut reduced the squad of T thingsare for Sprng.
candidates for the 1916 Varsity nine ing about-the shop where
from 43 to 37, the first basemen and Individual Style Touches.
the pitchers being the men who most Established 1865
suffered, two of the candidates for
each of these jobs being left off the
new list of prospects.
The men who still remain on the I
Varsity squad are as follows: HENRY & COMPANY
Pitchers--Stuart, Niemann, Gibbs,
Miller, Robins, Ohlmacher, Soddy, Rob-' Tailors to Men
cats, Andrus, McNamara.
713-715 North University AvenueN
Catchers-Roehm, Moore, Arentz, Directly North of Law Building 713-715 North University Avenue
Dunne, Gardner.-
First basemen-Newell, Wehmeyer


SBcon basemen -Caswell, Smith, -L
Bialosky, Anderson. A SDFU RS
Third basemen-Eaton, Baribeau,
Warner, Reem. Harrington, Wurster. LDLNT 01U IGI MUSK
Shortstop -- Thomas, Walterhouse, ----
Larson. Lokker Plays Stellar Game for Laws;
Outfield--Labadie, Ippell, Niemann, Chances of Barristers for Final
Johns, Brandell, Taylor. Round Stronger
With the squad cut to this -degree. -
the coach is able to secure a fairly In a fast game the junior laws last
good line on his men, and with the night forced themselves one step near-
first game on the southern trip but er the long desired group of four,
three weeks away it. will be no sur- qualifying for the finals in the annual
prise to the rooters and the follow- basketball series, after defeating the
ors of the team in the gym if the fresh dents by the decisive score of
coach starts to line up some infields. 24 to 1.
These quintettes which are formed in The winners provided the stars of
the gym are not decisive in the make- the game for the most part, Lokker
up of the team, but they are signifi- of that class especially distinguishing
cant, and furnish dope for the fireside himself by his work at forward. To
and front-porsh athletes to consider. I this gentleman must be attributed the
The race in the shortstop and first majority of the baskets scored by his
basemen jobs is narrowing down to a team, several long and difficult shots
lelicate point, three men only being being made by him. Pierce, of the
left in the competition for each of same team, playing at center against a
these positions. The pitchers, as much larger man, succeeded in add-
might be expected, are the most nu- Ing two baskets to his team's total,
nierous, 10 of these men having been and in various other ways demonstrat-
left on the squad. ed that he is an adept at the indoor
Work during the next week will be i-game.
on a more intense scale for those who When questioned last night as to
are left on the squad, the time in the the outlook for his team, Managerl
cage being somewhat lengthened for Lokker stated that he regarded their1
both the pitchers and the catchers. chance as excellent for getting intol
This will mean a final spurt just be- the finals, which means that they
fore the leaving of the team for the would receive numerals, since the four
{youth, and this last stage of the early so qualifying are awarded the insig-
training of the Wolverines will start nia. Lokker said-further that he re-
with the opening bell at 1:00 o'clock garded the soph lits as their strong-
tomorrow afternoon. est opponents and since they have al-
ready played this team his prophecy
XDVERTISERS in The Michigan seems due to be fulfilled.
Daily are the reliable business men The result of last night's game
of the city. It is to your advantage pushed the fresh dents into sixth po-
to trade with them. sition with a percentage of .333, they
having lost two and won one, the soph
Don't fail to see our pictures of the lits, fresh lits, soph engineers, archi-
Michigan Union Opera. Daines & tects and junior laws all taking rank
Nickels. above them in the order recorded.

NewdYork, Mar. 18.-It was an-
nounced on Saturday from San Fran-
cisco that Duke Kahanomuku, the fly-
ing waterman of Honolulu, will leave
the Hawaiian Islands on March 22 for
the United States, to compete in swim-
ming meets. His presence is likely
to make the title events the great-
est in history, for not a candidate of
international calibre will miss the
roll-call, according to the present pros-
pects, and the fast islander is prom-
ised the most worthy rivals he has ever
Among these are Herbert Vollmer,
19-year-old prodigy of: Columbia Uni-
versity; Perry McGillivray, of the Il-
linois A. C.; Harry Hebner the back
stroke champion; Clement Browne, of
Chicago; Norman Ross, of the Olym-
pic Club, San Francisco; Ludy Lan-
ger, of the University of California,
world's champion middle-distance
swimmer; and George Kunha, of the
Olympic Club, joint holder of the
world's 220-yard open-water record.
The final match in the opening round
of the handball tournament was play-
ed yesterday afternoon, Broberg win-
ning from Clark in but two games of
equal ,length, the final score of the
match being 15-9, 15-9.
Manager Wickett stated last night
that the first matches of the semi-
finals would be staged tomorrow after-
noon at 4:00 o'clock. Eight men will
compete in this round. Those qualify-
ing for the second set of matches are:
Reilly, Homer, Del Valle, George,
Switzer, Weltman, Pfeiffer, Sherrard,
and Broberg, which makes a total o'f
nine, but a set will be played between

Homer and Sherrard before the sen
finals open in order to reduce the nui
ber to an even eight.
Basketball Season Begins in Barba,
Gym With Hard Fought (qunet
Play Overtime
Women's basketball opened in Ba
bour gym Friday afternoon with t
defeat of the seniors at the hands
the sophomores in an overtime 21-
game. At the end of the schedul
time the two teams were even
points, each having chalked up 12
its credit, and by agreement it was d
cided to add five minutes to the tin
of play.
Janet McFarlane was injured du
ing the first half of the game, but g
into the second half in time to esta
lish the individual high score reco
of the contest with six baskets in h
favor. Dorothy Hanchett was tl
other star of the junior aggregatic
scoring just half as nany baskets :
her team-mate.
The next interclass game in the s
ries will be played Saturday, Marc
25, between the freshmen and soph
more teams, and the members of ti
teams are expecting the same suppo
from their glass-mates that attend
the contestants in the past contesi
Rockefeller Foundation Awards Gif
New York, Mar. 18.--Gifts ainour
ing to $1,200,000 have been made r
cently by the Rockefeller foundatic
The announcement of the purpos
of the various benevolences was mac
today by John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
Send The Daily home. $1.00 for t
rest of the year


You take stock of your resources and prepare everything in advance for their proper enter-
tainment, and if you have made no mistake, everything moves off as it should, but when
friends drop in unexpectedly, greet them with joy and call up No. 834





and then forget all about it until you wish them served.
The hostess who brings her friends to us saves money and no end of trouble-she
keeps herself fresh, and gets credit for knowing how to do things right.

Let me help you out next time this happens.

O U- iL'

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