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March 16, 1916 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1916-03-16

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. H. Borlla Says Madrid Government
Lacks Necessary Financial
"The possibility of Spain following
the example of Portugal in entering
the present European war can only be
entertained by people who are unac-
quainted with the history of Spain
prior to her separation from Portugal,"
said R. H. Bonilla, instructor in the
Spanish department in an interview
yesterday. "According to these people,
Spain would sid with the Central
Powers and endeavor to assimilate
Portugal, or perhaps enter the war
against the Allies with the sole idea
of taking revenge for old grudges.
Nothing is more remote than that. The
Portugal of our day is a very poor
ward to be desired by any country."
The instructor continued: "With an
enormous public debt, a budget su-
perior by far in its expenses to the
contributive power of her five million
inhabitants, an administration show-
ing the symptoms of an irremediable
disorganization, and a public spirit
opposed to anything which is not Eng-
lish, she could not fail to become a
nursery of perpetual internal discord
as a province of Spain.
Moreover, the present financial con-
dition of Spain does not fit her for a
new war. Although, with the very high
taxation of about 93 pesetas ($18.60)
per capita and a deficit of probably
290,000,000 pesetas a year in her bud-
get, still she can provide for all her
necessities; it would be a difficult
probem for her to And resources for
a new war, especially when no foreign
loans could be expected. Certainly the
best thing Spain can do is to remain
neutral as at present. Everyone feels
this way, though personal sympathies
may point to one side or the other."
Mr. William W.Bishop, librarianwas
in Detroit yesterday on business.
Clifford M. Toohy, '16, who was re-
cently operated on for mastoditis, has
been discharged from the hospital.
Emmett D. Vining, '19, will be dis-
charged from the hospital in a few
-Band offices have been removed froi.
the engineering building to room M-328
of the new science building. There is
still some money outstanding-from the
sale of tickets for the recent "Band
Bounce." Those having any shouldf
telephone the staff on Thursday or1
Friday afternoon from 1:00 o'clock to
5:00 o'clock.
First Concert and Lecture to Be Held
In Ann Arbor ond
March 28
Arrangements have been perfected
for a series of entertainments to bea
given in Ann Arbor devoted to Polishc
culture and music. The programs will1
Include lectures by Madame Arctowska,i
and Polish folk songs and musical se-1
lections, rendered by Madame Gordonr
de Jurgielewicz and Mr. Edward
Kreiner, two Polish artists who have
recently come to this country as exiles.c
The date for the concert and one of t

the lectures has been set for March 28. t
The proceeds derived will be used I3
partly to aid in the relief of Polish t
scholars exiled in Switzerland, while
part will be sent directly to the Pol- i
ish Relief Committee.
Five manufacturing plants will beu
visited on an inspection trip to To-l
ledo by chemical engineers Saturday.
The itinerary of the jaunt includes II
the fW'owing: The Sun company, pe-
troleum refiners; the Harbauer com-
pany, pickles and condiments; thel
Owens Bottle Machine company; the)
Edward Ford Plate Glass company;
and the Toledo Seed & Oil Co. The 1
party, which will be in charge of a
Prof. W. L. Badger, of the chemical t
engineering department, will leave at
7:10 o'clock tomorrow morning on the
Ann Arbor railroad. a
Patronize Daily Advertizers. ** w


* * * *8* * * * *$ * * *
* Whitney-Michigan Union Op.-
* eras, "Tres Rouge."
* ____
* aestic-Bully Burke's sue-
* esse "erry."
* Arcade--Valli Vali in "The
* a
a Grpheum--Oleo Rigley and
WlaceReid in "The Golden
* (hance.
*' * * * * * * * * * * *
Hail and Farewell
For over 40 years Forbes-Robert
son's distinguished personality a
art have been a familiar delight t
playgoers. He has decided to retir
rom the stage at the zenith of his pow
srs and will be seen for the last tim
in this city at the Whitney theatr
Wednesday, March 22; matinee a
night. No will be disposed to den
that he has well deserved Mr. Bernard
Shaw's description of him as "th
greatest classical actor on the English
stage." He has touched nothing tha
he has not adorned; he has attained
heights where he has been without a
peer and in every circumstance he ha
thought and made others think nobly
of his art. So it happens that he has
established a high claim upon critica
esteem as well as upon public affec
More than a generation has been en-
riched with a notable gallery of crea-
tions and he closes his career with
the knowledge that by undisputed ad-
mission, his Hamlet is the finest pres-
entation of the part which the modern
stage has seen.
At the Majestic
Vaudeville will give way to comedy
at the Majestic on Thursday and in-
stead of two shows at night, only one
will be given, starting at 8:15 o'clock
The people of Ann Arbor will have a
treat given them when Nancy Boyer.
that well known stock actress make
her first appearance. She will change
her bill daily.
Thursday night only, Miss Bcyer
will appear in "Jerry," Billie Burke's
great play. "Jerry" is a four act
comedy by Catherine Chisholm Cush-
ing and is essentially an American
play. The title gains its name from the
leading role of a young woman from
Chicago, who goes to visit her aunt in
Philadelphia, and once upon the scene
Jerry proceeds to upset the love af-
fairs of the household and wins a
husband and happiness out of the
chaos into which she has thrown her
During the four acts Miss Boyer will
wear six gowns but recently designed
for her by Adler & Co., New York.
Mr. ind Mrs. J 1 Goody ear and Mr.
and Pars. Waldo £.bbott have brn
chosen as chaperones for this week's
Union dance to be held Saturday even-
ing. The commit'ee in charge is J. D.
Hibbard, '18E, carmnan; Rex. St.
'lair. '38E; Arthur G. ilpel '18, and
V-. (. O'Keefe, '1Y.'
0,itg to the Kfficulties encount, -
ed under the old :ysrui of procuring
ickets, beginning :his week but two
ickets ma. be purchr.sed by an mfe
person, and these only upon preseta-
ion o nembersiip cards

Clarcuce L. Menser, grad, who is to
epresent the University in the Michi-
an State Peace contest on March 17,
will give his oration, "In the Name of
[umanity," in University hall at 4:10
'clock this afternoon. Mr. Menser;
tees on Friday for Albion, where the
ontest will be held.
The winner of the state contest will
epresent the state of Michigan in the
nterstate contest, between Indiana,
hio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota
nd Michigan, which will be held in
.he latter part of April,
Advertizers in The Michigan Daily
re the reliable business men of the
ity. It is to your advantage to trade
vith them. **

*"Mack as the Pit
* From Pole to Pole"
Fearing that some may not be able
* to attend the Union production, we
, take great pleasure in re-writing the
* Opera-as it might be. We're off!
* * *
*"ree Roaches
* (First Act)
Chorus enters, singing--
We are the Union Opera, the Opera,
the Opera,
* We just want your money, tra-la-la
Your money, your money, your.mo---
d 'enor-in rear-
o Oh-h-, this is a huva day for May,
e For May this is a heluva day
A day, hooray, hooray, a day
e When all the maidens are on display
e (Cho: -are on display)
d And for this the Union makes you
y pay.
d ''alsetto--with wig-on right-
e I know a man his name is Sam
I love him with all my heart (short
,t jig)
He needs a shave on that big red
s So I love him just the same (Cho:)
The same
She loves him just the same, that
1 dame
- And she will soon his heart inflame
'Ensemble) We can't blame the dame
-o-o-r-r-this is the Union Opera
And all your shekels we'll coppera
We'll coppera--for the Opera, the
Audience-Ah!) Chorus finds way
out, leaving hero and heroine)
Ie: Hello, little one.
Ae (bass voice): Aw---waddya want?
le: I've been following you for days.
she: Hee, lbce.
EIe: And I wish to marry you before
eleven o'clock this evening.
She: Not until you improve your
worldly goods, Alexis.
1e: But won't you trust me?
She (connected with Union): In God
we trust.
He: All I can do, then, is die.
She: Hee, hee.
He: Alas, no, 'tis she-she. (Time for
appreciation of audience.)
'Orchestra moans, and hero sings)
I wish I were a buttercup
And all the bees would from me sup
Ah, then would I drown my sorry
By being trod under heel, I know.
( ho-Sweet are the flowers that nature
has wove
And sweet are the maidens fair,
But that maid who has in her hand
a glove (points)
Is the one for whom I care.
(Grabbing maid) And when I look into
your eyes of blue
I know that it, alas, is true,
For eyes of blue are eyes so true
And I love you, love you, lo-o-ove
She (breaking away): How dare you?
He: I could dare anything for thou.
She (knocking him down): Br--ute!
tie: I could be arrested for what I
think of you now (Part of audi-
ence that has attended the Maj.
for last month appreciates this).
Enter Cho. singing-as it were:
Romance is dead, romance is dead,
She knocks brave Sammy on his
We bet he wishes he were dead
Or had in his hand a pipe of lead.
Hero (arising): You, my fair maiden,
will rue this day
Cho.-Will rue this day
Heroine (brushing dust off sleeve)-

The 'ell you say.
I take men like you most any day.
Cho: Hooray, hooray,
She takes men like him most any day
Most an-n-n-n-n-ny day.
(Quick Curtain).
(Second Act)
(Laid in a deserted street in India)
Cho. (sliding in on left ear) Some-
thing's going to happen now,
We give you your money's worth, we
will vow
The hero looks like a homesick cow.
Hero (expostulatingly) Now-now-
Cho: So watch our nimble dancing
Ain't we sweet-so petite
For this is the Union Opera
So watch our joyful hoppera
We think this a pretty good swap-

For the two plunks you have to
To spend--to spend-to sp-e-e-end.
(All dance off, each holding the ankle
of the c.g. before.)
He: heart of my heart--dost love muh?
She (blushing) : Sure.
He: Howv long have you loved me?
She (fidgeting) : Sure.
He: Oh, why do you make me so won-
derfully happy?
She (biting nails-and scratching
ankle with high heel): Sure.
He (grabbing her) : I could hold you
th-thus forever.
She (gasping): Sure.
Ye (unclinched) : When will you marry
She (arranging red wig): Sure.
Ile: Oh, oh! My t'ree roaches!
(Slow Curtain-Author faints)
Patronize Daily Advertizers **


- W
~, /
~ Y - (-.
- d-
y ~~
quet ndfattran eric; onenen ad d
Bujt;//o suppor"(these physical ellencies the\
Michigan 4I'NNtral R.R ! -l"The Ni raFlsRuc
incomn ihl ohr(airadnedth(yLr
of!r ind4ly ubiSnimn, ut alraiLw
4 - ad Fir Compensaton for9SrvNIce. 1 '
Onyteemk \tpsle;torcontinu tolgive t'I
pulctepet )e'vice and modrn fa htl ,, to
?f- demands
. n morr E 6- - --// ev ic'
uS~aSa. -de r- safety dev ices slend id e_. _ rncn$$f
M -~,, a These,('lr1 ask1re as necessary p lis o hemantna
I+ A4#1 O f 1 J111g.re t{(! n s p ^.t yt, Im, itl . J 1
jearn Fi7C4 esaionfo-Srvce
pubhe the per~fece jr ricedmdrnfiiie
_ a.rrr

100 Tickets
Phone 1422-J

Patricu s



Scanlon, Aldrich,
Parker, Strong,
Ma omber, Schwer

Granger', Friday, March 17
DANCING 9 to 2


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