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November 16, 1915 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1915-11-16

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Barteime hoes Not Return With Team
But Purpose of Eastern
Visit Unknown
Coach Ycst and Athletic Director
Bartelme did not return with the Mich-
gan football team, but are remaining
in the east.
Con; Yet in vistlr' 'rs 'perple
in West Virgira, and it is understood
that followin:; this, he will help coach
the Army team in their preparation
for the Navy am^. C.ach Yost has as
sisted the Arnmy i previous years aft-
er the Michigan football season was
The purpose of Mr. Bartelme's visit
in the east is always the cause of con-
siderable speculation around the cam-
pus. In fact, Mr. Bartelme rarely
leaves town for so long a period as
four successive days, without rumors
arising to the effect that he is scouting
in the east for football games. One
year it will be Princeton, the next
Harvard, perhaps Dartmouth or some
other reputable school in eastern cir-
Michigan's one big eastern game,
outside of the Cornell and Pennsyl-
vania contests, the Harvard battle of
1914, was scheduled following an offer
from Harvard herself. Whether Mr.
Bartelme's present sojourn in the east
is for the purpose of looking up a pos-
sible new opponent or merely a pleas-
ure trip, is idle speculation. He's in
the east. That much is known, but
facts cease right there.
The list of "M" men has not been
made public as yet. The awarding of
the letters and the election of captain
ar the principal actions of the near
Dope Says That Michigan Should Win
But The Squad Has Not Had
Much Practice
Practice was held yesterday for the
Varsity soccer team in preparation
for Saturday's game with the Normal
aggregation to be played at Ypsilanti.
Although the weather is rather cool
for bare knees, yet there was quite a
crowd of soccerties bruising the ball
on south Ferry Field.
According to dope, Michigan should
win over' Ypsi next Saturday, having
defeated the Normal team in the game
here earlier in the season. The squad
has not had much practice lately, but
if the men equal the pace they set in
the first game or surpass it, they
should take the game without any ser-
ious trouble. The game on Saturday
will close the season as far as Michi-
gan is concerned, the athletic author-
ities being unable to secure any
other games this year.
According to the way the cross
country team covered Saturday's
course, Michigan will send a winning
team east to compete in the annual
Eastern classic at Franklin, Mass.,
next Saturday. The team, composed
of Carroll, Kuivinen, Walters, Don-
nely, Fox, and Trefla, will leave Thurs-
day on the 2:42 o'clock train, arriving
at their destination Friday afternoon.
They will be met by Trainer S. J.
Farrell, who has remained in the easE
for the Yale-Harvard game.

The race will start at Franklin Field
at 11:00 o'clock Saturday morning. It
will be over a six-mile course which is
rough in places, and is hilly as well.
The team has been working all fall
over similiar courses, and expects to
find this one easy, according to reports
from Trainer Farrell.
Senior Lits Elect Basketball Mainager
Owing to the fact that at the regu-
lar class elections the senior lits fail-
ed to put a basketball manager in of-
fice, a speci1 meeting was held at
which Alfred M. Thompson was elect-
ed to manage the class team for the
coming season.

Championship ame Wi be Played
the Latter Part of Week on
Ferry Field
For the second time the junior lits
and the soph lits played a tie game,
the final score showing one touchdown
for each. In the other game the score
stood 0-0, and at still another occasion
on which they were scheduled to play
neither team appeared on the field.
For various reasons, the inter-class
football authorities have mapped out
a new schedule to be played this week.
In the best game of the interclass
football season, the junior lits and the
soph lits tied yesterday for the second
time by the score of 6-6. In the first
half the soph chose to defend the west
goal, and Champion booted the ball
ten yards over the junior goal line on
the kick-off. The fight was carried on
pretty evenly, until about the middle
of the period, when Captain Perry, of
the sophs, broke through the line and
carried the ball for 65 yards. On three
attempts the second-year men ad-
vanced the ball to the one-yard line,
but they were unable to put it over
for a touchdown. The juniors then
advanced the bal to the middle of the
field, and failing to make their downs,
punted and recovered on the 25-yard
line. On a well-executed forward
pass, Captain Joslyn, of the juniors,
carried the ball over for a touchdown.
They failed to kick goal. '
Throughout the second half th
sophs made numerous fumbles and for
a time their line was wobbly, the backs
being repeatedly thrown for losses. By
a series of end plays and line plunges
the juniors carried the ball to the 15-
yard line, only to lose it on downs.
The most exciting part of the play oc-
curred in these last moments of the
game, and with. only three minutes of
play remaining, the sophs, using Frick,
Edwards, and Watts on end plays,
brought the ball to within striking dis-
tance of the goal, where, with a half
minute of play left, and on the last
down,'Frick skirted right end for 30
yards and a touchdown. Champion
failed to kick goal.
'For the sophs, Watts featured in
plunging and defense, while Frick and
Edwards starred in the runs around
the ends. Champion and Leiffler, for
the sophs, showed up in their great
defensive work on the ends. Captain
Joslyn and Oglethorpe played the stel-
lar game for the juniors, getting away
with several forward passes and doing
good work in line smashes.
The big clash of the series comes
today, when the same two teams meet
for the third time to decide their su-
premacy. The game will be called at
4:05 o'clock this afternoon on south
Ferry Field.
Owing to the fact that two games
on the last schedule were not played
on last Saturday, the Intramural office
has been forced to make out a new
chart. The success of the former
schedule depended on every game be-
ing played on the date set according
to that schedule, and as the whole se-
ries of games following those to have
been played on last Saturday were
based on the games preceding, when
those preceding games fell through the
whole slate was upset.
This new schedule goes into effect
today. The games have been arranged
with all fairness and with the view to
completing the entire series, including
the championship game, by the end of
this week.
All games on this chart will posi-
tively be played on the date set, and

any games not played on schedule
days, whether by mutual agreement
of managers or otherwise, will be
marked off the slate. There may be
no postponements if the series is to be
finished this week, as the new sched-
ule, like the old, is based on the as-
sumption that all games will be played
off so that those following can be
fought out. Arrangements must be
made by the class managers to have
their respective teams ready to play
on the appointed date.
Following is the final schedule:
1. Junior lits vs. soph lits.
2. Medics vs. soph engineers.

3. Dents vs. senior engineers.
4. Winners of No. 1 vs. winners of
No. 2.
humrsday, Noember IS
5. gc:nifor lits vs. losers of No. 3.
Saturdoy, November m0, Morning
Championship game: Senior laws
vs. winners of No. 3
For fourth set of numerals: Losers
of No. 5 vs. winners of No. 4.
Losers of championship game will
play winners of game No. 5 for the
second set of numerals, the date to
be set by mutual agreement of the
managers of those teams.4

Monday nite,
New York
Dear Put,
Well, Put, here it is monday nite,
and as you can planely see, I ain't
bone yet, but I have been having the
swellest time and I don't care none if
they do fire me out of college because
if they do fire me out, i am coming
rite dokvn here to n. y. to live per-
It's the swellest town I ever seen,
and nothing like a. a. or Jackson or
detroit, but much bigger and lots more
doing, in fact there is easily more
people on the sts. at 10 o'clock at nite
than there is in front of u. hall at
I and Buzz Catlett and hal Smith
left for n. y. rite after the game and
we ast Bill Cochran if he would come
two, but he said no as mr. Yost was
not going back with the team, he would
have to be chaperone and see that none
of the boys got offen the cars befoar
they reached a. a. and that no 1
swipped germuny Schulz or Rehor and
also to keep Maule in stamps.
He said good bye boys and don't
nothing I wouldnt do and I dont know
what he would do and what he would
not do, Put, and so maybe we havn't
done nothing he would not do, but if
not he must be a grate little cut up,
for we have been having 1 large time
all rite.
Boyd Compton almost got us on the
rong train, and going clean down to
florida insted of to n. y. what is onely
a few miles from filly and not no long
journey what costs like everything, but
Catlett found out in time and we clime
offen the train and got on the rite 1.
Maybe Compton is sore because of that
stunt I pulled off about that there
quarter, but he ought to know that no
quarter would take I and Buzz and
Smittie clean down to florida, and even
if tit did how would we get back, I
should like to know.
Last nite we went to some winter
gardens here in n. y. but really, Put,
they wasn't nothing like no winter
gardens at all, but just like summer,
and the onely thing I seen that re-
minded me of a garden was the swell
big red carnation Catlett has been
wearing in his button hole ever since

Mr. Allen, representing the Reming-
ton Arms and Ammunition Company
will give an exhibition o fancy rie;
and re Ovovr shooting on south Ferry
F;eld next Friday afternoon, under the
auspices of the Rifile club. Mr. Alien
who oas but his left arm, is consid-
ered one of the best rifle shots in the
country, and his exhibitiL.on will rival
that of Lieutenant Parker who staged
an exhibition a short time ago. One
of the stunts that Mr. Allen does is hit-
tiag pennies tossed into the air with a
, 3-caliber revolver.
wj came from filly, what some girl
pt on him after the game was over.
J3it anyway even if it wasn't no real
winter garden it is,some place and if
they had 1 in a. a. I would go ever
nlte if I had a pass.
This here Smith has owed me 20c
for 2 months and I guess lie must be
paying the interest on it now, as he
and Catlet have paid all my expensus,
bat then, Put, it is nice for them to
have sonie swell guy like I along to
travel with thern and take care of
them, so i guess we are about even as
far as that goes, all rite.
Last nite I was waiting for Buzz
and Smith, as Buzz was buying some
swell mogul cigarettes in this here
hotel and a guy said I beg your par-
don but is that Smith over there what
I saw run in the inter collejuts and I
said yes that is him all rite and the
guy said who is that with him and I
said that is buzz Catlett what plays
r%. ! back on the nich. ft. ball team,
and he says oh is it really now and I
says yes it is really now. Then he
begin looking I all over and he says
who are you, huh, and I says I am
Bill Cochran, the capt. of the team and
lr says oh no you ain't Bill Cochran
for Bill is a grate big guy and you is
onely a little shrimp, and I lafted and
said that is rie, and I an onely Maul-
betsch, and he says on are you now,
why I seen you at Harvard, and i says
sell you did all rite if you seen that
game for I guess I was numbered
among them that was present. I got
away with it swell, Pat, and I am go-
ingg to say my name is Maulbetsch
until I get home, as Johnny won't care
none as he is 1 of my friends and it
vwill be all rite, and he will get some
grate adv
Well, so long, Put, and I will be
home when Catlett and Smith spend
all there $$ and from presunt indica-
shuns this will be some time around
xmas or the 4th of july. Well, Put,
goodbye and I will send you a post
card when I get this quarter of mine
busted and have some small change
on hand. Yrs.
P. S. I may run over to pittsburg
and see my girl if I can borrow some
money from 1 of these guys.

W1i Take Place of Inter-lepar nen
Football Games, Now nAost
To take the place of the inter-de-
partment football games which are
drawing to a close, the Department of
Intramural Activities is organizing an
inter-departmental indoor baseball
league The schedule will go into ef-
feet on the evening of November 22,
and all departments should have their
teams organized and in playing con-
dition by that time.
The officers of each class are asked
to meet and appoint a class represen-
tative or manager for the team, and
those who receive appointments are
asked to attend a meeting on Friday
afternoon, November 19, at 5:00
o'clock, in the offices of the Intramural
department. Prior to this meeting,
those appointed as managers should
leave their names with Mr. Rowe or
Mr. Pardee at the Intramural office,
or communicate with Albert Stoll, tele-
phone 357, or with Willis Brodhead,
telephone 16.
The following rules will go into ef-
fect when the league is organized, and
are somewhat different than have been
heretofore in use:
(1) Any student either warned or
on probation will not be allowed to
play in the league.
(2) No one who has played class or
Varsity football during the season of
1915 will be allowed to play on any
of the class teams.
(3) No one who expects to play bas-
ketball will be allowed to compete, or,
in other words, no one who plays in
this calss. indoor baseball league will
be allowed to play during the coming
basketball season.
Crators Cooipee in Fist Debate of-
Ye.tr; Next Trials to Be Held
The men chosen at the first debating
try-out to enter the second were, in
the order in which they will next ap-
pear. Goodwin, Ramnsdell, Levine,
Hutton, Teegarden, Haouseman,
Springstun, Cohn, Brucker, Harris,
hiney, Munter, Bannen, Lisle, Stod-
dard, Adams, Michaelson, and Cot-
The next try-outs will take place on
Saturday morning at 8 o'clock in room
3 2, North Wing. Each contest must
Iresent a complete brief of his speach,
which will be limited to eight minutes.
T'h1. speaker may choose either the
affirmative or negative side of the

Meet Best Teams ii Fiine Form and
Look Like Varsity Stuff; Yost
Watches Them .
Captain Sparks of the All-Fresh on
Saturday piloted his eleven through
the last game of a most successful
season, the team not losing a game
during the fall, although they only
won two contests. The class of oppo-
sition which the Douglass charges
were called upon to meet was among
the best that any of the freshman
teams have ever encountered, making
the season just that. much more pleas-
ing to the campus.
From the form displayed in the sea-
son's finale, the team did not show its
best until the last afternoon. Charg-
ing in the line was done more nearly
as the coach insists, the work of Nash,
Bevins and Dunn standing out promi-
nently in almost every instance. Abil-
ity and smoothness in those endeavor-
ing to advance the pigskin was also
far above that of the earlier contest.
Heidelburg was the only team to
score upon the yearlings. In the other
two contests the goal posts of the
Michigan hopefuls were never in any
immediate danger. This is the only
respect in which the 1915 aggregation
needs to bow to the one which Doug-
lass had in hand last fall.
Sparks & Co. will undoubtedly grad-
uate a number of their men to Varsity
ranking when another playing season
rolls around. Yost has watched the
freshmen closer in the past few days
than ever has been his wont, and the
Wolverine mentor, will undoubtedly
place big hopes in this year's stars
when figuring out the personnel of pis
next season's outfit of pigskin chasers.
The number of scrappers who present-
ed themselves for Douglass' aggrega-
.tion are just the soft which "Hurry-
Up" is going to demand for his 1916
In the Rifle club qualification match
which was held Friday, both R. W.
Lee and I). C. McIntry'e, the only men
tq complete the course, qualified, Lee
as an expert and McIntyre as a sharp-
shooter. The 500 and 600 yard courses
are yet to be shot off, and to do this
while the light is still good, another
qualification match will take place Fri-
day on the National Guard range on
south Packard St. All men intending
to go, should meet at the Delta to
catch the 1:05 o'clock car.


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