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November 12, 1915 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1915-11-12

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Showing Made Against Dartmouth__
Honors Slightly in Favor of the Blue Raises the Hopes of Yost's Junior Arts Men Take Game With the
and Red, With a Tie Game Opponents Freshmen by Default When Year-
on Record lings Stay at Home
Philamdelphia, Nov. 11.-(Special.)- _
TEN YEARS TOTALS READ 108-101 Pennsylvania is .fully confident that '16 BOYS ARE CLOSE TO NUMERALS
the football team representing the uni-
* * * * * * * * * * * * * versity will be able to defeat the Mich- Crippled by the absence of several
* * igan team in the annual game to be regulars, and with Edwards, the star
* Michigan-Pennsylvania Scores * played at Franklin field Saturday. half, disabled in the early part of the
* of Former Years * Tke season has not been a howling game, the sophs were defeated by a
* -- * success, but nevertheless it is hoped touchdown yesterday in the senior lit-
* Year Pennsylvania Michigan * that, following the good showing which soph lit game. In the other game
* 1899....... 11 10 * the rejuvenated squad made in the which was to have been played be-
* 1906.........17 0 * Dartmouth game last week, they will tween the junior lits and the fresh of
* 1907....... 6 0 * be able to wallop Michigan. The men that department, the first-year team
* 1908........29 0 * of Yost have not been going at top was conspicuous by its absence. Al-
* 1909......,.. 6 12 * speed this year, and it is largely a thought missing the practice, the ju-
* 1910........ 0 0 * question of which of the teams will nior lits are so much nearer numerals
* 1911....... 9 11 * be able to come back the harder. through yesterday's default.
* 1912........27 21 * Carl Williams is regarded as the In the beginning of the first half of
* 1913....... 0 13 * man in charge of the team, now that the senior-soph game, the senior backs
* 1914....... 3 34 * George Brooke has retired. Williams carried the ball down the field by line
* - -- * was coach of the team several years plunges and end runs, Brandell and
* Totals... 108 101 * ago, but quit to allow Brooke to step Martins doing the work. When Ed-
* * in. No changes will be made in the wards, the sophs' best bet, was injured
* * * * * * * * * * * * * team with the exception of those ne- by a meeting between his head and
Michigan faces the sons of William cessitated by the injuries of players. Brandell's knee, the second-year de-
Penn in the eleventh football game be- Neither Ross nor Williams is likely fense seemed to be paralyzed and the
tween teams representing the two in- to get into the Michigan game. seniors pushed over a touchdown,
stitutions, and it goes up against to- Hawley will probably fill the full- Brandell carrying the ball'and kicking
morrow's adversaries with an almost back post in place of Ross, and Mur- goal. The senior tally merely served
equal record. dock is the man picked by most of the to arouse the fight in the sophs, and
In the 10 games that the Wolverines critics to start at half. No one knows for the remainder of the half they held
have played with the Pennsylvania who will play end in the place left their opponents well beyond the dan-
eleven, Michigan has come out on top vacant by Hawley's removal to the ger zone, even outplaying them for
of the score in four, while the Penn backfield. That this shift has been most of the time left. Time was called
team has won five, and the odd game made is taken as an indication that again when Edwards grew wobbly
was a 0-to-0 tie, played in 1910. Penn will make an attempt to score after a hard tackle, and the plucky
Michigan started out against the by the goal-from-the-field route. half was taken out of the game. Cham-
Penn team with a comparatively weak The Michigan players, about 24 pion, the sophomore fullback, tore off
historical background, but managed to strong, arrived in Wayne, near here, several long punts and did his share
kick through in the first year, and lost this afternoon, and took a limbering of the defensive work. Neither team
by but one point. In the next three exercise on the gridiron of one of the could gain much ground on passes,
years the Varsity was held scoreless, preparatory schools located there. almost all of the tosses being incom-
but came back in 1909 with its first They appear confident of taking the plete. The half ended with the ball
victory over the wearers of the Blue last game on their schedule and will well within senior territory.
and Red. bend all efforts to round out the list In the second half the sophs com-
Honors since the Wolverines got with a win. pletely outplayed the seniors, both in
their start have been about equally Pennsylvania has two more weeks defense and in carrying the ball. After
divided,'one of the five games being a of football, as the season here does not the first few minutes of play they
tie and three being Michigan victories, close until the game with Cornell on forced the seniors back to the 10-yard
while the fourth went to Penn. Mich- Thanksgiving day. (Continued on Page Six)
igan has won by overwhelming scores
in the last two years, and its most re-
cent defeat was by only a six-point L
If Michigan wins tomorrow's game
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This, we believe, will be the finest opportunity offered to
you this season to obtain an inexpensive yet extremely
beautiful dancing costume. The designs are charming,
the colorings are delicate, the materials include Taffeta,
Satin Soiree, Marquisete and Nets. Each dress is fresh
and new, prettily trimmed with dainty laces, silver em-
broidery and small silk flowers. Some have narrow bands
of fur.
J"7 1/heX "hlan.,x9n
Goods Sent Free by
Parcel Post


arty Dress of Pink Taffeta, $35

- wem

I.I w

I-OW -Nww

P- -Vq

n their positions before the final and rain coats from the House of
whistle calls a halt to the activities. Kuppenheimer, on sale by N. F. Alfa
The rest of the team will line up prac- Lo,'T'OR FX tclyhesmasual hein-p ., Main street. oct6eod-wad
tically the same as usual. The line-up
SCRIMMAGE_ follows: Wieman, 1. e.; Dunn, 1. t.;
Hauser, Beath or Towsley, 1. g.; Nash, 25 cents-any part of the city. Stark
Yearling Mentor Puts Men Through c.; Bevens, r. g.; MacLachlan or Wil- Taxicab Co., 2255. oct28tf
Signals, Lacking Any Form liams, r. t.; Peach, r. e.; Sparks, q.;
of Opposition Hanish, 1. h.; Eggert, r. h.; Snyder, f. Shirts made to order.-G. H. Wild
A large crowd is expected to wit- Company. State St. Tailors.
All manner of opposition having ness the struggle, which will be the
abandoned the Ferry Field gridirons last of the season. Reports of the A full line of Hawaiian Victor Rec-
for the balance of the season, All- Varsity-Pennsylvania game will be re- ords can now be had at Grinnell Bros.'
Fresh Coach Douglass was forced to ceived at the field and will be given Music House, 116 South Main street.
Foreshgoach Drum asrdwaforceonout to the stands during the course of Phone 1707.
forego scrimmage yesterday afternoon, the contest.
Perhaps it is best that this is so, for
with the large injured list which Washington Firemen Give Capitol Bath E X T R A
"Doug" has in his camp of yearlings, Washington, Nov. 11.-Local fire- SEE THE GREATEST
some real football might further in- men yesterday began the annual task PHOTOPLAY EVER
crease the already ,large number of PRODUCED
cripples. Consequently, only signal of giving the capitol a bath. A fire
practice was held, with a view of per- engine was taken to the capitol REGENERATION
fecting the plays to be turned loose grounds and all way played a stream
against Detroit tomorrow. of water against the marble and sand- ajesti c
Towsley and Williams are the only stone walls to remove the dust of sum-
doubtful starters for the last contest mer. Sparrow nests by the score SUNDAY NOV. 14
of the season, and the chances favor were knocked out of the cornice by the Seats - 10c
both of these big boys getting a chance force of the water.

the Wolverines will be on an equal
footing as to number of games won
and lost, and the margin should be
sufficiently great to allow the Yostmen
to make up the seven-point difference
in total scores.
Supporters of Indoor Sport Have Hopes
of Crossing Foils Again
With Cornell
Efforts are being made by devotees
of fencing to organize a team for that
syort this year. As yet very little has
been done, due to the fact that Cap-
tain-Elect John H. Nichols is in the
hospital, but it is expected that as soon
as he is able to take part in any stren-
uous exercise he will set about bring-
ing together a number of men who
can ably uphold Michigan in this
branch of athletics.
Last year the fencing team had a
match with Cornell, and, although de-
feated, did well, considering the lack
of practice. This year Cornell has
written to Dr. George A. May, director
of Waterman gymnasium, concerning
a return match to be held here. Dr.
May is greatly in favor of the sport
and wishes to see a good team devel-
A Michigan fencing squad has many
obstacles to overcome, most important
of which is the lack of a coach. As
the sport is not rated very high, the
athletic officers have never obtained
anyone to instruct the men in the finer
points of the game. Another drawback
is the lack of proper facilities for
holding practice. In the gymnasium
there is only one room given over to
boxing, fencing and wrestling. During
most of the time private boxing les-
sons are being given in this room, so
there is little chance for the fencers
to practice.

Scene-Pullman coach speeding east-
ward, bearing the Michigan Varsity
football team to Wayne, Pennsylvania.
Coach Yost-For heaven's sake,
Compton, sit down!
Compton-Can't; I've lost a quarter.
Yost-Well, that won't break you,
will it?
Compton-Oh, no. It belongs to the
athletic association.
Yost-What!! Boys, this way!
Compton's gone and lost a quarter.
Help him find it.
Niemann-Here it is, way down here
under the queen of diamon-er-under
this suit-case.
Yost-Now sit down, Compton. Try
that front section.
Compton-Can't. It's full. Schulz
and Rehor are sitting in it.
Maulbetsch-Hey, who's got a stamp?
Yost-Say, boy, give me a Detroit
News Butcher (making change)-
There, that just makes it. I'll give
you a half back.
Yost-Oh, I've got plenty of them
now. I need a line.
Maulbetsch-Who's got a stamp?
Yost (reading)-Well, well well!!!
I see I'm going down to Yale next
year. That's interesting news.
Cochran-Those reporters certainly
have awful imaginations.
Yost-Yep, they can tell you how to
do anything.
Rehor-Wish they'd tell me how to
get thin.
Cochran-Good night nurse! "Maul-
lie" is writing another post-card to
his girl. That's six, isn't it, "John-
Maulbetsch-No, two were letters.
Farrell-No wonder your wrist never
gets well.
Cochran-I should smile. I'll bet
you sprained it in the first place writ-
ing to somebody.
Norton-Yea, and then he pulls this

stuff about getting bumped in the Case
Niemann-Gee, Bob's been quiet
Catlett-Watson your mind, Bob?
Schulz-Gee, that was a bum joke.
Yost-Sit down, Compton. You make
me nervous.
Compton-I've lost another quarter.
Yost-Again! All out. On the job,
men. Compton's lost another quarter.
Compton-Doggone it, it was my
money this time, too.
Yost-Oh, was it? Never mind then,
Catlett-Bet those Michigan sailors
get scared when they see "Maullie."
Catlett-Probably they aren't used
to seeing a German bullet at close
range. Haw, haw, haw!
Maulbetsch-What'll they think
when they see Schulz? They'll think
the German army has been transported
to Philadelphia.
Catlett-They'll think he's the pro-
Yost-You certainly pull a bum line
of jokes, "Buzz." You couldn't even
make third sub on "The Gargoyle"
scrub team.
Catlett-Oh, any wap can do that.
Compton-Here it is!!!!!
Compton-My quarter.
Maulbetsch-Oh, I thought you
meant a stamp.
Farrell-Get ready, boys. The next
station is Wayne.
Hildner-Haven't we even reached
Detroit yet? This is bum service, all
(Just then the Pullman conductor
came through and I had to crawl dis-
creetly back under the seat.. "Maul-
lie" promised to mail this forme when
he mailed his own batch of literature,
so here's hoping this reaches The

Pay attention
to this-

PAY attention to your
clothes, Sir -see that
they're not "Tom, Dick and Harry"
styles - that the woolens haven't
been made to isell in car load lots, that
a battery of sewing machines hasn't tried
unsuccessfully to imitate the craft of the
journey-man tailor.
Pay attention to those Custom Tailoring guar-
things -they're import- antees the correctness of
ant. See that your your appearance, respect
clothes are custom tailor- for your taste, admiration
ed-to fit you, to please for your wardrobe. And
you, to lift you out of the no successful substitute
"every day" class. has ever been found.










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