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May 24, 1916 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1916-05-24

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Men's Togs I

These Hot Days


Varsity "Correct Gut" Union Suit s,
Straw Hats, Palm Beach Suits, FH.n
nel. Serge and White Duck Trous crs.
Varsity Toggery
1107 South University Av* elluc

~e 1b~lg~iegi ano
..~ v.' '~I ore ib iiis~; Itio~
Iii her l:sab'llpIO
'~ tile ~} iio~i 4. ..V ii
-~ vV ~ {4
lij 1 8 .Jl ~.
(8 it iii tlO' ii V 1 1
1 1-1 ~2i V Kites ia -~ J'i4~Ofl~ Cl ~
(1 1.! la ye I ~in adequat ly p~'e~
.1 il~l:~ y } ': ida.
( i V -. s:zid Air. '1 t-ni~i---
'NUS Ii.
V ~''2i I I (V the \'jiil IV
U 1. -~ 'o.Ai lie 81)18 to
i ; that
U 4 Vt))) (XV
I)')) 1 181004 to 1) )<Ir.
'1 1 i1~ '1 3,'' 001110)8)4 AC-.
1, .. 1(i~ iii. I -
* nv ('(SIP'' .Ts
- o~he'' ~li-;--)a
'U K . U~~' ' U )4011V1 V~
1~'*- >-pr, i~ :n .i1W~'1, 1 'no I
I "C 'K~iI 0'; la'Lg jn :1 ,i)L wi
1 N K U lie 1-2)1 p~ 20 7 '< nI ~o
\\~nV' I ~ v. ac IN (1
<;N; ." u;';ng >'rioao i1
1 ~,lI~: ee in 1 '-->e 1' lii 2
128 Vi:) , ;,A* 8i~' III hi 0~ 01 I:e~'pii''
I - 1: AV' 01188.1 -1p~ al U' 'no 11 1
I U V 2. 8 ~ lI~8 11111' 1 CIii'

r /
_ / '-4}
I ' c r..1
Ib±" ~ L. ADLER,.13ROS. & CO,

f, .t . i, _

Make This, Store Yours
Besides a wide choice of 10001o
values i n your clothing require-
ments here, there's service 'you'll
Fashion Park, Alder-Rochester
and Clothicraft individually designed
suits in all wool oxford grays, banjo.
stripes, mixtures and straight blues
at $15 to $35.
Sport Coats
At $8 to x$10, there are flannel
and knitted sport coats in gray, blue,
green and large black and white
plaid. Slip one on.
Summer Underwear
Of course, you may want your
regular B. V. D's. at $1, but we have
a hunch you'd like the new Mansco
Slide Backs at $1.
Reule, Conlin, Fiegel Co.
The Big Store 200-202 Main St.


Regents Fill Vacancies in Offices of
Social Director and Business Mlana-
ger for Next Year
To fill the vacancies caused by 'the
resignation of Mrs. Erie Layton hGates,
social director of the Newberry resi-
dence, and Miss Clara Hunt business
manager, the regents have appointed
Miss Agnes Wells as social director,
and Miss Hortense "Wind, as business
Miss Wells is a Michigan woman.
For several years she taught mathe-
matics in the Duluth high school.1
For the last two years she has been
teaching, astronomy and mathematics
in Carlton College. She will work
for her doctor's degree in astronomy
while here.
Miss Wind is a graduate of Ames
College, both of the college of arts
and the department of domestic sci-
ence. For .several yearn~ Miss Wind
ran a co-operative house at Ames Col-
lege, and for the past year she has
been dietician at the Kansas City Hos-
Mrs. Gates is leaving to take a busi-
ness position with her brother in Bay
City, and Miss Hunt will return to
M. A. C., where she. will finish her
course in domestic science.
fMakes Laist of llealtii Service 't'alks,
J. W1. HIlfrick, '18, President

J1ieh igan en
Do Trenchr
V. N3. C. A. Pl4111 Sto S1-dion
F'rom i ere forJdf' Wr
Newberry hal will50, the = n 0
a luncheon today at. 1 00 al t o e m n w o h vetouo e t i u m e iok
work iA il e tP"i~hC. .A,.ul , 1.
Philip Lovejoy about te'e;A-jb i
men have consented. to (enter' ,11c58,
ice, in the. intcerest of 1 1''~. 1 .
of this country.
These men together 'wit iativs froI s''ne
sities, will leave tfo rop 1
and w ill start to vw et-k aft r arr ving n th y
About $100,000 1 is eelt 8 O
this enterprise, and iacmpaign i
already under wvay to) r;;..sI ' ~
sum throughout theoVil ed Ste V
S3 00, 6U ON GAlPAH
Ho~pe tolMake It J
With only six orso.(1 ftenev-
er houses heard from, te 010.iso
the meetings held GVdynh,
raise the debt on the oe'sLn
indicate that over $300 hlas benraisd
some of that amount. to lepV '
once, and the rest in the t:vl
The girls of the Newriyr
dente have given. the Largst .( ',
yet reported, between ; ad2 2
having been pledged byth- 4 gct
who attended the Alonday nigh1.t.mo
ing. Other amounts range from S
from the small league house, t r
from one of the large sorore, .
Practically eveory uiivorsiiy"Vin
an was reached at one or tln o, e
of the house meetings held a-
evening, at wh ich. ersnttj,'
fromt the League presented tu .
to the girls and appe edsp o t Fr m al e t o 2 0 h c ed o Incae-
faces, will be greatly rieducedb@et
the week is out.


4 ,
G r T ,1 ,.
. . ,


G.r ation0Da Y Special
If thirty Canoes are engtaged for
Decoration Day to make the trip down
t he Huron from Lakeland will be ri ven
aspecial price of $3.50.

I 1 1K T:. i'Y'L .2


c ~ x

'. F~

.'l :ood Ioad'-

II'' hope'
.. z I

Here is a chance to save some money.
NOTE:--All reservations must be made
before 5:00 P. M. Friday, May 26th


, ,s -YF ''- FC"

The last of the lectures before the
health service representatives was
given last night in the amphitheater
of the medical building by Dr. Albert
M'V. Barrett, professor of mental dis-
eases 'in the medical school and direc-
tor of the Psychopathic ward.
Race betterment, according to Dr.
Barrett, will come only through the
improvement of. mental and physical
hygiene. During the course of his
talk Dr. Barrett by examples and sta-
tistics showed the evil of the use of
alcohol not alone on the person him-
self but also on his children, saying
that alcohol was the greatest cause
of insanity today.
A short- business meeting was held
immediately after the lecture at which
the following officers were elected for
next year; John W. Helfrick, '18,
president; F. W. Allen, '19M, vice-
president, and Miss Jones, secretary-
To Appear in D~ifferent Cities Through-
ont State in Next ,Few Weeks
Several members of the University
School of Music faculty will appear in
concerts in different cities throughout
tha~ state during the next few weekos.
Onh Friday evening Miss Nora Crane
Hlunt, contralto, and Ea.rl V. Moore,
rgauist, will present a concert at
Jonesville, Michigan, while on June
]15, Mliss Frances L. Haimilton, pianist,
and Anthony J Whitmire, violinist,
will appear in a joint recital at Sag-
mnaw, Michigan.
Handwoven Rag Rugs and Quilts.
They come in handy-a chance, 10c, at
Grand Charity Bazaar.
Patronize business mien who adver-
tize in The Michigan Daily. *

~~ir1 I'
- ' '-4

110 K _',
' I.
g.x> C
V t_)' -

:} i
rr }}
yy {
F z;

or~~1i U- a-~ 'aki on the A3fajestice lodhy!clude~s Edith Story, Antonio Moreno,
iI~ opit))10111 Aijeii APr °e loir holly" at the Majestic iharles Kent, Louise Boudet and
~" (I1Y 111 111unly, I 2- In-i'-,wasfist to lie a one-reel specialf others.
nI' 810W ~e ~rlll ~ic - .~ thee eople lost their lives. in
, 8 oigna short story. { Ringiing Bros. in Detroit
III; o '(U ie l.lieAmricn >r.Bakrthe author, kept adding On Monday and Tuesday, May 29 and
W~n lz i". .1~)) ad ahal, Is1,wflitthe negative was turned in' 30, Ringling Bros. circus will give aft-
"N )11 0- )i1'~by sat-1;l'nasn~d7000 feet, with 270 scenes. j ernoon and night performances at De-113
O 18. 0 , ~ii 3e- tn'natonll L h~ ieoicut to 1-000 feet and 182 troit.
V I 1) IIjr-it Srie Of( " enThe famous showmen are this sea-
- VI 11W .cue. M. O ii-orkers were consulted in son presenting an all new and won-
iiiI ' '11'1V I '.i00 KOIIS .'18b~iLilx.1 nd they pronounced "A derful program. The tremendous!
K - al i nn wnt o " Vo lo V;1, 'is lgreat, andl not fairyland spectacle, "Cinderella,", will
-~~_ NV t..5 a 001 asi-hanged. The cast in-I appeal to botht young and old. More

than 1000 persons take part in it, and
its glorious "Ballet of the Fairies,"
with 300 dancing girls, is in itself
worth going many miles to see. Fol-
lowing "Cinderella" 400 arenic artists
appear in the main tent program. The
menagerie now numbers 1009 wild,
'animals. The elephants, including
"Big Bingo," and -almost 800 horses
are carried. There will be 60 clowns
and a big free three-mile street pa-
rade show day morning.

For quick service, call 2255.



M-. :;----'- a~taua

Botany Pi' f'14s,'ol il drsiiFr
_try- Club Toitight a :Ai
Prof. C. IT. Kauffman, of tho bota ny
department, will speak to the e-
hers of the Forestry club at thew1ir
meeting to be held at 7:30 this even,?-
ing in their rooms in the New Seiene e
building. H-is talk will be oII- "The.
Fungi of Washington."
Professor Kauffman made a trip to
the state 'bf Washing~ton last summer
in order to makea personal survey
of the condition of Washington
plants. After this lecture, an I:,-
portant business ineeting w jIll be.
held at which plans for tile election of
officers of the club for next veer -will
be formulated.
Reports of tlile(Oiiiieso
orestry exhibit 'lyo n ls o Wl
e read. It is etmtdb h olea
Committee in charge of ilhi harI a
a' larger number attfended lthe ±;,:~ i
this year than ever 1)01000 .
Look over the advertizemecuts ini
The Michigan Daily. They wuilin:--
terest you. kI':'k

' jv
_ - ... .F n _ a _ , ..rvi
: 9 '
c1 .,a t~S t.. +,





0 1 t oporuniy tohea SiesDavis,
:3 rtu t h arSi es Is on, Hartseveldt, Hiett, Kerr


-t ~s~tmr~a- r~' "-- ~4,4erfl kS

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