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February 09, 1915 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1915-02-09

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,^'14r'Mrrerrsr ran miornaFVeop lliYr + Yr..r..ir IIr rMrirY ,r wrr.,.

Do n o n Dowvn Everyone should have a Kodak
1Yucanteus~e one everyday Whirivind Finish for
GO~'l P IC SNothing tls h story better
Remv* Sale Now On CALKIS' PHARMACY __
Mens'Suit; I Overcoats DI iviedilToLots AMATEUR FINISHING A SPECIALTY We are compeled to give you
this great opportunity of all Suits
j I /4j1b We carry a comiplete line of genuine Kastman Kodaks and Supplies.
rr There is an astman for everyone from the Graflex to the Kodak Jr and Overcoats -3 off, Furnishings ;
WV~e will take in your old Kodak if you want a better one.
/UE+ O ACK 1-/3F GET IT ,AT CALKINS' PHARMACY 20; 1Bags ,and Suit Cases 200%.
- ' 001) PANTS 20% OFT=
' ~121123 So. fMain St. I .es
Caltltlneen Wilt wake Charge of Paper" (with Louise Vale)
Fa'urs&Mebais+an Padriactice UnItil Coach Friday, Feb. 1--"Master Key"
I 3i0 ot anSro cotch Padarrives (5th story)
capili $10,0180 PROSECTS"Saved From the Life of Crime"Ea1
!s~dPois 1,0 Overcoats BA.41RrluY PJSPESrROMISIG (with Dorothy Kelly) '
The newest material is a Michigan's baseball men were de- .
r S~igor UC thick, soft, rough finished layed a day by the late arrival of Cap- . Orpheum Theatre
DC C~t it ubu ltd ain MQuen, but with the Varsity ~Tie oue of Famous Play by Famuos:
Stc $0oo Supsoooo Cue pa Players.
Re Stacke$ $3,ooo Srpeoxo wve itothlac ,Yu leaderexpected this morning at the---,
mi c c , ? . ic h ael 3. F ritz, 00w o a n' i in t e w atk ' o a rT e s ane aiclku R u i e r n a c e la te s t , th e firs t w o r k o u t fo r th e 1 91 5. u e d y , F b u r
Wr Dls o k ra m n, ic e- r a rl Fr zQ t i n g t e : h t d r c j h n e n i h o s i ayba tt y c a n d id a te s h a s b e e n a n n o n c - o n E e c n iTe C n p r c
iAsst. ashi, Win.mWatz, Asst.; Cash'r overcoat, this material will ed for this afternoon. Coach Carl Wednesday, February 10
g's Dept make. Lundgren is not expected to arrive in Mary Pickford in Hearts Adrift.
_____Ann Arbor until the first of next Thuirsday antd Friday Feb. 1112
~ima-Ai~icn ~IgsBakweek, Captain McQueen taking charge Margaret Clarke lin The Crucible.
of the daily practice until the coach Saturday, February 13
LlIberty and Min t." A, F. Mvarquardt arives, when the general call for can- Carlyle Blackwell li The Last
516t c vWiiliam StreetYour idates will be made.____Chapter._________
ist oonv~n::.~~;lac. for Your Battery prospects for the WolverineChpe.R go sVor u
nine are unusually bright this year. W i t r P si e
Sisler, Ferguson and Davidson, of last Arcade Theatre i t r p 1 S
year's championship ninec are brick, SHWS:AFERNOO8NS 400; EE. 6:1; 745; 915 ejydms nugu
while Soddy anud Metcalf, of the Re- Tedy eray9-to be thro o y ed ms be ncle
Th eib e L u d yserves, and Flynn and McNamnara," of CmaeKtyTw-atLbnin withouit fatigue of body or mind. And this
#l !esponpible for your laundry linen,[e All-Fresh, are all out for ilaces drama. The Tale of a Coat-cabetedoenargurditf
Doees not tear your linen, bpi mends It. onLundgrentem Lubin Comedy. -Ini Quest of a ..""1sta ru~et e nbatns'u osi.Popcsaentqies rgtSoy-VtgahDaa n
he $ELIABIE LAUNDay wants your trial to shtow that it is Reliable, behind te1btt though Webber should thers.
"a arain~ osre you, Prmpt 'e.ce be able to tak care of the receiving " dedy eray1 S h r d d ed Wh ea t
lob if he is able to corne out for the Mrtch."witgsoeati helabage woecl nwnersot ke hi
team, iFn addition to the 1913 veteran PacwihearzMceeaAheewoexlin itrsptsketer
P~I't 7r94 215 S. Fourth Ave* there is Gee, of the Rieserves Krause as Lovely Mary. blood red, tissues healthy, .and brain alert by
' . and lCGraw, of the All-Fresh, and the daily use of this most nourishing form of ;
SI'arfsman of the intercass teams. It FIRST NATIONAL BANK~ whle wheat. They find it contains all the
is not unlik ely that "Jack"; Benton,ar
who was made over from a catcher in- C apiN N A aoR>fn lmnsta renee obe h
to an outfielder last yerna in Capitsa -Pofit 0065000 fine fettle, their muscles hard, their eyes clear,
yeaAaaiESuplFIadNISHING 5.0Otheir brain active,
A MT U R FINI SSHIN Gad ntheabiga lo an oun ew hi e n-Wir~t ktCornwell, Geo W. Patterson, . .Ab-
C .~PJSXI''SSlw i l0nnucdhi ne-bott, S. W. Clarkson, E, D. Kne, Hrrison Ra osre-t l iewt ifsn
l ion of tryin g out for the backstop 1)0- Sotle, Waldo M. Abot,Dan B. Sutton, Fed Raytseeatytiewhcra n
P'ORTIRAITS . Schmid. sugar or with fresh or preserved fruits, stewed
prunes, Sliced bananas or baked apples.
1I ;A NE S 'IIK Fi l 1E r1I "All the Meat of the Golden Whet"
TrytI.s fo f0 G ir'Pro]letion 1tobe
13-3 .SaeS.The only Otuaio on the Campus It 1eldFerury24 Made only by
is a s stte tl hoe 0-J_ The Shredded Wheat Compn, NaaaFls .Y
OffiialPhotgrahersForThe ICI EUAIINIANFial dcision to present the Junor:j
________________________________________________Girls' ,Play on April 1 and 2, }in Sarah,
C'aswel1 Angell hall, was reached last -Walter Nienann, 17, who has been
night by the general committee, of ill with diphtheria at the university"
which Mrtha Grey, '16, is chairman.ositlwalrpoteedprveyys
. " e play was written by Eleanor"' adB. tedy.
from 9:00 o'clock to 12:00 o'clock Sat Schmidt, '18, members of the Totem,
urda, Fbrury 0, n SrahCasellclub, addressed 1200 students of De-
h h )troit Eastern high school last week. EONER AS~FRTO
C o h S opAngell hal, and rehearsals will begin phyCLS OCE ONET Wroomlngofubwilait im n m tet
onStraFebruary 27. Thomas told, "Why a man should go NE1ISSICiYCOTSS WetngcuwllmtInhero
T IO STryouts for the lyrics are to be toteUiest'fMcia, n 'clock Thursday, to decide when the
TAIORShanded in to Martha Grey before Feb- Schmidt related, "Some impressions Strong defensive work on the part tournament will be held.
erizC and dutrabaility, lutilt oni the lines of fashaiontable Tlailor rmary 15. The requirements were out of a freshman. " Members of the club of the combined senior, junior and Latcl"o rshltbsebl
lndat a meting of popciewi- 'fehTthl h obndsno
g, YOU will finld in the Myles 'productions.,r el uig hUropcienrt ilold a nquet0 a tcl theoichignfehtis.ed h obne eircandidates, at 700 o'clock toight i
ershel duingtheexamination period. Unionoratgi6:00 coreesc-in te tonight.ym
As a feature of this year's play, the --1rpf, "Wi. W. lorer has given seer n uiregnessoels~i h aemngm
OurownTalor ad or wn ~okshpsmusic will be written entirely by jun- al lectures on "Germany," throughout hockey match played at Weinberg's Course 14 in rhetoric, given by mr.
or women. Information concerning the state, during the past week, rink last evening, in thefisron L. L. Bryson, will meet in roo 23
music tryouts may be obtained of the -Mr. It.. Camnpbell, treasurer of the of the interclass series. The lits made Unversity hall instead of West all

61 . B rTY S R E music conmmiittee, which is composed of university, is rapidly recovering from four goals, Officers of the Cabinet club will bc
Ellen Sargent, '16, chairman, Alice a fracture of the arm, sustained from During the examination period two elected at a dinner at the Michga'
________________________________________________Lloyd, '16, Elsa Apfel, '16, and Altha a fall several weeks ago, and is now matches were scheduled, the law tam Union, at 600 o'clock tonight. Al
__________________________________________ Heffelbower, 16. February 23 has been carrying the arm in a sling, versus the soph lits, and the soph en- members are urged to be present.
" set as the last date on- which music --Gammal Alpa, graduate scientific gineers against the fresh engineers, Members of the Glee club report at'
T oo G ood t r p may be handed in. fraternity, held a dinner at the Mich- the first of these was postponed be- Choral Union, at 7:00 o'clock tonight.
d00 ~OO 10Q y, true The other members on the general igan Union last night. Prof. H., A. cause neither team had up to the time Rev. E. S. Buchanan °lectures n
We serve a dainty lunch from is to 7. committee have been aponted as fol- Gleason, of the botany department, scheduled for play, been organized, "Where is the Primitive Text of e
*See how attractive we can make it. lows: Katherine Bierkamp, '16, pub- gave an illustrated lecture on Java. while the second game scheduled was Gospels?" at 4:15 'o'clock today, i
C st C licity manager; Adele Westbrook, '1, - melbers of the senate council will won by the soph engineers, in a 2 to 0 the west gallery of Memorial hall.
And It6Un yhol stsjucbusroertymanager;B n ha Plfrd, 16h old their grprtisegdula Fbruesaymetingconest. The postponed game will be Oklahoma men are invited to attend'
HE CREST 302 S. -Main St l~s~esmnger n ee uph-tnghtisedo atTedynght.plyd tonight. the Dixie club meeting, at the Union,
reys, '16, assistant to the general chair- --New electric motors, to take the - ~,paeo h l ols nie r 7:00 o'clock tomorrow night.
- man, lace o the od Corlis engie, areTO MAKE COMPOSITIOZN ENNIS __________
Unin iride ourey eoensFriaynow being installed in the engineering COURT FOR EARLY SPRING USE SCN ULTNIO NMI
lak"..s Your Hands iik Velvet I~i)tBig ore epn rdysa.SCN ULTNN NMI
Manns Bezoi Cxein hs amarvllou efct o thek iugelit it McCall,"'161,, who is in -Rex JL. llersereaux, '16E, is recover
Mati BnzinCean asa avelos ffc o te kicharge of the Union bridge tourney, ing from an operation for mastoids Acting upon a petition submitted by Fe1ur1Ise fCapu ewsNoe
Two or three applications will remov e the roughnessand wl epnpa ihteffhrud p fre tteuiest optlseveral tennis enthusiasts, the board inFbuayIssRe o ach30,N00aAlumni
by its occasional use the skin acquires the tsmoothness and in the Union, at 7:30 o'clock Friday last week control of the Michigan athletic aso-
softness of a baby's. ngt h oraeti o af 11W Clis i' t a encato a eie pnteeeto Campus News Notes, 'the university
night The ournment s no halfCollns, 18E, wo ha beenciaton ha decdedbulletineretfor uFebruaryFebuwhichhi leftfttthe
elhtful after Shaving. Price 15 cents completed, and will be carried on each confined in the university. hospital of a composition tennis court at Ferry
MA N" DRUG STORE 213 s~ldain Street Frdy night. Prizes will be given the with an attack of scarlet fever, was re- field, the nature of the court enabling press last Saturday, is being mraled
1°we36iawinners, pre mrvn tra. earlier play for the tennis squad, thus to 3,0040 alumni. Copies may be se-
tending to overcome the difficulties un- cured at the 'Union ofices y satn-
der which the Michigantensea dents.
Inside of the White Save Traf- We h avelx ndsonue line of furni-tnista
y SauelH. Lndo. Witne toe coerig-5 We heefull sumithas played in the past years. The panphlet is 16 pages long, con-
~'Sme I odn hte i'cvrn eeteflysl~tIn ven to ry al* . Correspondence is being carried on taining pitures of regent of the uni-,
r, Tuesday, February 9. Shows estimates. 0Our prices are reasonable to determine the most advisable form versity, a flashlight of the last Uion'
1, 7:34, and 9:00. Admission and the work h guaranteed. Mtirtiii Studen~ts, your opportunity to buy o oitutoadi sepce htoea n htgah fEmnP
88 I 11r, 12-12 ' LibrtySt. xx mndoins vioins bajosguiarsthe court will be ready in time to give McQueen, '15E, and Harold L Smith,
20% t'iscovant the squad about a month's work-oit '169. News of general interest to stu-'
Big reduction on all musical cases and outfits. before starting out on the annual dents and alumni is inserted, includ-
u 5. Richards, 9 years teacher Good laundre s. Call 298-1?. 3,4-9o Have you eard "V ictors" and "Varsity" spring trip. It is probable that the in stories of the J-HopteDna
glish In Berlin, Germany, takes ---- r__ ~te\icrl~'laeoe oe only 75c. coposition itself will be over a space convention, university "movies," n-
in German grammar, 'Dictation, $8.50 and $1.4,14 ackinaw this week GRIlwNNNELL BROS. of about 4,000 square feet, and In the tersliolasti statistics, Camp Dais,
rsatton .etc, 916 F Washing- only for $4 . Wagner & C., State 1:90-2A It. Liberty at. winter this may be ued as the founda- Union activities, athletic reports, ard
bttnet 866~X 88 St. tion for a hockey pen., othr artiles

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