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December 02, 1914 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1914-12-02

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ichigan has

TODAY Today Is Set for First Gathering of
Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, Suits for Sufferers
Hill auditorium, 8:00 o'clock. From War
Meeting for formation of Rifle club,
trophy room, Waterman gymnasium, FACULTY COMMITTEE APPOINTED
6:00 o'clock.
Business meeting, band association, in the campaign for 1,000 suits of
Michigan Union, 7:00 o'clock. clothing for the relief of the Belgians,
TOMORROW the first collection is set for today.
Organ recital, Hill auditorium, 4:15 The committee asks that all donations
o'clock. be taken to the Church of Christ, on
Fresh lit smoker, Michigan Union, South University avenue, across from
7:30 o'clock. Memorial hall. The campaign will
Forestry department moving-pictures, continue until Saturday night, and the
lecture 'room, economics building, church will be open at all hours of
7:30 o'clock. the day. Clotl'ng of any kind will be
Web and Flange dinner, Michigan acceptable, but suits are especially
Union, 6:00 o'clock. desired.
Letters have been sent to all frater-
E T either today or tomorrow to collect the
Banners advertising the campaign
ET are to be placed near the campus. One
will be hung across State street near
thenorthwest corner of the campus,
Leopold Stokowski and Philadelphia while one will be placed near the en-
Orchestra Present Second -gineering building, and one will be
Attraction put on the Church of Christ.
A faculty advisory committee is be-
THEODORE HARRISON IS SOLOIST ing selected, but as yet President Har-
____ry' B. Hutchins and Registrar Arthur
Leopold Stokowski and the Phila- G. Hall are the only ones chosen. Both
delphia orchestra will be the attrac- have expressed themselves as heartily
in favor of the campaign.
tion at the second concert of the Chor- The committee in chargeof the work
al Union series in th "-Ill auditorium consists of W. S. Davidson, '15, chair-
at 8:00 o'clock tonight. This is the man, P. H. Middleditch, '16E, F. A.
second appearance of Stokowski, and 'Bade, '15, George P. McMahon, '16,
his coterie of 85 musicians In Ann Ar; Harry Gult, '15, and W. D. Cochran,
bor, the orchestra having made ' its '16P. .
debut here only last year. So great
was the reception accorded them last FILE TOTALS OF MEMBERSHIP
year in their engagement that he has IN MICHIGAN UNION OFFICE
decided to brng his artists here again-
tonight for a return concert. . Records Show 2,600 Names; Literarr
Theodore Harrison, head of the uni- Department Leads With
versity school of music, will be the . Members
soloist for the orchestra, in two vocal1
numbers of the program. Tptals of the membership records
The orchestra will arrive today by Trtals f he berrecrds
special train from Detroit, where they 'for this fall, have bVeen arranged and
spent the night filed in the offices of the Michigan Un-
The programhfollows; ion by a special committee. There are
Overtre-"Le Nozze di :igaro", now 2,600 names in the files.
.Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart The members from the literary de-
Aria-.a gia vinto ga causa fromz partment number 1,083. There are
"Le Nozzo di Figaro.............. 897 engineers, 222 laws, 49 medics, 40
. .zWolfgang Amadeus Mozart graduate students, 99 faculty, and five'
Theodore Harrison alumni. There are 205 members from
Symphony No. 8, in F, Op. 93 the combined departments, that is,
Ludwig van Beethoven from the dental, homeopathic, and
. Allegro .vivLce e cn brio pharmic schools. About 175 life mem-
I. Allegro scherzande berships are now held on the campus.
II. llenuettos e trio James C. Howells, '18, was chair-
IV. Finale. Allegro vivace man of a committee of several fresh-
Intermission vmen selected from various depart-
(a) Legend from the "Kaleval'" ments, to register and file cards with
)The Swan ofrTonela" Op. 22.... the name, class, address, and tele-
". Tu. eJean Sibelius phone number of each member. The
(b) Val'e Triste.......Jean Sibelius work was completed the first of this
(c) Ton ~te ...... Jlan Op. 26 week, and the file is now in the presi-
. an SibeOi. dent's office at the Union.
. ... .. . ......... Jean Sibelius
Aria-"Vision Fugitive" from "Her-
odiade"..........Jules Massenet Fire Oecurs In Home of George Noe
Mr. Harrison, Fire broke out yesterday morning
Hungarian Rhapsody, No.1..... in the basement of the home of George
.Franz Liszt Moe, of the athletic association, at
1122 Michigan avenue, when some pap-
DETAILS OF KERMESS PROGRAM ers about the furnace caught fire. The
RAPIDLY NEARING COMPLETION fire department was called, and the
blaze was extinguished before any
Bert St. John Will Begin Rehearsals great damage was done.
For Plays to Be Staged
by Masquesy
Mina Winslow will render a violin "School will let out on December 18."
solo at the Kermess, to be presented on The 'divine hand of the astral powers
December 12 in Hill auditorium. This has decreed it. The senate council-

is the latest addition to the program, but that's another story.
Dorothea Thompson, '17, will play the Run to the typewriter, runtto the
piano accompaniment. desk, fill the fountain pen, switch the
The costume committee is in need of dates for that grand "get-together,"-
more help, according to Mary Lewis, but first read on.
'15, chairman, and' she has issued a Carter, the Mysterious, was reveal-
request that volunteers notify her per- ing to his awe-stricken audience the
sonally. wonders of a universe never discussed
Bert St. John, who is to coach the in chemically-fumed lecture rooms, or
plays to be staged by Masques, will be- in theory-lighted philosophy halls. The
gin his work tomorrow, upon his arriv- hand that guides human destinies was
al from Detroit. showing just a few of its powers. Stu-
Rehearsals are progressing daily, dents with eyes to see, saw it perform
and indications point to the perfection its wonders.
of a finished program by the time of One student with an eye that saw
the performance. Today's rehearsals through space to the place where the
for the dances will include the prac- one girl was wasting her graces on
ticing of the Spanish dance at 5:00 the unlearned country yokels, received
o'clock in Parbour gymnasium, and the lesson of the spirit hand, and his
a rehearsal of the "Dance of the heart throbbed to its beat on the pol-
Hours" at 6:45 o'clock at the same ished glass.
place. The Girls' Glee club will re- He was entranced with the myster-
hearse at 5:00 o'clock in Hill auditori- ies, and when the god of magic called
um. Members have been requested him, he read the thought in the minds
to use stage entrance number one, on of his fellow mortals.
. Thayer street. Unknowing, unfeeling, coming from,


CAP I [Grand Rapids Man, Who Made Hit Last
PR 1-H T ' . Yeaon Pr gram n
Robert W. Watson, 918M, Chosen to 0. H. L. Wernicke, president of the
Lead Mat Artists For Coming Macey Company, of Grand Rapids, will
Season speak to the members of the Union
Sunday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock, the
INSTRUCTION TO BE FURNISHED occasion of the regular Sunday after-
Robert W. Watson, '18M, was elected noon gathering. In addition a num-
captain of the Michigan Wrestlers her of musical numbers are being an-
club, at an organization meeting held ranged.
last night in Waterman gymnasium. Mr. Wenicke is the father of Julius
Lewis C. Reimann, '17L, was chosen Wernicke, '14, and is one of the lead-
secretary and treasurer. ers in the furniture industry. He
Twenty men were present at the spoke on one of the Sunday programs
meeting, and talks were given by Dr. last year and made an exceedingly
May, Captain-elect Watson and sev- good impression by the business-like
eral other men who have had previous manner in which he handled his sub-
wrestling experience. ject
While it is unlikely that any out-
side matches will be scheduled this
year, owing to the lack of a profes-
then imrveet ftePnvestyIV MU CLESH
sional coach, plans were suggested for
tournament this year. An experiencd
wrestler will be put in charge of prac-
in the wrestling room.
The classes are to be governed by Miehigan Halfback Lands Position on
the same weights as last year: light "Consensus" Eleven of
weight, under 135 pounds; welter- Western Critics
weight, 135-145; middleweight, 145-
158; heavyweight, all above 158. RECEIVES ONLY UNANIMOUS VOTE
Four cups will be given this year
to the winners in the various classes, Consensus of opinion favors the se-
and the high men will also get num- lection of Maulbetsch as right half-
eral caps.
The men who are to instruct the back for the average all-western team-.
more inexperienced members of the in the Ann Arbor Daily Times News
club are as follows: heavyweight, for Monday, November 30, 1914, there
Robert W. Watson, '18M; middle-. appears an all-western selection 'com-
weight, Lewis C. Remann, '17L; wel- posed of the average from all the
terweight, T. E. Aintsbuechler, '16; all-western football teams that have
lightweight, E. F. Tuaub, '16. The been chosen by the critics, and Mich-
hours at which these men will be in igan Is represented by Maulbetsch
the wrestling room to give instruction alone. ,
to new men will be posted within the In speaking of Maulbetsch the Tin-
next few days, and work will start at es News says that the Mlchigan- hu
once. is about the only man among the many'
A new cover has been 4ecured for 1914 stars to receive a unanimous vote
the wrestling mat, and with the. be- for his position; "The Wolverine half-
ginning of actual work, it is anticipated back's great showing in the Harvard
that interest In the indoor sport will game and subsequent battles spread
be sufficient to warrant the scheduling his fame so widely that critics In the
of outside matches by next year at the central states picked him on their ideal
lastest. elevens."
The all-western "consensus" team
MICHIGAN.GRADUATES WRITE lines up as follows: Cherry, Ohio
BOOKS FOR UNIVERSITY USE State, right end; Halligan, Nebraska,
right tackle; Routh, Purdue, right
Two Michigan graduates, Edward guard; Des Jardiens, Chicago, center;
S. Corwin, '00, and Christian Gauss, Chapman, Illinois, left guard; Buck,
'98, bot* now connected with Prince- Wisconsin, left tackle; Graves, I111-
ton University, have recently written nois, left end; Clark, ill-
books for use in the universities of nois, quarterback; Maulbetsch, Michi-
the country. gan, right halfback; Pogue, Illiois,
The book by Professor Corwin, who left halfback; Solon, Minnesota, full-
is with the politics, department, is on back.
the subject of, "The Doctrine of Judic-
ial Review," and deals with its legal SELECT TENTATIVE CAST FOR
and historical basis In addition to "POMANDER WALK" PRODUCTION
other essays in regard to it.
"Selections from the Work of Jean- Rehearsals for Comedy Club's Play to
Jacques Rousseau," is the title of the Commence at First of
book by Professor Gauss, who is con- Next Week
nected with the department of modern
languages at Princeton. Harold L. Nutting, '16L, manager of
the Comedy club, assigned parts in
Engineers to Stage "Mechanic's Ball" the cast of "Pomander Walk" to mem-
Junior engineers are planning to bers of the club, in meeting yesterday
give a dance on next Friday eveing, afternoon. These parts' are but tenta-
December 4. The affair will be called tive, as the final selections will be
the "Mechanic's Ball." Complete plans made after a formal tryout next week.
for the function will be announced lat- Rehearsals will commence the first
er. of next week and will be pushed for-
ward vigorously from then on. The
;*I Btraining of the cast involves consider-
w 4ve yt, aBu ----- able work, as it is one of the largest
the depths, as calm and serene as that personnels ever attempted.
of any high-priced medium, his soul Several cities In Michigan besides
Madison, Wisconsin; Champaign, Ill-
spoke, and these were his words. inois; and Chicago, have requested the

"Will we get out on the eighteenth?" Comedy club to play before them this-
Truisting, he was not misled. The year.
witnesses balanced themselves on the The first rehearsal rill be held Mon-
edge of their chairs, to hear the mes- day evening in room 101, Mason hall.
sage from the oracle. Soon after this, a tryout of the tem-
One tap by the hand on the glass porary cast will be given before Pro-
which divides the known from the un- fessors L. A. Strauss, and J. S. P.
known, would mean "No," two taps, Tatlock, of the English department,
"Yes." who are to aid in the decision upon the
Slowly the waxen hand became vi- final cast.
talized, it dipped and touched the shin-
ing surface, making a dull, low ring. Keystone Club Holds Semester Dinner
It rose, and then tipped, tipped all the Several good musical numbers, and
way, and in the thud that followed, the two speeches by members of the fac-
watching students recognized the hand ulty, are promised for the regular
of an unseen power. semester dinner of the Keystone State
Two taps,-"Yes." School would let club, which will be held next Tuesday,
out on the eighteenth. The crowd sat December 8, at the Unioii. Because of
back to get its breath, and its bearings, the limited size of the dining room,
and thencheers,-cheers of joy and the number of tickets to be sold will
of faith in a benevolent Providence. be limited to 60. These can be pur-
"School will let out on the eighteen- chased for 75 cents from J. C. Stern,
th.' The divine hand of the astral pow- '17, A. L. Brunner, '15, R. P. Baker,a
ers has decreed it. But the senate '17E, B. Rapport, '17, and R. D. Kil-
council-? born, '15.

"A Curious Mishap," by Author c
Fan," Makes Second of His '
to Be Used by Oratoreal
Plot Scene Is Located in Holl
Home of a Dutch
Seats for the annual Oratori
sociation play will go on sal
at the box office of Universit
and the sale will continue toi
and Friday. General admissio
cents and reserved seats are 50
Members of the Oratorical asso
who have season tickets may ex
them for general admission, and
payment of 15 cents extra the
get reserved seats. The seats
side of the auditorium will not
ed so that all seats which ai
will be directly in front of the
and in a good location.
"A Curious Mishap," is the
play which the Oratorical assc
has selected by the author, C
"The Fan," which was present
years ago was the first, and w
received. Goldoni distinguishe
tween comedy of plot and con
character, and one of the plays
shows this characteristic best
Curious Mishap." The character
the action, and the point turn
their conduct.
Holland is the scene of th
which takes place in the hous
Dutch merchant who acts as ho
t'ench lieutenant. Things si
have gone well for Philibert,
by Walker Peddicord, '14-'161
represents the generous hospit
the Dutch, until his daughter
the scene. Gianina, upsets th
general by making the Lieuten
Le Cotterie, fall 'in love with he
trary to the wishes of her father
Eich, grad., takes the part of tb
tenant. Philibert insists that t
tenant loves the daughter of h
my, and brings things to a cli
trying to arrange the marriag
this girl against her father's
edge. Leslie Lisle, '15-'17L, b
part of Riccardo, a broker, a
daughter, Costanza is taken b
Baker, '15.
The two servants follow the e
of their masters and become at

e toda
ty hal
n is +
0 cent

ality c
ings i
pant E2
er, coi
:r. Lou,
he lies
he liei
is ens
max t
ge wit
has ti
and h
by Be;

synch, the two
esh squad two
is the most
this distance,
who has been
. heels to the
ith such reg-
up prominent-

rrell announced last night
eyed several men who ex-
ry out for the track team
are that active work had
stated that all who intend-
g, should report at once.
n Lawn Tennis," official
e American National Lawn
elation, and the only mag-
United States devoted ex-
the interests of that sport,
its issue for Nov. 15, an
awn tennis at Michigan.
mt number testifies to the
nis at Michigan is a sport
;racting more and more at-
he recognition which such
vill secure for the univer-
s a valuable asset, as the
versities draw many men
n tennis, who if they rea-
asis on which tennis stood
, might be directed to come
s football team will be
on Monday, Dec. 7, by the
Civic association at the
agent Beal, of this city, will
atmaster, and an effort is
to secure Alexander Dow,
head of the Eastern Michi-
Co., as one of the speakers.
ra and quartet will add to

but with the' fear that they may be sep
arated by De Le Cotterie going away
they continue to mix things more b:
trying to help the affair of their mas
ters. Ethyl Fox, '15, is Marianna i]
the play, and her lover is Earl Ross
'15, as Gascoigne. Philibert hopes b;
the marriage of the lieutenant an
Riccardo's daughter to humiliate hi
enemy, but the end proves to be
great surprise to himself.
Varied Program, Consisting of Talk
and Musical Numbers,
Prof. R. E. Bunker and Prof. C. E
Van Tyne will talk to the fresh lit
at their first class social gathering i:
the Union, at 7:30 o'clock tonight.
Charles Lamb, '18, who gave a mon
ologue at the "Band Bounce," wil
show some new stunts, and L. J. Scan
lon, '16L, will present a musical nov
elty. Patrick D. Koontz, '14-'17L, wil
give a short talk and M. S. Colleton
class president, will 'try to stir u
some class enthusiasm.
The committee wishes that all fres'
lits will turn out, so as to start th
class off on a year of activity. As a
added inducement, a large amount c
the usual refreshments have been prc
Appointment Committee Places Thre
Michigan graduates have secured pe
sitions in three different states in th
last few days, through the efforts c
the appointment committee. Mis
Gertrude Piet, '13, has been place
in the Ottawa County Normal schoc
at Ottawa, Ohio; Mr. S. W. Hicks, '1
in the Brainard high school, Brainarn
Minn., and Miss Myrtle A. Tobias, '1
at Hampshire, Illinois,


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