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October 10, 1913 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1913-10-10

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Mid an






1. XXIV, NO. 10.







On March 22, the Board in Control unainiously passed the following
resolution, which has not been carried out as yet:
"The chairman shall appoint a committee to continue negotiations with
the Coufereuce of which Mr. Joh 1) .Hibbard shall be a member."


hree Queries are

Submitted to Members


that Views on Conference
Be Understood By The
Michigan Campus


In order to further the possibility of
the opening of official and personal ne-
gotiations between the Universities of
the Intercollegiate Conference and the
University of Michigan, The Michigan
Daily interviewed the members of the
Board In Control of Athletics yester-
In order to secure action at the first
meeting of the Board on Saturday
night, three questions were presented
which looked toward immediate con-
sideration of the issues involved.
The questions follow:
I. Do you still favor the appoint
ment of a committee from the Board
in Contral to open negotiations with
the Intercollegiate Conference rep-
resentatives, to discover upon what
terms Michigan can reentetr the Con-
II. Will you vote, on Saturday, for a
chairman of the Board who pledges
himself to appoint this committee imm
ediately upon -eletionl
I1. Will you favor the appointmen
t, if elected chairman of persons, ex-
cept any who are named specifically i
n the Board of Control motion, who
have not previously treatted with the
Conference officially or unofficially?
(We include this latter clause because
we believe this method will win the
confidence of the Conference Represen
tatives and will show the sincerity of
Michiganls intentions.)
Professor R. W. Aigler:
I. "Yes."
II. "Yes."
III. "I am not sure as to what mem-
bers of the present Board in Control
would be eligible to serve on 'such com-
mittee, if this question were to be an-
swered unqualifiedly in the affirmative.
However, I have no hesitancy in stat-
ing that in my opinion such committee
should be so constituted as to convince
the Conference Representatives that it
represents the sentiments of the stu-
dents, faculty, and alumni of the uni-
Director P. G. Bartelme:
"In view of the fact that the set of
resolutions passed by the Board of Re-
gents of the University of Michigan
at their meeting of May 29 with refer-
ence to Michigan's resumption of mem-
bership in the Conference, was sent to
each and every member of the Boards
of Regents or Trustees of Conference
Colleges for their consideration and
action on same, I do not feel that it is
permissible of a 'member of a subordi-
nate board to commit himself on the
questions which your representative
presents, pending the Board of Re-
gents' authorization to the Board in
Control to take up negotiations with
Conference College representatives or
..H. Beach Carpenter:
. "Yes."
II. Yes."
III. "Yes, with reference to the pres-
ent personnel of the Board of Control."
James E. Duffy:
(Special to The Michigan Daly. from
Bay City, 3Iich.),
Your telegram just received upon
my return here and I take pleasure in
answering your questions as follows:
I. "If there is any reasonable doubt
that terms upon which Michigan can
reenter the conference have not been
discovered or if there is any reasonable
assurance that a committee of our

I resume athletic relations with our
western friends, I will be very glad to
favor the appointment of such a com-
II. "My vote for chairman will be
cast for Professor A. S. Whitney whose
splendid services on the board in the
past and whose valuable experience
have so largely aided in properly di-
recting our athletic development in the
broad sense of that term. I shall favor
him for chairman so long as he can be
prevailed upon to permit the use of his
name for that purpose and I shall not
exact of him a pre-election pledge up-
on this or any other question.
III. "If by this question you mean to
suggest the possibility of my election
as chairipan of the board I have to say
that I would not take the chairmanship
under any circumsttances. If such a
committee as you suggest is to be ap-
pointed I will favor the appointment
upon that committee of members of
our board whom I believe will best
represent the interests of Michigan
upon that question and without refer-
ence to whether or not they have pre-
viously treated with Conference repre-
sentatives officially or unofficially and
without reference to their personal
opinions upon that question.
"I have endeavored to answer your
questions definitely and.I trust I have
done so, it must become apparent to
those who are familliar with the his-
tory of our conference relations that
the solution of this question is a sim-
ple one. .If our western friends are as
sincere in their desire for resumption
of athletic relations as we are and
upon terms that preserve to each the
fundamental principle of home rule,
the abolition of conference boycott rule
which is entirely within the power of
tile conference will solve the question
and will leave the student body of our
university to resume with the student
bodies of other universities those ath-
letic and social relations which we all
so much desire and which in the past
have been so pleasant and profitable."
Louis Haller, Law '14:
I. "Yes."
IL, "Yes."
III. "Yes."
Albert Fletcher, Eng. '14:
. "Yes."
IL, "Yes."
III. "Yes."
John D. Ribbard:
(Special long distance Telephone.)
Chicago, Illinois, Oct. 9.
I. "I am strongly pro-Conference and
would be glad to treat with the Confer-
ence Representatives, but am firmly
convinced that the Michigan Regents
have taken t, matter out of the
hands of the Board in Control by their
recent action. The Conference will not
treat with Michigan until Michigan has
accepted faculty control. The Michi-
gan Board of Regents is the only body
that can authorize the shifting of Mich-
igan's eontrol to the faculty. Person-
ally I have no objections to faculty
control. I feel, however, that the
Board in Control can give can give no
official statement regarding faculty
control, now that the Regents have
taken the situation in their hands.
II. "At this time I will not pledge
myself to vote for anyone. I have not

For seven years Michigan has beeii a stranger in the west. For seven
years ilichigan's athletic battles have lacked the enthusiasm that surcharges
contests between natural rivals, .And during all these seven years the stu-
dents and alumni of the western universities have sorely missed the Michigan
teams. They have vainly pleaded for Michigan's return. And the Michigan
student body, only last spring gave its unequivocal support to a movement
that looked toward a settlement of the present difficulties. In vain have
these thousands prayed for a settlement. All attempts to get official repre-
sentation from both sides together have failed. The Conference, through well
authenticated sources, has claimed that Michigan is welcome. And Michigan
has been unanimous in admitting that western competition is highly desira.-
ble, that western competition is necessary before the athletic ideal can be
Yet despite these assurances and counter assurances there has not been
cone single official meeting of representatives from the Intercollegiate Confer-
ence and the University of Michigan.
Why? Who is to blame?
Michigan has even gone further. On March 22 the Board in Control of
athletics unanimnously passed the follo wing resolution: "Moved that the
chairman appoint a committee to continue negotiations with the conference,
of which Mr. John D. Hibbard shall be a member?"
More than six months have elapsed, yet this committee remains unnam-
Why? Who is to blame?
Some will say that the matter has been taken out of the hands of the
Board in Control. Others will not agree. Many do not think that the Board
ill Control has so suddenly been stripp ed of its powers.
But granting that it has, is it not time that the world have official word
to that effect. Is this resolution, wh ich was the opening wedge so eagerly
sought for by thousamds, to (lie such a death?
Are we meddlesome in asking for an answer on Saturday night? Are
we, who are so vitally interested in a settlement of these difficulties, pre-
sumptious in asking that we know definitely to whom we are to appeal to get
official relations established between the universities of the west?
The 3lichiigan Daily by asking that the resolution of March 22 either be
followed out or officialy killed is criticizing no one. We are advancing no
opinion as to how far Michigan should go or should not go to get back in the
Conference. That is a matter for the'future to be threshed out after we have'
definitely found the body to whom we may direct our appeal. The problem
of the present is the problem of findin g out who is to blame that negotiations
are not now being carried on. Not negotiations at arms length, but negotia-
tions carried on by personal and official representatives of the parties to the

Comedy club tryouts for member-
ship, and not for the caste, will be held
today at 4:00 o'clock in the Cercle
Francais rooms in University hall. All
tryouts will either recite something of.
their own or bring some piece to read
before the committee. A prize has
been offered for a student play, and
six manuscripts are already in the
hands of the committee.
Student Contracts Chicken-pox.
Leonard M. Reiser, '14, was takem ill
with chicken pox yesterday. He has
been confined in his home, 408 Thomp-
son street. According to the state-
ment of Dr. H. H. Cummings, he con-
tracted the disease in Chicago, as there
are no other cases in town.
conferenie boycott of Michigan. If
the boycoit were removed, our athletic
difficulties would be at an end forever.
Personally, I am prepared to doall in
my power to bring about a resumption
of athletic relations with our natural
western competitors."
Professor G. W. Patterson:
. "No. I think that it is a waste of
time. If we go back to the Conference,
we must go back exactly as it is consti-
tuted and we don not want to do that.
I. "No. I will not vote for the man
whom I think to be the best qualified
for the position, regardless of the Con-
ference question. I think that is a
dead issue.,
III. "I do not think, at this time, that
I would take the Chairmanship of the'
Board. An answer to the third ques-
tion is needless."

New Body Failed in Attempt to Cho(
Head Last Spring; and Member
Sleceted Must Act on
Old Resolution

Michigan Union membership climbed
about 90 last night as the result of the
house to house campaign. This makes
a total gain of 286 for last night and
Wednesday night in comparison with
an increase of 238 in the canvass last
Several of the committeemen had not
filed th1eir reports last night and the
committee expects to book many more
today. The fraternity canvass under
Ralph Conger, '14, indicates that com-
paratively few have joined from the
professional organizations, while a
majority of members have joined from
the general chapters.
The results of the various sub-chair-
men are as follows: D. R. Ballentine,
50; Edward Haislip, 40; John Lippin-
cott, 37; Kenneth Baxter, 33; Harold
Schradzki, 32; Edwin Wilson, 31; Paul!
Thompson, 30; Howard Seward, 19;
Lester Rosenbaum, 14.
convictions at the meeting on Satur-
day. My vote will depend entirtly up-
on circumstaiices,
III. "Under no conditions would I ac-
cept the chairmanship of the Board in
Control. My business duties are al-
ready too heavy."
Jf. 0. Murfin:
(Special Diispatch to The Michigan
Daily from ietroit, Mich.)
"I favor any method agreeable to the
board, which will give Michigan at the
earliest possible date, proper western
competion upon terms fair to all par-
ties and that will be in keeping with
proper ideals of intercollegiate sport."
"I expect to vote for Professor Whit-
Iney for chairman because of his expe-
rience and his untiring efforts in be-
half of athletics at the university. An
analyses of his record will show that
in addition to his interest and activity
for the benefit of athletics in general,
he has tried harder perhaps thani any
other person to bring about a resumup-

Nominations for offices of the differ-
ent classes will be held today at the
following places: Junior laws-room,
C, 1:00 o'clock, senior law, roo.m B,
4:00 o'clock.
Senior medic-amphitheatre of the
university hospital at 10:30 o'clock;
junior medic-west amphitheatre of
nedical building at 11:00 o'clock;
sophomore medic-east lecture room
of the medical building at 11:00
o'clock; senior homeop-old homeop
building at 11:45 o'clock; junior hom-
eop-old homeop building at 11:45
o'clock; sophomore homeop-homeop
hospital 'at 11:00 o'clock; senior dents
-amphitheatre of dental building at
10:00 o'clock; junior dents-lower lee-
ture room at 10:00 o'clock; 1914 phar-
mic-room 303, chemical building at
41:00 o'clock; senior lit-lecture room,
Tappan hall, at 4:00 o'clock; junior lit
-Tappan hall, room 202, at 4:00
o'clock; senior engineer--room 311
new engineering building, at 5:00
o'clock; junior engineer, room 311 new
engineering building at 11:00 o'clock.
Places and the time of holding the
1 nominations of the other classes was
not known last night, but posters sup-
plying the information will be placed
on the bulletin boards this morning.
Freshman classes will hold their nom-
inations a week from today.
tion of athletic relations between col-
leges of the middle west.
"I do not understand yourilast ques-
tion. I cannot believe any conference
representative has ever questioned the
sincerity of Michigan's motives or in-
tentions. I question the ability of
those of us who have been working on

The board in control of athletics will
meet Saturday evening at 7:00 o'clocki
at which time a chairman will be elect-
ed, and the board will give its answei
as to why and who is to blame that
personal negotiations are not 'e-
ing carried on between Michigami am
the conference schools regarding a
settlement of the present athletic diffi-
There is now a resolution on the
minutes of the board directing the
chairman to appoint a committee to
continue negotiations with the west-
ern conference. It is generally ex-
pected that the chairman will appoint
this committee on Saturday night, it
that the board will make some move te
wipe the resolution off the minute
Following the election of the new
members of the board last spring, agi-
tation for the organization of the new
board at that time resulted in the call-
,ing of a meeting just previous to the
closing of the university in June.
The session was called for the ex-
press purpose of choosing a chairman,
but the board failed to make a selec-
tion; the only reason being a parlia-
mentary one over which the members
Professor Aigler, the new faculty
member from the law department, was
elected chairman over Professor Whit-
ney, the incumbent, by a vote of five
to four; Professor Patterson receiving
one vote.
The members of the board voted as
follows: For Professor Aigler:
Messrs. Stevens, Aigler, Carpenter,Hal-
ler, and Fletcher. For Professor Whit-
ney: Messrs. Murfin, Patterson, Duff ey
and Bartelme. For Professor Patter-
son: Professor Whitney'..
Dissention then arose among the
members as to whether Professor Aig-
ler was legally elected, Judge Murfin
arguing that a majority' vote of the
board was necessary; and carrying his
The supporters of the other candi-
date claimed that as a quorum of the
board was present-John Hibbard, of
Chicago, being the only absent member
-a majority of the members preseit
was all that was necessary to elect the
On the second vote the only change
was in the ballot of Professor Whitney,
who shifted from Professor Patterson
to himself, making the result five votes
each for Professor Aigler and himself.
The board then decided to put over
the election of a chairman until this
fall. As Saturday's meeting is the first
of this year, the election will be the
first matter to come. before the mem-

Professor Patterson also made the
following statement:
"Personally I am unfavorable to the
Conference. However I voted in favor
of the resolution to go back to the
Conference which the Board in Control
submitted to the Regents last spring,
because I felt that the students, alumni
and faculty were strongly in favor of
a return to the Conference."
Professor Allen S. Whitney, Chair-
man of the Board in Control, failed to
answer the questions when they were
asked him, but gave out the following
interview for publication:
"I am thoroughly in accord with any
move which would tend to bring about
an amicable adjustment of the present
differences between Michigan and the
Conference. .The question is one of
ways and means, however, and it is
uncertain which is the best way to pro-
ceed. I hope that The Michigan Daily
will see fit to take a conservativestand
on the question.'
Professor A. B. Stevens:
The Michigan Daily was unable to
locate Professor Stevens either yester-
day afternoon or last night up to mid-
night. Professor Stevens, however,

this problem to make much more i has always taken a pro-Conference at-
headway than we have, aid would be titude and there is every reason to be-
delighted to have the problem tackled lieve that his views have not been
by New blood. It has been my earnest 'changed to any marked degree..
belief for a long time that Michigan Effort will be made today to secure
men as a whole are proresumption men his answer to the three questions and
rather than pro conference men amdI I the replies will be published in Satur-
have yet to hear a valid reason for the day's issue'of The Daily.

Individual cases of studentr.
have neglected to repay funds luan
them by the university will be inves
gated by the regents at their ne
meeting, November 14.
Needy students have been aided
the loan funds of the university, b
some have failed to reimburse t
funds when their notes were due. Tt
necessitates the university makii
much smaller individual loans to f
present requests. This depleted con
tion of the fund has grown worse ea(
year, until the regents feel that a
thoritative action should be taken in

board can discover terms acceptable and will not be pledged to any candi-
to Michigan, upon which Michigan cai date, but will vote according to my

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