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October 27, 1911 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1911-10-27

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T l l li A N Di gan so' there is toM uri. he00000PNOM l!# !'t Q'#Ofca rsn# h I I-,; C! S ~el n
v t ed s " e 1 1 e" _.C ssaTo#I
Ty is trib ole
___________Publshe e $xc oi+w11n
day throughout the scho ea of the university song. This custom
for" Suits, Overcoats and Trousers.,Aj~~WJo~AI minds .ov
of hevistosndewomes__l
I a$1SO State *Street * lr [W ~s1, I ~lr
LfJU14ISK AN ALOReS -__ .thereof may be -avided at future" 'd« 1: It~i' I it i,.
-f* tr, r~e,.i' ro~ (*ti~di 9lYi~rhh l)93r~tn)'<1 , '$hci t'4 "i d 4 'o!t- .__..
News Edt~~I JI!!.4> o9rL c.z4{I~ y Z. Fo test w i> h y i #j1;C' ~l i bA1~i, 1;orII fit n t
tonbyt a shavIna pro es . U/Sgv9 .O w rF citi di aiJ.9t +r! I t ,b. .t- X il
e s 'e hearing aent at er "z b N r ao &sl to rli I o z ti ;Idr1 fAj 9 t r) ,11 .a: I F J St)IM WNarzaf do-[ z(10
n ulre it.Hre' f n Icn hs o t r.,
tba itch hazel, bay rum1 t i V 1o .'ySibtt JPt +I hfselaiiiI§1ax~1 1 !. la c f8 l ?i9vii-ilJr r ft I i t.)x 00 storo19so 1
ns monly used for IEil r r x+.. ' N."..r. ~ 9'u) f{ilrDrIrs;9tf11 n:1(19a~
. antisepti c. oo Jf! I " r ,.. "." .., Ifira'IT" u i lOn 9i-t1u2..'vrT
lug ation not to ban n tE 4(ji~ yM ii1T's~
,,!r 2r :r (101) :io b r.,xs 19 7o' i l6la ,'iar Oni 59 ft bin a' IvP a ~orb (111 (Ij)OA 0s
i111 £8i)r ri -.tr * koth11r0V1 A1I0 1 vh~hr~ao3 CaifiI t La 0 ~i,,, ,Js')i 11 (P aItkri ill %a r t1979 i 9.I( n 9mi I* I~f ~ A' U
trULW.[I11 11 Ut* ijrWcoprl~1I1iv1r 9111 f10 atc& ti bAi t~ 111o (ev1J~.
noihibaw) ; asd 4~ 1 ci 10118 1 - li r~i s j hjVi a& a ilV!7tfj 1ir oW4O~eA~HI fr,9111 'AOv~ 0O179) a1) - 110 ho 1 0ri,)' ( )d 11J r f I1Cmiiol 9 ii 1
-4.6 I t ~ ieoilJji '0 1 913 )13 r)fl0 o1a11W713r WrS flt@i rb~o9$$ I c'iz 4W 1?Thi M.(~e)' isi5 )te blzt-i aoi I mIo nro lni
w -ud 20o1F9( 9i;t of t flr o) bri~pa ioxirur f-1o a9frl r1 o B t "I0 i ri =tW -ro^ t7:v{ 3s~9rs r tuf
* 'V I 10o I er p 1i' 'iii .,j:r of f)1i
;ato 91! z ft EE)9' 491(1 agi 1 'vw i?1A ftfz 'w A -101 <) ,091 I a ~zi~t
' ih i rIr4 -up lej E'( f ~l y1-, h r. ttl oo, 111) o
'0fare' 1. R .l) Gh iN1 ,till E - 1) gg11 .I p (pgrprj fl b ## iw'Vl' ofhl ' e tfiii'
_it_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _3_3_ _ _1 0
1tJ.9a.y~l,' [IIIT~ril't~ :)'J~I' 11 Ill nr. I ?4l f 3TfAc 0';."t(nO.VEfl,;)d rCij1 li
_______________________________________________r______ 9Jj£M2li9 3 d i S "ke - I io t o (j0
tI1I 1bO~Nf8J4rh9 1111£sI naRW 1T Circulation Mgr..E. Ray Johnson"
I b $" ,iJ fn -s l e 9 'i . d d n i 9 : t - o n o ,(To be A ul k e nted.) -- -9,H 811it i S r A 7h o ln em cxi.gn b l d' r tl Di f iR LI tc+ i
WE 1 C3JI9.lS9x~ A.9.81 0i81~ ( .t.J~llOl ~*(Y ~1 'IiT~I~ ~f~'
V : -irt 'i tl' I F lisf' 6..oI-'£ D.llo rl iniiibriai md eav'a
'dabid Iit~oeas9 art AtoDit OFFICES.M4r ss ding campQ gan is A. raise your PainmPodaisI o nwl-.,DflLaa
ul 9 if o 'i99991E'31 of sztF 1 fff3?ITH 9ir 101 1 >E#riton dgl 4t i a hof
9v n " oisS T .5EU / Mi~~iJEditor, nc o ".uu" "0
041W(Jt .4 - . n,1:,J~0p. i. Bus- be in is this sanctum on the morning rrr btf 119! (00
of11 iis9hiIsall iliw iness l ner, 1- p ~after the press bre sipwhent JQ& *f0U fl~tf Id 4
;01T $.00 .bctgaq9o d . 8nB1 Of ll t o ,' J.mOJ tl ei# s 1 anfai rn furl88W0I rAIld Wuit9
a-nbo al ' L~cd~ COm1,a1iya~o'1t 1~ iiiiW~p~pjjiopinj. Ut froim ~Jtart- 5U sitsan n 'rese 7I~w 1A ac~jCii Aia} ip d 2b
d "arO~} uSi s s vndtif aiJv'lf l~la (5 iilVT SubISriPti jpjy~l 25;met.It took it t acation yes-11a i ro iOV 1nKiI U1irs r WJIEU*bn
9 r IAr'ribyuaf3.0,terday morn
118! s'J _________________ With a bount ful supply of blank
aai oIl3____anAdSaintime in A. A--=Far-a week. 8 ,a
Tir5au91014 r a ;0 # $3Press Bulding; Ma's P rt j~, o'InxTii A
lai God, uidressi . Mniurirg and ; OrRd0'(Iva'I1b113 E Eob ii J'IHrt l }a1 firdl a oidT
s e l l l P h a e t i a S xc ~ i 6 W a .b s o i b o ' 1 q 8 6 *r f 9 i h" 1 1 i "o , 1 1 J 9 9 n aux4 ~ ) , 9n p z r 1 3 * 9 i i n L i 1 1.9 4 a fl ef
I rl4pR14IbW a 7, u tia a ,ioilpu 17uthe dgg iea enu by appont- sd3i ''04 krITknrJ~~0 q
£4dv 010£'!1mxi~ I- o£ui459' sllk1 nxiom bob l 0 36&8E'~~l dis1 rIias°1e a' I!ii 'fi' d ii1 ,In l 11- , l
ijtif b , 1tleVIsvxos r AW Vl 0t19 'xw ioano1T bu£ 1tt '
q4IENU 1ND.0o)*!3' x £lII r to represefitie9sta d O4 iLi1iic an.' ftt rob t: l
Is* X a8M! aes 2 39 P P wa-but gill 10 ao o9(1l fi 00o-rfI? rho'i 1 .l1e 4s ,efW9I t i y1~
9~~1~1i~~i fO 9!9z.~ 0 eet at ;Madiso Wfs
7terrains, an tae eager deir to do e ir tI1i& ) $ vl p~fii eei -not -o at nxioi 9(0J3g s90 os
r, dp14w 1)LII 8'Siibiu b fh h f# w 9 a al x g "d$,IliJ'J u ) 'U5L
rl ~islirtega fsw- ' g 1'emporarily deprived o yi ' 'r # is io 1 i g ; ~&a WI S r iht vni a' a
Partiesa Spe tu s 9r -clups 'Ir~~l'(n9 t b s i ep@1f us t1 ' i(41 4t'fifi rfau kt sIlb aii lrrtx~rLI I 69 gst~u ill Ifin 3yrr a~o tI
010 RMS iip "& f i r *~~SiIM17nh1i1 .ord has come to us that Car11yd i, ,Wffib ost l ,": 1 u ftIi c fti l" f 8ruyx . rr; i 9ll,
e3 ate s , CY~dieb 9, .. (f l~~~#Ii-4'1d " rtf4t ~pI9br Vl ll 911 01, 'rol 1 rYxod l' 111-)Il(qnjromri-dl'oiioolb soI;58 T1
d .up tes,___r .s.- )Jx,f,rf i 1 Ci I rI i
9 r , , td de ri t le i ' ' 3 e l ZIoov l o11 1 (1 ' 9J1s 110 AiJOo9d -IA ' 1 ai10 3 OnniP ,ao51D10x3 I
mW i1ci ~ii ffe r { i e make tebest chocolate soda ini We are impress 4 I r§igP#I clb'!irA(IRA1UIuMOIt1E yISI1 1lzivt) ' .t '1V"( 9 itt'
°"d. . ' YI ,""'er -Experiments in the C1AIiSi~i{1
n(, rj4a1r . k3f~T~epartmenJi have~ deve opesevera1 ef- rIn 11 9118io 1T .ritiorom
nlt s 3faft ry itf f fi tent tdkf i~1 i iti~",¢t brlit 61)Wsb91 al) ~111w Vil'l 111' 113o fTd9h1Ve1
he ft 1I an kIr~igo'1 g n7o (a 9(13 0(1'adlsd1 $ If i6i3 1Itift a rrL n-t 5r1111 'i ii 1I OI 101 '01 a 11 J WlL en v'x
-int jr°,less .pf organ sueh--as--the tongue 'dcan _),11('i9 JII', x . (q~BI'Y 11riit'r(Jo l0eibq
' rloo E# ' a 0 ;At St ay& a~r Rg lr Ohio x ed3o-o' 11 t rrr 1 C~A~1' y9 - JjQ3b1 r i'"
w"11,q r ::. xe$t f l4a n~r3 vr # ar Tbar P 6a~ ri~th l eant**d i(j uq1 II ol a1 1Ipaf1l 91 1 fAiI3iililbil 111001 1
' t,,jL #, Cf. , '! , . 1 fo t 7 1 1111 11Uill r r i !)^4W W .1 mii1 - 1IE~ ab~x
1~c (£1111 *ic ~itemblrl "' e9~ 1 n~~4d 191 ieaia r rJ x rwtjiolg ta irlot~'19~'e 1 091 11[101 ~ r ~~~a!ac
altlrh tC u0ri7 1 .,) IUi ) an M K Tae ovs t a)' ~iiv° ' iiiof ariix srn i tatiin Itr q J ' '{r,< a rrI 1 xa3 4 ia J> n 1 1£ 3 4 l'jsrr sw urtt ad
" ; r' u ai ,.iE1:i .: 1. ,/ t 1(3£{ Wc1iirn01 S 31 .118 frrlO' 9 9(14 )xip £1101 .ii'iow 9~io[1o910 ag9'I
se jd9j etuo a I owl arxaZrrf'u1 Qn o 11(105 k1j - rl bfsr/ 'lt I: ir4 ii aiS (tlll 13 lgailii1iW1y1 '11 ::SV1W3,,,,

19 ~ s, 911 boix s,7sl1' -- -'-- - - --I Oe can s ever be ascoa y"g i3llfrhr ie ?, .c#r ;grs"+,ros)Fr( .w I Tla. $
et an e~eo'Aiw tih~iJIin onxe o and out he othe, 1 fter a'&iH it L t 1f rtaxa f - 11,1 r raf'0; Aii PaniAqol-,. W ad I1D
du stru fQ o fh~rb~'i 11bi1i~C1~fS or1d11'~4 ,ioA1biA)it o'FiTb ~r ~
-1 2-1~~~~~~- IL'1 1 1 IAV 11i1.SJIIW)f -9 1
ol ot WOliO'iz31. :JJi- 'i 1-JE1 ,W c---~------- - -
- 9 ~ri1foIJ4U~s'r''1 r re xT- i3 a rr$Pif ji a x 11 b1 vSTATE STR ER ff 11 d I 1 r1 1'I -1iio i ICTof 3a 1iiw i 501l'r ii~o. a r. orv f lsb i
f~ haabof tot00:t ieiJA! fl1)i 0 sI rt ( ~ t a 3iO fhlt8g111 13 8194 il 11043w 04 WO' f i
i~is'1 i110 ~'i f.# t1n '~ ~ 1 U x ''n ~ 1 - i ii~a oll-ix 0'd81i~iw ,q~iq'Io ,

~'Inhn EU ifnibk,1 II 1_ _ _ _ _


ity________O______tha. an.,tan every wo oursfto 10t 3
itrteae aingtht e sttaor'p L oea . a.ars:8a. a.
S. flaij*St. 117 an~d 119 'West Libert Loca L West Boun-5:40 a. n., 7:5i a.




RAN-DALL & PAC9K, Photographers

I - PHONE $98

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