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July 11, 2013 - Image 6

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Michigan Daily Summer Weekly, 2013-07-11
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Thursday, July 11, 2013
The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com

Thursday, July 11, 2013
The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com


From Page 1

"That approach fits right in with
the values that are important to our
community: sustainable practices, a
large, varied menu and easy-to-find
nutritional information," Pile said.
Unlike other eateries operating
out of the Union, Au Bon Pain will
be open throughthe Union'shours of

operation - till 2 a.m. during the fall
and winter semesters. Pile said, based
on recent memory, she could not
recall another eatery that remained
open through the Union's hours.
LSA senior Adam Kleven, chair
of the Michigan Union Board of
Representatives, noted that the new
cafes were "a positive change" from
the student perspective. Despite an
anonymous Facebook campaign and
efforts to discuss lease extensions,

University Unions requested that
Amer's vacate their Union location at
the expiration of their lease - after
19 years of service.
"Au Bon Pain wants to ensure
student needs are met in terms
of food selection and social
space," Kleven said. "Starbucks
is undeniably popular and will
increase the number of students who
come into the Union."
Architectural renovations will

accompany the incoming tenants as
they move into the spaces. Though
specific details regarding interior
changes are unavailable, Pain
said the Union would maintain
its historic elements - such as its
brick walls, arches and windows.
Renovations will commence at the
end of August.
Starbucks and Au Bon Pain have
both signed binding 10-year leases
with the University.

RELEASE DATE- Thursday, July 11, 2013
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
ACROSS 5 Omamental 40 Rochester's 52 It has roots and
1 Shake, as one's embroidered 4 rde branches
tail hol 45 Antlered crter 53 Think tankutu
6 Apple polisher 6 Bait 46 Place of honor 55 Unable to merely
11 "Ri-i-ight!" 7 Projecting 47 Like small walk past a
14 Patient's share window coffeemakers mirror, say
15 Els only about 8 opular tat spot 49 Madame 56 Brand that once
1 x gen s i 10 "I's a go u G orbachev sported a reptile
16 Big name in 11 Words before 5 tmcnme ,
kitchenware disappearing, o nitrogen 59 gGet it man?"
17 Bugs peruaps 51 Bush adviser 60 Blugger's stat
19 Animation 12 Fires Scowcroft 61 Transfer -
collectible 13 Frstword from ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE:
20 "Double Fantasy' Robin
artist 18 Laddie's E L S T H A T S P R O U D
21 Carnation spot turndowns P A U R SET R U N T O
22Bookedsolid 22"Myman!" I T S E R I C A O F T E N
23 Bugs 23 Pedestal C H I E F10 F S T A F F
26ays it isn'ts sculpture S E E N O ERA A M A
29 Annual Quenens 24 8or 64, e.g. L I G H T N I N 0 B 0 0
sports event 25 "Ri-i-ight!G
32Bealsas ateal 26 Choir support 0EVILISH EEBIt
3 One may e 27Placefor leves AL AS S T UP A TOR E
given to a 28 Any day now M I L T S M E L L O W E R
detective 30 nous PASS T H E B A T O N
36 diet 31 Sile S S E EON B I D E S
37 Bugs 33 Object of Indy's S W I Z Z L E S T I C K
41 Don't Bring Me quest B U R Q A YEAST A L Y
Down" rock gp. 34 Sea side I N A I R MANS E N A P
4t2Hits thietral 35 Tagsonbags
43 onolion s N O E N D E L D E R A T E
43 Mogolian tent 38 Impact sound N EN EL R AT
44 Try to better 39 Camp staffer xwordeditar@aol.com 0711113
understand, as 1 2 3 4 s 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
difficult prose
46 adedn 14 15 16
48 ugs 1718 19
52 Moo juice 20 21 22
54 Lofty ns
5s sa e
58 Kerfuffle 2 22 s 1
59 Bugs 303
X,attimes 33a 34 3s
63 "PeerO I'n
64 Lincons side
66W 67-Ac
San Diego Zoo
atr action 48 49 50 51
67 See 66-Across a 1 1
I ~ ~ s s2 53 51 s 7
1 Lettertiore 1
Fotrot ~ jtjjj~"f~-j--
2 Pork purchase
3 Bridesmaid's cof 336 67
4 "American _7:1
c)03Trne Media Services, Inc. 07/11/13

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From Page 2
"In a sense, (private
universities) got the early
visibility but I think it will be
the large public universities
that, if this outreach really is
as successful as many people
hope it will be, I think the
lead will rapidly shift to public
universities like Michigan
and University of California,"
Duderstadt said.
However, he added that the
online classes are only courses,
not a "college education".
Duderstadt said there was
an "enormous" difference
between online and traditional
classes, noting factors like the
high level of self-motivation
needed to complete online
"Most of the learning in true
universities, like Michigan, is
an endeavor that depends very
heavily on people-to-people
and human interaction,"
Duderstadt said. "That's not
something you can replicate at
a distance."
Business Prof. Gautam Kaul,
who recently added a finance
class to Coursera, said the goal
of MOOCs is not to replace the
classroom. The three goals
are to provide public access,
experiment with the current
technology and to advertise the
"We don't want to be in the
game of making education a
commodity," Kaul said. "We
want to be in the game of
being known to experiment
with technology to enhance
He said as a professor,
creating a curriculum for an
online class has helped him
become a better instructor,
since he had to reconsider the
different ways students learn.
Duderstadt said as the
University continues to learn
from experimenting with
MOOCs, it is difficult to
determine the future of online
material due to the rapidly
changing technology they are
faced with.
"What we don't want to do
is say, 'Five years from now
every classroom on the campus
will have taped all the video
lectures that our faculty gives
and that's how you go to class,'
because we would be terribly
wrong." Duderstadt said.

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' to alter

MWireless will
replace UM Wireless
in August
Starting in the fall, choosing
which wireless networkto connect
to will be simpler. Information
and Technology Services has
announced that they will be
disbanding the UM Wireless
Network - curbing the options
for networks to MWireless and
According to the ITS website,
MWireless provides University
affiliates with greater security
when connecting to the wireless
network, as compared to other
networks. MWireless encrypts
all data transmitted between the
wireless device and the Access
Point, whereas UM Wireless
encrypts only the uniqname and
password entered during login.
Andy Palms, ITS executive
director of communication systems
and data centers, said the high
encryption standards of MWireless
are important to students, as the
old network allowed hackers to
access all information transmitted
Although MWireless was
implemented in 2008 in
accordance with the latestsecurity
standards atthat time, ITS decided
to retain the dated UM Wireless
Network for nearly five years.
Palms said he understands
that University affiliates were
accustomed to authenticating to
the network via the UM Wireless
network splash page and that the
additionaltimerequiredto initially
set up MWireless discouraged
users from transitioning to the
new technology.
"The downside of MWireless is
that it is just not what people are
used to," he said.
However, after initial
authentication, MWireless

automatically connects wireless
devices to the network when
in a University Wi-Fi hotspot
- eliminating the need to
periodically input uniqname and
To promote MWireless,
ITS began an advertisement
campaign that included displaying
informative posters throughout
campus. Furthermore, the UM
Wireless Network splash page and
the ITS webpage encouraged users
to switch over to the new network
as their default choice.
"I think it's been up in front
of people for quite a while,"
Palms said. "We're really trying
to encourage people to (use)
The reason for choosing to
disband the dated network now
was twofold, Palms said. Firstly,
he said ITS wanted to provide
users to with a "transition period"
to adjust to new technologies.
Although the exact number of
users remains unclear, Palms said
he believed that roughly 60 to 70
percent of University affiliates
used MWireless as their primary
Additionally, the transition
allowed ITS to prepare its
systems for the introduction of
Eduroam - a worldwide network
access implemented to facilitate
educational interaction among
institutions. By choosing to
retire the UM Wireless Network,
additional network capacity could
be allocated to Eduroam.
Eduroam will likely be
introduced by October2013, Palms
Currently, the MGuest network
serves asanalternative for wireless
users without a unigname and
Kerberos password. Palms said
the purpose of each authentication
method became more confusing
with the number of networks that
remained available.
"There's no particular need that
the UM Wireless meets for people
anymore that can't be met by
(MWireless and MGuest)," he said.

You deserve a factual look at...
Israel: A Light unto the Nations
Those who demonize Israel are either
misinformed or malevolent
If that proverbial man from Mars came to visit and read the world's newspapers, especially those in the Arab and
Muslim world, he would be convinced that Israel was the most evil nation in the world and the source of all of
the world's strife.
What are the facts? is so ridiculous, so preposterous, it is hard to believe
A nation to be emulated. The reality, of course, is that serious people can countenance it. The exact
that Israel is a nation, a society, that should be opposite is the case. Israel is the only country in its
admired and emulated by many countries in the benighted neighborhood in which people of all colors
world. The very fact of how the State of Israel came and religions prosper and have equal rights. Israel,
into being is one of the most inspiring in history. expending substantial effort, rescued tens of
Born out of the ashes of the Holocaust, it has thousands of black Jews from Ethiopia. And it has
emerged as one of the most advanced, productive and given assistance and absorbed countless Christian
prosperous countries expatriates from
in the world. . Sudan, who escaped
The demonization As the prophet Isaiah presaged: "Israel is from being
of Israel, assiduously indeed a Light unto the Nations." slaughtered by their
cultivated by the Muslim countrymen.
Muslim world, Israel's over one
reached a crescendo following Israel's defensive million Arab citizens enjoy the same rights and
actions in Gaza. Instead of being grateful to the hated privileges as their Jewish fellows. They are
Jews for having totally withdrawn, the Palestinian represented in the Knesset, Israel's parliament, and
Gazans showed their "gratitude" by almost daily are members of its bureaucracy, of its judiciary, and
pounding of Israeli towns with thousands of rockets of its diplomatic service.
and bombs. After countless warnings, Israel All over the world, Leftists, including in the United
ultimately decided to put an end to this travesty. States and, sad to say, even in Israel itself, tirelessly
When Israel finally did invade Gaza it took the condemn and vilify Israel. Why would they do that?
most elaborate precautions not to hurt civilians. As a First, of course, there is good old-fashioned anti-
first in the history of warfare, Israel dropped tens of Semitism. Second, many of those who hate the
thousands of leaflets, warning the population and United States vent their poison on Israel, which they
urging it to abandon areas in which military action consider being America's puppet in that area of the
would take place. The Israeli military made world. But Israel should certainly get top grades in all
thousands of phone calls urging people to leave areas areas important to the Left. In contrast to all its
that would come under attack. But fighting in a enemies, Israel has the same democratic institutions
densely populated environment is difficult and loss of as the United States. All religions thrive freely in
civilian life is hard to avoid. Hamas fighters wear no Israel. Also, in contrast to all of its enemies, women
uniforms. It is impossible to tell them from civilians. have the same rights as men. The Chief Justice of
Is a person who allows a rocket launcher in his Israel's Supreme Court is a woman. One-sixth of the
backyard a civilian or a fighter? And how about using Knesset are women. Compare that to Saudi Arabia, a
schools, hospitals and mosques as munitions depots medieval theocracy, where women are not even
and staff centers? The hue and cry of Israel's allowed to drive cars, where they cannot leave the
demonizers of using "disproportionate force" is country without permission of a male relative, and
totally absurd. The ultimate insult, comparing Israel where they can be and often are condemned to up to
to the Nazis, is freely bandied about by Israel's 60 lashes if the "modesty police" deems them not to
detractors. be properly dressed in public. Cays and lesbians are
Israel is not an "apartheid state." Another familiar totally unmolested in Israel; in the surrounding
tack of Israel's vilifiers is to call it an "apartheid Muslim countries they would be subjected to the
state," on the model of former South Africa. But that death penalty.
In spite of demonization and vilification by so much of the world, Israel is indeed a Light unto the Nations. The
State of Israel isthe foremost creation of the Jewish enterprise and Jewish intellect that has benefited every
country in which Jews dwell, certainly our own country, the tUnited States of America. Secortdioly to the
United States itself, Israel is the world's most important factor in science and technology, way out of proportion
to the small size of its population. Israeli Jews are at the forefront of the arts, the sciences, law and medicine.
They have brought all these sterling qualities to bear in building their own country: Israel. By necessity, they
have also become outstanding in agriculture and, most surprisingly, in the military. What a shame that the
Arabs opted not to participate in this progress and in this prosperity and chose instead the path of revenge, of
Jihad and of martyrdom. As the prophet Isaiah presaged: Israel is indeed a Light unto the Nations.

This message has been published and paid for by
Facts and Logic About the Middle East
P0 . Box 590359E San Francisco, CA 94159
Gerardo Joffe, President

FLAME is a taxexept, nn-profit educational 01 ()(3) organ nation its
s esean e ion mnad a rgring develo sa
publsh these mnessages in natonal newspapers and mnagazines We have
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