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July 02, 2012 - Image 6

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Michigan Daily Summer Weekly, 2012-07-02
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Monday, July 2, 2012
The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com
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Monday, July 2, 2012
The Michigan Daily - michigandailycom

The Big Ten needs new division names
Like many other people, I disliked the Big Ten division names "Leaders and Legends" from
the beginning. To me, it reeks of arrogance, while humility is an important part of what's spe-
cial about the Midwest, the home of the Big Ten.
Now, after the Ohio State University and Penn State University scandals, the division names
are absurd. The violations at Ohio State took down one of the most popular and respected
coaches in college football, a rare occurrence that indicates the seriousness of the violations.
The Penn State scandal is the worst in the history ofsports. It is a scandal thatgoes far beyond
matters such as cheating or gambling. The Penn State scandal is the worst in the history of
sports - all sports, all levels, all places. It might be the worst in the history of American aca-
The.Big Ten needs to get back to basics, back to its roots. If some of the key people at Penn

State hadn't thought of themselves and their head coach as legends, and if certain people at
Penn State hadn't been concerned with their own image and greatness, perhaps they would
not have handled the allegations as badly as they did. Whether this whole thing turns out to
be "guilty as charged" or not, the allegations were handled as if the last thing in the world that
mattered was the welfare of children. What seemed toimatter just as little was how it would all
look to the world. That is hubris. I learned in my Classics class long ago of the Greek adagethat
hubris is followed by nemesis, pride cometh before the fall. Declaring oneself to be a leader or
a legend qualifies as hubris, no matter how you spin it.
I suggest some new names for the divisions. "Erie and Huron" sound good to me. Honor the
Great Lakes that have been fundamental to the success of the Midwest. These names offer
imagery, unlike "Leaders and Legends" which are abstract. Everybody loves lakes. It's time
for the Big Ten to take a dip in the waters.
Scott Kashkin
1984 University alum

Over-stepping boundries

RELEASE DATE- Monday, July 2,2012
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
ACROSS DOWN 39 Stage in a bug's 51 Drop aline
1 Nie slitherers 1 Perform on stage life 52 Affinnas true
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hbutrey updaed2iebsd O 4sn 7 sI E L eGnE N6 t:barely
164Softithrosw 6 GlaTirsCrealin Uam V aEage
17 Ocanaion 7 Ainseil d8eRizutolfbte 61 Snc-yr-inns
8 Winuermod"l 258Ppayl to CEYankenslde Y
W 2do "Fae tararie 5B 0L oWUme 2laristrfield
atot 11 M eastchssd piownr 63 Sffixwith pnrc
20 Venrbl i2"Ain't sena ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE:
nin 13 HaehssteLan A 0 P A P W A0 A Z E 0
23 Wtrk24-Ac psins I P A N A 0 R A C E N 0 T N
vogis woman 21lHairltamers Li TEL W KENT LEMA N
f ibridal raiondail 4 22Bi llsn E TAin
24 e 3Ass EnTrs S br U BG E T I H ER TA S BDISE
42 Coffeaessel 27 asweaponAROSEN WART1ME
33Hat null 29 Rnacsee's
pln s endurascelinit R A I N 0R P NO 0 5 I N
conecios 0 ccstom (to)l O0S5SA CA N AST A
3Minirmum-range315lalminures USTE W A KE TH ED EA D
17-A cross 34tCa r a 4ne
41 A/C unis "ur GETOSH OR TY IZ OODS
42 Finalize,as a 36Eerosolfbrro, OP EL S SAS DOENS E
44Jas anCd ran
Beetlestuorus 4p 12 3 4 f S 0 11 12 1
tl 44or7thisp
5 PMoain 1 oan
ec'cestrid til
48Gsanruli ey ain a e a or
crowd, sayasevceIc 0/2/
52 Bar ore
54 "SNL" alu h eri 3a 3 a no
56 Once existed
woman o stagea7 4
64 Call to md 4 50 1
66 o-or-diepoker
bet 59 s1o as
67 College dinner
stae in6a a
69lJins wath a
torch B Jef hn0/2
(x)2012 Tine Media Senetac. 721

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From the headlines of morning
newspapers to casual lunchtime
the huge con-
troversy sur-
Supreme Court
decision is evi-
dent almost
you go. The SARAH
5-4 ruling to SKALUBA
uphold most
of the 2010
Patient Pro-
tection and Affordable Care Act
has caused Americans to speak up.
"Obamacare," PPACA, health care
reform - it all means the same
thing. Regardless of political affili-
ation, annual income or social class,
this decision will affect each and
every one of us.
It's pointless for me to whine
about President Barack Obama's
new policy or the socialist under-
tones that many conservative lead-
ers have been babbling about. I
find it interesting, however, that
the Supreme Court upheld this law
when over 70 percent of Americans
believe that an individual mandate
is unconstitutional, according to a
Gallup Poll conducted before the
. ruling. Even though opposition to
the law has diminished slightly
since the ruling, 52 percent of all
registered voters and 62 percent of
Independents still oppose the law.
Don't get me wrong- - I agree
that the cost of health care in our
country has become excessive and
unreasonable. Not to mention that
health care as a whole can be com-
pletely unavailable to many Ameri-
cans. But does this make it right for
the highest, most powerful court in
our nation to mandate individual
health insurance when so many of

us feel it's unconstitutional?
In case you've been hibernat-
ing from society for the past few
days, some of the main compo-
nents of Obama's health care
reform include extending health
insurance to 30 million uninsured
Americans, banning insurance
companies from turning away cli-
ents with pre-existing health con-
ditions and requiring everyone to
purchase individual health insur-
ance. Those who refuse to buy
their own health insurance will
be forced to pay a "penalty" or tax.
under the new policy.
Praise should be given where
praise is due. We commend ourgov-
ernment for finally recognizing the
problems that the American health
care system faces. No one should be
turned away from health insurance
because they've been diagnosed
with cancer, nor should we be pay-
ing obnoxious fees for life-saving
surgeries and treatments. We
deserve the right to affordable and
accessible health care, regardless
of income or insurance policy. Yet,
there are other ways to do this rath-
er than mandating health insur-
ance to each and every American.
Not only does the government
appear to be drastically overstep-
ping its constitutional authority
with PPACA, but also the strain it
puts on small businesses will force
many of them to close their doors.
In a time when our economy is still
struggling to recover, the, govern-
ment should not be placing addi-
tional stress on entrepreneurs and
small business owners.
Our health care system needs
to change, but mandating health
insurance is not the right way to do
it. Whether it's phrased as a "pen-
alty" or a tax, it isn't fair to force
Americans to purchase insurance
and then fine them if they refuse

to do so. According to Time.com,
underthe newhealthreformpolicy,
young Americans will actually be
paying more for health insurance
than they are paying now. Under
the PPACA, younger, relatively
healthy individuals will be paying
to subsidize the surgeries and nec-
essary treatment that ailing Ameri-
cans require.
The individual
mandate should not
have been upheld.
The United States never seems to
other options do exist that don't
mandate individual health insur-
ance. Though the Obama admin-
istration may have pure intentions
by establishingthe Affordable Care
Act, this time the government has
overstepped its boundaries and dug
too deep into our personal lives. In
a country that values its Constitu-
tion so highly, I'm astonished our
Supreme Court would uphold this
individual mandate as constitution-
al. There shouldn't be winners and
losers when it comes to the health
care debate in this country - there
should only be winners. And with
the current political atmosphere
surrounding the Supreme Court's
decision, this is most definitely not
the case.
Sarah Skaluba can be reached
at sskaluba@umich.edu. Follow
her on Twitter at @ SSkaluba.

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