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August 12, 2002 - Image 10

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Michigan Daily Summer Weekly, 2002-08-12

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10 - The Michigan Daily - Monday, August 12, 2002

Continued from Page 9
way our band was. When we went into
the recording process, we were just
recording what was right for us, no matter
what record label we were on. And to be
honest, I think it has almost been cool to
have that as a reference point, having the
Drive-Thru thing, just because we ended
up seeing the contrast between the scenes
that we play and our own. I think it's kind
of cool. I like being able to give some-
thing different to the kids that come to
our shows.
TMD - Well, some die-hard fans
have noted that songs on the album, such
as "Hurricane", "Cavanaugh Park" and
? Do
Any tin
Fu4y c4n

"Straw Dog", all sound different from
their originals. What was done differently
for the new album?
AM - Well I think you're always
going to have things sound a little differ-
ent when you get to dive in. I mean the
sounds on the record are so much better
than anything else. I think before every-
thing was a little bit more low fidelity
because we didn't have the resources to
make them sound as good as we wanted
them to. And I think with us, we knew it
was a problem that we knew we were
going to have, but at the same time, we
always want to come out with the best
product and the product that makes us the
happiest first, because otherwise you
really can't be true to your fans. For us,

we don't ever want to back a product that
we weren't 100 percent behind, and we
had a chance to go in and record some
songs with the kind of quality that we
were really looking forward to. Like the
songs you mentioned, we were really
happy with the way they turned out. Like
"Cavanaugh Park," we were able to add a
32-piece symphony too, you know; little
things like that, little developments that
happen as you grow as a band. And we
stand by those songs. I think the thing
that you'll find with most kids, it's kind of
like whatever they hear first, they tend to
like the most. So for us, in the long term
of things, we saw the long-term potential
of those songs.
TMD - Would you disagree with
being labeled as emo?
AM - Yeah I would completely. I
read this review of our record the other
day that basically just said we weren't
being true to "our emo-selves" or some-
thing. And at one time I had this kid at a
show come up to me and say, "You guys
used to be so emo," like we had cast aside
the "emo torch" we were carrying or
something, you know? We're just a band
that plays, and we consider ourselves a
rock band just because we don't like the
stigma associated with the other cate-
gories we've been put in, if that makes
any sense? We just play exactly what we
want to play, and if that earns us some
sort of emo title, it doesn't necessarily
make me mad, or something, but I'd defi-
nitely disagree with it. I don't think we
consistently play slow, tempo-less, whiny
TMD - What is itlike seeing your-
self in magazines like Seventeen and
YM? Do you get a say in the publicity or
is it all just done for you?
AM - Well, we obviously get a say,
and we do as much as we can, but at

The guy with the microphone is in the ban
this point, we want to be in everything
we can. With our band, our entire goal
has been to put our music in as many
hands as possible and out of any other
necessity other than the fact that we
want other people listening to us, you
know? It's like some people view that
as, a "sellout mentality," like all you
want to do is sell records, and I think
there is a place for me that might come
from that, but for us it's just more like
we're really about what we've done as
musicians, and the more people who're
listening to it, the better we feel.
TMD - Do you have an explanation
for your name because there's a rumor
that MCA originally wanted it to be
AM - Well it wasn't really MCA. I
don't want to say the label, but there were
people involved around the signing of this
band who thought that it may be a smart
idea if we changed it initially, just
because they thought, "Well you know,
you're signed to a record label, and peo-
ple may think that's a 'corporate thing,'
and you may take shit for it." All of us

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just thought that if we changed our name
on behalf of a record signing deal, would-
n't that be the absolute most corporate
thing you could do? We were just like
"Fuck it!" I mean our first show, we'd
introduced ourselves as "Something Cor-
porate" and they would go "Something
Stupid!" We've been taking crap for our
name since day one.
TMD - Now you guys shot your
video for "I Woke Up in a Car" in Cana-
da. Do you think you were an exporter of
the American film industry away from
AM -You know, (laughs nervously) I
guess you can definitely say that, and I
can see that. I've never been asked that,
so yea, we probably are. But at the same
time ... I really hope I don't get myself
into deep shit with Hollywood or some-
thing you know, but at the point that we
were making that video, it was like every-
thing you do in this business costs money,
so you have to repay every cent of every-
thing you do. So we found a place that we
could do it cheaper and at a better price
for our business ... and believe me, you
don't see much money when you make
records, you know? You can ask people
who sell millions of records, they don't
really see that much moneyeither.It's like
paying off a $200,000 video or a $75,000
video; and the intention really wasn't just
to save us money when we did it. The rea-
son we did it there (Canada) wabcause
we had two days off between tours and
we were out there doing a New Found
Glory concert, so we were like "We're in
Toronto. They have a big film industry
here. There's a director who wants to do
it, and we're out there. So it wasn't really
motivated by anything like "fuck Holly-
wood" or something like that, but really
more by time and convenience. Hut yea,
there was definitely a price break
involved. That I won't deny.
TMD - This question you've proba-
bly been asked a million times, butI have
to get it straight ... in "If U C Jordan,"
what does the line "Did you make it in
time to masturate" mean?
AM - (laughs) You know I was just
throwing everything at the wall,
because I was so pissed at that kid, and
it goes back to the history between the
two of us. He had this website back in
high school, where it was basically him
and his buddies all discussing mastur-
bation over the web. I don't know, it
was kind of funny actually, but on this
website, he had made a point to rip on
our band, or something. This was like a
stupid cheesy high school fight. So, I
decided to make like the dickhead ref-
erence about him on his way home to
masturbate, just kind of because I was
really in the mood to slander the kid at
the time. This song was really never
meant to leave my garage!

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