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May 22, 2000 - Image 6

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Michigan Daily Summer Weekly, 2000-05-22

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6 - The Michigan Daily - Monday, May 22, 2000

for re~ n At "/l'l
lost & fou nd frrn

ki ll I

I ,! 2 litdjotto a-J ttL)5Hi()( SF9911 1 9,
-_____ .,,.._______ , N1151)81 11 to lt;i th r
,llttdc toctnt;'d j k_ lhl)llll Old ()\N 1 )1 11t
-- - 1 008M. 1 F.o 81 h=ciak

01.1L)1/N(GL.ASSESfout) atachebd to
;,!cponk tle trus frmiChabad FIousc
9861 VOLVO ?-w7 dll Looks hid. runsget
1: hi!}e ,ntlmaitaied tot to/toy. 154k mi-i
tI 20(t1t o. 602-32Wl
94 HONDA I/L EUOF: Si. 2 dr. silver-
Grcatt oand. 48k mi.. 5tstd., ABS, A/C.
itotiaol'. 81,000)) tbt. 7417-958.
- kkiiok { niumth~e
POLICE/ 8IMPOU NI)! All iam hoi on tS29
lit). ForIr Iin -/-0-9101out 4494.

1)AD911 ,DENT 911ERT'!!tOld i bSt
I!FS 8N FlC(0O111,"!!Cotemoray
lirn lat utlociattetlnloll ttoI Pitk. Notw
;r ri ili u u oilp ct i 'l I 'r fl ' 0 . 7 1
t} (}(N) 1081 ' 0 iii iloo tittiltit
iii' ORIA IIti . l 'tli/o. to t n tikio.
[\ll n. wt it 241 rcwoc fors


Edited by Joyce Nichols Lewis
ACROSS DOWN 33 Actress 48 More strange
1 Formal 1 Stiller's partner Thompson S0 Golfer Stewart
address 2 Wheel 34 Jungle warning et al.
6 Fret letters connectors 35 "The Dick Van 52 Step heavily
0 Box for practice 3 Semiconductor Dyke Show" 55 Dress type
4 Cast out device regular 56 Atomic particle
5 Coin Belt state 4 Mobile resident 37 Leave, assa ship 57 Rabbit and Fox
S Belfast's land S Bill of fare 40 Pave 58 Place for tools
7 Take out -: 6 Joined the 42 Like the male 59 Narrative
borrow money unruly mob moose ei Eye layer
8 Like Nash's 7 Esteemed 45 Club joiners 82 Relaxation
ama 8 Old-time actor
9 Pay to play Reginald ANSWER TO TODAYS PUZZLE
1"Sayonara" 9 Taco topper S N 3Q 3 S S V d 83 3c
Oscar winner 10 Three-month 1a 0 N 3 s 3 a 3 1 3! *1 3
2 Program listing, period 3aSiusa N 3_ADp 1 I H
briefly 11 "The Wall" ! I33}
.3 On the Atlantic rock group e8W -t a H W 1 3 3 I
14 - Lingua 12 Comic 1SVd3
S5 Starting on Johnson a3oN38 W V l stW
'7 Mr. Fixit 13 Oboist'
.0Cv ucae a3A1 13D 13NOW 3 Job tobe run 21lTwo-seated 310 a000 GN b aH5
66Connecticut bike 1La"lNi I a 3 N 3 W
senator 26SWalks 3408S b 3 d538S9
Christopher crab-style ©03>18 S N O 11f 8103
8 Corrida cheer 28 Store, as grain 3 1 N V 1 3 N 0 N d 0d1b
a9 Regular lunar 29 Serling ofasci-fi 3 1 I3 V IM 0 1 3 1!ix 3
event 3lGen. Robert -8V d S SONH w 1505w
1 Hindrance 32 La., formerly5210

I lIRNi. EI 'll P.911 t}/i0 lii815 t. t ii
1/ut i l+i1 l - p I i-il k '- CPr ll
lh\itti VC I 8 \ "1A lint 17-418 '
11 Btt(i}i ii()t )dOeut Side.Co/y
Li t nIcI alipt \t t h i o e~ ieoo hh
I~u xt. )k<.;tl~i . I n 81. <52 994-
.2+Walking distance to
U of M Medical Center
* Spacious efficiencies,
1, 2, and 3 bdrm. apts
*On-site management
*24-hour emergency
Mon-Fri 9-7
Sa Iti(I S 1 0-6tlitldyo. t'
Au t 2'09718
- P AR Ri S TdoE NT S tlitt
-Z t){i BD0 .A T.i t I 9,1. iiiidupl'x. Fuee


612 CHURC/H: I hdrm.ihi-leiel at
100 HI-NRY. Up to-5ipoople.1 3 B(I
M'tottt Kitchent Fitthim.utiFrte
piot/ittt" Atvtil Se,1, IhitlltotrferI
10 1. 180+ ttil. 7/4-489-2734/
915 E.ANN & 204N.INGALLS.
apt. Netr Moi N ititSiut 8S.& }lioo
F'roo Pktt" Conmientoil. tititi i/5/il
PoelofectoMBA ' tndottistuden
totouce or hitittt lt)iiot. Closto
Iav 2tt ciiollge tiont at arc
li ot o t a t1 cll goup inl AnntiAr
450:o tic? ( iiiCall en/73-11511.
tiltntoeooeb'it woit lnes00 pe
Ititit &/i I odi lit lpts. F1 tu
Kil-t 81 iu& Mat n tttt8 741-9'211
AV AIL.NOWV C 89iiittii~itn
bdttut ,Apt. t/te.oo /e.Idy
Galatnoeaity Co. 94-11_1206
AV8AIL NOWSW'Aiiam)tition
Bdrhiltttt /4tti/t. bocotr. lclt'
AVAIL. SF1IPT EillimDi tio
2 borin. Atts.o se.htli. dry
(tillatttin Relityto. 99-12021 6 l
AV 1AISI'.-FPa11k/ision.0
Gal tilteaity o.9/4-1 2.'41
bo o ini l cen/ raliihi iil Is.: m s
BEAU'NT'8IFULA2 111) 1
atilh" /2 o t / 20/01i u iii e
mIaNtKL;cc' 9F483--16 t)5 i
cotmoaI 2 hdm. at.D
tark T.I 111.1 \S p. 1a l
itott'dferi.iil 1/2,000r. Lot-'tooi/it411
stuiosI I&N2 Y 8/ 33apIs. il/I'
Fps 911n2f81) '1 BD5I' i-lorowit
668-1 0 0i.ttlt iti oio/
411811 7/4 0811h081.ap.91
FAL0 00 ito ito)) t itttr. l ft
pets/ tiuuuilttt"Not t'U 1/ 8MC.
osial111028781 orttI '817.7-

16', '1)X I/c' 1'Blgseond)F'Fl)10.liii SQa
uiruc crU M hiuiolil 0ootlt)-111, 1t11 1Mic.U ll
Avail Falloo i" c lioot &ti ' m in l.- '"-sinki
,Old fluor hash. I bi' olec. u i i n wI Nt itt(itIIt
itiiiilt'it nctoappianehubib 1/ lt' hut dr. fl
ii. Full 4 ti50t'8150ill)1 t1 int"e/no11 , 7714-196'
IARGE HOUSE ot1StuthU Fll8 iiiIo
lil. Ed tok p lob1) tol' tIilh t))lu Ilditloitut ltitutot.
i.TT hilutt +fIstdy/toomthtit. Y73-716h8,
in- 2 ilt LXUIROU4S I IBDRM. coiitn, Io
Idly. No UM Hopitl.I A/C. octr1p1ll.lrg tae
fun -Aug 'I/too Avtil.hitforutlir bitt. (Cll '-18-8l5-
' ctljs 1114-
PAKN PCSAALBEhilt 665-8825
iil Contui
i/i271 S7EIT'!-!l"Still availablo I hd1'm ti ol130
lol 1111 99Wimtt 2 , hdrm, bi t i 11)2 iotootl oitan
1 81)1d1o 02 idittl illalii41111 , 89' loo C('ll 118181 it
o campus.h SPRING-SliNINIER Sublt itotalobPoico
1100neded 7t/Ntil ('alioca 1t iohhuh boo r
hilt LiEartntu Bimsanimti [o duotxl1,I2-i8)332-144
ut~o o Wll iltunuit9llieto ittp tlt sr 0 i ltyou qulitu~
emnpus uea al)M i t i ii toihn l Icl'e
wrig h y iitiini litin tla'nd m app ilmlo ul t ii 111111'
110) itttit new thompes cul 704-'/9'-1100111 ll
Iltiutitt"Oo 'Iu)m
1. fi7ciI 18WO lBEDROOM-I.API'. i/ itoodt
Ao1 e floors, utui. l iloboo otn lRt.diinttit oomii il
utotb ac int'. 216l-lt600ii ut 7(uI -10/81/
E t/ic. Il9W01K 5'STUDlY ONIX'. -
str tiogo. Sitidoiuiineelde4 { Med Schooul ItLab
58 50/hr. Cal Mioullo 0,' 6-179601t
hdrm- I
La teoe 3 5001S .98 911Iiiipomtitilltt
____ Itun.Clntouto C uuuuiuut,dltlJlshti>>i'1690
led tFR11E :ARI4F 5(OM)8n ill l . ito Kiddt
pittiti" 8A Iutt- luk"e.tritmale.0225i995-376
IItDR in 2l 0 iii p atIChurht and
liac Iiou, ul b. urn-t t1t0. Iii714-747-748.
741-9,00ii 1 500191 AIL'.11ini tpaouiht hdnn.
T house- L_ 110 oledooehind S-8(Qua d itasttot'K
it.Ld~ durtilyer-Ifu. itgliouthli torcuib-tNot'oul
1-41797. Kolibo2800919
6 BDRM. 91Al 8)18EF KINGSLEYI Ful)-i..
elcto II licc rk" dry' Nxt)to /I 81 N. tityin" Schol.
-7/pai l i. nl 200 u 2 t-7 t-0 '
)L 2 hdrl. '44 (1(1-'N91(11) tusu-gle i itoIr itu-041
It, potrutkingt iI cul a h i l le uu uuu1t \ /,
I 981I OOKING( liii1it.81 tituti ut it[l
HOUSEl.the 1nut i hpI) llo00iii1 acd lomlo
Fall '00.1 0 uniui itdo
l lRSON IJILL-AUG1. SUB1LE11T1 1AVA5L1lint, ail926
I tottid.FreeoPk L".hind lt"ingnrchat
- l,,k dI Meanat4 .ii014/ N-g.
Ca(tll ti63- I91/l- I;I II 81 ulti lt. 'Vcry
I11,.11)81 911N I 111 1 lIIr a p s l
1.- ailscatll \oou> it iiuuit h1ie ld.
I 8 3 i Dcluu i. 5ni_351111t1 1 1107.?818I1
\A-9/. 111) 81 8INI11 R/S8B11111 Sp 81 ous b2 h0 m 1111.
tilt ad 0 ito1 (ubtOl 1c-41'-4_2 980

43 More1 to Miguel
44 Moslem cleric
46 Toot
47 Knocked for a
49 Meal
51 Encounter
53 Feb. follower
54 Mary's follower,
in rhyme
58 Stage lead
60 "No1 No1
63 Mata -
64 Kichen fixture
65 Come up
66 Author Wiesel
67 A- pittance:
very little
68 Sonora sir
69 Bucks and
'0 Quarterback's
71 Paradises

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20 521t 2C2ihtdoit5220

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a artielltsaind service for
te mlost affordable price"
Walk to classes
Studio,1,2 and 3 bedroom
apartments, swimming pool,
gae& exercise rooms, stud~
amne, laundry facilities, lob y
attendant, 24 hour maintenance.
536 S. Forest Ave. ( )
Men-Fri. 10-7 - Sat. 10-5 - Sun. 12-5
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