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July 31, 2000 - Image 7

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Michigan Daily Summer Weekly, 2000-07-31

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The Michigan Daily - Monday, July 31, 2000 -


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ianv potentiali donors ate locsted all the
tinte. Thc swhole city kind of shuts dosn.i"
Durng~ the non-summer months, stu-
dent donations account for 15 percent of
Reil Cross' blood collections.
Adltoult there has been an oserall
increase nattoitwide in blood collec-
tons thtis n ear, higlher dematnd htas cott
tribs'tid to lhe summer blood shortage
* Irantt't'S like car accidents, increase
Os ci the summer months, as more peo-

plc are traselittg.Itn additioti, there has
beett atnittctease itt orgati tratnsplants.
But te tiaitn reason affectitng highet
deitatid for blood supplies is the
itteasitg tuitber of nesw treatttents
for dtseases. espectalls cattcer.
Karet i ~nderson. CEO of Blood
Services for the American Red Cross its
\\asltittgtott. told Utited Press
lIternttiottal sits nesw treatmntts have
affected blood supply levels. "[Eeytttie
thtete is at medtcal or a technologtcal break-
through pattents need ttote blood."
Attde2,t()t said. "There are sittme net,

aggressive cltemotherapv treatments for
cancer patients that require patietits
receise blood tmansfusiotns daily. Seseral
years ago these patiettts wsere gisen up ott"
Ottiss I)1, the Anmemicans Red ('ross
tsstted a nationial appeal for imtmediate
blooid dottattons to replenish blood sup-
plies. Thte Red ('ross collects solumisamily
gtsvtt blood front about 4.5 ntilliott
donors. which equates to tiore than six
msilliontittts of blood each- year. But outs,
fise percent of eligtble Amnericatns donate
Red (Cross offitctals ittsist that donatmit4

blood is safe and relatively paittless. The
etntire process, including paperwork, a pre-
limittary physical exam, and blood dona-
tion, takes aboitt one tour. Donors must he
at least 17 years old, weigh at least 110
pounds. and he in genemal good hsealh.s
There are tw,%o donation sites in Atn
Arbor, ste Red Cross Donor Cettter on
Packard and the Enbetuity of Michigati
Medical]('enter Donors are urged to call
1-800-GIVE-LIFE to set up an appoint-
tnent to donate blood throug-h the Red
Cross. Walk-ins are also welcome to the
D~onor Coetter.

555 0 SfiR'5i iiit(MES'lSIN)R'SBAft IlliFi1 (AR VR)!. RKE'RS t t~icl
'li" Mingtat mitt c itt . n nd %l
1, 1 I55 .- 7) \t ttiittnai :\tti \tist

I\t cd i-it t: 'itn 734i 0 -Sl 13.si
r I , t i ~C n istvt t i lal ll
Si't NIN(11 -L,'ctiat'J U kccip ~7
I it "it Ii itli/t n of)iiti i nk
skil Ntt('Sitf'l 5.11111 Itriii:ilts
lt( I t c lit" t tI 1131 it c
t5 . .I Istic i t~
"d til
it l t; it l "; ;l it CNS (W 1s i 't

) imj "'Ca il 1 'ii'eii16_ '- 'i02
1. R'S UiP T)$111/R. N S in guni 1
Isittli gidttittt lcr pnitis ', t s nu "In
Stillii ic Iteitiid et I 'tu t t ,h Siutt at
l11\14till tut 1111&1 i lc - t% m )v
tLcdlk:tl dER IIPS11CadCIIIMIIai
kl iiN il- tteit it' n {Ipk)n
lii, t ron-aliii a iUiof/.ti Callseoit'.S Tue
s lit i ,:I til t iii ilte t a r'iii tuie -F
"i' (liifioll ito da pptit iaio.ff
Iit \\t i ic' ilt itti 1 lt it' ttu i ici
ii iiti t taEtt~liIIn ittite It i 111111ii
;, r i 1 111 an . i i e t s it '
x}';1iitl\.' ofi'.'tt ii ttsti iiei lt itilt's
tt i II:1. : l t i tt, Iscti isJoe ui s a nd~it
lo% fi .Oi trot1 1.Zoo111t111 iccxi T he
nlorc i i.'tit ti has it nnt I I Iof t'F' Lit
llITERNS IPitS in Ills riai s tf lt t
Iii i tolit Ientilt i a dthe 51et~it ~
\\ 1 t:,) i tt tk111i_ I i' l re o rc s
'tillwn ad lloiall F r lr(
1'I it I i i , . I It titr ch I t . a1
lIt it 'utit' tt' 1 1 Vi idaN Sh ul
I I. tt ' I Ii t ir it Ii

PLA ki (;AMll', GE'T PAID1)$15-831.
1'Id uhC , I I 7 I tutu csis'rttuie tii ais
atitall 11111' .'ituanieetuettit
11, (ituii rtincuditiiettsttiandtti''iatis
tme,' Mil1111111 io:scjw'rinisnts
(o ttirtilt duOr c'llth47-77-4)_ Atitiutkc'
1511 'c% ictil l otenile'
PRODULC'T'ION .ASS1. - caprrnih
shft litin frcie4lstit s ontis n (rit oupy
tiltilt iii Altttittttul5 duJb uliotes
ma agig \ rki ftm.t uqiatity loititit s,
detail t ini c t 'hu 'i - rai t/ lit'IN t
meet d atli. 'litin i t Cit1tit S pShut
FAX5 (73-t) 711 ss77 1.11ii
RELOCAiTE 11%c i ts hell I\ coa1stu?'s'tud
Flt h iltttt'. Send11 e n to55'.t}_ 15th
s3si B iot~titt 111111'. 1 til?i\111'ltis'lt ai
RtESERC FIMss, cc itrs
fotate taiidsicr.itl.t~ cr t os
714k 715run. ~ (IisI 'i eitleii tl to
1)111114sitrtlt l ~ii 4 it'tI aitt ~ t c~ln'
1( tleRicncl \i-,PI OfRfI it i 11111 liiia
siitltttils'sitStslsl'id 'iss.t

VtANTED): HEATi.THf15'il.1-N'il'FRN
l'ieatthteetutuattl(%ii tsh l's'15-0liwhoiir
non-11smitine atd not tI t, nt' iiiticistiini
tie tieCtd i iit) patiiates itt a- i ul
e a ni ! te l t t iii il ist
itteitsaitiltns olenz\im/i ils'Ifoutdilu mm lie
atnd imtsil.Ths 1le 'huh eirli sa -physisal
esxamiandu ai14 di t 'itii is teGettral
CltinuialRestserhC(' erstiuIi it 'miis'si iof
iigasni Hospital.'Pat iipats itll maketoiti
tdtatnvtt'ttitt tutu ii meicaltsti sittdIurs.
iuttirmttiin call Tet citre at (734) 70~-9(kil
andi emmnt eitde 720 titus' tcje a me111,11i
WORK AT IltMls userlitte.Surl the ,web
for 555. No ii ti estti otarib imitcl
Realt ittlipte 1- 515 5-i1541.
Eainiutsatids()It theis ttisiClii24 his.
I SI CI',.IERt 2 172 ir &(tOto. Iid iii
Cl ti loll iT\\it'tice/k,Tiop Pa}.ies Exp.
I'iH~I'SCAR" 55.5 E D inmA25homett s
t i tt tsI ti (}iii 745 7k1 id 7,0-).{I4 i
FI LL1-fTIME ISBYSS'-'IFR imCite(:d for 4
Ste'5 I* i >-1 1iii tvi l e il s i titme.
Ill tpit ilt ('itt "4 i" it

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te truth: Tucker said.
The couple's som, Max, said, " My
parents are in loe ecause my father
knows that waomien dott always know
how' to ask for what they want."
The coiummuniation of Tucker and
Eikenbertr, now married twent-eight
years, gae inspiration to many other
couples in the audience who are fight-
itig the same battle togehr
Phlslis enris, a surior sai. Mv
husband "'as the most influential persin
in myt recoser. At firsti. backed off
because hie kiets Iad to dm1l with it by
mvsef After tiy bone sami he sad to
me, 'Would you like mis to go with yotim
Sometimes you don't hear eervthinithse
doctor sas' I feel svet'y fotunae"
To other couples Tucket amd
Eikenberry gate suggestions on how to
help each othier. The mtain item the
stressed to everyone was to get over ie
fear; to realize that, according to the
National Cancer Institute, 162000 of
the 182,000 breast cancer patients sur-
vise each year.
They taughtie audience to appreciate
the loe in life. 'Breast aner doesn't
have to kill you: It can even make you
stronger. The realization that I'm going to
die of something, maye not cancer,
became mueh more apparent to me after
my cancer diagnosis" Eikenery said.
"The question tha comes with realization
is, How do you want to live?".
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tece president and deputy general
counsel for the Uniersity, said the
decision in the UGA ase will hae no
effect on the two admissions lawsuits
the University is currensly inolved in.
"It's not biding on us and clearly not
our iew of the la," Barest said. "This
will not have any effect'
Barry said UGlA presented their ase
miuchs differently hais the Uiversity
as, ittcluditig ot discussing empirical
evidence or what a diverse student
body actually looks like.
Miranda Massie, the lead attomnet
representing a group of mitoity stt-
dent intevenors in the admsission las-
sut against the Uiersit's Last
Schoolt agreed the ruling would hae no
effect en the Lisiersit's case.
"it shots the jude as totahy pe-
aled itl disegad lhilt andI fact il order
toi rule ferri rt stttad unfaress'
Mtassic sid.
Msicestid h ushsiEe ttfied isa cos-
ederate cowoyot in at disntt ha s i-
toi-tath tnsraule"le was desperate
to muake a hoding fot'acs;' Massie
said'lTe opnions diseards the law"
Massie said se as ot disheateied
bsr the 'shnt. I]thitkle igenral poiti
cl clisate as chatnged so mutch in a
no issseeit to deIfend affirmsatss. action its
thie pst coupl oh eis "she said fis
shosts there ate yti nore bashles to win"
Ma ssue std 'h tish (itAshs a
"ood chlatce ohswiningutthis assitsin
appal pocess "'it.s tetssilappalit
she said Theszabsoutl ae a chaise,.
Csuisintltliclsawssut isols tg SAs
admsissios sproceedig to tial sad
Bamist andwil e 'rgued is October.
The case ioling the Usniersiy's lits
schsool s shelued t gs iiitrial ii

tit 1i 1 j 1 1 1R ( 1 1 1
hIiiill ti1 o I i'14Tl 'i

- , Esil __I I
SI. 1 ,,1 i ; h;it
'1' 'i
ii ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~' t l5 Sssfl i1

IL t I Iii
MN l\ I IAV ilt

I 1 's
I" So

111111' V i) ii:C,


lit0- -
1G5 11111 ISui 55't l'tj 5-ta51 t)11 I?"

iV ;k lTIMiE IJi dI k mid n:.,
1'.R' A N I. 1' "I)lilt SERVIC
L I, tt 'I e epls i>

'61 'i4t0t
'huANt 'Di 7 PllR TlIME h ill}ht lu,1
7 -- 70 1(, ttli i, i :t i iitututit hut


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