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July 24, 2000 - Image 7

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Michigan Daily Summer Weekly, 2000-07-24

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The Michigan Daily -- Monday, July. 24, 2000 --7

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*membership or historie relationship to
the University' he added.
F. Rovster Harper, interim vice presi-
dent for strident affairs, said she is
pleased Hollinger aeeepted the recoin-
msendations. "Together as a community
sic must tosw eieate praetiees to act on
the policy:' H aper said.
Bolliitger also aeeepted the panels'
recommendation that the three senior*
societies lease thne towver.
'Consistent wih the pintciples of fai-
ness and access expressed in the painel':s

. . r ; , ,. t

recommeitdations. I have decided that it
is not appropiate to continue any special
tetnancy in the tower space for
Michigamnia, Phoenix and Vulcan,"
Bollitnger said.
The three groups will he given office
space for the next two years, but after that
they will have to apply for office space
like any oilier student group through the
Office Space Allocation Comnmittee.
Harper said she also believes it is just
ilhe three societies will have to apply for
space juLst as any other student group does.
"1 think it is fair that any group he
engaged in a process. Since thsis was
space that wasn't, it was time"' Harper

said. "But it was also important to make
sure they had time to get into the process"
Harper said it is unclear where the three
groups will be situated, but it is possible
they could receive space on the fourth
floor of the Union. "We're still exploring
our options in tenrns of spa,' Harper said.
In his letter, Bollinger said Harper will be
imnplemnentinthie recommendations.
Harper said once classes begin in thne
fall, she will be seeking the help of the
student governmnents on campus to see
how they feel things should be handled.
"I won't be doing eservihittg myself.
but will work isithitose affected,"'
Harper said.

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Conthnued from Page 1
board, said Bollinger should be happy
with the change in govemnance struc-
"We're glad President Bollinger
articulated his concerns when we
joined in February," Romer-Friedmnan
said. "Alnmost all of his concerns were
Now studeti groups, universities and
adsvisoiy councils have equal representa-
tion on the board, with fire seats each.
"Clearly, there are three main eon-
stittuencies, none of which wilh have
complete control," Romer-Friedman
The group's critics thought the WRC
would be used only to support student
aetivism and thus ignore dialogue with
the apparel industry.
"This organization is not a social
movement," Romer-Friedman said,
adding that "the (University of
Miehigan) administration favored a tri-
partite" structure, Romer-Friedman said.
Purdue University student Marikah
Mancini, a student representative on
the governing council, said going
into the meeting, shte foresaw thne
push for equal representation to be a
stumbling block.
"We thought there was going to be
some more disagreemnent on the part of
the universities,"shne said. But, "the vast
majority of the untiversities wanted
equal representatiotn on the board."
Bollinger could not be reached foi
cotmmetnt on the new novemnance struc-
Also at yesterday's meeting, held at
the national headquarters of the.
United Methodist Church, just steps
fronm the Capitol and Supreme Court,
mteimbers of the govemning board for-
mnally made thetr group a non-profit
orgainization. further legitimizing the
The WRC governing council also
plains to host 10 dialogue sessiotns with
aipparel aind other inanufacturers to gain
input aind to ettact meaningful change
in ite industry.
'Thte imptoritant iting is that wse laid

out a way for consultation" with indus-
try, said Brown University student
David Moore, a member of the govern-
ing board. "We definitely want to work
with them."
Romer-Friedmain said the University
of Michigan administration should be
equally happy with these industry coin-
sultation sessioins.
"I've spoken with General Counsel
Manvin Krislos nuiinerous times and he
said we must engage the industry in a
healthy manner" he said.
Krislov was on vacation and could
not be reached for reaction.
The University, along with the
Unisersity of Wisconsin and Indiana
University signed on to the WRC in
February on a prosvisional basis.
Seeking an alternative to the White
House-sponsored Fair. Labor
Association, which critics deem as
weak and industry dotminated, stu-
dents in die movement began formu-
lating an alternatise one year ago at a
natioinal conference in suburban
"This has been a real creation of the
student movement, said human rights
orgalnizer Kate Pfordlresher, a member
of the WRC advisory council and for-
mer executive director of the People of
Faiths Netwsork.
Camnpus sit-ints, like those in Ann
Arbor, at itne University oh
Wisconsin and the Unisversity of
Oregon this year have brought
greater attention to the WRC. Nike,
one of the 'ARC's strongest critics,
decided not to reness its multi-mil-
lion dollar apparel contract with thne
University of Michigan in April.
The shoe-giant's CEO, Phil Knight,
withdrew a 30 million gilft to the
Unisersity of Oregon this spring whein,
the school. his alma mater, signed onto
the WRC.
Overall, members of the governitng
board, including Romer-Friedman
w-ere pleased with the results of the
"The success'of this historic meeting
represets a v ictory for itse w'omnen aind
mnt around the world whno assemble
college apparel." he said.

sNssRsANnm /ii
Steven Ball, a recent graduate in organ performance, plays the carillon at the
top of the Burton Tower, sounding the bells across campus.

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c oir malcii ')iuu1/i/ei ('ll 515-282$

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