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May 10, 1999 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily Summer Weekly, 1999-05-10

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important to
I would like to write to
xpress my agreement with
he opinion expressed by
mily Achenbaum in her
's. May 4, column
Financial privilege and affir-
ative action" regarding the
se of socioeconomic status
s a factor in university
Most of the students who
esponded to the
aily/Institute for Social
esearch poll mentioned that
he difficulty of high school
oursework completed should
a factor in college admis-
on. The poll did not specify
whether or not the difficulty
f the coursework considered
should be measured relative
o the courses made available
't the applicant's high school,
r if there should be some
kind of absolute standard.
Whether we like it or not,
en our admissions policy
zts extra "points" for AP
ourses taken and for many
extra-curricular activities, it
is effectively filtering out
manv individuals who did not
benefit from a well-funded
and productive high school

cd minorities who did gain
acceptance didn't take as
many AP classes as they did.
This drives some people to
contact lawyers.
On one hand, it is reason-
able to assume that a student
who has taken five AP class-
es is going to be better pre-
pared to enter college than
one who hasn't, but shouldn't
we consider the availability
of resources? Why should we
penalize the kid who lives in
a community where people
don't want to sacrifice their
meager paychecks to support
a millage increase that will
benefit education? Is this
irrational? Should the stu-
dents be punished for it?
As Achenbaum points out,
under-represented minorities
are more likely to be in
financial need than non-
minorities. They are also less
likely to vote (for University
regents). The solution is not a
solely race/ethnicity-based
admissions decision but one
that considers what a student
has done with his/her options
in life - an indicator of what
that student will do with the
opportunities afforded
him/her in college.
The University needs to
avert its attention away from
the politically-charged debate
over affirmative action and
toward a fairer, more fine-

M ichigamua
benefits 'U'
Frankly, as an alumnus of
Michigan and a member of
Michigamua, I applauded the
admission of women to the
organization as did many of
my contemporaries and many
more members from the 1930s,
40s, 50s, et cetera. Their mem-
bership in Michigamua has
solidified our position on cam-
pus and has removed the final
barriers to cooperation with
the University administration.
Michigamua, now, is truly one
of the most diverse groups on
the Michigan campus as can be
attested to by any University
official familiar with the mem-
bers of the organization.
Rather than bash
Michigamua because of the
limited public knowledge
about the organization, would
it not be better to investigate
its principles, ideals and objec-
tives? I assure you, they are
not as subversive or self-serv-
ing as you or some of your
readers may think. Do not take
my word for it though, ask a
member of Michigamua what
the organization represents.
I can guarantee the editors
of the Daily and its readers
that despite this newspaper's
dislike for Michigamua noth-

Monday, May 10, 1999 - The Michigan Daily - 5
Fieger is a disgrace to the University
A rthur Miller. Gerald Ford. Mike Wallace. gubernatorial race. Fieger's loud mouth and
The University has scores of famous and ridiculous promises put him ahead of two wor-
dignified alumni who have been in the nation- thy Democratic candidates, Doug Ross and
al and international spotlight. In the past year, Larry Owen, who would have stood a better
however, a less well-behaved University alum- chance against incumbent Gov. John Engler.
nus has built a monstrous soap box for himself During the campaign, Fieger focused on
and wreaked havoc across Michigan and the everything but the real issues. He made repeat-
United States. Geoffrey Fieger, who ed attacks on Engler's obesity. He
was just victorious in a lawsuit speculated as to whether Engler's
against "The Jenny Jones Show," is triplet daughters were partially related
on a path of destruction that will to pigs. He called Engler "semi-retard-
have a long-lasting impact on the ed." He ran advertisements portraying
country's legal and political systems. Engler in a chicken costume. But he
Not since the flamboyant and knew little about tax reform or the
racist state Sen. David Jaye (R- budget process.
Macomb) has a University alumnus The state's voters did not fall for
tainted the University's reputation to Fieger's stupidity in the general elec-
the extent of Fieger. During the trial tion and overwhelmingly chose Engler,
in Pontiac, Mich., Fieger forgot all EFFREY who is nothing more than a petty party
rules of courtroom order and deco- OSSEFF boss. Now Michiganders face four
rum. He interrupted witnesses, .WlT N/W more years of increased prison con-
insulted the defense attorneys and STYI struction and piss-poor public educa-
asked Jones inappropriate and irrele- tion.
vant questions about whipped cream. Fieger's trail of insanity, flamboyance and
Thankfully Fieger did not receive his law egoism did not end with the gubernatorial race
degree at the University, and the School of Law and the Jones trial. He has a radio talk show, in
does not have to bear responsibility for which he spouts his illogical views daily. He is
Fieger's poor courtroom etiquette. considering a run for the U.S. Senate, which
Fieger forgot what he learned in law school would severely damage the chances of a formi-
and fought loudly for his most important cause dable candidate - Rep. Debbie Stabenow
- himself. The Jones trial has given him (D-Brighton). Fieger is even getting involved
tremendous nationwide publicity. He is one of with potential litigation surrounding the
the most well-known attorneys in the country. Columbine High School shootings.
Beneath the rhetoric and shouting, however, This idiocy must stop. Many University
Fieger is simply Jesse "the Body" Ventura with alumni are much more qualified to be in the
a J.D. public spotlight than Fieger. Why does the
The Jones trial is not the first time Fieger runt of the University's litter get all the atten-
held the nation captive with his idiocy and ego- tion? Hopefully, his soap box will crumble
tism. After defending assisted suicide advocate soon.
Jack Kevorkian, Fieger made a successful bid - Jeffrey Kosseff can be reached over-
for the Democratic nomination in last year's e-mail atjkossef f@inutich.edu.

education which was willfully grained admissions policy ing that the Daily does will Jenny Jones should not be blamed for death
supported by local tax dollars that recognizes the truth ever cause my organization to
or by parents' tuition. about the status-quo. The crumble. Why? ' very time a crime is committed in this coun- for raising a maladjusted kid? While they're at it,
It is also true that most University must recognize Because the only interest try, people immediately place blame on every they may as well sue God for creating such a vio-
s urban, upper-middle class that it is as much a creator of Michigamua has, and has ever potential target, no matter how far-fetched their lent world.
cents are not members of political viewpoints as it is had, is the advancement of the stories may be. Desperate people will sue whomever they can
under-represented minorities. constrained by them. The University of Michigan. Based Usually jurors are smart enough to realize that get their greedy little hands on, rather than blam-
So of course it bothers some University has a unique on our devotion to seeing that the latest violent movie is not solely responsible ing the unusual factors that actually cause these
of these people when they opportunity to make drastic interest continually pursued, for some screwed-up kid who went on a shooting horrible crimes - factors like Schmitz's untreat-
realize that their well-sup- changes to admissions policy, there is no threat great enough rampage and that it is not Trent ed psychological problems and society's
ported schools did not man- even if it offends some of to deter us from remaining Reznor's fault a troubled child commit- rampant homophobia.
age to secure them a place at those who are benefited by active and involved at the ted suicide. I'm not denying that violent media,
the University. And, given the status-quo. University. But on Friday the infamous reaxcd gun laws and incompetent par-
their background, of course it Geoffery Feiger convinced 12 jurors in ents contribute to the violence in our
is shocking to see that some MATTHEW MURPHY BRIAN LALIBERTE Oakland County that "The Jenny Jones country. In a long-term, indirect way,
i*nhcrs of under-represent- LSA SENIOR UNIVERSITY ALUMNUS Show" owed Scott Amedure's family they most certainly do. But you can't
$25 million. Amedure was shot to death blame a single incident for a crime for
Tfi S! ! ~ S IS ' by Jonathan Schtitz three days after he dhichthe causes are much more deeply
surpriscd Schmitz on "Thse Jentty Jones rooted.
Show" by admitting he had a secret Critics like to talk about how victori-
crush on him. A jury bought Feiger's AMY ous the Jenny Jones verdict is because it
story that the show did "everything BARBER will help put an end to the trash talk
1'4~ PJ. except pull the trigger" to cause ; 1BA l RB E'S shows that corrupt viewers by appealing
Amedure's death. ,IT to the lowest common denominator.
Maybe "The Jenny Jones Show" Give me a break. That is the purpose
* e didn't tell Schmitz the whole truth before he went of all television. As if "The Jenny Jones Show" is
f l 0 on the program. But Schmitz would have to live in any worse an influence than "Melrose Place" or
I a cave not to expect something eraz to happen any prime time law enforcement show.
when he was invited to be surprised on Jenny I'll be the first to admit that I enjoy low-grade
Jones. talk shows. Watching Jerry Springer every day
This is a talk show for god's sake. A program makes me grateful that my life is somewhat nor-
in a world where it is not unusual for a guest to mal.
realize her boyfriend is really a women or that her And I would feel sorry for the shmucks being
husband has been sleeping with her best friend, humiliated on the prograni every day except that
his best friend, two of her siblings and her mother. I) they should know what they are getting into just
,, * <7' I'"In fact, the Amedure/Schmitz program probably by being on the show and 2) half of the stories on
- would have made for a relatively boring episode. the show are probably made up anyway.
But the jury decided it was Jenny Jones' fault. So the critics can complain all they want about
Forget Jones' freedom of speech. And now that the , Jenny Jones and Jerry Springer dragging society
First Amendment has been thrown out the win- to hell in a hand basket. It is a tragedy that Scott
dow, who are the Amedures going to sue next? Amedure is dead. But it's not Jenny Jones' fault.
- Maybe the shop owner who legally sold -Amr Barher can be reached oaer e-mail at
Schmitz the gun. Or how about Schmitz's parents abarbcr@tsutich.edu

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