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July 12, 1999 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily Summer Weekly, 1999-07-12

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-1~iaY must
leave Vieques
As Puerto Ricans and
United States citizens, we
would like to express our con-
cern over the recent events in
the island of Vieques, a
municipality of Puerto Rico.
, For decades, Puerto
cans of all political affilia-
tions have opposed the mili-
tary presence in Vieques, part-
ly because of the fear that a
tragedy could occur.
In addition, the environ-
mental impact of this presence
has been detrimental to fish-
ing, the principal livelihood of
Vieques' inhabitants. Finally,
Sre than i wo-thirds of
Vieques' territ ory is unavail-
able for use by the civilian
For thtese reasons, we add
our voices to the many calling
for the end of military prac-
ices in Viequ. It is extreme-
ly datngerous in told milittnry
exercises in an island where
almost 10,000 American citi-
zens live.
* Hoswever, it has been
neglectfully reported in the
media that the island is unin-
habited. Furthermore, this is

sif)er. frit usisleuce '-lateci
to te itlitarv rcseuc.
the years, there 'ave bre
many conr ontations hetwnn
civitians and the military
If this presence contiiues,
we have no doubt that more
incidents will occur, and per-
haps more lines will be lost.
I ct us avoid future tragedies by
acitig responsibly. If you Wishs
to help, please contact your
representatives in Congress
and urge them to address the
Vieques issue.
testing can be
I couldn't agree more with
the Daily's editorial on the
need to ban employers' use of
genetic testing to discriminate
in hiring and firing ("Gene
Screen," 7/5/99).
The only real value of this

empliyee's enefit. As a thir-
tetisat c iml:sec at a
Fortune 510 copaany I have
seen several insutance plans
come and go - with the net
effect of luwe' costs for the
employer being the prime
Improved health care qual-
ity is now in the eye of the
company accountants.
Our genetic make-up is
what it is-- we have no con-
trol over how this came to be,
any more than a person has
control over skin color,
nationality, or gender.
If we can properly use this
information for earlier screen-
ing and hopefully earlier
treatment of illnesses, it can
help both employer and
employee have a more satisfy-
ing and productive work rela-
tionship and reduce health
care costs.
However, with no law pro-
hibiting the misuse of genetic
testing, current practices leave
prospective or current employ-
ees vulnerable to shabby treat-

Monday, July 12, 1999 - The Michigan Daily - 5
Maybe the White House needs a housekeeper
M onica Lewinsky's breasts almost caused Bill In another two-week period, Bush's name was in
Clinton's removal from office. 23 Washington Post headlines, while Dole was in
Elizabeth Dole's breasts are keeping her out of one headline.
that same office. The media justify their biased coverage of Bush
Out ofal the candidt.nes for the Republican nom-- y the amount of money he has raised. But if the
i a i nDli, b l"tttemmstiuaiid imeda didnt m mrnf hums ndal ,i\ol heraiseso
t i. 'r m ('im pm. inet-opi.much non e Is '0 ar tsni car m s igtht
d, is I ' ss c nx edufic Iss icy tightnsmcas tefntsdiamd
Gtogc Wc muh ths 0nl pi ia EFRE lucaus s wmn. Secntg u o
exeene osb i l r inOPth TxaKi-EF d in w t OPn"ch. ik in
g&ve rsi p mnccithp1W T hJrmod bo u eni y gmnt, w is
ido. r tesuuhat'snwmatopdb ig DocIt Srthe m eda reporte it
an's fundsiroiss t o th in tosIpyLiaotm rgnzo heyr fatotes.oSe'.
thteiwu gs grcth e g f g b tm NIy'M c(aiv(R-Ariz w mwN here's a real
rumherc bympign reccin lesscapn - k thhan diHedwas a prsoner of nn, so he's
momm than the actiists oil e sDitg. . din ' tala"led oiun the country,
conerage of Dole's caimspatignsr nacks of Dote was Dnver a pisn r of sr- she's
the worst fomim of sexism --iciedulity. not allowed to fight on the front lues
Geoige t. Hush, whose odly political EFiREa bcause sIte's a woan. She can't go Out for
expeience isybeing bum into the Texan OSSEFF drinks with GOP honchos like segregation-
goveporship, will oon inherit the pre- Ps t Strom Thurmond otrTrent Lou, who has
idency. Or am leasnt that's what the media g been associated with a conservatiae white
ad fundraisers want us to think. spetacist organization. They'll toleae
The powers aat be are cretitg a self fulfilling hems but they'll never ake a woman seriously.
prophecy by treating Dole's campaign like they When the candidates were campaiging on ie
would a child who wants tubean astronaut. Its ie July 4th weekend in New Hampshire, themedia
and enterutsaining, so let's humor her. But its not real speculated about Dole running as Bush's vice pres-
Is going to happen.idetal candidate. That would be me. Eight
This is displayed itt media coverage When she months before the first primary election, Dole's
husid at a presidential run in Januatry, she was - pucsdenuial campaign is already a lost cause
darling ofhe national press corps. Tits is the first The Democratic Patsy, claimingo be uore pro-
seniuas femsale presidential candidate in the conun- gressive, should promote a female presidential can-
try's history, theapunditsn sareled. didae. Let's face it, Al Gore and Bill Bradley are
Butihins a few weeks, Dole f.ded into te back- less enthusiastic than Ben teic on Valium. rom
grond with the tr uly unmqalified candidates sus forner Texas Gu. Ann Richards to California Sen.
as Gary Barer and Pam Buchanan. Both campaigns Diane Feinsurinthec party has Kany qualified ead-
contributors sd media bigw igs recognized the ers. But its challenge will be o oercome the uadi-
"real" candidateag,- good ole G.W tional male-dominated political fdanework, The
Bush s nanse was its 64 Associated Pess head- Republiens just ca st do it.
lies user a wo-we k period compared to Dle's -Jeflrer K ssfcae re chd erermasead
paltry eight headlines bdjeossely ituichred.
Accessibility of concert tickets hurts real fans
u uis tnd drunkards and valley girls, oh week. I got to thue show p ate beause I wa at work,
myl and as I sprinted nto Pite Knb, I heard my all
As people grow older, they inevitably becote time favorite Dylan tune.
increasingly nostalgic, remembering how wonder- I raced to my seat, where I datucd in front of
ful life was in "the good old days" For the most my chair and sang along at the top of y lungs
part, this trend is annoying and irrational. Meanwhile, the ovedressed, underineresed yup-
Life in general was not ee in "lb good old pie crowd around me sat quietly in their chairs,
days." As time goes on, technology Midway throughthe concert, I was
allows us to work less and have more. e to sneak up to the tenth row. There,
Medical advances help us live longer Iought, people might have more ener-
and healthier. Advances in social reform gy. It was the tenth row. How could they
make everyone but super-conservativ e, not be excited?
bigoted white nen better off. I don't know how, but they weren't
But while the reminiscers may be a excited. Te thi n y-omething executive
little out of touch with reality on most next to me was too dmunk to realize that
points, there is one aspect of life that was too young for him to be flirting
was better thirty years ago - the eon- th. I was going to remind him that we
ceo-going experience. eren't in a bar, and that maybe he
Many years ago, before the reign of AMY should pay attention to the concert, but
the mighty King Ticketasier, there was BARBER he probably would have replied with,
only one way to get concert tickets. Fans B ha ham ; ' "Concert? What concert?"
had to buy them at the concert venue, peI nThe ladies behind me tapped me on
the only place tickets were sold. the shoulder more than once, demanding
The system assured that the biggest fans that e sit down so they could see. When I suggest-
those sibho were willing to spend wintry cold ed that they stand up, and reminded them that this
nights ini line with their blankets and pillows -- was a concert... where they play music... which is
got the best tickets. Period. what people dance to... they seemed confused. But
But now' i's more complicaed. Umpteen bi- at least they were paying attention to the sho'.
lion fickeunuaser sites throughout Michigan make Later, a trendy little pair of teeny oppers
it impossible to guarantiee that if you're the first hopped over to the same ladies to chat. I think they
person in line you'll get front row seats. knew each other from the golf club. The girls' fun
In fact, the front row seats have probably was almost ruined when they went into the VI.P
already been purchased by radio stations and other bathrooms only to find out that "they were like,
companies for promotional purposes. Even worse, seriously, as disgusting as the regular bathrooms."
the best seats at big venues like Pine Knob and I was going to, like, seriously kick in their faces.
The Palace are owned by elitist corporate snobs So to all of you who go to Pine Knob expect-
who only go to shows so they can brag about how ing clean bathrooms and seated crowds, go to the
great it was to see so-and-so to their friends the opera. But leave the rock concerts for the real
next day. fans.
Such was the case when I attended the much -Amy Barber can be reached over e-mail at
anticipated Bob Dylan-Paul Simon concert last abarber@uttnich.edu.

''' r s . x-g W

,i* A


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