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July 12, 1995 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily Summer Weekly, 1995-07-12

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Wednesday, July 12, 1995 - The Michigan Laily -b5

. -
e Turner Diaries
The far right's causal dismissal of responsibility
the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing (from G.
ordon Liddy to Rush to militia aficionados) stirred
ie to go to Mr. McVeigh's alleged literary source
nd inspiration for the fuel and fertilizer explosive
at took 168 lives - "The Turner Diaries." In it, I
und a generous heaping of classic anti-Semitic
vective, racist smut and rantings against
osmopolitanism and "race mixing." Its author,
illiam L. Pierce, a.k.a. Andrew McDonald, who
es tucked away in the hills of West Virginia.
porously denies that the fictional book (published
7 years ago in 1978) has had any influence on real-
fe domestic terrorists and militant groups like the
ryan Nation and Posse Commitatus. He says, I'm
st a writer of make-believe, "I'm just using my
pagination." Odd how both his and (if government
awyers are to be believed) Mr. McVeigh's
aginations conjured up the same image - of a
urt-out FBI building in ruins.
Yet Pierce's work - in a far from innocent
anner-tells the story ofthe "men and women who
vggle and sacrifice to save our race in its time of
reatest peril" and their armed fight against the
'System," its "abrogation of civil rights" and its
'utter moral corruption." The Zionist-occupied
ystem, protected by its so-called Negro police,
nstitute sweeping gun control and "equality"
easures. On the cover of "The Turner Diaries"misan
llustraed portrayal of government law enforcement
squad cars and police helmets decorated with
tars of David. Aptly, the Cohen Act passed by
ongress and signed by the president, forbids all
'vate ownership of guns, thereby rubbing out the
econd Amendment. Possession of a firearm is
unishable withupto10yearsinjail.Almostonemillion
ricans are arrested in the "Gun Raids." This is the
scene that the book's protagonist, Earl Turner, and his
nfederates in the underground "Organization" cope
destruction of the Republic by Jews, blacks, Asians and
Latinoimmigrants-and whitepeoplebanding together
to save their teetering nation. Turner's life is told
the "Great Revolution" and the establishment of the
w "Order." In the pursuit of a society cleansed of
brown,blackandredthe Pentagonis bombed, acivilian
airliner is taken out of the sky by a hand-held bazooka
(Jews departing from Tel Aviv are on board) and the
Congressmen die. The race war continues.
But to Turner, the "enemy we are fighting fully
intends to destroy the racial basis of our existence,"
and desires to turn America into a place where only
"mulatto zombies"are left. The"Organization"must
ht naive conservatives and pseudo-sophisticated
rals... whohavesmuglypromotedJewishideology
for so many years." "We'll go to the uttermost ends
of the earth to hunt down the last of Satan's spawn ...
No Jew will [survive] anywhere." In Pierce's book,
the network of white racists and anti-government
zealots that Earl Turner is a leader of, use nuclear
weapons to destroy metropolitan bastions where
liberals and minorities scheme. Toronto is destroyed
because it becomes a second New York to Jews
fleeing the United States. Early in "The Turner
Diaries," Earl and his gang, strapped financially
cause the Zionists and their lackeys have frozen
their bank assets, rob a Northern Virginia
establishment, Saul Berman's Liquors and Wines.
Later, feeling a bit giddy, they rob a similarly named
Berman's Deli. Mrs. Berman, defending her family's
store after her husband is knocked unconscious,
comes at the intruders with a butcher knife. Turner's
nimble friend finishes her by smashing a glass
container of "kosher pickles" on her head. Pierce's
trash is loaded with anti-Jewish crap like this.
Quite an imagination, Mr. Pierce. As Sen. Dole
*d in a now famous speech the other week to
entertainment executives, I say likewise to Wm.
Pierce: Is that what you intended to do with your
career? Is it?

"I have often wondered w
because I don't work hard e
concluded that the pr
Future amendmen
desecration shows
By Brian E. Lehman
Two weeks ago, the House of Representative
voted312-120 toapproveaconstitutionalamendment
banning flag desecration. According to the USA
Today, polls show almost 80 percent of Americans
support this amendment. If this amendment is
approved by two thirds of the Senate and 38 state
legislatures, "the Congress and states shall have
power to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag
of the United States."Consideringthepublicsupport
and the fact that 49 state legislatures - all but
Vermont - have already passed resolutions asking
Congress to approve the amendment, there is a very
good chance this will become our 28th Amendment.
What is desecration? According to Webster's,
desecrationmeans "todivestofasacredcharacterof
office; to divert from a sacred purpose; to violate the
sanctity of; to profane; to put to an unworthy use."
Violate and abuse are synonyms for desecrate.
Supporters of the amendment say flag burning
and other acts of desecration are offensive to the
millions of soldiers whohave lostitheirlives fighting
for freedom. A vastmajority of Americans and their
representatives agree. They understand and
empathize with veterans. They think flag burning
goes beyond appropriate political expression. Quite
simply, peopleare disgusted whenthey seesomeone
dishonor the flag and they want it to stop. And they
are serious enough to make it one of the 28 highest
laws in our land.
Now imagine if you were to change part of this
amendment from"the flag of theUnited States"to "a
woman." How would the debate change? Who
would support it? Who would be against it? And
Frankly, I don't think it would get a lot of
support. I don't think 312 representatives would
vote for it. I don't think 49 states would pass
resolutions supporting it.
I also think a lot of men would be vehemently
against a constitutional amendment prohibiting the
"physical desecration" of a woman. For one thing, a
lot of the $10billion pornography industry would no
longer be able to hide behind the First Amendment.
... N N


Ann Markey/ Markey's Malarky

hether I don't last on jobs Battling for sleep
nough or I lack skill. I have When people ask me what I looked forward to
. ,,B kmost at college, I don't even have to think. Unlike
oblern is I am Black." many of my peers, it wasn't Ann Arbor, nor was it
attending classes at a prestigious school, nor even
- ichaelSharpe, an iwemployed the opportunity to party every ight. I came to
Philadelphia, Pa. worker college to sleep.
Ever since the first grade I longed to design a
class schedule that would allow me to sleep in at
- Emy leisure. College would finally make this dream
a reality. I also imagined that higher education
t a stfagwould magically trasfo e fom a nigt person
into a day person. (Siice I vsas never comstrained
- by a bedtime when I was a child, my poor sleeping
irm en'is5 tr'ue colors habits were very w'11 ingrained.)
m en s itru e colors In high school. eery time I tried to change my
ways, mom spoiled my plans by keeping me up
Fortexample, pornography where awoman is urinated late. Beginning around midnight, my mother
uponmightnotbeprotectedbecauseanactualwoman becomes possessed by an uncontrollable urge to
would have been urinated upon. Pornography do housework. This in itself wouldn't be so bad if
depicting women as vile whores would no longer be she chose to tackle quiet stuff like dusting, polishing
protected, becausethe pornography, itself, would be the silverware or washing the windows. But no,
the physical desecration of women. not my mom. At night, she prefers to do only those
Sexual harassment would also change. For chores that involve running some sort of loud
example, it would be against the constitution to call electrical appliance: the dishwasher, the washing
awoman beaver, slut, bitch, cunt etc. because it would machine, and her specialty - the vacuum cleaner.
be profaning her (it is called profanity for a reason). Many a time I've been roused from a peaceful
To put women "to an unworthy use" would be sumberat 3a.m. by my motherbburstingthrough my
againststhe Constitution. Actions suchasprostitution bedroom door with hertmsty vacuumcleaner. (Even
and stripping would be illegal. Of course, the fact now the memory of the sole headlight of that terrible
prostitution and modelling are the only jobs where contraption darting about my room illuminates my
women make more money than men reflects that dreams.) "MOM," I would scream, "can't this
most men (the people supporting the businesses) WAIT?!" She might, if I were lucky, turn off the
think these are the jobs women are best suited for. blasted machine for a few seconds to offer a weak
It would be agaimst the constitution to violate and justification for the rude interruption. She claimed
abuse women. While there are less than ten cases of that the experience would actually be beneficial. I
flag burning a year, around four million women are would have to contend with noisy roommates at
battered by male partners and one out of every three college, so I might as well get used to it.
women will be raped at least once in her lifetime I found a flaw in my mother's reasoning that,
(usually by someone she knows). were I dealing with a rational human being -not a
By now, I am sure a number of readers have mother - she would have ended my suffering. I
already thought of objections to my amendment. pointed out that while I could imagine future
Very good. But don't miss my point: A lot of men in roommates stumbling in drunk in the middle of the
this country (around 80 percent) support the "flag night, I could not foresee that anyone would ever
burning" amendment. A lot of men are offended and crash in with a vacuumcleaner. My mother, however,
disgusted when someone abuses, disgraces and missed the point, (no matter how many nights I
desecrates the flag of the United states. A lot men carefully explained it to her). In the end I would
understand why veterans would be repulsed by this throw my arms up in disgust and resolve myself to
behavior. A lot of men want this behavior to stop. another sleepless night.
But a lot of us (men) aren't offended or hurt or In fact, the only benefit that ever came of my
disgusted by pornography, sexual harassment, mom's insomnia was that I was the only one of my
prostitution, rape, and domestic abuse. And we don't friends whose parents never minded hosting our
understand why women are outraged. We don'ttake sleep-over parties since it was my mom who
women's concerns seriously, and we don't work would keep us up at all hours w ith her noise, and
actively against these things. In fact, any time any neverthe reverse. ("Doesn't your momtever sleep?"
legislation is passed against pornography, sexual a bleary-eyed friend once asked me after my mom
harassment, prostitution, rape, and domestic abuse, mowed through the living room.)
we are immediately up in arms about our rights. I even tried to persuade my mother to stop by
My point is this: Men care more about the flag using peer pressure. "I've spoken to all my friends,"
than they do about women. I told her, "and they all say that their parents don't
- Lehmeni s a LSA senisor vacuum at night." But what did she care'? I thought I
---'was cleverwhen I triedto interestlher in trading in her
By Mail Wimsatt vacuum for a silent carpet sweeper. ("Absolutely
not. Not enough power-it doesn't get at the dirt.")
So when I finally entered college, I didn't care
what my carpet looked like so long as I could sleep
at night. Needless to say, even without my mom's
presence, I returned to the nocturnal life by the time
my first term paper came due. I was up late for three
days straight (while I had the lii) researching and
writing it. Afterhandingthe assignmentsin,.Imustered
rI 0 A I just enough strength to climb up to my loft. I was
00 o O falling asleep when I heard an all too familiar sound.
"\ " One oftmy roommaes waswheeling something into
the room.
AJN ARWOR (.(.- "l'msorry,"shesaid,"but lhasetodothis."With
js0 $ that, she plugged in the vacuum and began to work.
My bewildered roommate probably attributed it to
' my fevered condition that I kept demanding, "How
VJ much is my mom paying you to do this?"
I never did learn to sleep through the sound of a
vacuum. I keep telling myself, however, thatmaybe
I will get some sleep if only I go to grad school.

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