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July 29, 1992 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily Summer Weekly, 1992-07-29

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Wednesday, July 29, 1992 -The Michigan Daily Summer Weeky - 5

From the editors
* It is critical that the approximately 10,000 students who are in Ann Arbor during the summer
vote. In this primary season, students have been summarily dismissed by most candidates -
regardless of ideology or party - because of a widely held belief by the candidates that students
are apathetic and unconcerned with the primaries. This trend must be reversed.
The Daily is making endorsements in contested primaries only. There are a substantial number
of races that have unchallenged races in one or both party primaries.
The candidates selected by the voters to run in the general election in November will have a
tremendous role in the governance of our community, state, and country. Students must exercise
their fundamental and cherished right to vote in order to have a stake in the democratic process.
Voting for the Prosecution
Democrats Republicans
Of the two Democratic candidates vying for Republican candidate for prosecutor John
prosecuting attorney, Brian Mackie is the bet- Stanowski's 23 years of trial experience, com-
ter choice. While Terry O'Hagan has 23 years bined with his concern for rape survivors and
ofexperience instate and federal courts, Mackie juvenile crime victims, makes him the best
has bold ideas that will lead to real change in the Republican candidate in the race for Prosecut-
Washtenaw County Prosecutor's office. ing Attorney.
At the forefront of hiis agenda, Mackie pro- Stanowski demonstrates a real compassion
poses to put a greater emphasis on the needs of for crime victims with his proposal to institute
crime victims. The former Washtenaw County "vertical prosecution." This would prevent the
assistant prosecutor plans to establish special victim from having to retell his or her story
units for prosecuting career criminals and sex repeatedly - and thus reliviflg the tragic expe-
offenders, as a way to prevent crime victims rience time and time again -- because the same
from being "victimized a second time" by the prosecutor would be involved from the begin-
criminal justice system. Hagan, however, has ning to end.
said little on his stance concerning victims of Stanowski advocates removing juveniles
violent crimes. from their environment if it contributes to the
Also high on Mackie's agenda is recruiting destructive behavior of the child.Since rehabili-
* more minority public prosecutors. He called the tation, and not punishment, should be the main
fact that21 of the current 23 defenders are white objective in prosecuting juvenile criminals,
"embarrassing."Mackiewill work tomake pros- Stanowskiis opentoalternatives to imprisoning
ecutors more representative of Washtenaw juveniles. This demonstration of looking for
County. . ways to avoid sending the very young to prison
Mackie supports building a shelter for is admirable and necessary in a prosecutor.
Safehousean organization protecting survivors Stanowski's other concerns include declin-
of domestic violence. He said if the county does ing property values due to crime, the link be-
notput up the funds for projects such as this, we tween drugs and assaultive crimes, repeat of-
will pay for domestic violence in other ways, fenders, and property crimes. He has demon-
including health care. As a result of the increas- strated his leadership experience as assistant
ing number of crimes committed by juveniles, prosecuting attomey for Prosecutor William
Mackie's ideas concerning strengthening the Delhey for the past 18 years.
prosecution's role in the system are relevant. He demonstrates a strong concern for those
Mackie bringsyearsofexperience adedica- most at risk in our society: the children. His
tion to the people of this county, and a passion years of work with thousands of children shows
for working to fight crime and violence in our his dedication to protecting our most precious
community. Bob Mackie gets ou ringing en- resource. John Stanowski is our choice for Re-
dorselnent for the upcoming primary. publican primary candidate for Prosecutor.
McGlynn, Rogers-top choices
Endorsing quality judges is more difficult for Rogers - but, whereas Rogers works for a
than picking quality politicians, since judges do private firm, McGlynn has served as an assistant
not run on issues. Since voters are unable to public defender, providing legal assistance for
decide on the candidates' merits by using the those whoare unable to affordlegal counsel.For
usual litmus tests - the candidate's stance on this reason, we feel that she is likely. to be the
abortion, the economy or the environment - most sympathetic of all six candidates to the
they are often forced to examine the would-be problems of the underprivileged - this sensi-
judges' backgrounds and judicial philosophies. - tivity is reflected by her opposition to the death
In the race for the 22nd Circuit Court, which penalty and her desire to find creative forms of
covers most of this area and includes all of Ann sentencing instead of automatically sending de-
Arbor, we are presented with six candidates, fendants to jail.
three of whom deserve strong consideration. Ferris, a Michigan law school graduate who
in the upcoming primary, the field of six has 16 years of criminal and civil trial experi-
candidates willbereduced to two, who will then ence, including four as a public deTender, also
competeintheNovemberelections.Sincejudges has some very commendable views. He believes
do not have a party affiliation, there is only one that the Constitution."isnot static"and should be
primary for all six. Of the three best candidates interpreted so that it applies to today's society,
DonFerris, Ernestine McGlynn and Lore rather than the America of the past.
AnnRogers-theDailyrecommendsMcGlynn Any of these three would make a fine judge.
and Rogers most strongly. We have strong reservations about their oppo-
Rogers, who received her law degree from nents,notably incumbent Kurt Wilder. Wilder
Michigan,has demonstratedhercommitmentto is an Engler appointee who had no criminal trial
keeping racial and ethnic biases out of the court- experience. He is a political hack who worked
rooms. She plans to streamline the process for on Engler's re-election campaign and was re-
dealing with spousal abuse, which would cut wardedwithajudgeship.EitherLore AnnRogers
downonthe timeit takes for suffering wives and orEmetine McGlynn would dtg farbetter job
husbands to request restraining orders. ensuring that all defendants receive Tair trials
. McGlynn has six more years of trial experi- than this judicial novice. There is sirpply no
ence than Rogers-15 years;asopposedtonine reason to retain his services any longer.

Tough choices in 52nd district
Democrats Republicans
While the candidates for the 52nd district In the competitive election for the Republi-
rep. all have significant merit, candidate Scott can nomination in the 52nd district, we endorse
Munzel's views on issues that affect students Mark Ouimet. He is aprogressive City Council
and the community at large provide compelling member and is the most qualified of the four
evidence that he is the best candidate for the Republicans running for the state legislature.
Democraticnomination for state representative. Ouimet is campaigning on a platform of
Munzel's resume is impressive. In the 11 change which is markedly different from the
yearssincehegraduatedfromMichigan,Munzel campaigns of most people running for state
has served twoyears as a Peace Corps volunteer, representative in Washtenaw county. He urges
graduated law school, practiced law in the pri- widespread change from the status quo in a
vate sector for six years, andchaired the County number of issues.
Sheriff sCommunityRelationsAdvisorylBoard. At the top ofhisagendaiseducation. Urging
Munzel is in favor of abortion rights. He widespreadreform and aradical move toequal-
favors comprehensive, campaign financing re- ize funding in Michigan schools, his plan would
form. And he supports the rebuilding of the state allow poorer students the right to get an educa-
economic base to provide jobs for Michigan's tion regardless of the state equalized value, or
recession-struck residents. rate of property taxes, of the city they lived in.
But perhaps most important are Munzel's He has not made the promise that many of
stances on education. Munzel favors a plan that the Republicans have made-not to raise taxes.
wouldgive everyone access to higher education He said, "I won't make promises that I can.'t
through a domestic service corps; furthermore, keep." This is refreshing in a political year of
he favors state assistance for those laid, off pandering to all votersaby promisingnot to raise
workers who need career retraining. taxes on specific groups.
The other candidates in this race are also Ouimetis strongly pro-choice. His views on
commendable. Candidate Earle -Stevenson is , the right to privacy and the fundamental need to
nothing short of an incredible man. Stevenson keep Roe vs. Wade the law of the land are
hasdoneeverything andhisexperience,ranging worthy of praise.
from serving in World War II, through an engi- His opponents are also qualified. Tom
fieering degree, an M.B.A., a law degree, and, Richardson,aUniversity graduateand Harvard
mostrecentlyan appellateadministrativejudge- undergraduate, is well-educated and committed
ship, would certainly be welcome in Lansing. to the district. But his support of restrictions on
Stevenson's platforn revolves around edu- abortion, lukewarm commitment to reform in
cation as aresource. He believes that those who the funding of schools and opposition to any
have a stake in state universities - students, new taxes..Richardson believes that the eco-
faculty, and staff - ought to elect melnbers to nomic problems can be solved through overly-
their governing boards. These proposals lack touted enterprise zones and other artificial tax-
specifics and seem unlikely to be enacted. cutting stimuli.
Mary Schroer supports aschool finance George Merlel is a self-employed small
equity plan, affordable health care for all, in- business owner. He has served for 16 years in
creasing women's rights, and making polluters town and county govemment. His goals are out
pay. However, Schroer seems to be running of touch with the realities of the 52nd district-
more on the coattails of State Sen. Lana Pollack he seems especially oblivious to the needs of the
than on her experience and qualifications. University - and his programs are tailored
Candidate Sabra Briere, with extensive ex- mostly to special interests and senior citizens.
perience in local Democratic politics, seems to Merkel has done an acceptable job as a local
have a firm grasp on a number of policies. leader, buthe does notseem qualified to servein
However, her plan to increase state tax revenue the state legislature.
by expanding the lower middle class tax base Frustrated with politics ana politicians, vot-
after magically creating thousandsofjobsseems ers are demanding action, and this race will
questionable at best, if not unrealistic. serve as a referendum on the directinonin which
Among the candidates in this strong field in the denizens of Ann Arbor gish to see the state
the Democratienomination forstaterepresenta- ofMichigan move.WesupportCouncilmember
tive in the 52nd district, Scott Munzel is the Mark Ounnet as the voice for change, and
candidate who best represents the concerns of electing Wm will be the best way to change the
students and is worthy of our support. status quo.
Re-elect County Commissioner

In theDemocratic primary forthe9th district
County Commission seat, incumbent Grace
Shackman has both the experience and insight
necessary to unite people forcreative solutions
to solve issues of importance to the county.
Shackman advocates cooperation with both
the city and the University to solve common
problems.Herworkinthe creationoftheSheriff's
Community Relations Board, which advises the
sheriff on citizens' concerns, proves her com-
mitment to cooperation in the governing pro-
However, it is alarming that Shackman was
unaware that students hadbeen teargassed. She
must pay greater attention to the needs of stu-
dents in representing the district.
The county cannot unilaterally solve the
problems of the homelessness, she said. How-
evershehas applied forgrantsjointly with other
governmental units and non-profit agencies to
work for the creation of low-income housing.
Heropponentin the primary Linnie Philpot,
is a lifetime Ann Arbor resident who is retired

from the University MedicalCenter, where she
served as a nurse for many years. She finaly
believes that "government should do for people
what they can'tdo for themselves."She uses this
rubric when determining her major concerns,
which include homelessness andjoblessness-
two problems which she sees as leading toward
a third major problem, which is crime.
Philpotis activelyinvolved as a volunteerin
the community, and her work with underprivi-
leged people, especially senior citizens, has
fired her desire to help them. Her medicalexpe-
rience makes health another of her prime con-
cerns; she voiced the interesting opinion that
people with jobs feel better about themselves
than unemployed people do, and are therefore
more likely to be healthy.
Still, despite Philpot's very personal ap-
proach, we believe that Grace Shackman de-
serves the nod. She has already served on the
County Commission for two terms andhasddone
a solid job.Ifan incumbent is doing a good job,
why vote for change?

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