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July 25, 1980 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1980-07-25

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Our Art Fair
M ILAN HAS its Steam Engine Jubilee. Oscoda
County has its Annual Tree Trunk Heave.
And Chelsea has its Festival of Tractors '80. But
Ann Arbor has its own claim to fame: its Art Fair,
which brings art, artists, and suburban tourists to
this quaint little town.
The Art Fair was once limited to a select number
of artists, but now has opened its arms to those who
can offer a more options assortment of art. The Art
Fair now means volcanic ash and used clothing,
velvet bulls and clay pots.
Yet the fair is much more than just oil lan-
dscapes or turquoise jewelry from Arizona/ New
Mexico/ Baja California. It's an amalgam of
people: fat, skinny, young, old, short, tall, guys,
gals. It's the couple from Toledo, the family from
Fort Wayne. It's the unemployed truck mechanic
who purchases an original wood etching; the
Grosse Pointe debutante who goes home with tie-
dyed wall hangings.
The Art Fair is "Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair 1980"
t-shirts for $7.00 on Main St., $4.95 on E. Liberty,
and 3 for $10 on South University.
It's out-of-towners buying Perrier at Eden's to
drink with their Big Mac.
And it's city residents and students disposing of
their ethical philosophies in order to pay the rent.'
They hawk such niceties as silver balloons, slur-
pies, and Nickels Arboretum rock paperweights.
It's the political menagerie of acronyms/ab-
breviations: NORML, PIRGIM, SYL, YSA, NOW,
MARAL, which mix amicably with the Liber-
tarians, Marxists, Pro-Lifers and Choicers,
Republicans, Democrats, and Scientologists.
It is heartening to see that after many years, low-
brow tastes have not spoiled the Art Fair; it has
remained a pure and exclusive forum for the

The 'Black P
The democratic charade we-
call the American Political By Manning Marable
System has reached the point of
self-destruction. the 1
The two-party system, whose th 976 Republican platform. In
Thetwopary sste, woseterms of economic policy, the
standard bearers in this year's Republicans and Democrats are
election of 1980 are Jimmy Carterei anndtDer cratin
and Ronald Reagan, has ceased agreement." In short, it "doesn't
to offer anything approaching make a great deal of difference
fundamental alternatives for the eagetda fdfeec
American people. The "Anderson whether Ronald Reagan or Jim-
factor" amounts to an amalgam my Carter wins the presidential
of corporate economics and New tedion in November," recoun-
Deal social programs, neither of In effect, no liberal candi-
which address theunderlying date with any chance of suc-
problems which promote the
current social crisis. cess will be on the ballot in
WE HAVE ARRIVED at a November. Anderson must be
point of rupture within our classified, at best, as a conser-
politics-a time when the old vative-turned-moderate. Reagan
politics no longer suffices. It represents the implicity racist,
represents "a changing of the devoutly pro-business sector of
guard," a fundamental period the Republican Party.
where the old watchdogs of What about Carter? Greenspan
socioeconomic privilege are thinks that Carter's record in the
gradually yet firmly beginning to Presidency is so abysmal and
yield to newer social forces. that his liberal constituency is so
Alan Greenspan, former chair- disenchanted with him that he
person of the Council of will attempt to upset Reagan by
Economic Advisers under Gerald moving even further to the right.
Ford, reviewed the current fiscal "Carter may try to circle around
policies of both Democrats and Reagan and grab the ground to
Republicans at a New York Reagan's right"-in effect, out-
seminar. In his opinion, the two Reaganing Reagan.
major parties "are running on The second item worthy of note
Will registration
lead to draft, wa
To The Daily: home in a body bag to irrecon-
"We urge young men, in the cilablygrieving relatives. Or, the
interest of world peace, to hopelessly crippled are sent
resist the call to register." home to live out their lives as
(Daily, July 22) wards of the American taxpayer
Aw, c'mon, in the interest of in the form of veteran's benefits
world peace?! What, pray, does and/or welfare, Social Security,
registration for "the Draft" or etc. (see "Coming Home" and
even all-out conscription have to "The Deerhunter" for details).
do with world peace? But, of This is not Spurious Sophistry
course, conscription leads direc- 469, Professor Van Hesling
tly to war, do not pass go, do not presiding. No (nyet), the
collect $200. The possession of a possession of a standing army, or
standing army leads to extreme "the Draft," or registration for
anxiety among upper-echelon "the Draft," or even possession
Soviets, resulting in an all-out at- of a box of irradiated Twinkies in
tack upon the war-mongering violation of the SALT II treaty
United States. Or a large body of are not precursors to war (i.e., a
conscripted troops is sent (grum- threat to world peace). War does
bling incessantly) to serve as not result from the aforemen-
military advisors to struggling tioned items. Besides, in the
revolutionaries valiantly op- event of a real war (as opposed to
posing an imminent communist an imaginary one) any argument
takeover, where they are prom- over conscription would be ren-
ptly killed and maimed and sent dered academic. Whatever will

comes from a recent issue of
Black Enterprise. In a recent poll
of 5,000 subscribers, 36 per cent
declared that there was "no sub-
stantial difference between the
Democratic and Republican par-
ties." Another 31.3 per cent favor
the creation of a Black Political
Party. Almost 40 per cent of
respondents under 40 years of age
endorse an all-black party.
The current social/political
crisis has forced thousands of
middle class blacks to abandon
their political illusions and to ad-
vocate an independent strategy
toward black empowerment, a
strategy which the great
majority of blue collar and
unemployed black men and
women have long endorsed. The
central question remains: during
this "changing of the guard,"
whither and how do we begin to
construct the black political par-
ty, and advance a social contract
which transcends the backwar-
dness and reaction of the
Reagan/Carter status quo?
Manning Marable teaches.
political economy at Cornell
University s Africana Studies
Center. He wrote this article
for Pacific News Service.
be necessary will be done, sur-
vival being the primary con-
You are students at one of the
most prestigious universities in
the world. It's time to find out
blow the world really works, not
how you're told it works or how
you think it works or how you'd
like it to work. Reality, that's the
key. Wake up! Use your intellect
to piece things together, to find
out how things really are. This is
not television, the movies, or a
gothic horror. This is real life.
Please, don't write such
inestimable twaddle and pass it
on as the considered opinion of "a
higher vision." Please have more
ethical consideration, especially
as such serious consequences can
result from the heeding of your
-Kevin Christensen
July 22



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