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December 08, 2014 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 2014-12-08

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The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com

Monday, December 8, 2014 - 5A

The Michigan Daily - michigandailycom Monday, December 8, 2D14 - 5A

Peter Shahin looks good in tights, too.
'Peter Pan'

After the poI
"The Sound of M
expectations for
low-up, "Peter
Pan Live!"
were low.
"Music" was
plagued with
problems from
the moment
it was cast
to the actual
by its drab pr-o-hapeed
duction value. In
that production,
Zaden and Neil M
have apparently
important lessor
together an ente
' cast. "Peter Pan" ,
ment in almost e
"The Sound of
me hope that th
sentations will b
"Peter Pan Li
storyofthe classic
Styne, Betty Comi
Green. When Pet
Williams, "Girls")
the bedroom of tI
dren trying to fin(
teaches them how
them away to N
they play with th
the Indians on
fight the menacin
(Christopher W
The biggest up
previous year wa
In "Music," the f

INTNER filled by Carrie Underwood, a
s Writer singer who lacked the acting abil-
ity to nail the part of Maria Von
pular but poor Trapp. This time, the producers
Music Live!," my decided to cast a proven actress
this year's fol- as Peter. Even if the lower-profile
costthemviewers and didn'tquite
B+ have Underwood's vocal chops, it
still was a net gain for the produc-
''Peter Pan tion. She brought the character to
Live!" life with a performance that was
brimming with energy and the
Event available sense that she was having alot of
for streaming and fun in the role.
replayingon Dec.13 The casting directors did well
NBC by Williams, surrounding her
with a talented group of screen
and stage' actors. There were
the year since times in the show where Walken
producers Craig was hamming up his character to
Aaron ("Smash") great levels, especially in "Cap-
learned some tain Hook's Waltz." In others, it
ns and pieced seemed like he wasn't putting in
rtaining broad- a lot of effort (Though, Walken's
was an improve- half-assed tap dancing may be
every way from the funniest thing to come from
Music," giving the night.) University alum Taylor
ese yearly pre- Louderman brought her beauti-
ecome must-see ful voice and sense of wonder to
the role of Wendy. Even if there
ve!" follows the wasn't enough of Kelli OHara
musicalbyJule ("South Pacific") as Mrs. Dar-
don and Adolph ling, her stunning soprano was
:er Pan (Allison refreshing to the ear each time
is discovered in she was on screen. The one hole in
he Darling Chil- the ensemble was the young actor
d his shadow, he who played Michael Darling. He
'to fly and takes looked like he was having a blast
everland where butwasn'tgiven enoughdirection
t Lost Boys and to calm down his mannerisms.
the Island and Other areas where "Peter Pan"
g Captain Hook progressed greatly over "Sound
alken, . "Hair- of Music" were in the produc-
tion design and the theatrical-
grade from the ity. Last year's show had dull"J
s in the casting. backgrounds and costumes that
eading role was tookaway from the quality of the

broadcast. This year, the show
used its higher budget to create
sets which had lots of excellent
art and intricate details. The Nev-
erland set looked gorgeous on TV.
This year's production was much
more theatrical, with strong fly-
ing work, fantastic choreography
(especially in the number "True
Blood Brothers") and magnificent
CGI effects. The idea of having
CGI Tinkerbell instead of the tra-
ditional spotlight took awhile for
me to warm up to, but by the end,
each appearance was welcomed.
The one thing that weakened
from "Music" was the camera-
work. Television' director Glenn
Weiss (known for his many award
show broadcasts) brought a more
diverse set of camera angles and
movement to the screen. Howev-
er, in the opening flying sequence,
the show's painstaking effort to
not show the lighting rigs on the
top of the set killed any momen-
tum that "I'm Flying" was build-
"Peter Pan Live!" was not per-
fect. There were mistakes in the
casting of supporting actors and
the television direction some-
times hindered scenes. However,
by the time Williams was asking
us to clap if we believed in fairies
and the last chords of the wist-
ful "Never Never Land" played, I
was filled with a childlike sense
of wonder and happiness. Zaden
and Maron should be proud of
themselves for the steps they took
in this production. Hopefully the
softer ratings don't scare NBC out
of doing more musicals, because,
given the strides taken in "Pan,"
the next go-around could be truly

"teal sod they're not releasing my album..."
Label refuses -tob
release'C ater V

Daily Arts Blogger
Weezy F Baby and the F
is for frustrated. On Dec.
4, Wayne revealed that The
Carter V, which fans have been
anxiously anticipating since
2013, won't be released at all
this December "bekuz Baby
& Cash Money Rec. refuse to
release it," according to his
Twitter account. Needless
to say, this couldn't be more
shocking. And he is beyond
frustrated. It seems that
Wayne has totally given up on
any chance of reconciling and
wants complete independence
from the label and Baby, who
is not just a boss, but more
of a father-figure to Weezy.
There have been certain
controversial allegations
about the pair in the past, but
nothing as shocking as this.
"This is not my fault. I
am truly and deeply sorry
to all my fans but most of all
to myself and my family for
putting us in this situation,"

Wayne tweeted. "I want
off this label and nothing
to do with these people but
unfortunately it ain't that easy
... I am a prisoner and so is my
creativity Again,I am truly*
sotry and I don't blame ya if
ya fed up with waiting 4 me &
this album. But thk u."
The following day, TMZ-
released footage of one of
their reporters probing Cortez
Bryant, Weezy's manager, who
claimed that the relationship
between Wayne and Baby is
problem-free. Cortez asserted
that his pulling up to the club
and smiling in a lavish whip
should be proof that there
isn't anything to be concerned
about at all. But Cash Money's
record of not treating their
artists with an appropriate
amount of integrity -
even Drake has previously
complained about not being
paid properly by the label -
makes it much easier to doubt,
Cortez and feel for Wayne.
And people really do feel
for him. Fans immediately

drafted a petition on ipetition.
com asking Baby to reconsider
releasing what would be both
Wayne's final installment in
the Carter series as well as
his last solo album. Pusha-T
also felt the need to aid Wayne
in this troubling time. Push
has previously spoken on the
subject with his "Exodus 23:1"
track, but this time he went a
step further and encouraged
Wayne to leave Cash Money for
good and join G.O.O.D. Music,
currently home to Push, Big
Sean and others. Presumably,
Wayne would be able to get out
his dreams, and his album, at
this label.
"If u wanna drop albums &
don't want your CEO's rubbing
they hands all in your videos,
(Suge Knight voice)," Pusha-T
Time will tell what will
happens. Until then, to quote
last Dec. First seen on
4 tweet,
"pray." -the filter

A musical trip
back in time

Call: #734-418-4115
Email: dallydisplay@gmail.com

The hidden treasures
of finding your
middle school iPod
Daily Arts Writer
I have recently taken a trip"
back in time - I found my old
iPod, stocked with music from
my middle school and early high
school years. Scrolling through
the tracks, I'm faced with so
many questions about my previ-
ous self, I begin to wonder if I
am even the same person. Why
did I like Coldplay so much?
What was Death Cab for Cutie
doing between 2007 and 2010
that was so interesting to me?
Skrillex, really? I can almost
feel the braces on my teeth. The
mix is largely made up of angst-
driven pop punk, a smatteringof
acoustic singer-songwriters and
what I then thought was really
cool, obscure electronic music.
But I can't be too hard on
13-year-old me. Aside from
the more questionable, highly
embarrassing records, a lot of
the songs immediately bring
back great memories; the kinds
of songs that take you back just
by hearing the first few chords.
Images of concerts, friends
and summer hangouts fill my
mind. To this day, whenever I
think about old music my mind
immediately jumps to my first
concert experience - Panic! at
the Disco, fifth grade, Palace of
Auburn Hills, with my friend
and her dad. Oy, how times have
changed. (Who am I kidding?
I still love Panic). More so than
a strong memory of the concert
is a memory of all the emotions

attached with it. A certain feel-
ing comes along with this kind of
nostalgia, something only music
can achieve. There are no images
being presented to you, no direct
narratives to jog your memory
- only the moments and people
you have personally linked to
that track or experience.
Though the music I listened
to when I was younger may not
be the most inspired or well-
crafted, it was only the begin-
ning of my love for the arts. I
was just starting to explore all
that was out there, not even
really knowing how or where
to find new artists. Listening
to it all again now, I'm able to
notice so many little nuances in
the music and wordplay in the
lyrics that I didn't catch in my
earlier years. I appreciate it not
so much for its overall content
or composition, but for the role
these tracks have played in my
musical journey.
Many of the artists on that
iPod lead me to discover some of
my favorites of today. They laid
the groundwork for what genres
and sounds I liked most, and I
was able to go from there. Crys-
tal Castles led me to Purity Ring
and Grimes, The Killers helped
me find The Smiths, Kanye led
to even more Kanye and the list
goes on. I don't think of these
new faves as replacements, but
rather as improvements. As my
knowledge of music grows, so
does my appreciation for genres
outside of my usual sphere. I
learned that there is so much to
be discovered, listened to and
experienced that I can't help but
be fond of where all my inter-
ests started. Even if that means
admitting my love for all things

RELEASE DATE- Monday, December 8, 2014
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
ACROSS 3 "_ Lisa" 38 Encouragement 48 Leaderof the Huns
1 " Mial': ABBA 4 Saturated hillside for aflamenco 5sIrong pobns
masical hazards dancer 52 Cutsinto cubes
0 ofn babytalk IKerffe 39 Part of mph 55 Exam for high
1t Deensive trench 6 Fueltfor semis 40 '60s radical gp. schosljes.
14 So all can hear 7 "Dawn ofthe 42 Mouse sound 56S wih million
15 Apple MP3 Planet of the" 43 "Far out, man!" 58 Knee-showing
player a Sleep lightly 44 Bhagavad-Gita skirt
16 Makes mistakes 9 Wood-shaping student, likely 59 Lion's share
17 ecretary of state tool 45"1iltakethatas " 60 Vending machine
Clinton Hgary 1Trais or 4 Blows one's own bills
20 Approx. landing coantrymusic horn 62 QB's gains
hours 11 Point inthe 47Em, to Dorothy 63 Had a bite
2 To he,o Caesar properdirection ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE:
22 Goltshoetfeature 13 Pinball player's
23Theaterlevtel place S W E E T R 0 L L A L I B I
25lChangestfor the 13 sangerous fy T 0BAW v RupCC
better 18 Not prohibited T H R O W A W A Y R U P E E
26Score symbol 19Highpoints R A I S I N E T S 0 G R E C
thatusuallyhasa 24SouthAmerican A T E T I D E H 0 N O R
31 Shit wth aband's 25"e thing
logo, maybae 1Ont -n. F A I T F 0 0 I N A T I 0 N
32 - shower: pre- time" T 010 N E E T S N O
wedding event 26Management D E W D R O P D Y E D E G G
33 rrect a pencil 27Coffeevessel U N I A T I T E A R
3Thrwinthe 28rst 2Obedience F I F T H A M E N D M E N T
chips sho
36 Dde command F W I W GALE DOH A
37 Swabbing tools 29 Far from cool
41 NewEnglandfish 30GoldinGranada S T O N E E X T R E M I S T
44 Flagged down 34Moved to anew T 0 N G A C C L I a A T C I
46Wordrepeated country SKEET U S E M B A S S Y
before "black 36 Hunk's physique xwordeditor@aol.com 12/08/14
shep" wrelsesnm lnst
49 sig-shaped 1 2 3 4 s 7 8 9 10 I11 12 13
sponge cakes
51 Perfoed better 14 15 16
53 __ close to 17 1a 19
schedule 2
54 Shenanigan
55 Cowpoke's pal 23 24 2
57 Target practice
supply 8 0 27 2 29s a 31
61 Spot batweensa
roo and a hard 32 34
place ... or a hint
totheendsof17-, a38 37 38 39 40
26-and 49-
Acrosasora soa2 3 as an
64 Backsplash
material a o ae a 50
65sTruth or.?j:
party game n1 5 53
66Tied up in knots
67Aegean and Irish 54 55 5s 57 58 59 so
68 Pr. holy women
69 Polishestext 12 s3
DOWN 64 65
1 SelIdefense 67 s n
2 More oftenthan
not By C.w.stewart 12/08/14
02014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

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