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October 09, 2014 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 2014-10-09

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The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.cam

Thursday, October 9, 2014 - 5A

The Michigan Daily - michigandailycom Thursday, October 9, 2014 - 5A

" MIDTERM SEASON: Surviving the struggle
B By Brad Whipple, Weekend Roundup Editor I Photo by James Coller, Assistant Photo Editor

Pencils down, please fold up your
tests and pass them down your
row toward the aisle." You flip
to the front page of your exam,
looking at the name of a course
you wish didn't exist.
Among the sporadic thoughts
running through your head
post-exam, one stands out:
What could I have done better
to prepare? Though there's no
single midterm methodology
that a student can follow to
attain success, there are ways to
put you on the right path.
The truth is you will not get
the results you hope for if you
only study on the eve of the
exam. If you're a brainiac who
can, fine. But for those of us who
are not blessed with the ability to
retain information we crammed
within the last 24 hours, the best
approach is to spread out your
learning over a longer period of
Take a few practice tests from
past semesters - which, in my
experience, has proven to be the
most effective way of preparing
myself - do textbook problems,
rewrite any notes you took in
class and look over lecture slides.
If it sounds impossible to
do all that in one night, that's
because it is. So don't.

you're a little misguided.
Make sure to eat breakfast in
the morning, because it's called
"the most important meal of the
day" for a reason. Don't skip out:
fit in some protein, such as eggs,
yogurt or milk, and avoid sugary
Ifyouhave alate exam, it's also
not abad idea to take a nap during
the day. Make sure you're awake
at least two hours before the
exam, because this will ensure
that you're at your most alert.You
don't want to be taking an exam
in a groggy, post-nap state.
You know, for the occasional
crying that takes place when
you're studying something you
don't understand.
Don't be the person asking for
a pencil before the exam. This is
college and you're an adult; if you
forget a pencil, I can't imagine
you're going to do well on the
exam. Bring some water in case
you get thirsty, extra lead in
case you run out and some spare
batteries for your calculator if
your exam requires one.
Exams take an emotional and
mental toll on all students. If you
prepare for them wisely, though,
you'll come out of that lecture
hall with a huge weight off your

100 Monologues by
Eric Bogosian
7:30 p.m.
Good Kids Perfomance
7:30 p.m.
Arthur Miller Theatre
Hollywood Nights 24-
Hour Movie Marathon
10 a.m.
Emagine Theater
UMMA After Hours
7-10 p.m.
a 6 S
Super Smash Bros.
College Tailgate Tour
12 p.m.
Pioneer High School
Maize Craze
1-4 p.m.
Center for Campus
Michigan Football vs.
Penn State
7:00 p.m.
The Big House
Mozart's Magnificent
4 p.m.
Michigan Theater

If you weren't a coffee addict
before college, you'll soon find
out that things change. The key
to late-nighters is any caffeinated
Five-hour Energy is not the
way to go, unless you are partial
to drinking poison. Instead, gulp
down a coffee from Espresso
Royale or Starbucks, hunker
down in the Law Library and get
working before you crash.

In a study , conducted by
the University of Illinois in
2011, researchers found that-
performing a single task over a
long period of time will actually
hinder your performance
and focus. The solution to
overcoming this is to take a brief
intermission from work, which
in the end could dramatically
improve productivity.
With that in mind, take a short

break for every hour you study.
Watch a funny YouTube video, go
for a walk around campus, grab a
bite to eat or fit in an episode of
your favorite TV show. In the
end, you'll feel more energized
and motivated.
Getting a good night's rest is
crucial for doing well on an exam.
If you think that pulling an all-
nighter to remember everything
you've learned is a good idea,

1 *
Lauren Bagi | Weekend Roundup Contributor

"Favorite place to study: Arati Sharangpani Lounge
Favorite study snack: Chicken quesadilla"
"I can't even. Study without my pumpkin spice."

You read it right; that time of
year has come. It's time for us
all to pull out our well-written
notes, dust off the books and get
down to business - no matter
how much we dread the idea..
You are all probably wondering
how you will ever learn all the
material in time, especially the
new Wolverines out there. Well,
don't worry, because I am here
to help you.
We all have our own studying
techniques that we prefer and
should keep. I'd just like to
remind you that environment
is key. Before you pull out the
books, make sure you have a
quaint, quiet and comfortable
spot to study. Here are five great
Located in between the
Chemistry Building and Randall
Laboratory, the first floor of
the Dana Building is an ideal
place to study. There are tables
all throughout the first floor,
offering a quiet environment
to get work done. There is a
microwave on the first floor

to heat up some brain food.
For those of you looking for
an unknown gem, the Dana
Building is the right place for
We all pass it on our way to
Starbucks. The Reading Room
is on the right-hand side as you
enter the Union and is a great
place to study in between classes
or for the night. There are plenty
of cozy armchairs and couches
for in between classes and tables
with comfy chairs for long hours
of study. The unique style of the
room provides a spark to light
your motivation.
Located just off the right
entrance of North Quad
Residence Hall off East
Washington Street, this study
spot is very open and relaxed
and makes for a great place to
work on group projects or study
with friends. An added bonus
for all of you caffeine addicts,
Java Blu is located right around

the corner to satisfy your need
for coffee.
For all of you out there who
need absolute silence in order
to be at all productive, this one
is for you. The Law Library is
a great place to forgot Allthe
distractions of the outside world
and get intimate with readings,
PowerPoint presentations and
note cards.
This room is a perfect
combination of the UGLi and
Law Library. It has long tables
that allow for a study buddy to
keep you focused, but is also very
quiet. Also, there are computers
just outside the Ref Room that
provide a great setting for group
work and gossip breaks.
For those of you with an
upcoming midterm, "I don't
know a good place to study,"
is no longer a good excuse for
procrastination. Check one of
these great spots out and gain
some knowledge.

Email: dailydisplay@gatall.com
RELEASE DATE- Thursday, October 9, 2014
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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texting request i OVat epanse 39 'amed if I Family'author prumes earn
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Life" director nickname "Kitty" 45 Cool-cucumber Juadrez
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poetrys:dE11AUnvarnished !NORTH CAMPUS 1-2 Bdrm.!
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"Modem Family" answersto S E E T 0 T A L R E C A L L 3 w/ 24 Hr notice required.
36 Actress starred clues E S S I S O G O N E T N A Call 734-996-1991
Wasikowska 30 Complain STS PAPA Y A D I E S
37 *"Let me give ita 32 "Be right with
shot?" you" xwordeditor@aol.com .10/09/14 WWW.CARLSONPROPERTIES.-


Jesse Klein Weekend Roundup Contributor

As midterms approach and
the Shapiro Undergraduate
* Library gets more full, finding
a good study spot can be harder
than finding a party that same
evening. If you're like me and
have avoided the library so far,
picking your first place to cram
can be daunting.
While it may feel like the
UGLi or the Hatcher Graduate
Library's Reference Room are the
only places to study late, there are
actually many secret study spots
hidden around campus.
Depending on your studying
style, the best place for you can
vary from the quiet of the stacks
to the hustle and bustle of a coffee
house. However, the worst study
spots are pretty unanimous for all.
While vegging out on the
couch and glancing at your notes
may feel like studying, it's not.
None of the information will

stick in your brain if you are half
focused on a "Seinfeld" re-run.
In fact, just reading your notes
doesn't do much either. Instead,
copy your notes onto a separate
piece of paper and studying will
take you half as long -justinctime
to catch the next episode.
I know some people can study
in their beds, but I usually just
end up falling asleep. Do yourself
a favor and sit in a chair with
good posture and your feet on the
ground.Your test score will thank
you later.
I honestly don't know how
people study in their rooms. I
know it's common, but I always
feel like new scenery and a
different environment refocuses
my studying and makes it more
efficient. Also, the walks to and

from the library are great study
It's too loud, there aren't
enough outlets and your friends
are too distracting. This is,
however, a great place for group
While the Internet can be the
best procrastination tool, it is
impossible to study without it and
slow Internet can be a huge block
in a study session. Coffee shops
usually don't have the best or the
fastest Internet. You will just end
up frustrated and accomplish
little to no work.
If you can find a coffee shop
that actually has Wi-Fi, camp
out and order two lattes because
you might not find such a miracle

40 _Today
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43 Credit report blot
44 Film with duaty
streets, typically
46 Seconds flat
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5t enesis creator
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53 User's shortcut
55 Meditation
58 Marine pronoun
59 Historic route
62 Noir hero
63 Largejazz
64 Tourist
65 Ogn of an egg-
66 Locations
67 Praise
1 Ag. orgeog.


- - - - - - - I

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 113 734
14 15 16
17 18 19
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27 28 29 30
organization, format. All Disciplines.
3s 37 3 n3 40 734/996-0566 or writeon@iserv.net
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Work within 10 miles from home. Must
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Download application @ www.aarocom-
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