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October 08, 2014 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 2014-10-08

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6A - Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Michigan Daily michigandaily.com

6A - Wednesday, October 8, 2014 The Michigan Daily - michigandailycom

From Page 1A
I left my wallet in the car,
I tell him.
"I wait here," he says
matter of factly, in a heavy
Ukrainian accent. He crosses
his arms across his chest,
and leans against the multi-
colored garage. After return-
ing with $2 (which he made
sure to say was not enough to
buy a bag of chips) he agrees
to show me around.
Szylak came to the United
States back in 1950. He lived
in Gettysburg first. "You
know history of Gettysburg?"
he asks, cracking a smile to
reveal his one gold tooth.
He moved to Hamtramck
in the late '50s and worked
on the General Motors
assembly line for three
decades before retiring. Even
though he was no longer an
autoworker, he still felt the
need to work. So he began
erecting a massive, light-up
sculpture of painted objects
spanning across his entire
backyard, from one garage to
"What you see," Sylvak
says, raising his paint-cov-
ered hands to the structure
looming above him, "my job.
I'm 90. Still I work every-
The death of his wife
motivated him further to
keep adding on to Disney-
land, spending most of his
days inside the multicol-
ored garage in his backyard,
painting objects that he used
to gather from garage sales
and markets.
"I need something busy, so
I not think about it. So far,
I'm OK."
He leads me to the alley-
way between Klinger and
Sobieski Streets, and stands
in front of the green, yellow
qnd blue fence that marks his
"You make picture here,"
he says. Above him, a hand
painted sign reads: OK DIS-
I ask himwhy he would
want to erect such a crazy
sculpture in his backyard,
other than to keep him-
self busy. He looks at me as
though I've asked the most
obvious question in the
world, and says flatly, "For

We takin' over, one city at a time.
A beginner's guide to
the world of comics,


Dmytro Szylak moved to Hamtramck in the '50s.
people. For United States. For NATION. He said he's had
country. America Disneyland. visitors from as far as Aus-
That my answer." tralia, New Zealand, Brazil
He leads me back into his and Argentina. He attributes
yard, past a slab of wood with most of his fame to the Inter-
multicolored, 6-foot rockets net.
on it. He stands in front of At his age, Szylak is slow-
them and launches into an ing down on construction
explanation. of Disneyland. He still does
"Ukraine fight with Rus- some climbing for repairs
sia. I put up rockets. For and painting, and he has sev-
Putin. He is crazy like Hitler, eral ladders strewn about his
Or Stalin. He say he want to yard. I ask him if he is ever
destroy America. Crazy." worried to climb so high at
As an immigrant, Szylak 90 years old.
especially enjoys when peo- "People say I old.I say, I'm
ple from different countries not afraid."
pay him a visit. It's free to
look at Disneyland from the Pfleger is always scouring
alleyway, but from inside Detroit for column material. To
the yard it costs a FREEDO- help, e-mail pspfleg@umich.edu.

Featuring the five
comicbooks you
need to read
DailyArts Writer.
I love comics. I've always
loved comics and always will
love comics. Few popular
mediums have had as much
impact on the 20th century as
comic books, yet despite. their
influence on popular culture,
the actual success of comics
and the recognition of its
creators are largely unknown.
That being said, with the
advent of digital comics and
e-readers as well as the huge
success of Marvel Studios,
comics seem more relevant
now than ever. As the walls
between high and low culture
are slowly being torn down, it's
never been a better time to give.
comics a chance.
While there's always been
plenty of content, most people
really just don't know where

to st"
the wo

Email: dailydisplay@gmail.com


art. Fortunately, I've as stand-ins for different
ed a beginner's guide to people turns "Maus" into an
rld of comics. Orwellian nightmare and a
heart-wrenching fable about
1. "Watchmen" the importance of passing
by Alan Moore stories down from one
generation to the next.

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The "Citizen Kane of
comics," "the Great American
Novel with superheroes;" if
there's a single comic book
you should ever read, it's
"Watchmen." Not so much
a comic book as a radical
experimentation in narrative,
"Watchmen" acts as a hybrid
in form, with panels broken
up between fictional passages,
documents and other works of
prose. It also joins "The Great
Gatsby" and "The Catcher in
The Rye" on the list of Time
Magazine's 100 Greatest
English Language Novels since
1923. It's a watershed, not just
for the graphic medium, but in
the delineation between high
and low culture in general.
The greatest comic book of
all time? This book might
very well be one of the most
important stories of the last
century. Read it.
You might also like: "The
Dark Knight Returns" by Frank
Miller; "Kingdom Come" by
Mark Waid.
2. "The Sandman"
by Neil Gaiman
A personal favorite. Neil
Gaiman creates a Homeric
poem and one of the greatest
fantasy stories ever written.
The story of Morpheus, the
personified manifestation of
dream, takes place in worlds
both real and imagined. In
the first volume, "Preludes
and Nocturnes," a crazed
magician imprisons
Morpheus for the majority
of the 20th century. When
he escapes, Morpheus finds
a world that has moved
on without him. With his
kingdom in shambles, the
Dream King must adapt to
a changed world and the
people he's ignored for
a millennium. Gaiman's
"Sandman" represents far
more than just a fantasy
story. It's a powerful,
often moving tragedy of
redemption, identity and the
power of storytelling. It also
acts as a poignant depiction
of the marginalized, with
an eclectic, diverse cast of
characters. A remarkable
creation of invention and wit.
You might also like: Grant
Morrison's "The Invisibles";
Warren Ellis's "Planetary";
Alan Moore's "Swamp
3. "Maus"
by Art Spiegelman
Some stories are too
powerful to make up. Art
Spiegelman's tragic and
beautiful memoir of his
father's struggles during
World War II joins both
Gaiman's "Sandman" and
Moore's "Watchmen as
supreme examples of the
literate depths comics can
reach. His use of animals

Youmight alsolike: Marjane
Satrapi's "Persepolis"; Alison
Bechdel's "Fun Home"; Will
Eisner's "A Contract With
4. "We3"
by Grant Morrison
One of the most emotional
experiences you will have
in a long time, "We3" is
a perfect starting point
for comic book newbies.
It's premise: "Homeward
Bound," if the animals were
experimented on and forced
to wear giant mechanized
robot-suits. "We3" is more
than an action tale, however;
it's a minimalistic, often
poetic exploration of the
arbitrary line between man
and animal, in our shared
capacity for good and our
disturbing potential for
You might also like: Brian
K. Vaughn's "Y: The Last
Man," Grant Morrison's
"Sigil" trilogy: "Flex
Mentallo," "The Invisibles"
and "The Filth."
5. "Transmetropolitan"
by Warren Ellis
lived in a dystopian future?
Warren Ellis's cyberpunk
satire follows the exploits of
gonzo journalist of tomorrow
Spider Jerusalem, a mix
between Bugs Bunny, Hunter
S. Thompson and the Joker.
In "Transmetropolitan,"
Ellis invents a new type of
journalism, one where the
line between science-fiction
and reality shrinks every day.
You might also like: Garth
Ennis's "Preacher" and Frank
Miller's "Sin City."
Non-Comic Honorable
Mention: "The Amazing
Adventures of Kavalier and
Clay" by Michael Chabon
This Pulitzer Prize winner
for fiction possesses just
as much visual splendor as
any comic. It's also a great
introduction for any literary
types looking to lower their
brow a centimeter or two
and turn to the funny books.
Chabon's magnum opus also
happens to be one of the
greatest novels written by a
living writer. The epic tale of
Josef Kavalier, Sammy Clay
and their fictional superhero
The Escapist takes its reader
on a beautiful odyssey into
the heart of the American
dream and the power of
storytelling, uniting high and
low culture. A masterpiece of
You might also like:
"The Fortress of Solitude"
by Jonathan Lethem;
"Supergods" by Grant
Morrison; "American Gods"
by Neil Gaiman.


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