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February 26, 2014 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 2014-02-26

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6A - Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com

6A - Wednesday, February 26, 2014 The Michigan Daily - michigandailycom

New mayor of the city of Sevastopol Alexey Chaly, center, speaks to a crowd during a rally in Sevastopol, Ukraine, on
Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014.
Ethnic Russians consider
secession from Ukraine

Crimea is home to
Russia's Black
Sea fleet
- Dozens of pro-Russian pro-
testers rallied Tuesday in the
Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea
against "the bandits" in Kiev
who are trying to form a new
government - with some even
speakingofsecession. Alawmak-
er from Russia stoked their pas-
sions further by promising them
that Russia will protect them.
As a Russian flag flew Tuesday
in front of the city council build-
ing in Sevastopol - a key Crime-
an port where Russia's Black Sea
Fleet is based - an armored Rus-
sian personnel carrier and two
trucks full of troops made a rare
appearance on the streets of the
The Crimean Peninsula - a
pro-Russian region about the
size of Massachusetts or Belgium
- is a tinder pot in the making.
Protesters had torn down the
Ukrainian flag a day ago, plead-
ing with Moscow to protect
them fromthe new authorities in
Ukraine who have forced Presi-
dent Viktor Yanukovych to flee
Kiev, the capital, and go into hid-
"Bandits have come to power,"
said Vyacheslav Tokarev, a
39-year-old construction worker
in Sevastopol. "I'm ready to take
arms to fight the fascists who

have seized power in Kiev."
Yanukovych's whereabouts
are unknown but he was last
reportedly seen in the Crimea.
Law enforcement agencies have
issued an arrest warrant for
Yanukovych over the killing of
82 people, mainly protesters, last
week in the bloodiest violence in
Ukraine's post-Soviet history.
Chanting "Russia, save us!"
the protesters gathered for a
third day before administrative
buildings in Sevastopol and in
other Crimean cities. The pro-
tests Sunday numbered in the
"We won't allow them to
wipe their feet on us," protester
Anatoly Mareta said in Sevas-
topol, wearing the colors of the
Russian flag on his arm. "Only
Russia will be able to protect
the Crimea."
"I hope for the Ossetian
way," he said, referring to the
brief but fierce 2008 Russian-
Georgian war in which Russian
tanks and troops helped the
separatist provinces of South
Ossetia and Abkhazia to break
free of Georgian control. Russia
has recognized both as inde-
pendence states, but -few other
nations have.
Russia, which has thousands
of Black Sea Fleet seamen at
its base in Sevastopol, so far
has refrained from any sharp
moves in Ukraine's political
turmoil but could be drawn into
the fray if there are confronta-
tions between Crimean popula-

tion and supporters of the new
The open movement of Rus-
sian military vehicles - nor-
mally avoided in Sevastopol per
Ukrainian request - was seen
as a reflection of the tensions
gripping the city.
A senior Russian lawmaker,
meanwhile, promised protest-
ers that Russia will protect its
Russian-speaking compatriots
in Ukraine.
"If lives and health of our
compatriots are in danger,
we won't stay aside," Leonid
Slutsky told activists in Sim-
feropol, the regional capital of
Slutsky, who heads a parlia-
mentary committee in charge
of relations with other ex-Sovi-
et republics, also promised that
the Russian parliament is con-
sidering a bill to offer Crimea
residents and others in Ukraine
a quick way of getting Russian
He also declared that Yanu-
kovych remains the only legiti-
mate leader of Ukraine, adding
there is a "big question mark"
over the legitimacy of the deci-
sions made by the Ukrainian
parliament since he left the seat
of power.
Ukraine's new authorities
are clearly concerned about the
tensions in Crimea. The coun-
try's interim leader, Oleksandr
Turchinov, met with top secu-
rity officials Tuesday to discuss
the situation there.

From Page lA
in the region during the next five
The $148 million high-tech
hub is part of a larger $1 billion
government project to create a
national network for manufactur-
ing innovation to revitalize and
specialize domestic manufactur-
ing in the face of rising global
"In the 2000s alone, we lost
about one third of all Ameri-
can manufacturing jobs - and
the middle class suffered for it,"
Obama said. "Now the good news
today is that our manufacturers
have added more than 620,000
new manufacturing jobs over the
last four years. That's the first
sustained manufacturing growth
in over 20 years."
University President Mary Sue
Coleman and Jack Hu, interim
vice president for research, both
served on a working group that
recommended the creation of the
National Network of Manufactur-
ing Innovation in 20.
"Through this initiative, our
region will build on its core
strengths to become the nation's
technology hub for lightweight
materials and manufacturing,"
Coleman said in a statement.
"Companies from around the
country will come here not only
because of our technological
capabilities, but also because we
have the workforce they need
in their efforts to revitalize and
transform domestic manufactur-
The ALMMII will focus on
innovations in lightweight metals
- a key component in increasing
fuel efficiency by reducing weight
- by facilitating the process
between new innovations and
adoption for use in cars, trucks,
airplanes and ships.
From Page 2A
icantly. During their weekly meet-
ings, Sweeney would read Pickus's
lengthy drafts, propose alternate
theories and recommend scholars
to research.
"That journey was every bit
as fulfilling as the final product,"
Pickus said. "It was a journey of
discovery and questioning and
trusting her to guide me to ask the
right questions."
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Engineering Prof Alan Taub,
who will serve as ALMMII's chief
technology officer, said the hub
will take theoretical technologies
and turn them into manufactured
realities at an affordable cost.
"Today, when a companywants
to lighten the structural part -
whether it's of a navy ship, a com-
mercial aircraft, or a light vehicle
- it costs more moneyto do it, and
our goal is to produce manufac-
turing technologiesnthatcan make
those changes more affordable,"
Taub said.
Taub added that the city of
Detroit would benefit from the
"It's jobs," Taub said. "It's
where we're going to train the
workforce, everything from engi-
neers to plant line operators, and
it would be natural then beyond
the traditional companies for
additional companies to locate
here in order to use this newtech-
The projection of 10,000 jobs
created will largely be generated
through metal stamping, metal-
working, machining and casting
industries that will benefit from
the new technologies piloted at
While the University's role at
the ALMMII will shrink after the
first five years, Hu said the con-
nection would remain.
"(ALMMII) is an independent
entity even though the University
is a co-founder," Hu said. "But I
think in order for the technol-
ogy to be used by industry, you
need that intermediate organiza-
tion to help with the translation
because research at a university is
very basic and cannot be directly
applied by industry. So by having
institutes like this, you make the
technologies more mature and
ready for industrial use. We may
not be as closely involved after
the first five years, but still our
ties with the institute and other
Knott, Jr. Collegiate Professor of
English and chair of the Depart-
ment of English Language and Lit-
erature - said Sweeney is the type
of teacher that changes lives.
"She leads her classes to ask just
what literary or cultural materi-
als can teach us about particular
social and historical realities," he
wrote in an e-mail interview. "She
is a deeply thoughtful teacher who
listens to her students, and allows
them to develop their own voices
and positions."
Sweeney said the process of
helping students like Pickus in
long-term projects was fulfilling.
She discussed the importance of
"findingyourselfin scholarship."
"That gets back to the idea for
students to figure it out what they
want and why it matters," Sweeney
said. "It's notnjusteto get a grade, but
to try to understand why do I care
about these subjects, why does this
matter to me, what do I want read-

around the country will contin-
On Tuesday afternoon, a
writer for the University News
Service tweeted a picture of Sen.
Carl Levin (D-Mich.) joined by
Taub and Hu at the White House
Levin lauded Obama's
announcement in a statement
released Tuesday.
"The investment announced
today will mean the University
of Michigan, Michigan State
University, Michigan Tech and
Wayne State University will
team with other great academic
institutions, as well as nonprofit
groups such as Focus:HOPE and
a wide array of industry partners,
to advance new technologies that
will bring important capabilities
to our military and new economic
opportunities for our people,"
Levin wrote.
Two hubs like ALMMII have
already been built - one in
Youngstown, Ohio specializing
in 3-D printing and a second in
Raleigh, North Carolina special-
izing in energy-efficient electron-
ics - and Obama plans to launch
four more this year.
Despite the positive outlook,
other developed industrial pow-
ers are racing to create innovation
centers of their own - providing
competition for the American
initiative. Germany already has
a vast network of 60 high-tech
hubs, and Obama called on Con-
gress to notbecome complacent.
"I don't want the next big job
creating discovery to come from
Germany or China or Japan, I
want it to be made here in Ameri-
ca," Obama said. "So we've got to
focus on advanced manufacturing
to keep that manufacturing here
in the United States. That's what's
going to help get the next Stark
Industries off the ground."
ers to know or understand."
For Sweeney, teaching and
reading are her ways of conduct-
ing social justice. Making a differ-
ence in the world is a value she said
her parents instilled in her. Her
childhood in suburban Pittsburgh
included living with four foster
children her parents took in, wit-
nessing her mother's social work
as an agent on a suicide hotline and
with the elderly and her father's
commitment to ensuring the edu-
cation of his children, grandchil-
dren and others outside the family.
"I always ask, 'How are people
trying to make meaning and sur-
vive in the world?"' Sweeney said.
"Reading and writing are a huge
part of the ways that theytinterpret
their experiences. All of the com-
plicated ways that we as humans
have to deal with our identities in
many ways, those are the subjects
that really matter to me as ahuman

RELEASE DATE- Wednesday, February 26, 2014H
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Israeli PM refuses to
elaborate on air strike

Netanyahu yet to
confirm missile
strikes on Syria-
Lebanon border
el's prime minister on Tuesday
refused to confirm whether his
country carried out an airstrike
along the Syrian-Lebanon border,
but said he would do everything
possible to protect the security of
Israeli citizens.
Benjamin Netanyahu delivered
his vague answer hours after Leb-
anon's state news agency reported
that Israeli aircraft carried out
two airstrikes late Monday. While
Israel's military refused to com-
ment, Israel has carried outsimilar
airstrikes in the past on suspected
weapons shipments believed to be
bound from Syria to Hezbollah
guerrillas in Lebanon.
At a news conference with the
visiting German chancellor, Ange-
la Merkel, he said Israel's policy is
not to discuss what others claim it
"We do all that is needed to
protect the security of Israeli citi-
zens," he said.
Israel and Hezbollah fought a
monthlong war in 2006 that ended
in a stalemate. Israeli officials
believe Hezbollah has restocked
its arsenal with tens of thousands
of rockets and missiles, some of
which are capable of striking vir-
tually anywhere in the Jewish

Although Israel has refrained
from taking sides in the Syrian
civil war, Netanyahu has repeated-
ly vowed to take action to prevent
Hezbollah from obtaining "game
changing" weapons from its ally
Syria. Past Israeli airstrikes are
believed to have targeted Russian-
made anti-aircraft missiles and
guided missiles from Iran. Israel
has never confirmed the airstrikes.
Lebanon's National News Agen-
cy said the air raids took place
near Nabi Sheet, a remote village
in Lebanon's eastern Bekaa Valley.
The agency did not say what was
targeted in the attack. The porous
border is frequently used by fight-
ers and smugglers to move people
and weapons between Lebanon
and Syria. Hezbollahb has a strong
presence in the area. Arab media
reports said Hezbollah had suf-
fered casualties, though neither
the group nor the Lebanese mili-
tary confirmed an airstrike had
actually taken place.
Earlier this week, Israel's mili-
tary chief, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz,
accused Iran, a key backer of Syria
and Hezbollah, of "handing out
torches to the pyromaniacs." He
spoke during a tour of the Golan
Heights, a strategic area near Syria
and Lebanon.
"Right now we're in the Golan
Heights and it seems quiet and
peaceful. I suggest that everyone
keeps in mind that underneath this
quiet, a storm is brewing - day,
night and in every setting," Gantz

A t 4f

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